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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with W

Dr. Hans F. E. Wachtmeister, PB 1986 and Mrs. Anne Marie Wachtmeister
Mr. Thomas P. Waddle and Mrs. Florence S. Waddle
Ms. Caroline (Callie) Patricia Wade, AS 2011
Dr. Margaret W. Wade, AS 1974 PB 1993 and Mr. Frank W. Wade
Ms. Shawna M. Wade
Ms. Sondra Wade
Mrs. Rebecca Morris Wadley, AS 1974
Lisa Ann Wagahoff
Mrs. Bryn C. Wagner, AS 1991
Mr. Calvin Wagner, AS 2021
Ms. Elise Renee Wagner, PB 2021
Mrs. Kathryn A. Wagner and Mr. Robert J. Wagner
Mr. Kurt R. Wagner
Mr. Michael S. Wahl and Mrs. Cora C. Wahl
Mr. David Heinemann Waites, AS 2013
Ms. Margaret Claire Waites, PB 2015
Mr. Alexander Richard Wakefield, AS 1994
Mrs. Patricia L. Wakefield, AS 1972
Mrs. Karen Hinson Wakeford, AS 1969
Mrs. Candy Ideozu Wakwe, AS 2006 PB 2008 and Dr. Walter Wakwe, AS 2005 MD 2010
Barbara Walczyk
Dr. Katherine Elizabeth Walden, BL 2014
Ms. Kiarra Monet Walden, AS 2014
Dr. Linda Allmon Walden, PB 1989
Ms. Mary E. Walden
Mr. Todd Edward Waldenberg, AS 2015
Mr. Michael L. Waldman and Ms. Linda Coe
Mrs. Ann C. Waldrip and Mr. Charles Eugene Waldrip
Mrs. Genevra Kyle Waldron, EN 1994
Mr. Eric Jeremy Walk, EN 2011
Mrs. Anna Walker
Ms. Caroline Sydney Walker, EN 2021
Mr. Charles F. Walker, AS 1965
Dr. Eloisa Samaniego Walker and Dr. Robert N. Walker
Ms. Francesca Eliese Walker, PB 2016
Mr. H. David Walker, EN 1973 GS 1977 and Mrs. Anne Mary Walker
Mr. Hugh Henderson Walker, PB 1956
Mr. John Houston Walker and Mrs. JoAnn S. Walker
Mr. John L. Walker and Mrs. Caroline A. Walker
Dr. Lewis Harvey Walker, PB 1982 PB 1986
Ms. Lyn Neal Walker, AS 1970
Ms. Melinda M. Walker, AS 1964
Ms. Penny Walker
Mr. Scott Walker
Ms. Joy M. Wall
The Wallace Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth Disser Wallace, AS 1991 GS 1994 and Mr. Timothy Michael Wallace, PB 1995
Mrs. Joyce Howard Wallace, AS 1986
Mrs. Kirsten A. Wallace, AS 1989
Ms. Klarisa Laurren Wallace, AS 2006
Dr. Kyle D. Wallace, GS 1965 GS 1970
Mr. Larry Wallace, EN 1972
Mrs. Patricia W. Wallace
Mrs. Ruth Ann Rose Wallace, AS 1963 GS 1964
Mr. David Burton Walle, AS 2001
Ms. Stephanie Janelle Wallen, AS 2005
Mr. Lee Wallenfang
Mrs. Julie M. Waller and Mr. Robert A. Waller
Mr. William M. Wallerstedt and Mrs. Maureen Wallerstedt
Mr. Aidan Jon Walsh, AS 2024
Ms. Courtney Corcoran Walsh, PB 2010
Glenn Walsh
