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Thank you for helping our students through the Student Hardship Fund!

Vanderbilt University deeply values the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who have made gifts to the Student Hardship Fund. Together, we are helping students who have been directly affected by the loss of campus housing and dining during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Gifts have been put to work already to alleviate unexpected student expenses, like last-minute airline tickets, housing, meals, technology for online learning and other necessities.

The list below recognizes donors who have made gifts to the Student Hardship Fund since it was created on March 20, 2020. We appreciate your support and the peace of mind you are providing to our students during a challenging time.

Student Hardship Fund Donors

This donor list is updated each Monday and Thursday. If you have questions, need to report an error or wish to be removed from future listings, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at or (866) 882-3863.

as of 8/10/20

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Ms. Letizia Abruzzini-Hughes
Mr. Howell E. Adams Jr., EN 1953 and  Mrs. Madeline Reynolds Adams, AS 1956
Dr. Rebecca Lynn Adams, GS 2015
Dr. Aaron Weldon Aday, AS 2005 and  Ms. Courtney Elizabeth Wilkes, AS 2005
Dr. Aditya Agrawal, GS 2002, GS 2004
Mrs. Deborah Metcalfe Aiken, AS 1982 and  Mr. George Aiken
Ms. Shermeen Sherali Ajani, AS 2000
Mr. Eric Kennedy Alderman, AS 2014
Ms. Sarah Baker Aldige, PB 2008
Dr. Kathleen Danielle Aldrich, AS 2012
Mrs. Anne H. R. Alferink, AS 1976 and  Mr. Harry J. Alferink, Jr.
Ms. Lois Alksninis
Mrs. Fran F. Allen, AS 1968
Ms. Kara Michelle Allen, AS 2008 and  Mr. Brenton Tippett Culpepper, LW 2010
Mr. Wesley W. Allen, EN 1977 and  Ms. Teresa Corlew
Ms. Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Ms. Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Ms. Leslie Marie Alvarado, AS 2002 and  Paul Alvarado
Ms. Natalia Romanillos Alvarez, AS 2014
Mr. Justin Saint Clair Amaker, AS 2010
Ms. Mary R. Amburgey
Mr. Vijay Anand and  Mrs. Ammu A. Anand
Mrs. Connie Porter Anderson
Ms. Drusilla L. Anderson, AS 1980, OG 1989
Ms. Erin Patrice Andrews, AS 2014
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Angel, AS 2015
Ms. Christina Alexis Antoniewicz, AS 2003
Mr. Andrew M. Apodaca and  Dr. Elizabeth J. Zechmeister
Mr. Peter Charles Applebome and  Mrs. Mary Bounds Applebome
Mr. Mark David Arons, AS 1980
Ms. Christine Arslanian and  Mr. Joseph Engstrom
Mr. Manuel Ascano and  Dr. Janice Ascano
Dr. Eileen C. Astor-Stetson, GS 1977 and  Mr. Lawrence M. Stetson
Dr. Martha B. Atkinson, AS 1965
Ms. Sue Ann Austin and  Mr. Jon O Austin
Mr. John Britton Autry, EN 1992 and  Mrs. Lisa Autry
Mr. John Britton Autry, EN 1992 and  Mrs. Lisa Autry
Ms. Kerry Avakian, AS 2006, PB 2013
Mr. Stephen Vaughan Ayers, EN 1968 and  Mrs. Sandy Mitchell Ayers, AS 1968
Mr. Ali Scott Azizi, PB 2007 and  Ms. Elizabeth Lauren Garrison, DV 2008, OG 2012
Mr. Salahuddin Azraie, EN 2006
Ms. Loralee Ann Bailey, PB 1984
Mrs. Abebi Davis Bain, PB 1997
Mrs. Lindsley R. Baird and  Mr. Thomas H. Baird, Jr.
Dr. Laura Rene Ballenger, AS 2010, MD 2014
Dr. Laurie Kay Ballew, PB 1983
Mr. Christopher R. Baltz, AS 1992 and  Mrs. Jill T. Baltz, AS 1992
Mr. Christopher R. Baltz, AS 1992 and  Mrs. Jill T. Baltz, AS 1992
Mr. Christopher R. Baltz, AS 1992 and  Mrs. Jill T. Baltz, AS 1992
Dr. Mark David Bandas, GS 1979, GS 1985 and  Mrs. Anja Bandas
Mrs. Danielle Barav-Johnson, LW 2014 and  Mr. Peter E. Johnson
Ms. Susan Margaret Barber, AS 1987
Mr. Anthony Barclay and  Mrs. Laurie Barclay
Ms. Naira Baregamian
Mr. Jon Kevin Barger, AS 1997 and  Mrs. Katarzyna Anna Barger
Ms. Brittney Jovan Barlow, AS 2009
Ms. Marcia Barnes
Mrs. Paige Odam Barnett, AS 1994 and  Mr. Charles C. Barnett IV
Dr. Paul H. Barnett, AS 1955, MD 1958 and  Mrs. Paula Ann Barnett
Mr. Gary F. Barringer and  Mrs. Sandra L. Barringer
Mr. Sean Christopher Bartlett, PB 2014
Mrs. Cortney Patterson Barton, LW 2016
Ms. Katherine J. Barton, AS 1971 and  Mr. Fredric M. Oltsch
Ms. Leila M. Barton
Dr. Rebecca Blue Basler, AS 2014
Ms. Cecilia Bass, BL 2010
Julie A. Bastarache, M.D., MD 1999, MD 1999 and  Mr. Christian C. Puryear
Ms. Heidi Bates
Ms. Heidi Bates
Mrs. Melissa Schweikhart Bauserman, AS 2000 and  Mr. John Mark Bauserman, EN 2001
Mrs. Elizabeth Chamberlain Baxter, AS 2002, PB 2003 and  Mr. Trevor D. Baxter
Dr. Tamara C. Baynham, EN 1993
Dr. Tamara C. Baynham, EN 1993
Ms. Rachel Elise Bazan, AS 2011
Ms. Katherine Beall
Ms. Ashleigh Dionne Beamer, AS 2008
Carol Lynn Beck, PhD, GS 1993 and  Mr. Mark Victor Turner
Mr. James Marston Becker, AS 2011
Mr. James Marston Becker, AS 2011
Mr. James Marston Becker, AS 2011
Mr. James Marston Becker, AS 2011
Mr. Mark Alan Behrens, LW 1990
Mr. John Crowley Steele Bellows, EN 2007, EN 2008 and  Mrs. Anne Bellows
Christina Juris Bennett, AS 2004 and  Dr. Shih-Kuang Sam Hong, MD 2003, MD 2009
Ms. Rachel Noreen Bergin, PB 2018
Mr. Glen Scott Bernstein, AS 1989 and  Ms. Ronda R. Bernstein, EN 1991
Mr. Daniel C. Berry, AS 1973 and  Mrs. Patsy J. Berry
Mr. James W. Berry Jr., EN 1971 and  Mrs. Martha Jo Berry, NR 1972
Ms. Caroline Suzanne Bertsch, AS 2018
Mr. Daniel Fred Bess, AS 1987 and  Dr. Jennifer L. Bess, MD 2006
Ms. Halle Anna Best, AS 2017
Mrs. Julia Rumford Bethune, AS 2007 and  Richard Bethune
Mrs. Lori A. Beveridge and  Mr. Bert B. Beveridge
Mrs. Lori A. Beveridge and  Mr. Bert B. Beveridge
Mrs. Teri Warden Bickmore, PB 1985 and  Mr. David L. Bickmore
Dr. Anju Mammen Bieler, AS 2007
Ms. Cynthia C Bien, EN 2008
Mr. Stuart S. Billington, AS 1964 and  Mrs. Nancy P. Billington
Mrs. Anne E. Birenbaum and  Mr. David M. Birenbaum
Mrs. Jennifer Marie Bischoff, AS 2001 and  Mr. Austin Lyons Bischoff, EN 2001
Mr. Gautam Biswas and  Mrs. Sujata Biswas
Mrs. Bonnie K. Black
Ms. Emily Deering Blazer, AS 1971 and  Mr. Williams S. Gordon
Mr. Charles Toomey Blue Jr., EN 2009 and  Ms. Elizabeth Neely
Mr. Jalen Keith Blue, PB 2018
Mr. Stephen Blumberg and  Mrs. Stacey Blumberg
Dr. Donald Francis Boehm, GS 1987, GS 1988 and  Mrs. Kathryn Wesley Boehm, AS 1985, GS 1988
Mr. Aubrey W. Bogle III, GS 1971, LW 1980 and  Mrs. Aubrey W. Bogle III, AS 1973, GS 1974
Mrs. Merrill Strobel Bohren, AS 1992 and  Mr. Robert Edwin Bohren Jr., AS 1992
Mr. Wade M Boich, AS 2015
Ms. Jamie Bojarski
Mrs. Kristin Ann Bollinger, AS 2008, PB 2011 and  Mr. Jonathan Bryan Bollinger
Jeffrey Brian Bolton, M.D., AS 2002 and  Mrs. Allison Bolton
Ms. Stephanie K. Boman, AS 2001
Prof. James R. Booth and  Ms. Amy Booth
Dr. Andrew W. Bowman, AS 1997 and  Dr. Holly Magiera
Ms. Elaine Houston Boyd, EN 1983
Mr. Tyler Lee Boyd, AS 2011
Mr. John H. S. Boys, AS 1961 and  Mrs. Desolie H. Boys
Ms. Carol Ann Bradley, NR 1973
Ms. Lisa Kristine Branding, AS 2012
Alan R. Brash, Ph.D. and  Bih-Hwa Shieh, Ph.D.
