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The Searcy Family


When he was ten years old, Conner Searcy, BA’97, made a commitment to himself that his future career would be something that ensured he would never be poor again.

bridge   Aidan Livingston

“There was no other higher-level thinking than that,” he recalls. “That’s why I went into business.” Fortunately he loves his career. However, he hopes for a future where those who follow in his footsteps don’t have to choose between passion and practicality.

Raised by a single mother, Conner attended Vanderbilt thanks to scholarship support. There he met his future wife, Ginny Buxton, BA’96. The couple found success after graduating from the College of Arts and Science, eventually settling in Dallas, Texas, where they started their family and where Conner

founded his private equity firm, Trive Capital. Along with their accomplishments came the desire to give back. Vanderbilt topped their list.

“This community had a major impact on us both,” Ginny says. “Vanderbilt was so generous with Conner financially, but the school was also very generous with me in helping build my character and bringing me together with like-minded people from across the world. It changed the trajectory of our lives.”

In addition, their mothers—both teachers—raised them to understand the power of education. So when Vanderbilt launched its renowned Opportunity Vanderbilt financial aid initiative, it caught their attention. In 2008 they established the Searcy Family Scholarship, which helps students like Aidan Livingston attend Vanderbilt without financial concern.

“They’re free to pursue what matches their interests, their intellect and their ability,” Conner says. “That’s how you find young people who will change the world.”