Ms. Susan E. Walsh
Mr. David P. Walstad, AS 1975
Mr. Don O. Walsworth and Mrs. Melinda S. Walsworth
Mr. Frank J. Walter III, AS 1978 and Mrs. Margo Mudd Walter, AS 1980
Mr. Andrew John Walters, AS 2006
Ms. Claire Larkin Walters, AS 2008 and Mr. Matthew Robert Walters, EN 2008
Ms. Corinne Elizabeth Walters, AS 2016
Prof. Barbara R. Walters-Doehrman, AS 1970 and Dr. Steven R. Doehrman
Ms. Christina Breana Walton, AS 2010
Ms. Maria Faye Walton, AS 1989
Mr. Zachary Noah Wampler, PB 2023
Ms. Karen R. Wan
Ms. Audrey Jiahui Wang, AS 2021
Mr. Boqi Wang and Ms. Huiqi Yin
Ms. Crystal Jialin Wang, AS 2021
Mr. Dan Wang, AS 2017
Mrs. Elisa Nunnally Wang, AS 1980 and Mr. Raymond Wang
Mr. Louis Wang and Ms. Sophia Tsung
Ms. Ruth Y. Wang
Mr. Spencer Yu-jen Wang, EN 1991 and Ms. Sarah Hsieh
Ms. Stephanie Yizhu Wang, EN 2021
Dr. Sung-Ko Wang and Mrs. Luani Wang
Mr. James Richard Ward, AS 1987
Kimberly M. Ward, AS 2010
Mr. Lacey M. Ward Jr., AS 1969
Ms. Olivia Grace Ward, AS 2024
Ms. Patricia Warner Ward, PB 1967
Ms. Radiance Razha Ward, AS 2004
Mr. Robert F. Ward, AS 1968
Ms. Shelby Lynne Roberts Ward, EN 2021
Mrs. Stephanie Ward
Mrs. Kimberly Cummings Warden, NR 1988
Mr. Sterling Wardwell II, AS 2012
Mrs. Nicole Coughlin Ware, AS 1987
Mrs. Shea Alexandra Ware, AS 2016
Mr. Tim Warnock, AS 1984 and Mrs. Maryglenn McCombs Warnock, AS 1993
Mrs. Nicole Chira Warot, AS 1995 PB 1998
Mr. Fred R. Warren and Mrs. Anne M. Warren
Mr. Grady L. Warren III, AS 1968 and Dr. Kaye Warren, AS 1967 GS 1971 GS 1976
Ms. Paige Marie Warren, AS 2021
Ms. Tonya Caldwell Warren, OG 1995
Ms. Cynthia Warrick, AS 1970 and Mr. John Burr Folts
Ms. Lina Waseem, AS 2024
Ms. Danielle Levy Wash, PB 2011
Mrs. Evy Kay Washburne, AS 1973 and Mr. Richards P. Washburne
Ms. Michelle Washebek Hackett
Mr. Andre M. Washington and Mrs. Annette Washington
Ms. Kim Frances Washington, AS 1984
Dr. Myra Susan Washington, AS 2003 PB 2005
Miss Tanya Lemora Washington, AS 1988
Dr. Robert A. Washington-Allen and Ms. Marisa Ernst
Mr. Grant Paul Wasik, AS 2020
Mr. Paul V. Wasik, EN 1978
Mrs. Nancy W. Wasson, AS 1953
Waste Management, Inc.
Ms. Vicki Waters
Ms. Barbra Watkins
Mr. Howard O. Watkins, III and Mrs. Carol R. Watkins
Ms. Ann Greenwood Watson, PB 1994 NR 1996
Mr. James Riley Watson II, EN 1999 and Mrs. Debbie Watson, EN 1998
Ms. Janice Parker Watson, AS 1972
Mrs. Joice P. Watson and Mr. Walter L. Watson, Jr.
