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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with P

Mr. Craig P. Pacernick and Mrs. Elisabeth Weinstein
Mrs. Susan Johanneson Packard, AS 1984
9013562944 Richard Austen Packer, EN 2010 and Mrs. Claire Packer
Mr. Jeremy Michael Padawer, OG 2001 and Ms. Bren Boston
Ms. Susan Padgett
Ms. Gladys Padilla
Mrs. Lynne T. Pagano and Mr. Jeffrey L. Pagano
Mr. Keyes Page, AS 1969 and Mrs. Diane D. Page, AS 1971
Mr. Mitchell Gibson Page, AS 2000
Patrick Page-McCaw, Ph.D. and Andrea W. Page-McCaw, Ph.D.
Ms. Alanna P. Pahnke, AS 2017
Mrs. Ophelia T. Paine, GS 1975 and The Hon. George C. Paine
Mr. Frederick Pakis
Ms. Rose Palermo and Mr. Antonio Castro
Ms. Carla Jeunyne Palmer, AS 1997
Mr. David B. Palmer, EN 1967 GS 1971 and Mrs. Pamela S. Palmer, AS 1968
Dr. Robert Langford Palmer, EN 1998 NR 2000 GS 2005 and Mrs. Ashley Palmer, AS 2003 LW 2006
Mrs. Vivion Y. Palmer and Mr. Dwight W. Palmer
Mr. William Palmer
Mrs. Vanessa L. Palmese, PB 2001 and Mr. Robert Palmese
Ms. Meghan Palombo
Mr. Tejit Pamidi, AS 2024
Ms. Ujwala Pamidimukkala, AS 2021
Ms. Amanda Connie Pan, AS 2021
Mr. Derek J Pang, EN 2021
Mr. Judson Louis Pankey, AS 1982
Ms. Lisa Marie Pantea, EN 1979
Mr. Michael S. Pao, AS 1995
Mr. Alexander Peter-Jee Papadakos, AS 2013
Mrs. Barbara J Papadakos and Mr. Peter P Papadakos
Mr. Spencer James Papandrea, AS 2021
Dr. Patricia Howell Papero, PB 1976 PB 1979
Mrs. Elizabeth Wherry Pappalardo, AS 1999
Ms. Annie Paraison, AS 2008
Mr. Philippe Paravicini and Ms. Christine Luksza-Paravicini
CMDR Phillip C. Pardue, EN 1983 and Mrs. Maureen C. Pardue
Mr. Arthur Bradley Parham, LW 1990
Mr. Nirav Narendra Parikh, AS 2003 and Mrs. Komal N. Parikh
Mrs. Ann Noel Parish, AS 1990 and Mr. John Lannom Parish Jr., PB 1990
Mr. Joseph Parisi
Ms. Esther Yoo Hyun Park, AS 2021
Mrs. Jeani Ann Park, OG 1996 and Mr. Todd Park
Mrs. Meredith June Park, PB 2010 PB 2011
Ms. Dawn J. Parker
Ms. Hildegard Parker
Mr. John Thurman Parker, AS 1999
Ms. Joy Parker, AS 2003
Mrs. Julienne Marie Brown Parker, PB 1990 PB 1991
Mr. Logan Bailey Parker, EN 2021
Ms. M. Linda Parker, LW 1979
Mr. W. Douglas Parker, Jr., OG 1986 and Mrs. Gwendolyn A. Parker
Mrs. Ashley Amber Parks, PB 2004
Ms. Chelseay Alexandria Parks, AS 2014
Mr. Michael S. Parmacek and Ms. Lisa Gottschalk
Mr. Manoj Parmar and Mrs. Kalpana Parmar
Ms. Andrea Parodi, AS 1999
Amy Eversole Parr, M.D., AS 1992
Mr. Joseph Ashley Parr, AS 1995
Mrs. Shirley J. Parrish, AS 1961 and Mr. Edward A. Parrish, Jr.