Ms. Jenna Lee Brashear, PB 2013
Mr. Mark Douglas Breeden, AS 2005 and  Mrs. Margaret Mrozek Breeden, AS 2005
Ms. Alexandra Lynn Briesemeister, LW 2016
Mr. Michael Briggs
Ms. Lesley Rebecca Brindle, AS 2010, OG 2011
Ms. Mary F. Bristow, AS 1973, LW 1977
Mr. Whit Cox Broach, AS 1985
Mr. Randy Brooks, AS 1970 and  Mrs. Marti M. Brooks
Ms. Cara Anne Brown, NR 1984
Ms. Madeline Isadora Brown, PB 2015
Mr. Richard Bates Brown, III
Mr. Richard Bates Brown, III
Mr. Stuart James Bryan, AS 2012, OG 2013
Ms. Kimberly Vern Bryant, EN 1989
Ms. Cornelia Macfarlane Buchanan, AS 2015
Mr. Bruce McVey Buerk, AS 1991
Mr. Van (HS) Bunch, AS 1979 and  Ms. Corinne Elise Giagnorio
Ms. Annabelle Augusta Bunn, AS 2012
Ms. Elise Ursula Burgett, AS 2012
Mrs. Pamela S. Burton
Mrs. Carolyn Jorgensen Bush, AS 1964
Dr. Martha Jean Butterfield, MD 1987
Mrs. Jo Ann Byl and  Mr. Thomas D. Byl
Ms. Audrey Louise Cabrera, AS 2012
Mr. Joshua Caldwell and  Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell
Ms. Margaret Stuart Campbell, EN 1980 and  Robert Wittenbach
Dr. Thomas Richmond Campion, GS 2007, GS 2010
Dr. Thomas Richmond Campion, GS 2007, GS 2010
Prof. Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons
Mr. John R. Cannon and  Mrs. Laura Cannon
Mr. Cody Ryan Carmen, AS 2015
Mrs. Kathryn C. Carmody and  Dr. Sean Robert Carmody, GS 2010
Mr. Peter J. Carnes, OG 1987
Mr. Alex C. Carpenter, AS 2011
Casey A. Carrigan
Mr. Ronald L. Carter, AS 1968 and  Beth Carter
Mr. Jacky Eldon Carver Jr., NR 2001 and  Mrs. Elizabeth A. Carver
Ms. Maureen R. Casey
Mr. Andrew Dean Catt, PB 2008 and  Elizabeth
Mr. William Won-Jae Chang, PB 2019
Mr. Sudhir Channabasappa, AS 1990 and  Mrs. Monica Chawla Channabasappa
Ms. Chiedza Balbina Chauruka, EN 2018
Ms. Lily Zhi Ying Chen, AS 2011
Ms. Panmei Chen, OG 2013
Ms. Sherry Li Chen, AS 2015
Ms. Sherry Li Chen, AS 2015
Mr. William Chen, PB 2016
Mr. Jason Adair Cherry, EN 2003 and  Mrs. Jennifer Cherry
Ms. Chinanu Enyidiya Chi-Ukpai, AS 2013
Ms. Chinanu Enyidiya Chi-Ukpai, AS 2013
Mrs. Courtney Smith Childers, PB 1998 and  Dr. Jake Childers
Dr. Laura Black Chretien, AS 2008
Ms. Ashley Marie Christensen, AS 2007
Mrs. Margaret A. Christian, AS 1973 and  Mr. Nathan E. Christian
Ms. Sara Kim Chu, AS 2014
Mr. Adam Joseph Ciarleglio, AS 2005 and  Mr. Devin Patrick Dwyer
Ms. Cheryl Larissa Cioffari, AS 2004
Mr. Christopher Jeffrey Climo, AS 2011, LW 2016 and  Mrs. Macy Rose Climo, LW 2016
Mr. Clay Allan Cline, PB 2012 and  Mrs. Britney H Cline
Mr. Joshua D. Clinton and  Mrs. Sarah E. Clinton
Ms. Emma Cobb
Dr. John T. Cobb, MD 1978 and  Mrs. Shelby W. Cobb
Dr. John T. Cobb, MD 1978 and  Mrs. Shelby W. Cobb
Ms. Emma Cecily Cofer, AS 2009
Ms. Emily Rachel Cohen, PB 2016
Dr. Adrianne Sarah Colborg, AS 2011 and  Justin Colborg
Ms. Ali Wade Cole, BL 2013
Mrs. Marian Lewis Coley, AS 1968 and  Mr. Marvin Eugene Coley
Mr. John M. Colvin Jr., AS 1955, GS 1958, LW 1965 and  Mrs. Beth E. Colvin
Dr. David Paul Comperry, AS 1969 and  Mrs. Nancy N. Comperry
Ms. Jennifer Biebel Connor, AS 1998
Rebecca Cook, Ph.D., AS 1993 and  Mr. Christopher M. Cook
Mr. Gerald L. Cooksey and  Mrs. Perla B. Cooksey
Mr. Roger David Coplan, AS 1958, LW 1960 and  Mrs. Corinne S. Coplan
Mr. Andrew Michael Coppola, EN 2014
Dr. Michael L. Cormack, Jr., PB 2016 and  Krystal Renee Wilson Cormack
Mr. Benjamin Cotton, PB 2022
Mr. Benjamin Cotton, PB 2022
Mr. Benjamin Cotton, PB 2022
Mr. Benjamin Cotton, PB 2022
Mr. Benjamin Cotton, PB 2022
Ms. Catherine Gay Cox, EN 1995
Ms. Natalie Amanda Cox, EN 2005, LW 2008
Mrs. Curry Clements Cozzi, AS 2015 and  Mr. Peter Francis Cozzi, AS 2015
Ms. Cynthia L. Creamer
Dr. W. Lawrence Croft, GS 1964 and  Mrs. Elsie K. Croft
Dr. Thea Williams Cross M.D., AS 1995 and  Mr. Kelvin S. Cross
Ms. Loring Nelson Curry, DV 2015, DV 2015
Ms. Nancy Cusato
Mrs. Amy Kimmel Dahmann, PB 2004, PB 2005, PB 2012 and  Maj. Todd Edward Dahmann, PB 2004
Mrs. Grace Dai, EN 1999
Mr. Daniel Ernest Danford, LW 1996 and  Mrs. Phyllis L. Danford
Ms. Karen Daniel
Ms. Sara Dinaz Darbar, PB 2015
Jeffery B. Dattilo M.D. and  Mrs. Karen S. Dattilo
Ms. Carey Elizabeth Davis, PB 2014
Dr. Charles Howard Davis, Sr., GS 1952, GS 1968
Mr. John Dawson and  Mrs. Debra S. Dawson
Mr. Jeffrey Paul Day, EN 2007 and  Mrs. Brittany Day
Mr. Charles Dexter Dean, EN 1998
Mr. Douglas Richard DeFonzo, EN 1992 and  Ms. Laura Rosen
Mr. Arthur Joseph Del Buono, OG 1995
Ms. Janet L. Delgado
Ms. Nicole McKinney Delger, AS 2006 and  Tim Delger
Ms. Anna Lynn Delia, PB 2007 and  Christopher Delia
Ms. Devrie Lynn DeMarco, OG 2005
Ms. Jane Dempster, NR 1978
Dr. Joseph Wm Denison III, PB 1969, PB 1973 and  Mrs. Judy Wooten Denison
Ms. Tamesha Derico Derkach, AS 2010, GS 2014, PB 2021 and  Ms. Evanna Derkach
Mr. Sayan Kumar Dev, OG 2016
Mr. Michael Dale Dewers, AS 1996 and  Mrs. Anita Dewers
Ms. Susan Crowther DeWitt, AS 1982
Ms. Elizabeth Diaz-Esquivel, AS 2009
Mr. Easton Dickson and  Mrs. Elaine Dickson
Mr. James R. Diefenthal and  Mrs. Patricia Cummings Diefenthal
Mr. Matthew Dietrich, GS 2022
Dr. Michael C. Dillon, AS 1971 and  Mrs. Ann Smith Dillon
Ms. Natasha Cher Dimond, AS 2007, OG 2011
Ms. Monica Elise Dion, LW 2018
Ms. Rana B. DiOrio, LW 1991
Mr. Payton Wilkinson Dobbs, EN 2000 and  Mrs. Catherine Dobbs
Mr. Donald C. Dodson, AS 1970 and  Mrs. Tammy Cooper Dodson
Ms. Jean Temple Domer, NR 1969
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Berens Donabaum, AS 2007
Dr. Brett Tyler Donegan, EN 2006, MD 2011
Ms. Phyllis Strates Doremus, AS 2019
Ms. Amy R. Dorfman
Ms. Kristi A. Dowdy
Mr. George Dragnich, AS 1968 and  Jane
Mr. David W. Dross, AS 1978 and  Mrs. Anne D. Dross
Mr. Fabiani Alberto Duarte, AS 2010
DuBose Family Foundation
Ms. Emily Grace Duchac, AS 2015
Ms. Amrita Dutta-Gupta, AS 2003, OG 2011
Ms. Ashley Echols, AS 2007
Dr. Hoyt L. Edge, GS 1968, GS 1970 and  Mrs. Charlene Edge
Mr. Myron Houston Edgeworth, AS 1985 and   Mary Kay Crum Edgeworth
Ms. Eileen M. Effinger, AS 1975
Ms. Erica Lynn Eggers, AS 2013
Ms. Pam Elliott
Ms. Christina England Livengood, AS 2007, LW 2010 and  Mr. John Livengood
Ms. Ruth D. Enoch, AS 1974
Mrs. Dianne Esbrook and  Mr. Robert W. Esbrook
Ms. Karen E. Esposito
Ms. Ekomobong Ekerete Essien, PB 2010, NR 2014
Elizabeth C Essin
Mr. John W. Eustace, AS 1973 and  Mrs. Allison Eustace
Mrs. Marcia E. Everett and  Mr. Ronald M. Everett
Ms. Kyshia Danielle Ewing, EN 2002, GS 2006
Mrs. Jennifer Wheeler Faber, AS 1990 and  Mr. Daniel Jack Faber
COL Christopher Thomas Fahrenbach, AS 1997 and  Mrs. Kari Fahrenbach
Ms. Amy Lynn Fair, PB 2000
Mr. Kevin Gerard Faivre, OG 2016
Ms. Molly Ann Favret, EN 2009
Katie Howell Fayard and  John P. Fayard
Mr. Paul E. Feeney, AS 1995 and  Chad A. Braun, M.D.