Mr. Robert F. Watson, AS 1957
Mr. Walter Watson
Mr. William E. Watson and Mrs. Elaine M. Watson
Mrs. Andrea Simkins Watt, AS 1996 and Mr. Philip G. Watt
Ms. Audra Bares Watt, AS 2005 OG 2014 and Mr. Ryan Watt
Mrs. Angela Marie Watts, AS 1992
Mr. Cartrell Watts and Mrs. Shawn B. Watts
Dr. John Comer Watts III, AS 1980 and Mrs. Kenna S. Watts
Mrs. Kathryn Elizabeth Watts, PB 2003 and Mr. Blake W. Watts
Mrs. Michelle Kandcer Watts, EN 1999
Miss Sheila M. Watts, AS 1974
Mr. Thomas M. Watts and Mrs. Susan S. Watts
Mr. Jason Way
Mrs. Rainey Way, AS 1987 OG 1990 and Mr. Winston Winfield Way Jr., OG 1990
Dr. Rebecca E. Wayland, AS 1986
Mr. David Wazer and Ms. Alice N. Finn
Mr. Francis W. Wcislo and Mrs. Jane S. Wcislo
Dr. John Joseph Weale, EN 1981 GS 1983 and Mrs. Debra A. Weale
Ms. Martha T. Weatherford, AS 1963
Mr. Paul Taliaferro Weathers, AS 1981
Mr. James Roy Weathersby Jr., AS 1982 and Mrs. Kristen Duggan Weathersby
Mr. James M. Weaver, AS 1984
Mr. Brandon Ross Webb, AS 2004
The Rev. David L. Webb, DV 1972 DV 1975
Mrs. Anne Harrison Webber, AS 1949
Mr. Christopher Thorp Weber, AS 1995 and Dr. Kaylin Haverstock Weber, AS 1996
Mr. Erick Weber and Mrs. Mami Weber
Mrs. Gay Morris Weber, Esq., AS 1983 and Mr. Raymond Weber
Mr. Paul David Weber, AS 1990
Rev. Brian Webster, DV 2018
Mr. David Webster, PB 2012 OG 2013 OG 2019
Mrs. Nina Webster, EN 2003 and Mr. Nicholas Webster
Dr. Allison Dee Webster-Giddings, PB 2019
Mr. Neil Wechsler and Ms. Andrea Wechsler
Mr. Steven A. Wechsler and Mrs. Caryn Wolf Wechsler
Dr. Jeniece Edwina Weddington, PB 1988
Ms. Angie Weeks
Dr. Jeff Weeks, AS 1971 and Dr. Anne Anthony Weeks
Mrs. Karen H. Weeks
Dr. John Montgomery Weeter, AS 1967 and Mrs. Linda Kaye Weeter
Mr. Michael H. Wehrle, AS 1978
Qing Wei
Mr. James M. Weidenbaum, AS 1980
Mr. Dale A. Weiford and Mrs. Keisha M. Weiford
Mr. William Cody Weiglein, AS 2015
Mr. Lawrence Joshua Wein, OG 2000 and Mrs. Sara Beth Wein
Mr. Alfred Weinberg
Mr. Alvin Howard Weinberg, EN 1978
Ms. Margaret S. Weinberg
Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Weinberger, AS 2011
Mr. Kane C. Weiner, AS 1977 LW 1980 and Mrs. Randa Shawell Weiner
Mr. L. Steven Weiner and Ms. Anne S. Weiner
Ms. Liana Danielle Weinstein, AS 2020
Mr. James Weiny and Mrs. Serena Weiny
Mr. James Allen Weiny, Jr., AS 2021
Birdie Weir, Ph.D., PB 1977 PB 1979
Mr. Harry E. Weir Jr., AS 1970
Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Weirich, GS 2002
Dr. Patricia Anne Weisner, AS 2009
Mr. David William Weiss, EN 1980
Ms. Julie E. Weiss