Ms. Wendill Haggin Parrish, EN 1991
Ms. Jamie Parsley, AS 1970 OG 1984
Mr. Jeffrey David Parsons, AS 1980
Mr. Larry M. Parsons, LW 1990 and Mrs. Angela D. Parsons
Mr. V. Morton Parsons, EN 1966
Mr. Joezer Pascal, EN 2021
Dr. Cynthia B. Paschal
Rita D. Paschal, M.D.
Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Pask, PB 2020
Mr. Michael A. Passalaqua and Mrs. Shauna N. Passalaqua
Ms. Caroline Taylor Passano, AS 2013
Ms. Christy Lynn Passmore
Mr. Richard Alan Pastore Jr., EN 1992
Mrs. Megan M. Pate, AS 2004 and Mr. Aaron Cole Pate, EN 2004
Ms. Amika Pravin Patel, OG 2021
Mr. Dilan Anil Patel, AS 2010
Dr. Jamshed Nanabhai Patel, GS 1990
Mr. Jay Hasmukh Patel, AS 2021
Dr. Jay Pravin Patel, AS 2012 2020
Mr. Kunal S Patel, AS 2016
Dr. Manesh R. Patel, AS 1993
Mr. Mukund Ramdas Patel, GS 1983
Ms. Riya Shashikant Patel, AS 2021
Mr. Sagar Bharat Patel, EN 2021
Dr. Vipul M. Patel, AS 1996
Dr. Viral Dinesh Patel, EN 2004
Mr. Wes Paterson, AS 2004
Mr. John Patire and Ms. Diane Whalley
The Patterson Family Fdn
Ms. Amelia Derby Patterson, PB 2021
Mrs. Genevieve Croak Patterson, AS 1995 and Mr. Shawn Adair Patterson, AS 1997
Mr. Griffin Eoghan Patterson, PB 2020
Mr. Jeffrey H. Patterson and Mrs. Eloise C. Patterson
Ms. Kristin Denise Patterson, AS 2007
Mr. William R. Patterson Jr., AS 1959
Ms. Nya Pattillo, PB 2021
Ms. Dalila Evette Patton, AS 1999
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Patton, AS 2017
Mrs. Tiffany Raeshawn Patton, AS 2003 and Mr. John Michael Patton
Mr. Richard R. Patty, GS 1956 and Mrs. Nell H. Patty
Mr. David Peter Paul, AS 1984 and Mrs. Jill E. Paul
Ms. Meghan Summers Paul, AS 2005
Dr. Shira Rose Paul, AS 2011
Mr. J. Robert Paulson Jr., LW 1985 and Mrs. Barbara Cook Paulson
Mrs. Stephen A. Pawlow, AS 1966
Mr. Daniel Edwin Paxson, EN 1984
Ms. Catherine Mairead Paxton, PB 2021
Mr. Robert W. Paxton and Ms. Margaret M. Farrell
Ms. Angel Paylings
Ms. Annmarie Janet Payne, PB 2008
Mr. Jonah Allen Payne, AS 2021
Mrs. Kari Morrison Payne, AS 1997 and Mr. William Owens Payne
Mr. Lucius H. Payne
Mr. Philip D. Payne
Ms. Sarah K Payne, AS 2017
Ms. Victoria Catherine S. Payne, AS 2014
Mrs. Julie Pazina, AS 1999
Mr. Brent R. Peacock and Ms. Melissa S. Peacock
Ms. Monica Elizabeth Peacock, AS 2017
Corey Michael Peak, EN 2012
Mrs. Marie Lewis Pearce, PB 1971
Mr. Spencer Katz Pearlman, AS 2013
Pearson Education Inc.
