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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with T

Ms. Mamand Taabur
Ms. Claudine O. Taaffe
Ms. Linley Marie Taber, AS 2006
Mr. David P. Tabor and Mrs. Susanne Tabor
Mr. Todd Jacob Tabor, AS 2013
Ms. Lailee Taghdisi, AS 2015
Ms. Hijab Tahir, GS 2021
Mr. William J. Takes and Mrs. Dana A. Takes
Dr. Anna Katarzyna Talaga, AS 2009
Ms. Angela Talbert
Mr. John D. Talbot and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Talbot
Ms. Leslye Daryl Talpalar, AS 2015
Ms. Jasmine Jeniece Talton, AS 2007
Ms. Lauren Nicole Tamarkin, EN 2011 EN 2012
Ms. Chinmayee Nishad Tambe, AS 2009
Mr. Jason Tammam, AS 2007
Dr. Yoshiko Tamura, AS 1996 MD 2000
Mr. Jason Tan, EN 2004 GS 2004 and Dr. Amy Gant Tan, GS 2011 GS 2015
Mr. Mingfei Tan, PB 2021
Ms. Olivia Tang, EN 2021
Mrs. Wan-Wei Tang, OG 2008 GS 2013
Mr. Kevin Michael Tangney, EN 1998
Mr. Susumu Tanizawa, LW 2012
Mrs. Sanya H. Tannen, AS 1945
Mr. Hugh Curtis Tanner, OG 1985 and Mrs. Ellen M. Tanner
Tapestry Foundation
Dr. Jannyse LaNee Tapp, NR 2009 NR 2011
Mr. Justin Tardiff, AS 2011
Ms. Becky Tarditi
Ms. Joanne Tarditi
Mrs. Sarah Ellen Tarpgaard, AS 1992
Mr. John Earl Tarpley, AS 1973
Mr. James S. Tart, AS 1964 and Mrs. Gwen Tart
Mr. Stephen M. Tart Jr., AS 1954
Mr. James Douglas Tarte, AS 2017
Ms. Mariela Ines Tassone, AS 2011
Ms. Jennifer Tat, AS 2021
Mr. Jonathan Charles Tate, PB 1997
Mrs. Karen M. Tate and Mr. Cornelius F. Tate
Mrs. Victoria Brettner Tate, AS 1972 GS 1972 and Mr. C. Emory Tate, AS 1973
Ms. Reese Lauren Tateo, EN 2024
Ms. Mary Kathryn Fouts Tatum, AS 2005
Ms. Amelia L Taylor, AS 2021
Mrs. Betty Jane Taylor, AS 1960 PB 1960 and Mr. Larry Jerome Taylor, PB 1958
Mrs. Chavonne Hammond Taylor, PB 2000 and Mr. Brian Taylor, PB 2001
Mr. Clarence H. Taylor Jr., AS 1956
Mrs. Dana Dashelle Taylor, EN 1998
Mrs. Elise Hudson Taylor, AS 1986
Dr. J. Atwood Taylor, Jr.
Mr. James A. Taylor, III and Mrs. Lisa B. Taylor
Mr. James C. Taylor, EN 1979 and Mrs. Jackie Lynn Taylor
Mrs. Joanne S. Taylor, GS 1961
Mrs. Jocelyn M Taylor, AS 2012
Mr. Joshua Lee Taylor, AS 2007
Mr. Kendric Taylor, EN 1996
Mrs. Laura Moss Taylor, AS 1992 and Mr. Russell J. Taylor
Dr. Leah Marcile Taylor, AS 1962
Mr. Marcus Cornelius Taylor, EN 1998
Ms. Mary Curtis Taylor, PB 1985
Ms. Mary Ross Taylor, AS 1967
Mr. Moses Taylor Jr., EN 1969 and Mrs. Floy Christina Taylor
Mr. Nolan Taylor
Miss Paige Marie Taylor, PB 2010 PB 2017
Mr. R. David Taylor, III, AS 1964
Mr. Robert C. Taylor Jr., AS 1980
Mr. Scott T. Taylor and Mrs. Valerie U. Taylor
Ms. Sharon Denise Taylor, AS 2010
Mrs. Susan E. Taylor and Mr. Charles P. Taylor Jr.