Mrs. Kirsten Artmann Weiss, PB 1970
Ms. Ryan Grace Weiss, EN 2020
Prof. Sharon M. Weiss and Mr. Nathanael J. Smith
Ms. Nicole Card Weitzel, AS 2021
Ms. Gwyn R. Welch, NR 1993 and Mr. J. Scott Welch
Ms. Miriam J. Welch, AS 1956
Ms. Cara Gonzalez Welker, EN 2014
Mrs. Katharine Welling Kimm, PB 2005
Jorge Jose Wellmann
Mr. Chip Wells
Mr. David L. Wells, DV 1972
Rev. James W. Wells, Jr., EN 1972 and Mrs. Elizabeth Howley Wells, NR 1972
Mrs. Jennifer Butler Wells, AS 2002
Ms. Louisa Elisabeth Wells, AS 2014
Mia S Wells
Ms. Molly Eileen Wells, AS 2021
Ms. Alexis S. Wells-Oghoghomeh
Ms. Emily Welter, EN 2015
Ms. Tara Welytok, EN 2012
Mr. Steven C. Wennerstrum and Mrs. Kathleen M. Wennerstrum
Dr. James Anthony Wepy, GS 2019
Mrs. Deborah J. Werner, NR 1983 and Dr. Mark Joseph Werner, MD 1984
Mr. James Steven Werner, AS 1984
Mrs. Jeanne Jayne Werner, AS 1952
Mrs. Grace C. Wernke and Mr. Arlyn G. Wernke
Mrs. Jenny Lee Werth, NR 2011
Ms. Denise Courtney Wesley, AS 1999
Mrs. Barbara G. West, NR 1973
Ms. Christina D. West
Dr. James C. West Jr., EN 1975
Ms. Megan Elizabeth West, PB 1999
Mr. Patrick B. West and Mrs. Storey West
Ms. Sharon West
Ms. Gabrielle Renee' Westbrook, AS 2011
Dr. David Westerfield, IV and Mrs. Karla D. Westerfield
Mrs. Ann Marie Weston, AS 1980
Mrs. Jessica L. Wetzel, AS 2000
Mr. Joseph Albert Wetzel Jr., OG 1995 and Mrs. Megan B. Wetzel
Ms. Leigh Wey, PB 2000
Ms. Kathleen Michelle Whalen, LW 1988
Mr. William J. Whalen and Mrs. Carol A. Whalen
Mr. Matthew Andrews Whalley, AS 1989
Ms. Cassidy Michiko Leahi Wheeler, AS 2021
Ms. Elizabeth B. Wheeler, AS 1986 OG 1989
Mr. George T. Wheeler Jr., LW 1977
Mr. Mark Douglass Wheeler, EN 1983 and Mrs. Sandra S. Wheeler
Mr. Thomas E. Wheeler Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Patricia Weatherford Wheeler
Mr. Joseph M. Whelan, AS 1976 and Mrs. Deanna Whelan
Ms. Amanda Ruth Whiffing, AS 2004
Anna Elizabeth Whinnery
Ms. Madeline R. Whitaker
Mr. Marsalas Whitaker
Mrs. Diann White Bernstein, AS 1968
Mr. Christopher A. White and Ms. Jennifer Greenman
Mrs. Derya Aun White, EN 1993
Mr. G. Ransom White, AS 1961
Mr. George Hardin White, EN 1986 and Mrs. Michele White
Mr. Harold S. White, Jr., AS 1968
Mr. Joshua Slocum Parker White, AS 2003 and Ms. Alison Christine Asher White, PB 2002 PB 2003
Ms. Karen Marie White, AS 2011
Ms. Laura Lee White, AS 1984
Mrs. Margaret Andrews White, AS 1959
Ms. Meredith Wyn White, AS 2001
Monica Ann Stephens White
Mrs. Patti Early White, AS 1976 and Mr. George Howard White, III
Mrs. Robin Bicket White, AS 1995 LW 1998 and Mr. Jason L. White