Mr. Jose A. Fernandez and  Mrs. Margarita Fernandez
Mrs. Andrea Moss Ferrard, AS 1989 and  Mr. Sebastien Ferrard
Ms. Karen Thomas Fesmire, AS 1980 and  Dr. William M. Fesmire, AS 1980
Mr. John David Ficeli, OG 1999 and  Mrs. Christi Coors Ficeli
Mrs. Nataki Finch Richards, LW 1997 and  Mr. Laurence Richards
Dr. A. Lawrence Fincher, GS 1958 and  Mrs. Marian Fincher, NR 1957
Mr. Eric Roy Finkelman, LW 1982 and  Ms. Lisa Kazmer
Mrs. Donna M. Fischer and  Mr. Joseph M. Fischer
Mr. David Jason Fischoff, AS 2013
Mr. Samuel Leonard Fisher, AS 2015
Prof. Earl E. Fitz and  Mrs. Julianne V. Fitz
Ms. Emilie Marie Flynn, AS 2008
Mr. Scott David Foote, AS 2009 and  Ms. Morgan Kassi Hamner, AS 2008
Ms. Hilary Allison Forbes, PB 1998
Mr. Randall Duncan Ford, PB 1977, PB 1978 and  Mrs. Melanie Baker Ford, PB 1977
Mr. Jacob Michael Forschein, AS 2003 and  Mrs. Johanna Forschein
Professor David Samuel Fott, AS 1983 and  Mrs. Stacey Stonum Fott
Mr. Mark B. Francini, AS 1997, LW 2001, OG 2001 and  Mrs. Kelly Francini
Ms. Jennifer Hope Frankland, EN 2011
Mr. Max Russell Franklin, EN 2007 and  Mrs. Janie Franklin
Mr. Sameer David Fraser, AS 2015
Mr. Randle D. Frazer Jr., AS 1965 and  Mrs. Jennette Frazer
Mr. Gregory Frazier
Mr. Tyler O'Neil Frazier, PB 2012
Mr. Mitchell Scott Freedman, AS 1995, OG 1999
Mrs. Deborah K. Freeman, AS 1971 and  Mr. W. Randall Freeman
Dr. Elizabeth Watson Freeman, AS 1992 and  Mr. Noel Freeman
Mr. Christopher R. Freymuller and  Ms. Madolin K. Witte
Dr. David B. Friedman and  Dr. Katherine L. Friedman
Mr. Raymond A. Friedman and  Ms. JenJen Lin
Prof. Luke M. Froeb and  Ms. Donna C. Dalton
Mr. Michael Edward Gabrys, PB 2007, PB 2009 and  Ms. Emily Anne House, PB 2009
Mr. Nicholas Joseph Galioto, EN 2018
Mr. Bailin Gao, EN 2010
Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson Garland, AS 1993
Mrs. Terry H. Garmon and  Mr. William G. Garmon
Dr. William C. Garriott Jr., GS 1969, GS 1974 and  Mrs. Mary Beth Garriott, AS 1969, PB 1970
Dr. Stephen John Garrison, GS 1996 and  Ms. Jin Li
Ms. Harriett Leviticus Gaston, PB 1987
Dr. John G. Geer and  Mrs. Beth P. Geer
Mr. Jeffrey Robert Geldens, LW 2003
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Generes, AS 1998
Mr. Jianfeng Geng, OG 2017 and  Ms. Jiajia Fan
Mr. Matt Genova, AS 2013
Mrs. Adrienne George-Eliades, AS 1988 and  Mr. Plato George Eliades II
Mr. Taylor Gerber, BL 2009 and  Ms. Claire Tallman
Mr. Terry Jerome German, AS 1977 and  Mrs. Mary German
Mr. Aamir Ghesani, AS 2015
Dr. Nicholas Joseph Giacalone, MD 2013 and  Dr. Pamela Susan Giacalone, MD 2013
Mr. Teddy D. Gilbert
Mr. Jesse Canty Giles, AS 2003 and  Shanah Giles
Ms. Karen Giles
Mr. Richard Landon Giss, PB 2011
Dr. David William Glascoff, AS 1969 and  Dr. Peggy Stall Glascoff, AS 1974
Ms. Susan Elizabeth Gleiser, BL 2011
Ms. Alexandria Lauren Glispie, LW 2012
Mr. Tyler Bradford Godoff, PB 2010
Ms. Emily Anne Golan, EN 2014
Ms. Mary Elaine Goleski, GS 1980 and  Mr. Howard A. Smith
Mr. Cedric Allen Gordon, AS 2006
Mrs. Kathy L. Gotliffe, EN 1979 and  Mr. Edward A. Gotliffe
Bryan Walter Graban and  Mrs. Elisa Maria Graban, OG 2011
Mr. Sean Robert Grady, OG 2017
Dr. G. Keith Graham, AS 1974 and  Mrs. Gin Graham
Prof Todd R. Graham and  Mrs. Lisa A. Graham
Mr. Andrew Mark Granholm, AS 2016
Mr. Anthony Scott Gray, AS 1991 and  Mrs. Meredith Gray
Ms. Haley Elizabeth Green, PB 2018
Mr. Paul Andrew Greenfield, AS 2008 and  Mrs. Sarah Wilson Greenfield, AS 2008
Mrs. Jennifer Hornberger Greer, EN 2007 and  Dr. Adam Tyler Greer, AS 2007
Dr. John Pettry Greer, AS 1972, MD 1976, GS 2016 and  Mrs. Gay Nienhuis Greer, NR 1974
Mr. Keith Stuart Greer, AS 1997
Ms. Lindsay Lindh Greig, AS 2016
Ms. Ariel Gros-Werter, OG 2016
Dr. Lisa Anne Grupe, AS 1983
Mr. Dalton Ray Gullett, EN 2018
Ms. Nicole Shani Gunasekera, AS 2011
Veronica Lawson Gunn, MD, MPH, MD 1997 and  Mr. Peter Yale Gunn
Dr. Nina Jahn Gustin and  Mr. Ray Gustin
Dean Chris Guthrie and  Prof. Tracey E. George
Dean Chris Guthrie and  Prof. Tracey E. George
Ms. Emily Claire Guyton, AS 1999
Mrs. Kelly R. Habba, AS 2011
Mrs. Lisa M. Haffer, AS 1982 and  Stephen M. Haffer
Mr. Jay Hale, AS 1988 and  Ms. Anne M. Elmore
Mr. Anders Hall and  Mrs. Joanna F. Hall
Ms. Dana B. Hall
Ms. Viktoria Hallikaar, AS 2016
Dr. Matthew F. Halsey, MD 1994
Ms. Riannon Elizabeth H. Hambleton, AS 2010
Mr. David Alexander Hamrick, EN 2011
Ms. Rachael Yeajin Han, AS 2017
Dr. Reuben L. Hann, GS 1979
Mr. Brent Adams Hannafan, AS 1992 and  Mrs. Gabrielle Andres Hannafan, AS 2005
Ms. Brenna Alex Hansen, GS 2019
Dr. William Fernandez Hardin, GS 2013 and  Jessica E. Hardin
Dr. Richard G. Harless, AS 1965 and  Mrs. Janis G. Harless
The Rev. Janet Denise Harlow, DV 1989
Ms. Ann Phillips Harmer, AS 1963
Ms. Amy Elizabeth Harms, AS 2005 and  Benjamin G. Harms
Mrs. Linda Collins Harp, AS 1968 and  Mr. Bert Seth Harp Jr.