Ms. Sydney Kairee Taylor, AS 2014
Ms. Sydney Nicole Taylor, AS 2021
Ms. Theressa Taylor
Mr. Timothy Taylor
Mr. Vincent Eugene Taylor, AS 2014 and Ms. Crysten Jade Wilkerson-Taylor, PB 2014
Ms. Christy Mala Te, AS 2006
Mrs. Ann Teaff, GS 1971 and Mr. Don McPherson
Mr. Nicholas Antonio Henwood Teague, AS 2024
Mr. William W. Teegarden, AS 1971 and Mrs. Caye W. Teegarden
Dr. William Kenneth Teets, GS 2012
Mr. Thomas L. Teicher, LW 1976
Mr. Richard S. Tekely
Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Tekeste, AS 2006
Cuthbert Telesford
Ms. Michelle Tellock
Miss Teresa D. Temkin, AS 2011
Mr. Christopher Clay Temme, AS 1984 and Jennifer Johnson Temme
Mr. Dustin Grey Temple, EN 2010
The Rev. Palmer C. Temple, AS 1957
Ms. Emily Brants Templin, AS 1992
Tenn Delta Phi Kappa Psi Hse
Mr. Richard E. Tennent
Mrs. Sondra R. Tennessee, AS 1989
Ms. Ken Ping Teoh
Ms. Sandra Teplin
Ms. Kathryn Camille Tereshko, AS 2024
Ms. Kelsey Rae Ternes, AS 2003
Ms. Charlotte Terrell
Dr. Teresa Ann McElroy Terrell, GS 2007
Mrs. Charles R. Terry, AS 1950
Ms. Jacinita Hunter Terry, AS 1994
Mr. Jeffrey Terry and Mrs. Annie Terry
Mrs. Penelope Saunders TeSelle, PB 1993
Dr. Moses Kangmieve Tesi, GS 1985 and Mrs. Berthe Tesi
Dr. Bradd Curtis Testerman, AS 1999
Mrs. Fran Friday Tewkesbury, AS 1979 and Mr. Edward P. Tewkesbury
Ms. Celeste Alexandra Thacker, AS 2011
Mrs. Ariel Helms Thames, AS 2016 and Mr. Jeremy Glenn Thames, PB 2016
Mrs. Sara Swift Tharpe, AS 1998 and Mr. Bradley Joe Tharpe, AS 1998
Ms. Angela Claire The, BL 2019
Mr. Keith Richard Thode, PB 1993 and Mrs. Amanda Blaser Thode
Mr. Travis Cassius Thom, EN 2021
Dr. Anna K. Thomas, PB 2008 PB 2014 and Mr. Joseph C. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Bobby P. Thomas, AS 1963 GS 1965 LW 1970 and Ms. Cathy W. Thomas
Dr. Brian Christopher Thomas, EN 1995
Mr. Carl M. Thomas, AS 1972 and Mrs. Ellen Brown Thomas
Mrs. Chanell LaVonne Thomas, PB 2005 PB 2007
Mr. Charles Preston Thomas II, AS 1986
Mr. Colin G. W. Thomas, EN 2014
Mr. Corey Eugene Thomas, EN 1998 and Dr. LaQuanya Phillips Thomas
Mr. James L. Thomas, EN 1977 and Mrs. Karen F. Thomas, AS 1977
Mrs. Joan Burchfield Thomas
Dr. Joan Darby Thomas, NR 1978
Mr. Joseph O. Thomas
Mrs. Karen Thomas, AS 1997
Mr. Kenneth W. Thomas Jr., EN 1970 and Mrs. Susan Upshaw Thomas, AS 1970
Ms. Lauren Mullen Thomas, AS 2012 LW 2015 and Mr. Tyler Allen Thomas, AS 2012
Ms. Liji Mary Thomas, AS 1998
Ms. Lonyae Ashley Thomas, PB 2012
Ms. Mishia Shaw Thomas, AS 1990
Mr. Jason Gabriel Thome, AS 2017
Ms. Ashley D. Thompson and Ms. Julia Reynolds Thompson
Mr. Davison Robert Thompson, AS 1991 and Ms. Frances DeLaGarza Thompson, AS 1991
Mrs. Dorothy A. Thompson, AS 1959
Ms. Elizabeth Teague Thompson, AS 1988
Ms. Hilary Holstead Thompson, AS 2008