Mr. Terrence Elijah White, EN 1996
Mr. Vernon B. White Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Amy G. White, AS 1974
Mr. Joseph Porter Whitehead, EN 1991
Ms. Lynn Slomowitz Whitehouse, PB 1972
Dr. Arthur W. Whitehurst
Dr. Gilman W Whiting and Dr. Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting
Ms. Tarria Shamelle Whitley, AS 2000
Mrs. Catherine M. Whitlow
Mr. Robert K. Whitsit, EN 1966
Mr. Ian Ho Whittaker, AS 2005
Mr. John Collins Whittaker, AS 1983 and Mrs. Anne M. Whittaker
Dr. Kenneth Whitted, PB 1985
Mr. Eric John Whittier, AS 1999
Ms. Lea Nikole Whittle, PB 2021
Mr. William Johnson Whitworth, AS 2021
Mr. Ralph W. Wible, LW 1963 and Mrs. Gayle Scott Wible, AS 1965
Mr. Walter D. Wick, AS 1977
Mr. Reginald J. Widick, PB 1974 and Mrs. Reggie Brigham Widick
Mr. Bradley Clark Wiedman, AS 2002 and Danika Roj-Wiedman
Mr. Robert Wienke
Mr. Paul Wierbicki, AS 2002 and Mrs. Ann Becker Wierbicki
Dr. David F. Wiggans, AS 1975
Mrs. Leslie Kelly Wigger, AS 2010 and Gregory William Wigger, M.D., EN 2011
Ms. Anita Michelle Wilborn, AS 1989
Ms. Margaret Louise Wilburn, PB 2003
Mr. Jeremy Dan Wilcox, AS 1992 and Dr. Sheri Kay Wilcox, AS 1993
Mr. Warren H. Wild Jr., AS 1970 LW 1973 and Mrs. Dianne B. Wild
Mr. Brendan Pritchard Wilder, EN 2017
Mr. Roland P. Wilder Jr., LW 1966
Mr. James Houghton Wildman, AS 1997 and Mrs. Kristin Patterson Wildman
Mr. James Howard Wildman, AS 1962 LW 1969
Mr. David M. Wilds, AS 1962 and Ms. Lucinda R. Beveridge
Mr. William Clayton Wilemon, AS 1983
Mr. Jacob Alexander Wilentz, AS 2021
Mr. Mark Wilf and Mrs. Jane F. Wilf
Mr. Frank Sykes Wilford, AS 2002
Mr. Stephen A. Wilgus, EN 1974 and Mrs. Diane B. Wilgus, PB 1971 PB 1974
Mr. Derek Christian Wilham, PB 1995 and Ms. Ashaki T. Wilham, AS 1995
Ms. Anita Wilhelm and Mr. Justin Wilhelm
Mrs. Diana T. Wilker, AS 1971 and Mr. Marvin Wilker
Mr. Charles M. Wilkerson and Mrs. Donna D. Watts -Wilkerson
Ms. Akilah Shani Wilkes, PB 1999
Ms. Andrea J. Wilkes, LW 1992
Mr. Carl Stanley Wilkins, AS 2012
Mr. John Campbell Wilkins Jr., PB 1999 and Ms. McCartney Kay Wilkins, PB 2001
Mr. Robert W. Wilkins, EN 1970 and Mrs. Georgiann Sheehan Wilkins, PB 1971
Mr. Andrew Carter Wilkison, PB 2015 and Ms. Devin Bird, EN 2016
Mr. Jerry Arnold Willard Jr., PB 1992
Mrs. Vanessa Fieve Willett, LW 1997 and Mr. Scott Willett
Ms. Ameedah H. Williams, AS 2010
Ms. Anna Frances Williams, AS 2009
Mr. Arthur Williams IV, AS 1985
Mr. Brian Lewis Williams, AS 2000 OG 2001
Ms. Candace LaShawn Williams, AS 2002