Dr. Charles Edwin Harris Jr., AS 1960, GS 1964 and  Dr. Patricia Green Harris
Ms. Julie Harris, PB 1997
Ms. Linda L. Harris
Mrs. Susan L. Hart and  Mr. Geoffrey R. Hart
Miles Hartline and  Wesley B. Hartline
Dr. Sahana Hassan Balasubramanya, GS 2015, GS 2018
Mr. Macauley David Hatch, EN 2012
Mr. Connor Joseph Haugh, EN 1986, GS 1988 and  Mrs. Ellen Zurliene Haugh
Ms. Elissa Gerfen Hauptman, AS 2009
Mr. Jinlu He, OG 2005
Mrs. Barbara L. Heerman
Mrs. Jaime Lynn Hegarty, AS 1998 and  Mr. Neale Whalen Hegarty, AS 1998
Ms. Carolyn J. Heinrich and  Mr. Kurt W. Heinrich
Ms. Allison Waller Heiser, AS 2010
Dr. Evan Robert Heiser, PB 2018
Dr. Graham Stuart Hemingway, EN 1999, GS 2007, GS 2011 and  Dr. Celeste O. Hemingway, AS 2002, MD 2006, MD 2013
Mr. Doug Hendrix, DV 1980
Mr. William Humphreys Hennes, EN 2006
Mr. Earl O. Henry Jr., AS 1967 and  Mrs. Marilyn Henry
Mrs. Michele Herrmann and  Mr. Stephen R. Herrmann
Hon. Ross H. Hicks, AS 1968 and  Mrs. Nancy S. Hicks
Ms. Erin Rochelle Higgins, AS 2014
Ms. Marianne Ploger Hill
Ms. Emitom Hillsman, PB 2016
Dr. John Hindle, AS 1968, GS 1981 and  Mrs. Joan Barr Hindle
Mr. Christopher Michael Hines, AS 2002
Ms. Amanda Owens Hirsch, AS 2013
Dr. David Thomas Hobbs, GS 1979 and  Dr. Donna Sawyers Hobbs, GS 1980
Ms. Sydnie Hochstein
Mr. William H. Hoff, AS 1976 and  Mrs. Peggy L. Hoff, NR 1975
Mr. Roy E. Hoffman, Jr.
Mr. Andrew Hoine, AS 1996 and  Mrs. Jennifer Schwalbe Hoine
Mr. Scott Alexander Holland, EN 2001 and  Mrs. Cam Van Holland
Ms. Amy Hollinger, OG 2017
Mrs. Lisa S. Hollingshead and  Mr. James J. Hollingshead
Ms. Suzann Hollingsworth
Ms. M. Hadley Holmes, AS 2014
Mr. Richard D. Holton, LW 1980 and  Mrs. Vicki Miles Holton
Mrs. Catherine Baird Hooper, AS 1982 and  Mr. David Hooper
Ms. Elizabeth Cynthia Emoki Horner, AS 2019
Mrs. Anna White Hosea, AS 2002 and  Mr. Robert B. Hosea
Ms. Laurie Houston, AS 1991
Dr. Randall F. Howard, AS 1973 and   Sandra Hall Howard
Ms. Allyson Leanne Howington, EN 2015
Ms. Barbara A. Hrasdzira
Ms. Kathleen Fuchs Hritz, PB 2010 and  Mr. Kevin Hritz
Mrs. Jie Su Huang, OG 2016 and  Mr. Zheng Huang, OG 2017
Mrs. Jie Su Huang, OG 2016 and  Mr. Zheng Huang, OG 2017
Mr. Victor Huang, OG 2012
Ms. Lauren Huddleston, PB 2011, PB 2012, PB 2021
Mrs. Sara Paris Huddleston, AS 2000, PB 2001 and  Mr. Thomas Byrne Huddleston, Jr.
Mrs. Diane Louise Hudgens, AS 1961, GS 1962
Dr. David Russell Hughart, EN 2007, GS 2010, GS 2012
Mr. Charles Crews Hull Jr., OG 1997 and  Mrs. Kristin L. Hull
Mr. David Richard Human, AS 1981 and  Mrs. Marisa Longrais Human, AS 1984
Mr. Brian C. Humphrey, AS 1994 and  Mrs. Tucker E. Humphrey, AS 1994
Ms. Lynn Nneamaka Ibekwe, AS 2011
Dr. Rebecca A. Ihrie and  Dr. Jonathan M. Irish
Mr. John Edward Ingle, AS 1957
Mrs. Deborah Intravaia and  Mr. Patrick K. Intravaia
Ms. Leslie S. Itsara, AS 2007
Ms. Leslie S. Itsara, AS 2007
Mr. Daniel Craig Jackson, EN 2012
Mr. Warren S. Jacobs, AS 1974
Ms. Ria Madan Jagasia, PB 2017
Mrs. Mary Brown James, AS 1956 and  Mr. Wayne James
Mr. Andreas H. Janssen and  Mrs. Stephanie A. Janssen
Mr. Mark F. Jarman and  Mrs. Amy Kane Jarman
Ms. Abigail E. Jarvis
Ms. Rebecca Jensen and  Mr. Ryan Fleischman
Mrs. Emily Eldridge Jernigan, AS 1972, PB 1997 and  Mr. Charlie Jernigan
Mrs. Emily Eldridge Jernigan, AS 1972, PB 1997 and  Mr. Charlie Jernigan
Ms. Dallas Kelsey Jessup, AS 2013
Dean Eric Johnson and  Mrs. Nancy Johnson
Mr. Erik William Johnson, AS 2000 and  Mrs. Amanda Noel Johnson
Ms. Frandale Lynette Johnson, EN 1996
Ms. Hannah Claire Johnson, OG 2012
Ms. Rose M. Johnson, EN 2006
Ms. Bonita K. Johnston and  Mr. Lee A. Johnston
Mr. Ralph Jolly, Jr., EN 1985
Mrs. Audrey Sanborn Jones, AS 2003 and  Mr. Adam L. Jones
Mrs. Joellynn Schulz Jones, PB 2000 and  Mr. Calvin P. Jones III
Miss Patricia Jones, PB 1960, PB 1971
The Rev. Dr. Patricia Ann Jones, DV 1992
Mr. Raymond L. Jones, AS 1969
Ms. Tracye Nicole Jones, LW 1997
Mrs. Nichole N. Jones-Wallace, PB 1992
Mr. Anthony A. Joseph, AS 1975 and  Mrs. Cassandra Joseph
Mr. Anthony A. Joseph, AS 1975 and  Mrs. Cassandra Joseph
Ms. Stephanie C. Joseph, AS 2010
Mrs. Keyuri Joshi and  Mr. Rahul Joshi
Ms. Stephanie Victoria Julitz, PB 2019
Mrs. Regina M. Jurewicz and  Mr. Anthony J. Jurewicz
Mr. Clifford Stephen Jury and  Mrs. Ann Frances Paris Jury
Mr. Virinchi Juttukonda, EN 2016
Mr. Benjamin Phillip Kahn, AS 2011 and  Dr. Sarah Marian Lillis, AS 2011
Ms. Lily Kane
Ms. Sara Michelle Kaplan, PB 2017
Ms. Sara Michelle Kaplan, PB 2017
Ms. Christina Constance Kasper, AS 2013
Ms. Janet Kassouf and  Dr. Larry Quan
Ms. Karly Kattenbraker, AS 2011
Hon. Jerome Kearney, AS 1978, LW 1981 and  Mrs. Faye Adams Kearney
Hon. Jerome Kearney, AS 1978, LW 1981 and  Mrs. Faye Adams Kearney
Mr. Thomas C. Keiser and  Mrs. Victoria Keiser
Mr. Todd Russell Kelley, AS 1989
Mr. Shaul Kelner and  Mrs. Pamela G. Kelner
Ms. Margot Cook Kenagy, AS 2018
Ms. Alexandra Gant Kennelly, LW 2013
Ms. Rachel Dawn Kernodle, PB 2008, PB 2009
Ms. Laura F. Ketcham, AS 2002, LW 2005 and  Mr. Michael Ketcham
Ms. Sandra K. Kidd, AS 1980, OG 1986
Miss Clara Kim, AS 2015
Mr. Sam Kim, AS 2000 and  Dr. Denise Chow
Mrs. Melissa Hester Kinney, AS 2005 and  Mr. Powell McVay Kinney
Ms. Katharine Russell Kirkland, EN 2011
Mrs. Allyson Moore Kirkpatrick, OG 1986 and  Mr. Raymond C. Kirkpatrick III
Mrs. Allyson Moore Kirkpatrick, OG 1986 and  Mr. Raymond C. Kirkpatrick III
Ms. Christine Alyssa Ko, PB 2013
Mrs. Lindsay Kolba, AS 2005 and  Kris Kolba
Ms. Emily F. Korab
Mr. Cory Evan Koslin, AS 1993 and  Mandy Crowe Koslin
Mr. Cory Evan Koslin, AS 1993 and  Mandy Crowe Koslin
Miss Maryia Krivoruchko, PB 2017
Ms. Diana Jade Luk Kumar, AS 2015
Dean Paul M. Kurtz, AS 1968, LW 1972 and  Mrs. Carol Porter Kurtz, PB 1971
Ms. Nicole Kushner, AS 2015
Mr. James Z. Kwiecien and  Mrs. Cynthia J. Kwiecien
Dr. Kathryn Bowdoin Lalor, EN 2009
Ms. Natalie Laneve
Ms. Denise Michele Lang, AS 1997
Mr. Kurt J. Laning and  Mrs. Carol M. Bier-Laning
Mrs. Anne-Elise Lansdown, AS 2006 and  Dr. Drew Anderson Lansdown, EN 2006
Prof. Joseph S. Lappin and  Mrs. Mary Jane Lappin
Professor Michael A. Lapre
Mr. Anthony A. LaRiche Jr., AS 1974 and  Mrs. Jackie Burns-LaRiche
Mr. Julian Niles Larry, AS 2014, LW 2017
Dr. Leslie Potter Lawley, AS 1995 and  Mr. Thomas J. Lawley, Jr.