Mr. Homer B. Thompson Jr., PB 1966
Mr. James Curtis Thompson, AS 1983 OG 1988
Mr. James P. Thompson, LW 1970
Dr. Jean Milller Thompson, AS 1971
Ms. Kristi K. Thompson
Dr. Robert Knox Thompson III, AS 1979 and Mrs. Roxanne R. Thompson
Mr. Ryon R. Thompson and Mrs. Louise E. Thompson
Mrs. Sheila Normile Thompson, AS 1997
Ms. Sherita Anderson Thompson, AS 2000
Ms. Taylor Nicole Thompson, PB 2021
Ms. Terri Marie Thompson, AS 1986
Mr. Treadwell Blakesley Thompson, AS 2005 and Mrs. Chancey Philips Thompson, PB 2006
Mrs. M. Michelle Thomson, AS 1982
Maj. Charlene L. Thoreen, AS 2005
Mrs. Gray O. Thornburg, AS 1976 and Mr. Charles M. Thornburg
Ms. Beverly K. Thorne and Dr. Jeffrey B. Thorne
Mr. Russell J. Thorne, EN 1954
Mr. John C. Thornton III, EN 1969 and Mrs. Lana Harris Thornton
Dr. Neely Davis Thornton, EN 2001
Mr. John E. Thraum and Mrs. Tami M. Thraum
Mr. Rodney C. Threadgill, AS 1976
Mr. James Ronald Threalkill, PB 1979
Mrs. Heather Spiker Throckmorton, PB 1991 PB 1995 and Mr. John D. Throckmorton
Mr. Charles D. Thurman, AS 1972
Mr. John H. Thurman III, AS 1973
Ms. Kate W. Thweatt, AS 1964
Mr. Tony Yanyang Tian, AS 2021
Ms. Lillian Tible, AS 2009
Mr. Haskell Haskell Tidman Jr., AS 1958
Mr. Clark H. Tidwell, AS 1960 LW 1965 and Mrs. Ann Dobson Tidwell, AS 1962
Dr. John Edward Tidwell Jr., EN 1962 and Mrs. Janet Malone Tidwell, PB 1962
Ms. Nancy C Tiek and Mr. Steve J Tiek
Mr. Scott Tierno
Mrs. Linda Jones Tiffany, GS 1987
Dr. Jerome P. Tift, AS 1971 and Mrs. Carol Breedan Patton Tift
Mr. John Eastman Tilsch, AS 2004
Mr. Richard S. Tilson and Ms. Jennifer Marin
Mr. Chase Alexander Timberlake, EN 2021
Mrs. Victoria Wyatt Timbers and Mr. Ken A. Timbers
Mr. William Wyatt Timbers, AS 2013
Mr. Christopher Wells Timmons, LW 1996 and Mrs. Kelly Cahill Timmons, LW 1996
Mr. Cecil Kyle Tinder Jr., PB 1960
Ms. Sarah Joy Tintle, PB 2004 and Mr. Shane Michael Tintle, AS 2004
Mrs. Courtney Alison Tippy, AS 1997 and Mr. Christopher Ryan Tippy, EN 1998
Dr. David A. Tipton, AS 1975
TisBest Philanthropy
Mr. George E. Titsworth, AS 1969
Mr. Frank K. To, PB 1971
Ms. Ariel Toback, PB 2009 and Mr. Isaiah Maxwell Toback, AS 2010
Ms. Courtney Anne Tobin, AS 2006
Ms. Emily Baker Tobin, AS 1987 OG 1992 and Mr. William David Tobin
Mr. Eduardo Tobon and Mrs. Victoria Paz-Tobon
Mrs. Rosemary F. Todd, NR 1956
Ms. Melodee Marylene Toles, AS 2010
Mr. James L. Tolley, EN 1970 and Mrs. Patricia Tolley
Mr. John F. Tomlin, AS 1978
Mrs. Elena Giberga Tompkins, PB 1992
Mr. Lane A. Tompkins and Mrs. Cathlyn L. Tompkins
Mr. Xingcun Tong
Ms. Madison A Toonder, AS 2023
Mr. Noel L. Toonder and Mrs. Lois C. Toonder
Mr. Tundun Hephzibah Tope-Ojo, EN 2021
Ms. Carol Ann Topley
Ms. Ana Isabel Torres, AS 2021
Mr. Juan Torres and Mrs. Carla Torres