Mr. Carl C. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Carolyn Singleton Williams, PB 1984 and Mr. Edward Miller Williams Jr., AS 1983
Mr. Charles Wesley Williams III, EN 1997
Ms. Claire Broyles Williams, AS 1995
Mr. Courtney Eugene Williams, AS 2009 PB 2011
Mr. Darrin Lavell Williams, LW 1993 and Mrs. Nicole Williams, LW 1994
Mrs. Elizabeth Stearns Williams, AS 1963
Miss Ellen Katherine Williams, AS 2013 NR 2018
Ms. Ginny C. Williams and Mr. Willie Swafford
Mr. Gregory Neil Williams, AS 2000
Ms. Jean S. Williams
Mr. Jeremy Andrew Williams, EN 1997
Dr. JNese Nicole Williams, GS 2017 GS 2018
Mr. John Bell Williams III, AS 2004
Mr. Jonathan C. Ellis Williams, AS 2014
Ms. Kelsey McCalla Williams, PB 2015
Mrs. LaQuita G. Williams
Mr. Leon Vincent Williams, LW 1984 and Mrs. Jannie Williams
Mr. Mark R. Williams and Mrs. Marie-Antonie Williams
Dr. Marvin Williams, GS 2004 GS 2006
Mr. Marvin Dale Williams Jr., PB 1963
Ms. Mattielyn Beatrice Williams, LW 1982
Mr. Mitchell H. Williams, AS 1977 and Mrs. Joanne P. Williams
Ms. Molly Renee Williams, LW 2012
Ms. Pamela Diane Williams, AS 2004
Ms. Raeonda Melcenia Williams, AS 2012
Ms. Remi Kate Williams, PB 2021
Mr. Stephen E. Williams and Mrs. Marolyn J. Williams
Ms. Suzanne Williams, NR 1989
Mrs. Tara Faith Williams, DV 2017
Ms. Tracee A. Williams, NR 2013
Mr. Trevor Scott Williams, AS 2011
Ms. Valerie Gail Williams, EN 1995
Mrs. Van O. Williams, PB 1958
Dr. Violet Williams, EN 1999
Mr. Alec Armstrong Williamson, EN 2007
Mr. Daniel John Williamson, AS 2022
Mr. Kerry J. Williamson and Mrs. Rachel L. Williamson
Mr. Luke Williamson
Mr. Rushton Williamson, Jr. and Mrs. Rushton Williamson, Jr.
Mr. James E. Williford and Mrs. Lora R. Williford
Mr. Justin William Willis, PB 2006 PB 2007
Mr. E. Kent Willoughby, AS 1970 and Mrs. Linda Teal Willoughby
S. Angier Wills Jr, M.D., AS 1981 GS 1987
Mr. W. Ridley Wills II, AS 1956 and Mrs. Irene Jackson Wills
Dr. Charles Kay Wilmoth, GS 1985 GS 2002
Mr. Alan Peter Wilms, EN 2019 GS 2020
Wilson Family Foundation
Ms. Alexandria N. Wilson
Mr. Andrew Michael Wilson, AS 2007
Ms. Betty Blythe Wilson, AS 1960
Mr. Billy R. Wilson
Mr. Colin Gregoret Wilson, AS 2016
Mr. David D. Wilson and Mrs. Melody W. Wilson
Mr. Harrison Kincheloe Wilson, EN 2020
Mr. John Doyle Wilson Jr., EN 1989 and Mrs. Wednesday A. Wilson
Ms. Julie Elisabeth Wilson, AS 2005 PB 2008
Mr. Lawrence B. Wilson, AS 1984 OG 1990 and Mrs. Elizabeth Kay Wilson, OG 1992
Mr. Matthew Aaron Wilson, AS 1996 PB 2000
Mr. Michael A Wilson, EN 2017 and Ms. Emily A. Wilson, AS 2018
