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Giving to Vanderbilt

The Parents and Grandparents Campaign

Vandy FlagParents and grandparents are in a unique position to see first-hand the positive effects that Vanderbilt has on students. From semester to semester, you see new levels of maturity and confidence. And you know that lessons learned outside the classroom have almost as much impact as those learned in it.

The Parents and Grandparents Campaign enriches and enhances the high-quality programs and services Vanderbilt offers its students. Each gift increases Vanderbilt's margin of excellence and makes a vital difference to the university.

To speak to someone directly about various ways you can support Vanderbilt, please contact  the Parents and Grandparents Campaign Office .

chairsOn behalf of the Vanderbilt Parents Campaign, welcome to the dynamic community of Vanderbilt families. As parents, we have been pleased to see how Vanderbilt is providing our son Holt with the opportunities to forge his own path in academics and in life. We have seen his intellectual and personal growth excel, and we hope your daughter or son is enjoying the same positive experiences.

 In recognition of a Vanderbilt education, we invite you to join us in support of the Parents Campaign this year by making a gift to your child’s school or to a specific university program that is meaningful to you and your student. Your generous support provides countless opportunities for each student to excel in the classroom, on campus and into the community. 

Thank you for your commitment to partner with fellow parents, grandparents and alumni who are dedicated to ensuring a world-class education for our future leaders, teachers, healers and problem-solvers.

We look forward to an exciting year! All the best to you and your family. 

Kelly and Steven Madden (BS’91)
2015–16 Parents Campaign Chairs
Parents of Holt, Class of 2018


Ways to Give

Every Gift Makes a Vital Difference.

  • arrow Online

    To make your gift online, use our secure online gift form.

    Vanderbilt accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

  • arrow Telephone

    To make a gift by telephone,
    call 1-866-882-FUND (3863).

  • arrow Mail

    To mail your gift, print our giving form to include with your check, credit card payment or money order.

    Mail your gift to:
    Office of Annual Giving
    PMB 407727
    2301 Vanderbilt Place
    Nashville, TN 37240-7727

  • arrow Electronic Bank Draft

    To set up an electronic bank draft,
    call 1-866-882-FUND (3863) or use our printable electronic bank draft form.

  • arrow Stocks and Securities

    To request information on transferring gifts of stocks and securities click here.

    Please email or call (615) 875-1155
    with any questions.

  • arrow Planned Gifts

    Learn more about planned giving opportunities here.

  • arrow Matching Gifts

    Many employers have matching gift programs that could double or even triple your gift.

    Learn more about matching gifts here
    or call 1-866-882-FUND (3863).

  • arrow Donor Advised Fund

    If you have a donor advised fund, DAF Direct enables you to recommend grants to Vanderbilt University, directly from your DAF (as long as your DAF's sponsoring organization is participating). Learn more here.

Why I Give

Tell why you give to Vanderbilt.

  • “We give to Vanderbilt because of the extraordinary experience it is giving our son. A phenomenal education, outstanding professors, lifelong friendships and a desire to give back to his community. We couldn't ask for more. We look forward to our son being able to give back to Vanderbilt...forever.”

    –Immy Mullin, Current Vanderbilt parent

  • “Vanderbilt gave me so much—an education, friends, work experience, mentors and lifelong memories. Attending Vanderbilt may not have been a reality for me and many of my peers without the generosity of alumni who gave back. I give so others can experience an amazing university that's there to support student development with every resource possible. I give so that Vanderbilt can continue to provide quality education to diverse populations with unique and meaningful perspectives. I give so that Vanderbilt continues to train and develop leaders who will positively impact and shape our world. Vanderbilt gave me so much, now it's my turn.”

    –Nick Hall, BS’13

  • “As the parent of a student who was blessed to attend Vanderbilt, I feel that it is my family's responsibility to give back. I give back for several reasons. First, while attending Vanderbilt, my daughter received a quality education, both in and out of the classroom. Next, it is my hope that by putting something back, someone else will be able to receive the same quality education. Finally, it is my way of saying, ‘thanks’.”

    -Leadrester Granger, Parent of Vanderbilt alumna

  • “I value the education I received at Vanderbilt as both an undergraduate and graduate student. I have always loved my university and have supported it as I could throughout the years. The friendships, the fun at sports events, the sorority activities, and alumni events are a cherished part of my life. Thanks so much!”

    -Bonnie Seay, BA’66, MA’80