Ms. Carolyn Ann Pearson, AS 2005
Mr. Don T. Pearson and Mrs. Charlotte G. Pearson
Ms. Penelope Parrot Pearson, AS 1961 and Mr. Robert Pearson
Dr. Joseph M. Pease, PB 1984
Mr. George N. Peck and Mrs. Lorraine R. Peck
Ms. Mary Jane Jane Peck, AS 2003
Mr. Steven H. Peck and Mrs. Leslie S. Peck
Ms. Alexandra Jade Pedowitz, AS 2021
Ms. Rosemary L. Peduzzi, PB 1968 PB 1969
Ms. Jennifer Leigh Peebles, AS 1995
Mrs. Carey Jacobs Peek, AS 2003 and Mr. John M. Peek
Mr. Waymon Terrell Peer, AS 2012
Mrs. Shannon Watson Peifer, PB 1996 and Mr. Christopher Tice Peifer, AS 1996
Ms. Romy Morgan Pein, AS 2021
Mrs. Martha W. Pellett, AS 1974
Ms. Mary Pellett
Dr. John G. Peloso and Dr. Margo L. Macpherson
Dr. Michael Warren Pelster, AS 2009 MD 2013 and Dr. Meredith Sellers Pelster, AS 2009 MD 2013
Mrs. Jessica Paige Pemstein, PB 2006 and Mr. Benjamin Pemstein
Mr. Martin Alexander Pena, EN 2022
Mr. Steven Willis Pendleton, II, OG 2016 and Mrs. Lauren Pendleton
Mr. Mathew Philip Pendo, AS 2018
Dr. Teri Avrielle Penn, EN 1999
Dr. Audrey Flak Pennington, AS 2008
The Rev. Ernest C. Pennington, PB 1960 DV 1964
The Rev. Albert M. Pennybacker, Jr., AS 1953 and Ms. Joan B. Campbell
Dr. Judith A. Pennywell, PB 2007
Dr. Eugene E. Pentecost, EN 1950 and Mrs. Lucy F. Wilkes Pentecost
Kristina Penton
Mrs. Margaret Morrow Penton, AS 2009
Mrs. Allyson Penwell and Mr. R. Todd Penwell
Ms. Krystyana A Penwell, AS 2017
Mr. David Alfred Perdue III, AS 2000
Mrs. Mallory Hely Perdue, AS 2009 PB 2016 and Mr. James Perdue
Mr. Arturo R. Perez and Ms. Silvia E. Parra
Ms. Erica D. Perez, PB 2010
Ms. Gabriella Ann Perez, AS 2023
Mr. Gerardo E. Perez and Mrs. Maria J. Emanuelli
Ms. Kathryn Perez
Mr. Mateo Andres Perez, GS 2011
Mrs. Maureen B. Perez and Mr. Frank C. Perez
Mr. Michael G. Perez and Mrs. Dana Perez
Ms. Michelle Perez
Mr. Ricardo German Perez, GS 2022 and Mrs. Kim B. Perez
Mr. Victor Jay Perez and Mrs. Erin Perez
Ms. Lauren Margaret Perillo, PB 2019
Dr. David Horace Perkins, DV 2003 GS 2011 and Mrs. Sue A. Perkins
Mrs. Emily C. Perkins, AS 1969
Mr. Jarrett Connor Perkins, EN 2020
Mr. Scott Robert Perlowin, AS 1989
Ms. Erica Lee Pero, AS 1999
Mr. Henry Ross Perot Jr., AS 1981 and Mrs. Sarah F. Perot
Mr. Louis Gerardo Naraja Perral, PB 2021
Ms. Alexandra Rose Perraud, AS 2013
Mrs. Alesia Perry, AS 1983
Mrs. Allyson Needler Perry, AS 1995 and Mr. Todd O. Perry
Mrs. Carla Smith Perry
Ms. Cheryl Kay Perry, PB 1978
Mr. William Rhett Perry III, AS 1992 and Mrs. Robin Cernuda Perry, PB 1992
Mr. Nikhil Perumbeti, AS 2006 and Ms. Katie Scott Perumbeti, EN 2007
