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Across every discipline we are advancing—broadening the bounds of knowledge and discovery. We have a plan for the future, a bold way forward. Learn more about Vanderbilt’s vision through our philanthropic priorities below.

Deans' Philanthropic Priorities
The chart below estimates the impact various endowed scholarships could have on our students, at the current annual payout rate.
 Gift Level  Description Estimated Annual Distribution
 $1,000,000  Helps support 1-5 scholars each year  $45,000 to $50,000
 $500,000  Helps support 1-3 scholars each year  $22,500 to $25,000
 $250,000  Helps support 1-2 scholars each year  $11,250 to $12,500
 $100,000  Helps support 1 scholar each year  $ 4,500 to $ 5,000
Vanderbilt will send you periodic updates on the status of your endowed fund and, after awarding begins, information about the recipients. You may also receive communication from the recipients and visits may be arranged.

For questions and additional information, contact Scott Self at (615) 322-6200 or