Janet Denise Lawson, M.D., AS 1977 and   Paul Kevin Stansberry M.D.
Dr. Tonya Le Blanc, AS 1994
Dr. Tonya Le Blanc, AS 1994
Mrs. Melissa E. Lea
Ms. Aiden Jiyeon Lee, AS 2017
Mr. Andrew Lee
Mrs. Candice Storey Lee, PB 2000, PB 2002, PB 2012 and  Mr. Sean D. Lee
Ms. Erin Lee, AS 2015
Ms. Cynthia Leiden
Miss Katy Lee Leinweber, PB 2017
Ms. Claire Linda Leonard, AS 2011
Miss Lauren Alexandra Leonard, PB 2013
Mrs. Alexandra Ryan Leopold, AS 1988
Ms. Kathryn Sara Levene, PB 2009
Mr. Michael Harris Levin, AS 2015
Mr. Andrew Barclay Levine, AS 2006 and  Lori Ann Holman Levine
Ms. Monica Celeste Levine, EN 2016
Mr. Ning Li and  Mrs. Kitty Li
Dr. Xiaohu Li, GS 1991 and  Mrs. Huiping Li
Dr. Xiaoyu Liang, OG 2018
Mr. Steven Aaron Lichtin, AS 2005 and  Mrs. Jocelyn Lichtin
Mr. Andrew David Ligon, AS 2012 and  Nicole Blumenkehl Ligon
Mr. Erik S. Lillie, AS 1989 and  Mr. Barry C. Heard, AS 1998
Jennifer Lindsey, M.D.
Ms. Jamie J. Linski
Mrs. Lee Rhyne Lipsey, AS 1971 and  Mr. Geoffrey W. Lipsey
Ms. Cindy Liu and  Dr. Hua Tang
Dr. Gerald Chien Liu, GS 2013
Dr. Jennifer E. Long, AS 1987 and  Mr. Vladimir G. Karamyshev
Mr. Alexander Tietjen Longstreth, AS 2011, PB 2014 and  Mrs. Ruth Angharad Longstreth, AS 2011
Ms. Saytel Lopez
Mrs. Alicia Tarr Love, AS 1990 and  Mr. William Edwin Love, EN 1990
Mr. Daniel B. Lovinger, AS 1987 and  Mrs. Linda Watson Lovinger, AS 1987
Mr. Andrew D. Lundquist and  Mrs. Maryellen M. Lundquist
Ms. Doris Lutz
Ms. Anna Watt Lux, AS 2015
Ms. Dana Weskamp Lynch, PB 1993 and  Mr. William Isaac Lynch, AS 1994
Mrs. Frances Holley Lynch, PB 1974 and  Mr. John Randolph Lynch, PB 1975
Mr. Bruce John Lynskey, OG 1985
Ms. Joanne Mackey
Mr. Steven Holt Madden, Sr., PB 1991 and  Mrs. Kelly M. Madden
Mr. Eric Walter Maertin, AS 2015
Ms. Arielle Maffei, AS 2010
Ms. Ananya Majumder, EN 2008
Mr. E. Phillips Malone, EN 1963 and  Mrs. Nancy W. Malone
Mr. J. David Maloney and  Mrs. Tammie L. Maloney
Dr. Anne Thompson Mancino, AS 1980 and  Dr. Michael John Mancino
Mr. Jyotirmoy Mandal, AS 2014
Mr. Scotty G. Mann and  Ms. Jennifer Lynn Derryberry Mann
Linda Manning, Ph.D. and  Mr. C. Jerry Rutledge
Ms. Heather M. Marabeti and  Mr. William Pinkston
Mr. David Randall Marcrum, AS 1984 and  Mrs. Lyn Williams Marcrum
Mr. Nick Marino, EN 2010
Mr. Paul Gerard Maron, EN 1999 and  Mrs. Valerie Mae Maron, EN 1999
Mr. Chris Marshall
Ms. Elizabeth R. Marshall, NR 1977
Mrs. Julia A. Martin, GS 2022
Mrs. Julia A. Martin, GS 2022
Ms. Racquel Bianca Martin, AS 2013
Mrs. Sarah Anne Willis Martin, PB 1992 and  Mr. Kyle David Martin
Ms. Celeste Briana Martinez, AS 2013
Mrs. Kelly Greer Maruca, AS 1991 and  Mr. Brian Maruca
Dr. Pierre P Massion
Mrs. Cindy S. Matheny and  Mr. Michael J. Matheny
Mr. Jason Nicoles Mather, AS 1997
Mrs. Carleen Turelli Matthews, AS 1979
Mr. Jordan Armand Matthews, AS 2013 and  Mrs. Cheyna Williams Matthews, AS 2016
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Mayes, AS 2002
Mrs. Michele McAvoy-Rubin and  Mr. James Harris Rubin
Mr. David C. McBirney, EN 1971 and  Mrs. Vicki McBirney
Ms. Ann Elkin McBride
Ms. Katy L. McBride, AS 1973
Mr. Colin Andrew McClain, AS 2012, OG 2013
Dr. Mark William McCord, AS 1989 and  Mrs. Rachel M. Woodberry McCord, AS 1989
Mr. Anthony Philip McCready, AS 2009
Mr. Barry A. McCurry and  Mrs. Sabrina McCurry
Mr. J. Andrew McEntire, AS 1992 and  Mrs. Simone Kuypers McEntire
Mr. Patrick Kelly McGee, EN 1985 and  Mrs. Suzanne Perot McGee, PB 1986
Mrs. Janice Cobbledick McGibony, NR 1976 and  Mr. Charles M. McGibony, AS 1976
Ms. Shannon McGrath Sasz, NR 2000
Mr. Richard J. McGregor and  Mrs. Antoinette McGregor
Mrs. Patrice L. McGuinness, NR 1989 and  Dr. Owen P. McGuinness
Ms. Ashley Je'von McLay, AS 2013
Ms. Ashley Je'von McLay, AS 2013
Ms. Ashley Je'von McLay, AS 2013
Ms. Ashley Je'von McLay, AS 2013
Ms. Ashley Je'von McLay, AS 2013
Ms. Sheri S. McMurray and  Mr. Scott E. McMurray
Mr. Richard Lee McVicar, DV 1982
Mr. William R. Mefford, AS 1963 and  Mrs. Ellyn Eckert Mefford
Mr. Thomas Ara Meisel, EN 2017, GS 2017
Mr. Thomas Ara Meisel, EN 2017, GS 2017
Ms. Consuelo Austin Mejer, AS 2008, LW 2013
Mrs. Laura Holder Menkes, PB 2008
Mr. Henry C. Merhoff Jr., AS 1963
Ms. Susan Lee Merkle Wootten, AS 1982 and  Dr. Michael Rodger Wootten, AS 1981, MD 1985
Dr. Walter H. Merrill and  Mrs. Morgan V. Merrill
Mr. Gary Nathaniel Merson, AS 1994
Dr. David M. Miller, III and  Mrs. Nancy L. Miller
Ms. Melanie Nicole Miller, AS 2009
Mrs. Sheila H. Miller and  Mr. Alan R. Miller
Mr. Victor Gilbert Miller, AS 1985
Mr. Victor Gilbert Miller, AS 1985
Ms. Anne Marie Mills, OG 2013
Ms. Katie Melissa Lokelani Mills, AS 2013
Ms. Tracy L. Mims
Ms. Joann Mitchell, LW 1981
Dr. Wanda Gayle Mitchell, GS 1977
Dr. Danny R. Moates, GS 1966, GS 1968
Mr. Anderson Eugene Monken, AS 2017
Mr. Kenneth James Moore, Jr.
