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Investing in Vanderbilt’s Future, Investing in Vanderbilt’s Endowment

Vanderbilt’s endowment is the single most important financial underpinning for the university, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our mission. In fact, we owe the university’s very existence to an endowed gift made by our founder and namesake, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Almost a 150 years later, that gift, along with countless others, continues to help Vanderbilt flourish as a world-class hub for education, research and service.

The vast majority of planned gifts are directed for endowed purposes. These gifts become donor’s lasting legacy at the university, benefitting students, faculty programs or other special interests. In particular, Vanderbilt serves as a trustee for a number of charitable remainder unitrusts, giving donors access to the Vanderbilt endowment’s strategy, returns and oversight by the university’s investment team.
chart showing market value growth over past half century. For more details email

To find out more about the impact and performance of Vanderbilt’s endowment, please download this PDF or contact the planned giving office at (615) 343-3113.