2019 Baseball Championship


We believe radical collaboration sets us apart, enabling us to transcend boundaries and have greater impact in everything we do.

We embrace this collaborative spirit in every facet of university life: from our residential college model that empowers students to learn from classmates and friends with different backgrounds, to our fully integrated approach to Commodore athletics, which sees athletics competition and teamwork as vital means of fostering our student-athletes’ lifelong learning and growth.

The Vanderbilt men’s basketball team celebrates after a buzzer-beater defeat of the University of Tennessee Volunteers.
Vanderbilt University’s intentional focus on being a living-learning community fosters communication and relationships that enrich students’ lives.

Bold investments in our collaborative model can strengthen everything from Vandy United, to our commitment to open discourse and free expression, to the interdisciplinary research programs that solve complex problems by bringing disparate viewpoints together. Together, these elements and others strengthen the collective, soaring power of our One Vanderbilt Community at large.

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