Ms. Meghan Louise Moore, AS 2001 and  Robert Katz
Mrs. Kelly Cashen Moran, PB 2010 and  Matthew Moran
Ms. Hannah Gwynn Wish Morgan, AS 2017
Mr. Ron Reece Morgan, AS 1979
Ms. Sara Turner Morimoto, EN 2012
Andrea Moro
Mr. Scott Morrell, AS 1973 and  Mrs. Jan Ellen Morrell
Mr. Scott Morrell, AS 1973 and  Mrs. Jan Ellen Morrell
Mrs. Audrey Leigh Morris, AS 2006 and  Mr. Thomas Perry Morris, III
Mr. Brian Thompson Morris, AS 1984 and  Mrs. Patricia Diamonon Morris, PB 1986
Mrs. Lori Pryor Morrow, AS 1997 and  Lt Col (Ret) Eric Morrow
Mr. Jonathan Lee Morton, GS 1997 and  Mrs. Jennifer Morton
Mrs. Rosie R. Mosley and  Mr. Sherman L.  Mosley
Ms. Caitlin Ree Mullaney, OG 2013
Mr. Shawn P. Mulligan and  Ms. Suzanne J. Bohan
Dr. Kimberly Mulligan-Guy, GS 2012
Dr. Robert Lee Mullins Jr., OG 1989 and  Mrs. Sharon M. Mullins
Mrs. Sharon M. Munger, AS 1968 and  Mr. Robert P. Munger
Mrs. Patricia D. Murlas, AS 1972
Prof. Kevin D. Murphy
Miss Lori T Murphy, AS 2011, PB 2016
Mr. Joseph Musick and  Mrs. Maggie Musick
Dr. Charles M. Myer III, AS 1975 and  Mrs. Virginia A. Myer, NR 1975
Ms. Madeline Sarah Myers, BL 2011
Dr. Jennifer Lee Myles, EN 1994
Mr. William Allen Mynatt Jr., AS 1988
Mr. William Allen Mynatt Jr., AS 1988
Mr. David Aaron Namm, AS 2011, PB 2013 and  Ms. Annalise Masae Miyashiro, PB 2011
Nasdaq Employee Giving
Ms. Ayesha Yasmin Nasmyth, PB 2005, PB 2006
Anicia Lyn Ndabahaliye
Ms. Jillian B. Neal
Mr. Todd Bruce Newell, AS 1990 and  Mrs. Maria Raquel Newell
Mr. Kyle Matthew Newhouse, EN 2014
Mr. Jonathan David Newkirk, EN 2012
Mr. Andrew Rudolph Newman, AS 1991 and  Ms. Allegra Clement-Bayard
Mr. Grant A. Newton, LW 2020 and  Mrs. Kaci Newton
Mrs. Pamela P. Nguyen and  Mr. Sa Nguyen
Dr. Van Thomas Nguyen, MD 2013
Ms. Linda Sue Nichols
Mr. Duncan L. Niederauer and  Mrs. Alison J. Niederauer
Ms. Jakai' DeVai Nolan, AS 2009
Dean Linda D. Norman and  Mr. Donald E. Norman
Ms. Nancy N. Northington, OG 1993
The Rev. Kitty A. Norton, DV 1998
Ms. Maria Norton, AS 1992
Mr. Paul Novak
Mr. Chukwukpee Nzegwu, AS 2017
Ms. Jung Yun O'Donnell, AS 1997
Ms. Allie Hall O'Neil, PB 2013
Mr. Steven Matthew O'Neill, EN 2015
Dr. Laurie M. O'Reilly, GS 1984
Ms. April Oglesby
Ms. April Oglesby
Ms. Noriko Okamoto
Mrs. Sue K. Oldham, OG 1993 and  Mr. Floy Theodore Oldham, III
The Rev. Robert E. Olive, DV 1974, GS 1981 and  Dr. Barbara A. Fitzgerald, MD 1975
Ms. Angela Kay Oliver, AS 2007
The Rev. Norman W. Orr, DV 1960 and  Mrs. Bettie Orr
Dr. Joan K. Orrell-Valente, PB 1988, GS 1992, GS 2002 and  Ernest Valente, PhD
Dr. Jessica Leigh Oster and  Dr. Neil Patrick Kelley
Mrs. Lisa Koch Ott, AS 1992 and  Greg Ott
Mr. Lucius T. Outlaw Jr. and  Mrs. Freida H. Outlaw
Ms. Patricia D. Owen, LW 1974
Mrs. Ivy Afua Apea Owusu, OG 2003 and  Mr. Kwadwo N. Owusu
Mr. Jonathan Goodwin Page, AS 1980 and  Mrs. Ann Parris Thomas Page, AS 1980
Dr. Robert Langford Palmer, EN 1998, NR 2000, GS 2005 and  Mrs. Ashley Palmer, AS 2003, LW 2006
Prof. Sokrates Pantelides and  Mrs. Mimi Pantelides
Ms. Annie Paraison, AS 2008
Dr. Abby Luck Parish, NR 2005 and  Mr. Keith M. Parish
Miss Jeani Ann Park, OG 1996
Miss Jeani Ann Park, OG 1996
Dr. Franklin Parker, PB 1956 and  Mrs. Betty June Parker, PB 1956
Rev. Donna Ann Parramore, AS 1983, DV 2002
Ms. Leslie Anne Parrish, OG 2017
Ms. Christy Lynn Passmore
Mr. Joseph E. Patrick Jr., AS 1967 and  Mrs. Hilda Buchanan Patrick, AS 1966
Mrs. Tiffany Raeshawn Patton, AS 2003 and  John Michael Patton
Ms. Sarah K Payne, AS 2017
Ms. Victoria Catherine S. Payne, AS 2014
Ms. Virginia F. Payne, AS 1979 and  Mr. Arthur Wicks
Mrs. Julie Pazina, AS 1999 and  Joel Pazina
Ms. Penelope Parrot Pearson, AS 1961 and  Mr. Robert Pearson
Ms. Lisa C. Pellegrin and  Mr. David B. Williams
Mr. Arthur Harter Pellett, AS 1984, OG 1988 and  Helene Brown Pellett, OG 1988
Mr. Steven Willis Pendleton, II, OG 2016 and  Mrs. Lauren Pendleton
Ms. Li Peng and  Mr. Jun Song Chen
Dr. Teri Avrielle Penn, EN 1999
Mrs. Mallory Hely Perdue, AS 2009, PB 2016 and  Mr. James Perdue
Ms. Hope Perkins, PB 2015
Mrs. Kendra Leigh Perlitz, PB 2003, PB 2004 and  Mr. William C. Perlitz
Ms. Riley Carol Pettit, PB 2019
Mrs. Jamie Pope Petty and  Mr. Mark A. Petty
Mr. Jeffrey Petty
Mr. Jonathan S. Petty and  Ms. Marjorie George
Ms. Melinda C. Phillips
Dr. Philip Edward Phillips, GS 1992, GS 1996 and  Ms. Sharmila J. Patel
Mr. Robert Emil Pieper, EN 2009
Ms. Jane S. Pierce and  Dr. Sarah Catherine Fogel, NR 1994, GS 2001
Ms. Lisa G. Pierce, AS 1978
Mrs. Julie Novarese Pierotti, GS 2007
Dr. Bonita Ann Pilon and  Mr. Richard H. Smith
Mr. Sean Christian Pirkle, AS 2017
Ms. Carrie Elizabeth Plummer, NR 2005
Mr. Shane Alexander Pollin, AS 1995 and  Amy Pollin
Ms. Kylie Janelle Pope, PB 2018
Mr. Adam Porter, AS 2008 and  Mrs. Elisabeth Kate Porter, AS 2010
Ms. Alice H. Prater and  Mr. Harlan I. Prater, IV
Ms. Catherine Ruffin Prater, AS 2014
Mr. Scott T. Price, AS 1971 and  Dr. Ann Hutcheson Price, AS 1971, MD 1978
Mrs. Julie A. Prim and  Gary Wayne Prim
Dr. William Francis Pritchard Jr., MD 1982 and  Dr. Elizabeth Jones
Mrs. Jennifer L. Pritchett, AS 1987 and  Mr. Charles Pritchett
Mr. Anthony W. Provenzano and  Mrs. Barbara J. Provenzano
Dr. Phyllis R. Qualls-Brooks, PB 2006
Ms. Lauren Ashley Kassouf Quan, AS 2016
Mr. Gerard Charles Raiti, AS 2004 and  Klaudia Aresti Raiti
Mrs. Kelly Crawford Ramsey, AS 1996 and  Mr. John Keith Ramsey
Ms. Virginia (Ginny) Randall, AS 2017
Mr. Thomas Steven Ratcliffe, AS 1993
Dr. S. Ratneshwar, GS 1986, GS 1987 and  Mrs. Subbalakshmi Ratneshwar
Mrs. Gretchen Robinson Rawles, PB 2006 and  Spencer Rawles
Ms. Danielle J. Reid, LW 2018
Mr. David P. Reiland and  Ms. Diane K. Honda
Dr. Dawn E. Reimann, NR 1975
Mr. Martin A. Renkis and  Mrs. Laura W. Renkis
Mrs. Margery O'C. Resnick, AS 1972 and  Mr. Jeffrey L. Resnick
Mr. Nathan Jefferson Riddle, AS 1994 and  Lorie Ann Riddle
Mr. Michael Rimland and  Mrs. Rachel G. Rimland
Mrs. Nancy Z. Rinker, PB 1963 and  Mr. Elwyn N. Rinker
Mr. Abhijit Rishi and  Ishita Kinnoo Rishi
Alison Robertson, EN 2003
Mr. Benjamin Martin Rodman, PB 2012 and  Mrs. Ivy Rodman
Mr. Benjamin Martin Rodman, PB 2012 and  Mrs. Ivy Rodman
Ms. Jessie Marie Rodriguez, PB 2013
Mr. Shaun Davis Rogers, AS 1989 and  Ms. Nadine Davey Rodgers
Mrs. Teresa D. Rogers and  Terry Rogers
Mr. Steven L. Rohall and  Mrs. Mary A. Rohall
Mr. Raleigh F. Romine, AS 1971 and  Ms. Helen Kafka
Ms. Caroline Walker Rose, AS 2014
Mrs. Elizabeth Spitznagel Rose, PB 2014, MD 2015
Mr. Gregory Glen Rose, GS 1982
Mrs. Megan Walker Rose, AS 1982 and  Mr. James G. Rose, Jr.
