Vanderbilt Unveils Quantum Potential

Radiolab founder and faculty member Jad Abumrad hosts this marquee video series featuring the remarkable research and innovation taking place at Vanderbilt


Vanderbilt University unveiled its marquee video series on research and innovation, Quantum Potential, which provides a glimpse into the remarkable research initiatives underway at the university and medical center.

Hosted by Radiolab founder and Vanderbilt faculty member Jad Abumrad, Quantum Potential is a collection of wild but precise portraits of the scholars, scientists and students at Vanderbilt who are finding new ways to understand the world—and through understanding, change it. Quantum Potential is a behind-the-scenes peek at who they are, how they think and, ultimately, how they come to reveal something that improves the human experience.

Quantum Potential Season One Trailer

Quantum Potential’s first season features civil and environmental engineers paving the way for smoother traffic; a biomedical engineer merging her faith and science to develop diagnostic tools; a chemist revealing myriad uses for sugars in breast milk, from naval ship paint to chemotherapy; a team of historians and computer scientists salvaging historical records with AI; and the immunologists responsible for developing a COVID-19 vaccine in a record-setting 78 days.

“The next world that we’re all going to live in, that we want to live in—people here at Vanderbilt are already imagining it,” Abumrad said.

Learn more about Quantum Potential here.

Read the original MyVU story announcing the launch of Quantum Potential in early October here.

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