Mr. Michael A. Wilson and Mrs. Niki M. Wilson
Dr. Nikita Wilson, OG 2021
Mrs. Patricia C. Wilson
Ms. Shea Michelle Wilson, NR 2019
Mr. Sherman E. Wilson, AS 1978 and Mrs. Brenda Williams Wilson, AS 1978
Dr. William J. Wilson, PB 1968
Mr. William M. Wilson, AS 1970 and Mrs. Caroline C. Wilson, AS 1985
Mr. William T. Wilson, EN 1976
Dr. Joi Vernice Wilson-Townsend, AS 2003
Mr. Ashley T. Wiltshire Jr., LW 1972 and Prof. Susan Ford Wiltshire
Ms. Noa Lily Wind, AS 2019
Mrs. Jacqueline Winder, NR 1959
Mr. Lynn Burke Windham III, EN 1970
Mrs. Jessica Adams Winfree, AS 1998 LW 2001 and Mr. Buckley Winfree
Mrs. Niquelle Allen Winfrey, LW 2002
Mr. Steven C. Wingard, EN 1985 OG 2009
Mrs. Mary Carol Winger, PB 2012 and Mr. Jaymes Cauvel Winger, GS 2013 GS 2015
Mrs. Emily Moorman Wingert, AS 1991 and Mr. Jeffrey Wingert
Mr. James K. Winkle and Mrs. Helen N. Winkle
Miss Alison Weiner Winograd, PB 2012 NR 2020
Ms. Susan M. Winshall
Mrs. Melissa Ottenville Winsor, NR 1981 and Mr. Ned Winsor
Mrs. Michelle L. Winter and Mr. Matthew P. Winter
Mr. Howell Jackson Winters, AS 2000
Mr. James A. Winters, OB 1963
Dr. Calhoun Winton, GS 1950
Mr. Tyler Paul Winton, PB 2005
Mr. George J. Wipf
Mr. John David Wirth, AS 1992
Ms. Kathy Sexton Wirth, OG 1988 and Mr. Timothy E. Wirth
Edward H Wisdom III
Anne Courter Wise, M.D. and Paul E. Wise, M.D.
Dr. Doreen James Wise, NR 1968 and Mr. Frank Ray Crapitto
Mrs. Jeannette M. Wise, AS 1966
Dr. Robert Harold Wise Jr., MD 1980
Mr. Ronnie Wise and Mrs. Michele Wise
Mr. Joseph P. Wiseman
Ms. Allison Rose Wisialowski, PB 2015
Mrs. Margaret N. Witherington and Mr. Robert Blake Witherington
Beq of Charles W. Witherspoon, Jr., AS 1950 PB 1951
Dr. Laura E. Witherspoon, AS 1981 MD 1985 and Dr. Harold D. Head
Ms. Jillian Lauren Witt, AS 2014
Mrs. Jo Ann Strode Witt, PB 1962 PB 1979
Mrs. Patricia C. Witt
Ms. Cathleen Witte, NR 1974
Mr. Michael Lee Witten, EN 1981
Mrs. Carolyn Kemp Wittenbraker, AS 1971
Dr. Perri L. Wittgrove
Mr. Johnny W. Wix and Mrs. Elizabeth Wix
Dr. Stephen Patrick Wix, AS 1996
Ms. Melissa Deanne Wocher, AS 1987
Mr. James Michael Wodarski, LW 1994
Mr. Anthony Wodka and Mrs. Magdalena Wodka
Ms. Lisa Diane Wojnovich, AS 2006
Monika Wojnowski, AS 2021
Mr. Lane E. Wolbe, AS 1966 and Mrs. Rona Wolbe
Mr. Steven Wolchinsky and Mrs. Marlene Wolchinsky
Mrs. Kim E. Wolensky, AS 1979 OG 1980
Mrs. Andrea Johnson Wolf, PB 2002 and Mr. Daniel Louis Wolf, AS 2002
Ms. Frances H. Wolf
Mr. Ronald L. Wolf and Mrs. April Wolf
Miss Charlotte Ann Wolfe, PB 1958
Mrs. Ellen Morrison Wolfe, AS 1981 and Mr. Michael Scott Wolfe, OG 1989