Mr. John E. Peters, AS 1978
Mr. Stephen Peters, LW 1976 and Mrs. Patricia A. Peters
Mr. Craig A. Petersen and Mrs. Amy Austin Petersen
Mrs. Maureen M. Petersen, NR 1978
Ms. Janice A. Peterson, AS 1959 and Mr. Robert Ernst
Ms. Katherine Rachel Peterson, AS 2008
Mrs. Melissa Lane Peterson, AS 1999 and Mr. Eric Gill Peterson, AS 2000
Ms. Robbie P. Peterson
Dr. Christopher John Petit, AS 1993 MD 1999
Ms. Jessica Rose Petrey, AS 2021
Mrs. Suzanne Van Zandt Petrey, OG 1987 and Mr. R. Claybourne Petrey, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine M. Petrie and Dr. Stephen P. Petrie
Mr. Daniel M. Petrocelli and Mrs. Alison S. Petrocelli
Ms. Terry Petrone, AS 1978
Mrs. Beth S. Petros and Mr. James T. Petros
Dr. Anthony Joseph Petrosino Jr., GS 1998
Cathleen C. Pettepher Ph.D. and Mr. David S. Pettepher
Ms. Riley Carol Pettit, PB 2019
Mrs. Suzanne Pettit and Mr. Rodney Pettit
Mr. David Mitchell Pettross
Mr. Bruce Pettway and Mrs. Nicol Pettway
Mr. Ben M. Petty, AS 1960
Mrs. Jamie Pope Petty and Mr. Mark A. Petty
Mrs. Meredith Scott Pfeffer, AS 2005 and Mr. David Maurice Pfeffer, AS 2005
Mr. Glenn William Pfister III, EN 1983
Mr. Benjamin Douglas Pflederer, AS 2013
Ms. Domini Chau Pham, AS 1991
Mr. James F. Phelan Jr., AS 1969
Mr. Jordan Martin Phelan, AS 2017
The Rev. Arzolla Ilee Phillips, DV 1990
Mr. Charles Emmanuel Phillips, GS 1990
Dr. Dorothy J. Phillips, AS 1967
Ms. Felabi Ejraci Phillips, PB 1996
Ms. Julie Fister Phillips, AS 1982 and Mr. John A. Phillips
Ms. Kristen Webb Phillips, AS 2013 PB 2015 and Mr. Augie Beam Phillips, PB 2015
Mr. Lance Phillips and Ms. Andrea Phillips
Ms. Melinda C. Phillips
Mrs. Patricia Holder Phillips and Mr. Eddie Phillips
Dr. Philip Edward Phillips, GS 1992 GS 1996 and Ms. Sharmila J. Patel
Mr. Rubel Lex Phillips Jr., AS 1979
CDR Vincent Thomas Phillips Jr., EN 1989 and Mrs. Deb Phillips
Ms. Danyua Symone Phillips-Miller, AS 2020
Dr. Allan Swayze Philp, Jr., EN 1991 MD 1995
Mr. Christopher Douglas Phipps, EN 1980
Mrs. Nancy Short Phipps, NR 1979 and Mr. Robert E. Phipps
Mr. Robert C. Phraner
Mr. Matthew Joseph Pianka, PB 2021
Dr. Elizabeth Perla Picciotta, PB 2004
Mr. Nicholas Henry Piccirillo, PB 1989
Mrs. Marshall I. Pickens Jr., AS 1966
Dr. Patrick Myers Pickett, EN 2002 and Dr. Stephanie Pickett, AS 2004
Dr. Gabriel Alejandro Picone, GS 1993 and Ms. Theresa E. Picone, GS 1994
Rita Lillard Picton, AS 1970
Mrs. Amy Ruth Pieper, EN 1997
Mr. Nicholas Joseph Pieper, EN 2021
Mrs. Ann Simonds Pierce, LW 1982
Mr. Jonathan Mark Pierce, AS 1986 and Ms. Lisa A. Proskin
Mrs. Kinari Pierce, PB 2014
