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About the Faculty-Staff Campaign

Dear colleagues, 

One of the best parts about working at Vanderbilt University is that we get to play a role in making the university and our community better. Faculty and staff come together each day to write Vanderbilt’s story and advance its mission. That’s why we are proud to serve as co-chairs of this year’s Faculty-Staff Campaign — a giving initiative focused on building a better Vanderbilt together.

Whether you can give a lot or a little, we hope you will join us in making a financial contribution to the area of Vanderbilt that matters the most to you. You provide funds that are vitally important to the work we do. Through your gifts, you help create scholarships for the students we know well. You ensure important research that benefits all of society continues to happen right here on our campus. You do these things and so much more. 

Your gift is your voice. It’s your opportunity to show you believe in Vanderbilt and the people who make it great. Please join us in raising your voice by making a gift of any size, to the area of your choice, today.

As Vanderbilt faculty and staff, we are part of a special community of talented people who understand that collaboration is essential to success. Let’s go the extra mile to make sure Vanderbilt employees and students continue to lead the way in making our campus, our community and our world a better place. You have the power to do that through your gift.

Sincerely yours, 

 Gail Carr Williams  Phillis Sheppard
Gail Carr Williams
Faculty-Staff Campaign Co-chair
Associate Director of Community 
and Government Relations
Phillis Isabella Sheppard, Ph.D.
Faculty-Staff Campaign Co-chair
Associate Professor of Religion, 
Psychology and Culture