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Giving Tuesday Now

Watch this special message of thanks from Sophia Anderson, Class of 2020:

On May 5, nearly 600 Vanderbilt alumni and friends came together to support Vanderbilt for Giving Tuesday Now, a new global day of giving and unity held in response to COVID-19. Even though Giving Tuesday Now is over, you can still join us as we work together to conquer COVID-19. Read below to learn more about the impact you can have.


Student Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Fund supports the immediate needs of students experiencing hardships as a result of COVID-19. We hope you will join us in support of our students by making a gift of any size to this special fund. Gifts will be put to work to support unexpected student expenses, like last-minute airline tickets, housing, meals, technology needed for online learning, and other necessities.

COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund

Gifts to the COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund will support COVID-19 researchers and innovators from across the university, including cross-disciplinary collaborations that address the medical, societal and interpersonal effects of the pandemic. Many projects are already ongoing and exemplify the diversity of disciplines and outcomes the new fund is designed to support, including: vaccine formulation to enhance resistance to COVID-19; personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard health care workers on the front lines; expert guidance for individuals and families ranging from managing stress, eating healthy and educating children at home while social distancing; “smart” face masks to better identify and track COVID-19 infections; virtual self-screening tools to help individuals assess their symptoms and seek appropriate health care; and geospatial solutions to track the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate future outbreaks

Your school or program 

College of Arts and Science

At the College of Arts and Science, we are proud of the many ways our community has come together during this pandemic. From transforming a chemistry lab into an FDA-approved hand sanitizer producer to transitioning 600 classes from in-person to online in a handful of days, we continue to solve challenges while preparing the next generation of problem solvers. Please make a gift to our school today and support these important efforts.

Blair School of Music

In times of crisis, music connects us, inspires us, and entertains us. It provides catharsis to those who perform it and comfort to those who listen to it, creating community when people need it the most. Those at the Blair School of Music are living this truth today, as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite shuttered classrooms and empty recital halls, the artistry continues. From concerts performed virtually to online instruction and practice, Blair is navigating these uncertain times with an eye toward innovation and creativity. Please make your gift today to help us carry our mission forward.

Divinity School

Vanderbilt Divinity School responded to the global pandemic by shifting our campus classes online to keep our students, faculty and staff safe. Yet, even while delivering education virtually, we focus forward on training our future leaders in ministry and social justice. We must now prepare them to serve the emerging spiritual and relational needs in our local community and societies around the world. Please make a gift so we can better support our students as we help them navigate unprecedented times.

School of Engineering

The world needs problem-solvers now more than ever. As this pandemic brings to light new and increased challenges, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering is uniquely equipped to offer solutions that benefit society and help save lives. For example, our researchers are using their skills, resources and partnerships to create medical supplies like an open-source ventilator design that can be easily replicated and 3D-printed face masks with a changeable filter. By making a gift today, you can support these efforts and more.

Graduate School

Innovation remains a constant at the Graduate School, where our students are defending dissertations remotely and our scholars are pursuing new modes of research. At this time of uncertainty, the Graduate School’s commitment to collaborative inquiry across disciplines ensures a steady path forward. Please make a gift to support the next generation of scholars as they ask the right questions that lead to key answers.

Law School

Vanderbilt Law School is now conducting our classes online to safeguard the health of our students, faculty and staff during the pandemic. However, this change in how we teach and research law is not hindering our collaborative culture. The effects of a global crisis are bringing new questions into our virtual conversations as we consider justice and legal practice in our changed world. To strengthen our resources to define principled answers for these issues, please make a gift to the Law School.

School of Medicine

As this pandemic continues to change the way we live, work and learn, the Vanderbilt School of Medicine is navigating these rough waters with energy and collaboration. In addition to rethinking how to provide clinical and didactic instruction to nearly 400 students, the School of Medicine quickly designed a new online course dedicated to teaching pandemic medicine. In partnership with VUMC, our faculty members are also at the forefront of research toward preventing and treating COVID-19 infection. Please make a gift today to support our essential work and help us prepare the next generation of health care heroes.

School of Medicine, Basic Sciences

Vanderbilt School of Medicine, Basic Sciences continues to be at the forefront of discovery—one of the few constants during this pandemic. After shifting to all online classes, many of our faculty and students transformed their research platforms and are now working on COVID-19 antibody screenings, therapeutics, diagnostic markers for severe cases and more. Please make a gift and support our work to make fundamental discoveries today and train the scientists of tomorrow.

School of Nursing

This pandemic has changed much on campus this spring, but not the Vanderbilt School of Nursing’s dedication to training the next generation of nurse leaders and shaping the future of health care. As the world shifted to remote work and learning, the school debuted an innovative virtual clinical education initiative, academic faculty volunteered to return to clinical care at area hospitals, and researchers continue to lead in new areas of study like understanding the psychological toll COVID-19 has on nurses. Please make a gift today – your support will help us continue our essential work.

Owen Graduate School of Management

From corporate drug discovery, to activating supply chain innovations, to managing essential workforces, and beyond—faculty and students at Owen Graduate School of Management are pushing the frontiers of their fields and transforming their teams, organizations and industries responding to this pandemic. Please make a gift now to help develop leaders poised to meet the challenges facing global business today.

Peabody College

The pioneering spirit of Peabody College continues to thrive as we navigate this pandemic. Our students quickly transitioned to learning through 480 remote course sections, while our scholars are developing at-home curriculum, recommending ways to alleviate stress and advancing our understanding of the outbreak’s impact on homelessness. Please make a gift to support the ingenuity and drive of Peabody’s people and the solutions they bring to our world.

Vanderbilt Athletics

Vanderbilt Athletics is proud of how our community of coaches, staff and student-athletes have found a way to come together during a time of crisis and expand their impact well beyond their playing fields. Since shifting to online classes, we have been dedicated to doing our part to support our student-athletes academically and socially. Please make a gift to Vanderbilt Athletics today to help us train our student-athletes to be leaders who are prepared to solve today’s pressing problems.


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