Mr. Austin F Torretti, EN 2017
Mrs. Wesley F. Torretti and Mr. George I. Torretti
Ms. Kristin Torrey
Mr. Linus B. Torvalds and Mrs. Susann T. Torvalds
Ms. Sabrina Rebecca Tour, LW 2014
Mrs. Katy W. Towers, GS 1972
Ms. Courtney D. Towner, AS 2010 GS 2011
Dr. Alexander S. Townes, AS 1950 MD 1953 and Mrs. Emily M. Townes, AS 1950
Mrs. Holly Townley, AS 1969
Ms. Kailyn Jamille Townsend, PB 2016
Mr. Thomas G. Tracy
Mr. Robert James Tramel, EN 1979
Ms. Gloria Williams Tran
Mr. Andrew S. Traub and Mrs. Susan S. Traub
Mr. William A. Traughber, AS 1961
Mr. James E. Travis Jr., AS 1961
Mr. Robert Avery Travis, PB 2018
Mr. Doug Traynor and Mrs. Deirdre Traynor
Dr. Jerry T. Treadway, PB 1975
Ms. Kimberly Jacqueline Trefz, EN 2016
Dr. Diane Marie Treis Rusk, PB 2011
Mr. Alexander Treistman, AS 2023
Mr. Scott Wiegand Trench, AS 2013
Ms. Meredith Ellen Trezise, AS 2008
Mr. Hugh Brenton Trigg, AS 1995
Mr. Nathan Wayne Trimble, AS 2011
Dr. Oliver Lee Trimiew Jr., GS 2005
Dr. Charles C. Trinh, AS 1990 and Ms. Sue Jong
Mr. Richard W. Trollinger, PB 1998
Mrs. Susan Salmon Trotman, AS 1983 and Mr. Drew Trotman
Ms. Xiomara Eulex Trotman, PB 2011 PB 2012
Margaret Ann Trotter, DV 1983 and Linda Ray Miller
Mrs. Laura Hatfield Troup, PB 1999
Mr. Robert Scott Troutt, AS 2005
Prof. Lori A. Troxel, GS 1990 GS 1994
Mr. Matthew Troy and Ms. Kim Troy
Mr. Nathaniel Ross True-Daniels, PB 2005
Mr. Russell B. Truell, EN 1971 and Mrs. Martha H. Truell
Ms. Jennifer Beaufort Truman, AS 1989
Ms. Julie Ann Truong, EN 2021
Ms. Rita Tsai, AS 2001
Ms. Claire W. Tschudy
Mr. Jack S. C. Tseng and Mrs. Mary Tseng
Mr. Tsidi Mensah Tsikata, GS 1980 and Mrs. Yvonne M. Tsikata
Mr. Laurence Tucker and Mrs. Merlien J. Tucker
Mrs. MaryGoodloe Rutland Tucker, AS 1993 and Mr. David B. Tucker
Ms. Whitney Lenyae Tucker, AS 2013
Dr. Helen Seals Tuel, PB 1985 and John M. Tuel
Mr. John Tuley and Mrs. Mary Jo Loden Tuley
Mrs. Christina DelVecchio Tuller, AS 2001
Mr. Jerry Tung, EN 1999
Mr. John Turco and Mrs. Carrie A. Turco
Mrs. Barbara S. Turner
Mr. James E. Turner and Mrs. Dawn Mercer Turner
Mrs. Janet Cameron Turner, AS 1963
Mrs. Katie J. Turner, PB 2007 and Mr. Brad Turner
Mr. Kevin Wade Turner, AS 2013
Ms. Kimberly Denise Turner
Ms. Lesley Turner
Mrs. Miriam Francis Turner, PB 1982
Ms. Nathalie Townsend Turner, AS 2021
Ms. Nikki Turner
Mr. Scott P. Turner
Ms. Seema Turner, GS 1995
Mr. Stephen Turner, AS 1969 and Mrs. Judy Turner
Ms. Gretchen Lynn Turpen, EN 1999
David Alan Tussey, EN 1972
Ms. Patti Henry Tussey, AS 1981
Ms. Andrea Donielle Tweedell, GS 2005
Ms. Patricia Marie Twilley, EN 2016
Dr. James V. Tyler, AS 1966
Ms. Naomi C. Tyler
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth W. Tyndall, PB 1982
Mrs. Virginia M. Tyson, GS 1951