Ms. Jessica Lynn Wolfe, AS 2002
Ms. Kelly Ann Wolfe, PB 2021
Ms. Mary Wolk
Mr. Alan S. Wolkin and Mrs. Pepi B. Wolkin
Mr. Mark A. Wollaeger
Dr. Charles T. Womack III, AS 1966 and Mrs. Sally H. Womack, NR 1968
Mrs. Mary E. Womack
Mr. James A. Wombwell, AS 1978
Mr. Benjamin Jarzin Womsley, EN 2024
Mr. Aaron Thai Wang Wong, PB 2021
Mr. Joseph Yiu Wong, AS 2003
Julia Wong, AS 2015
Mr. Kui On Wong and Ms. Po Choo Wong
Dr. Milton K. Wong and Dr. Eirene Wong
Mr. Tin H. Wong and Ms. Shwu H. Yang
Mr. David E. Wood
Mr. E. Blake Wood, EN 1967 and Mrs. Alice S. Wood, AS 1968
Ms. Katherine Frances Wood, AS 2009 PB 2010
Ms. Ann E. Woodall, AS 1962
Karla L Woodard
Mr. Alexander Palmer Woodin, AS 2004
Dr. Koryse Sadari Woodrooffe, AS 2005
Mr. Edward C. Woodrow and Ms. Ying J. Ji
Ms. Alyse Danielle Woods, AS 2013
Ms. Jane Woods
Dr. Jon P. Woods, AS 1982 and Mrs. Peggy J. Rooney
Ms. Katherine McKercher Woods, PB 2011
Dr. Laurie Elizabeth Woods, GS 2000 GS 2002 GS 2008
Ms. Leah Woods
Mr. Mark Lee Woods, AS 1985
Neil David Woodward, Ph.D., GS 2003 GS 2007
Ms. Teresa Beatriz Woody, AS 1986
Mr. William D. Woodyard, EN 1971
Dr. Andrew R. Wooldridge, EN 2003 and Dr. Kathleene Thornton Wooldridge, MD 2016
Ms. Jamie Lynn Woolley, EN 2021
Mr. Mark J. Woolley and Ms. Lynelle A. Kerstine
Mr. Charles Randolph W. Wooten, PB 1998
Mrs. Lauren Elizabeth Wooten, AS 2009
Ms. Noa Lily Worob, AS 2020
Dr. Dale C. Wortham, AS 1971
Mr. Richard S. Worthington
Ms. Jessica Marie Worthy, AS 2011
Mrs. Doris Brittany Wranovix, PB 2008 PB 2009 and Mr. Timothy Robert Wranovix, EN 2008
Ms. Courtney Christine Wright, PB 2007
Mr. David Franklin Franklin Wright, AS 1993
LT Edward Randolph Wright, AS 2005 and Dr. Kristen Danielle Wright, AS 2005
Mrs. Evelyn B. Wright, AS 1946
Mr. Jared A. Wright
Mr. John David Wright, AS 2006
Mrs. Karen Rauch Wright, NR 1976 and Dr. Jeffrey M. Wright, EN 1975
Ms. Kenya Genevieve Wright, AS 2018
Mr. Larrimore Wright, AS 1954
Mr. Matthew Sydney Wright, PB 2014
Mrs. Nicol Brock Wright, AS 1984 and Dr. Jeffrey G. Wright, MD 1997
Ms. Patricia H. Wright
Dr. Patricia Primm Wright, AS 1975
Mr. Robert Charles Wright, AS 1977
Mr. Wilton Wright, EN 1959 and Mrs. Shelby Wright, AS 1961
Ms. Denise Wright-Scott
Mr. John N. Wrinkle, AS 1951 and Mrs. Louise A. Wrinkle
Mr. Jonathan Michael Wu, LW 2014
Mr. Yuxin Wu, EN 2023
Andrea San-Jong Wun Wun, AS 2003
Mr. Jeffery Stephen Wyatt, PB 1974
Mr. Joe B. Wyatt and Mrs. Faye H. Wyatt
Mrs. Diane F. Wyckoff, AS 1968
Ms. Nicole Fisher Wyman, AS 1986
Dr. Scott Wysong, IV, AS 1990