Ms. Lisa G. Pierce, AS 1978
Mr. Michael J. Pierce and Mrs. Shannon E. Pierce
Dr. Patricia M. Pierce, NR 1976
Mrs. Karen Casey Pierre, AS 1984
Dr. Joseph Benedict Pigato, AS 1989
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Pigge, AS 2021
Ms. Macy Reed Pigman, PB 2015
Mr. Jett John Pihakis, AS 1989
Mr. Andrew D. Pilant, AS 1990 and Mrs. Sabrina Forman Pilant, PB 1992
Mrs. Annette Senn Pilcher, PB 1971
Ms. Susanna Pilny, AS 2014
Ms. Skylar Leigh Pinchal, AS 2016
Mrs. Mary Ann Pinkerton, AS 1960
Mrs. Dell Lea O. Pinter, PB 1965
Mr. John J. Pinto
Dr. Sean Christian Pirkle, AS 2017
Mr. Anthony N. Pirozzi and Mrs. Kelly R. Pirozzi
Dr. Claude Pirtle, MD 2019 and Mrs. Jessica T. Pirtle
Mr. Ronald B Pitchford and Mrs. Natalie M. Pitchford
Mrs. Madeleine Spellman Pittman, PB 2011 and Mr. Joseph Pittman
Mr. D. Daniel Pitts, EN 1986
Miss Pamela Datissna Pitts, EN 1981
Dr. William Lee Pitts Jr., DV 1963 GS 1969 and Dr. Ruth Landes Pitts, PB 1960 PB 1968
Dr. Theresa Pitts-Singer, AS 1985
Dr. Robert W. Pitz and Ms. Carol E. Armes
Capt. Paul D. Pitzer, AS 1975
Mr. David Ryan Plant, AS 2000 and Mrs. Brynne Loree Plant, PB 2001 PB 2002
Dr. Ernest J. Plata, PB 1958
Mr. Paul S. Platkin and Mrs. Marlene R. Platkin
Ms. Dana Platt, PB 2021
Ms. Chandra E. Pleas
Mr. Jamie Pleasant and Mrs. Kimberly Pleasant
Mr. Christopher L Plimpton, AS 2016
Mrs. Connie S. Plimpton and Mr. Hollis Plimpton
Dr. Lauren Eckert Ploch MD, MEd, FAAD, PB 2002 PB 2003
Dr. Philip G. Ploska, AS 1982
Mr. Richard Harris Plotkin, AS 1986 and Dr. Marguerite Hailey Rippy, GS 1990
Mr. Rick Plotkin and Mrs. Jennifer Plotkin
Mr. Vadim Plotsker and Mrs. Colleen L. Plotsker
Mrs. Anne F. Plummer and Dr. John F. Plummer, III
Ms. Carrie Elizabeth Plummer, NR 2005
Dr. Michael D. Plummer and Mrs. Sara F. Plummer
Mr. Christopher J. Plybon, AS 1980
Mr. John Plyler
Poh Po Choo
Mr. Daniel Pocica, AS 2014 OG 2015
Mrs. Courtney Montello Poe, PB 2009
Mr. Jonathon Michael Poe, EN 2011
Ms. Melissa Pohlman
Dr. Teresa R. Pohlman, EN 1979
Ms. Kelynn Poinsette
Mr. John Leslie Pointer, PB 1980
Ms. Sarah Cristina Politiski, EN 2021
Ms. Mary L. Polk, AS 1966
Ms. Deborah Lynn Pollak, NP, NR 1998
Ms. Charlotte Emily Pollard, PB 2021
Mr. Shane Alexander Pollin, AS 1995
Ms. Wendy Sager Pomerantz, AS 1976
Mrs. Amanda Dickinson Pommerenck, EN 1997 and Mr. Derek Andrew Pommerenck, EN 1997
Dr. T. Joseph Pond Jr., AS 1962 MD 1966 and Mrs. Gail Ann Pond, AS 1962 PB 1963
Mr. Corey Ponder MPP, AS 2007
Dr. Ouen Pongdee and Mrs. Ratana Pongdee
Mr. James Conyers Poole, AS 2009 and Ms. Lucy McDaniel Poole, PB 2010