Ms. Linda  S. Rosenkranz and  Mr. Michael James Rosenkranz
Mr. John J. Ross Jr., AS 1968 and  Mrs. Harriet L. Ross, AS 1968
Ms. Natasha Rowan-Clifton
Mrs. Abbey Mansfield Ruby, LW 2008
Mr. James W. Ruiz and  Mrs. Theresa R. Ruiz
Mr. N. Logan Runger III and  Mrs. Mary E. Runger
Ms. Victoria Barbara Runzel, AS 2011
Mr. Paul Eugene Russell Jr., PB 1978
Mr. Paul S. Russell and  Mrs. Sara A. Russell
Regina G Russell
Regina G Russell
Ms. Betty Virginia Ryalls, PB 1972
Mrs. Claudia C. Ryan, AS 1970, GS 1973 and   David Ryan
Mr. Jerome Benjamin Ryan III, EN 1992 and  Mrs. Lee Anne Brown Ryan, EN 1993
Mr. Samuel R. Sadler, AS 1967
Mr. Thomas Clement Salovitch, AS 2018
Mr. Thomas Clement Salovitch, AS 2018
Mr. Norman L. Sandfield, AS 1967
Ms. Supriya Sarkar, AS 2008
Ms. Supriya Sarkar, AS 2008
Ms. Supriya Sarkar, AS 2008
Ms. Supriya Sarkar, AS 2008
Mr. John Matthew Saunders, AS 1997 and  Mrs. Lara Davies Saunders, AS 1997
Mrs. Christie W. Sawyer, NR 2004 and  Mr. Sean Sawyer
Ms. Lauren Scantlebury, PB 2017
Mr. Randall C. Schauer, LW 1981 and  Mrs. Kathy Burgess Schauer
Mr. Mark D. Schein, LW 1991 and  Ms. Maria Mostajo
Ms. Shirley L. Schettino
Ms. Shirley L. Schettino
Mrs. Kathleen Pollock Schieber, PB 2010 and  Dr. David W. Schieber
The Rev. Gary M. Schimmer, DV 1978 and  Mrs. Priscilla Schimmer
Mr. J. Steven Schlather, AS 1972 and  Ms. Nancy J. Flinchbaugh
Ms. Emily Elizabeth Schloss, AS 2013
Mr. John Eric Schmidt, AS 1994 and  Ms. Elaine Jennifer Woo, OG 2004
Prof. Laurel C. Schneider, GS 1997 and  Dean Emilie M. Townes
Mr. Mark L. Schoenfield and  Ms. Sarah Ann Hiestand
Mr. F. Edward Schrader, AS 1965 and  Mrs. Gayle K. Schrader
Mr. J. G. Ben Schreiner and  Mrs. Pamela C. Schreiner
Ms. Claire M Schurz, AS 2017
Mr. Thomas A. Schwartz
Mr. Charles Michael Scott, AS 2002
LtCol. Daniel R. Scott, AS 1996 and  Mrs. Ellen H. Scott, PB 1998
Dr. Larry D. Scott, MD 1969 and  Mrs. Carol Schumacher Scott, GS 1966
Mr. Richard F. Scott, AS 1968 and  Ms. Peggy Lynn Lindsey
Dr. Virginia M. Scott and  Ms. Gay Welch
Mrs. Virginia Elizabeth Searcy, AS 1996 and  Mr. Michael Conner Searcy, AS 1996
Ms. Bonnie Anne Seay, AS 1966, GS 1980
Ms. Bonnie Anne Seay, AS 1966, GS 1980
Ms. Bonnie Anne Seay, AS 1966, GS 1980
Mr. David West Seelbinder, AS 2012
Mr. Joseph Rolph Seely, OG 2016
Miss Antoinette Louise Serena, EN 1978
Dr. Jack L. Seymour, DV 1973, DV 1974, PB 1982 and  Dr. Margaret Ann Crain, PB 1991
Dr. Sheri Shaneyfelt, GS 1995
Mr. John R. Shanley Jr., NR 1997 and  Mrs. Elaine K. Shanley
Ms. Caroline Anne Shea, LW 2019 and  Jonathan Shea 
The Rev. Ruth Ann Sheets, PB 1975, DV 1988
The Rev. Ruth Ann Sheets, PB 1975, DV 1988
Mrs. Deborah Lynch Shelton, AS 1984 and  Mr. Roger Lee Shelton
Mr. Kurt Garrett Shepherd, OG 2006 and  Mrs. Sarah Renee Shepherd
Michael Lauren Sherman, Esq., LW 2001 and  Mrs. Paula Cagnacci Sherman
Mr. Craig R. Sherrill and  Jennifer Sherrill
Mr. Daniel P. Sherwood, PB 2001 and  Mrs. Gail Ann Sherwood
Dr. Robert D. Sherwood and  Mrs. Linda Sue Sherwood, PB 1990
Ms. Nicole Dawn Shoemaker, LW 2010
Ms. Corinne A. Shotliff, AS 1974
Ms. Corinne A. Shotliff, AS 1974
Sudha P. Singh M.D. and  Pradumna Pratap  Singh, M.D.
Ms. Ivy Samantha Singletary, PB 2011
Ms. Kristi LaCole Singletary, AS 2008
Mr. Bryan D. Singleton and  Mrs. Gail V. Singleton
Mrs. Haden Sirmon, PB 2008 and  Forbes Sirmon
Mr. Gregory Howard Siskind, AS 1986 and  Mrs. Audrey Robbins Siskind
Mr. Emory Alan Skolkin, OG 2019
Ms. Heather Slagell
Mr. Gardner Richard Smith, AS 2012
Mr. George Washington Smith III, AS 2008 and  Mrs. Nicole Floyd Smith, AS 2007
Mr. George Washington Smith III, AS 2008 and  Mrs. Nicole Floyd Smith, AS 2007
Mr. John D. Smith and  Mrs. Cecile R. Smith
Dr. Luther A. Smith, AS 1975 and  Dr. Marjolein van der Vaart Smith
Mr. Miles Valentine Smith, AS 1987
Ms. Priscilla Jane Smith, AS 1972
Mr. Randall W. Smith, AS 1984, DV 1988 and  The Rev. Beth A. Pattillo, DV 1990
Mrs. Rebecca Jacques Smith, PB 2016 and  Mr. Banks Thomas Smith
Dr. Tina L. Smith
Mr. Jeffrey R. Smitten and  Mrs. Valerie P. Smitten
Mrs. Mary Ann Smokler, AS 1985 and  Mr. Brian J. Smokler
Mrs. Beth M. Snover and  Mr. Jay C. Snover
Ms. Linda Teresa Sobczynski, AS 2012
Ms. Rachelle Louise Soderstrom, AS 2004
Dr. Steven Earl Solomon, PB 1985 and  Mrs. Gunnur A. Solomon
Mr. Qi Song, OG 2017
Dr. Chris Sonnenday, MD 1997 and  Mrs. Amy Buchkowski Sonnenday
Mr. David Sorbaro and  Mrs. Sheryl Sorbaro
Ms. Christen M. Sottolano, AS 2009, PB 2013
Ms. Christen M. Sottolano, AS 2009, PB 2013
Ms. Christen M. Sottolano, AS 2009, PB 2013
Ms. Christen M. Sottolano, AS 2009, PB 2013
Mrs. Louise Spann
Mr. Matthew Patrick Spellings, EN 2012
Mr. Timothy Michael Spillman, AS 2007
Mr. Leonard Daniel Sprinkles, EN 1970 and  Mrs. Ann M. Eagan
Mrs. Susie S. Stalcup and  Mr. Tom L. Stalcup
Mrs. Joyce A Stanley and  Mr. Richard F Stanley
Ms. Sarah D. E. Staples, AS 2014, LW 2019
Ms. Mary Susan Starcher
Ms. Kaleta B. Stein
Mrs. Jamie Elizabeth Sterrett, AS 2012 and  Mr. Jeffrey Patrick Sterrett, AS 2012
Dr. Lynne W. Stevenson and  Mr William G Stevenson
Ms. Emily L. Stewart
Mr. Paul H. Stob and  Mrs. Sarah Stob
Mr. Paul H. Stob and  Mrs. Sarah Stob
Rev. Joseph E. Stock, DV 1960 and  Mrs. Mable Corrine Park Stock
Ms. Kiley Michelle Stokes, GS 2016
Ms. Kiley Michelle Stokes, GS 2016
Mr. Nicholas Streams, EN 1996 and  Mrs. Jennifer Janke Streams, AS 1997
Dr. Stephen Renaud Stricker, AS 1999 and  Mrs. Kristie Stricker
Mr. Henry Carey Strickland III, LW 1983 and  Mrs. Anne R. Strickland
Ms. Caroline Duff Stuart
Dr. Ty K. Subhawong, AS 2002, MD 2006 and  Dr. Andrea P. Subhawong, AS 2002, MD 2006
Dr. Sarah Van Hooser Suiter, GS 2006, GS 2009 and  Mr. Ryon H. Suiter
Ms. Mary Helen Sullivan, PB 2022
Mrs. Mary-Helen Sullivan, AS 1973 and  Mr. Robert A. Sullivan
Ms. H. Jane Sung, AS 1988 and  Mr. Lorin Cortina
Ms. Hyen Yeng Sung, AS 1993 and  Mr. Mark Nelson
Mr. Andrew B. Suzman and  Mrs. Ruth L. Suzman
Mr. Andrew B. Suzman and  Mrs. Ruth L. Suzman
Ms. Emily Swafford, PB 2011 and  John Mark Swafford
Ms. Kimberly R. Sweidy
Ms. Barbara Tanner-Torres
Ms. Dawn Denise Taylor
Mrs. Jocelyn M Taylor, AS 2012 and  Michael Taylor
Mrs. Laura Moss Taylor, AS 1992 and  Mr. Russell J. Taylor
Mrs. Rachel A. Taylor and  Mr. Neil J. Taylor
Mr. Joseph F. Teague
Dr. William T. Terrell, AS 1966, GS 1970 and  Mrs. Fay Susanne Tysell Terrell
Mr. Corey Eugene Thomas, EN 1998 and  Dr. LaQuanya Phillips Thomas
Mr. Joel A. Thomas
Ms. Lindsey Thomas
Mr. Charles Young Thomason IV, EN 2000, GS 2001 and  Ms. Elise Woodward Thomason
Mr. Charles Young Thomason IV, EN 2000, GS 2001 and  Ms. Elise Woodward Thomason
Ms. Ashley D. Thompson and  Ms. Julia Reynolds Thompson
Ms. Hilary Holstead Thompson, AS 2008
Mr. James Curtis Thompson, AS 1983, OG 1988 and  Mrs. Jan S. Thompson
Dr. Jeremy Michael Thompson, EN 2012
Mrs. Molly Boland Thompson, AS 1999 and  Mr. Kevin Thompson
Mr. Joel G. Todd and  Mrs. Elaine T. Todd
Mr. Andrew J. Tomarken and  Dr. Laurel Leslie Brown, GS 2000
Mrs. Wesley F. Torretti and  Mr. George I. Torretti
Mrs. Laura Tortora
Ms. Megan Nicole TouVelle, PB 2014
Mr. James E. Travis Jr., AS 1961 and  Mrs. Sandra Lee Travis
Dr. Corey Kenneth Treadway, AS 2000 and  Sarah Bancroft-Treadway
Mr. Anthony Joseph Tripodoro, AS 2015
Ms. Mary Beth Tripp, LW 1981
Mr. Anthony Trzeciak and  Mrs. Mary Josephine Trzeciak
Mr. Lewis Tsuromatanda, OG 2018
Ms. Arleen Tuchman
Mr. Paul Turczynski, EN 1990
Ms. Lesley Turner
Ms. Nikki Turner
Dr. James V. Tyler, AS 1966
Ms. Vera Uboytseva, OG 2014
Mr. Joshua Adam Ulino, PB 2018
Dr. Ellen M. Umansky
Ms. Emily S. Underhill, NR 2017
Ms. Jennifer Kamin Underwood, AS 1998
Mrs. Margaret A.  Ungar and  Mr. Steven J.  Ungar
Mrs. Katherine Jean Urquart, GS 2008 and  Capt. Wes Edward Urquart
Mr. Robert K. Vahradian and  Ms. Helena M. Willner
Mr. Eric Robert Van Heyst, OG 1980 and  Mrs. Darby Mengel Van Heyst
Ms. Aurel Van Iderstine and  Mr. David E Van Iderstine
Mrs. Kerry Cietano Vanaria, AS 1995 and  Mr. Rick Vanaria
Ms. Jennifer Vera Vandewalle, AS 1999
Mr. James Alexander Varlan, PB 2013
Ms. Megan Haglin Vaysben and  Mr. Alex Vaysben
Mrs. Elizabeth Vennum, PB 2007 and  Eric Voots
Ms. Erin Elizabeth Verbeck, AS 2016
Mrs. Anne D. Vereen, AS 1990 and  Mr. Will C. Vereen
Mr. Chad Everett Vermillion, GS 2008 and  Mrs. Christy R. Vermillion
Ms. Laura Danielle Verwest, AS 2011 and  Mr. Andrew Burton Reed, AS 2013
Mrs. Amanda Vincent, BL 2002 and  Mr. Robert B. Vincent, Jr
Mr. Michael J. Vogel and  Ms. Janice H. Vogel
Mrs. Jenny Anne Vogus, PB 2007 and  Mr. Timothy J. Vogus
Ms. Caroline Annabelle Volgman, AS 2018
Ms. Caroline (Callie) Patricia Wade, AS 2011
Mr. Eric Jeremy Walk, EN 2011
Mr. Larry Wallace, EN 1972
Mrs. Isabel Van Deusen Walls, AS 2006 and  Mr. Andrew Charles Walls, AS 2006
Dr. Feng Wang, GS 2002
Mr. James Ewell Brown Stuart Ware, EN 2006 and  Rachel Ware
Mr. Cory Lamar Warfield, AS 2006
Mrs. Nicole Chira Warot, AS 1995, PB 1998 and  Mr. Andrew Albert Warot
Mr. Grady L. Warren III, AS 1968 and  Dr. Kaye Warren, AS 1967, GS 1971, GS 1976
Mrs. Angela O'Neill Washburn, AS 1993 and  Mr. David A. Washburn Jr.
Ms. Antoinette Troxler Watson, NR 2015
Prof. Sharon M. Weiss and  Mr. Nathanael J. Smith
Ms. Kimberly M. Welch
Ms. Louisa Elisabeth Wells, AS 2014
Miss Robyn Ruth Wells, AS 1980
Ms. Alexis S. Wells-Oghoghomeh
Mrs. Deborah J. Werner, NR 1983 and  Dr. Mark Joseph Werner, MD 1984
Mr. Erik Morgan Werner, EN 2012
Mrs. Jessica L. Wetzel, AS 2000 and  Mr. Shawn Wetzel
Ms. Amanda Ruth Whiffing, AS 2004 and  Mr. Alexander Genetos
Ms. Amanda Ruth Whiffing, AS 2004 and  Mr. Alexander Genetos
Mrs. Patti Early White, AS 1976 and  Mr. George Howard White, III
Mrs. Patti Early White, AS 1976 and  Mr. George Howard White, III
Mrs. Ralphine Renee Whitfield Walton, NR 2016, NR 2020
Dr. Gilman W Whiting and  Dr. Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting
Ms. Tarria Shamelle Whitley, AS 2000
Mr. Sam Edwin Whittaker, AS 1960 and  Mrs. Angela Whittaker
Dr. Kenneth Whitted, PB 1985 and  Mrs. Willetta A. Whitted
Mr. Jay Douglas Wiley II, LW 1996
Ms. Anita Wilhelm and  Mr. Justin Wilhelm
Mr. Andrew Carter Wilkison, PB 2015
Mrs. Vanessa Fieve Willett, LW 1997 and  Mr. Scott Vernon Willett
Jeffrey Lawrence Williams, M.D., EN 1992 and  Beth Williams, MD
Dr. JNese Nicole Williams, GS 2017, GS 2018
Mr. Jonathan C. Ellis Williams, AS 2014
Mr. Kyle Williams, EN 1996 and  Mrs. Sonya Luray Williams
Mrs. Nancy S. Williams, AS 1974 and  Mr. W. Clark Williams Jr., LW 1974
Mr. Thomas Martin Williams, AS 1997
Ms. Natalie Dunn Wills, PB 2012
Mr. Steven C. Wingard, EN 1985, OG 2009
Mrs. Mary Carol Winger, PB 2012 and  Mr. Jaymes Cauvel Winger, GS 2013, GS 2015
Mrs. Melissa Ottenville Winsor, NR 1981 and  Mr. Ned Winsor
Dr. Alan E. Wiseman
Ms. Allison Rose Wisialowski, PB 2015
Mrs. Gabrielle Keenan Witmer, AS 2009 and  Mr. John Witmer
Ms. Melissa Deanne Wocher, AS 1987
Mrs. Sarah N. Wolf, PB 2010 and  Mr. Matthew Alan Wolf
Ms. Mary Wolk
Ms. Hannah Wynne Woodward, PB 2014, PB 2015
Ms. Jennifer L. Woody and  Christopher S. Woody
Dr. Claude H. Workman III, MD 1973 and  Mrs. Elizabeth M. Workman
Mrs. Mary Beth Workman, EN 1985 and  Mr. Gary R. Workman
Mr. Matthew Sydney Wright, PB 2014
Mr. Liangliang Xu, OG 2010 and  Ms. Mengyuan Cao
Mr. Qiaowei Xu, AS 2015
Mr. Braden Yuchen Yang, EN 2019
Mr. Fei Yang, GS 1996 and  Mrs. Chenhua Yang
Mr. Yan Yang
Ms. Arianna Dominique Yarritu, AS 2016
Mr. Justin Yi, AS 2014
Mr. Abel Yosef, AS 2018
Mr. Steven Peter Young II, PB 2000
Ms. Vanessa April Yu, PB 2010
Mr. David H. Zald and  Dr. Mary Beth Early-Zald, DV  , DV 2018
Mrs. Katy Parrish Zaninovich, OG 1989
Ms. Yi Zeng, AS 2015
Ms. Andrea Zhang, AS 2019
Mr. Kun Zhao and  Dr. Ping Zou
Ms. Qing Qing (Jade) Zheng, AS 2014
Mr. Cecile Zhu
Ms. Meghann Anderson Zolan, PB 2002, PB 2006