Mrs. Amber Bentley Popovitch, AS 2004
Mr. Adam Porter, AS 2008 and Mrs. Elisabeth Kate Porter, AS 2010
Mr. Barry G. Porter and Mrs. Suzanne T. Porter
Jeffrey F. Porter, Ph.D., AS 1993
Dr. Lester L. Porter III
Mr. Sam M. Porter Jr., AS 1959
Ms. K. Caroline Portis-Jenkins, PB 1997 NR 2002 and Mr. Aaron Jenkins
Ms. Jane Dudley Portman, AS 1982
Mr. Ernest G. Posner, EN 1959 and Mrs. Gretel R. Tishler Posner
Mr. Jonathan Peter Post, AS 1985
Mr. Kevin A. Postlewaite and Mrs. Kimberly A. Postlewaite
Mr. Walter B. Potter Jr., AS 1972
Mr. Joseph Christian Potucek, AS 2021
Dr. Ronald Mitchum Powe, PB 2008
Ms. Jennifer Powell-Elgin, AS 1986
Ms. Jennifer L. Power, AS 1990
Mr. Joel Jefferson Powers, AS 1978
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Nichols Powers, AS 1995
Prof. Balakrishnan Prabhakaran and Mrs. Rajeswari Prabhakaran
Ms. Divya Prabhakaran, PB 2021
Mr. Alfred Jones Prah, AS 2019 GS 2021
Mr. Jerome Park Prather, AS 2003
Dr. William C. Pratt Jr., GS 1951 GS 1957 and Mrs. Anne R. Pratt, AS 1952 GS 1954
Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Pratte, AS 2021
Lisa Pray
Mr. Jeffrey L. Prenger and Mrs. Cheryl A. Prenger
Ms. Savannah Taylor Prenger, PB 2018
Miss Melina K Prentakis, PB 2015 PB 2016
Mrs. Holly Lewis Prescott, NR 1985 and Mr. James E. Prescott, III
Mrs. Lauren Doppelheuer Presley, AS 2007 NR 2011 and Mr. Michael Houston Presley, Jr., PB 2007
Ms. Elisabeth A. Presumey
Ms. Garssandra Ines Presumey-Leblanc, AS 2018
Ms. Ashley Price, AS 1992
Mrs. Barbara Swann Price, PB 1958
Dr. Dennis R. Price, EN 1974
Ms. Kristen Dionne Price, PB 2015
Mr. Mickey R. Price, OG 1990
Dr. Ronald R. Price, GS 1971 and Mrs. Donna Nicholas Price
Ms. Shawn Lanaux Price, EN 2008
Mr. William E. Price and Mrs. Patricia M. Price
Dr. William T. Price Jr., MD 1947 and Mrs. Jimmie Dell Price
Dr. William L. Pridgen and Mrs. Kelly S. Pridgen
Mr. Walker Benjamin Prieb, EN 2016 and Mrs. Eliza Stedman Prieb, EN 2016
Mrs. Julie A. Prim and Gary Wayne Prim
Mr. Nickie H. Primm, EN 1966
Mr. Noel Eason Primos, AS 1986
Michael Pring
Mrs. Anne McPherson Pringle, AS 1999 and Mr. Charles C. Pringle
Dr. Margaret E. Pritchard, GS 1962
Mr. Brian M. Prock and Mrs. Linda S. Prock
Ms. Logan Elizabeth Prock, AS 2021
Mr. David Y. Proctor III, EN 1968 and Mrs. Mary Proctor
Ms. Diane Lee Proctor, NR 1981
Ms. Barbara L. Prosser and Mr. Phil D. Heagney
Mrs. Ann M. Prouty and Mr. Martin R. Prouty
Ms. Emily Brynn Prouty, AS 2004 PB 2006 GS 2012
Mrs. Leslie Haynes Provow, EN 1979 and Mr. Scott Matthew Provow
Mr. Andrew Craig Proyect, LW 2008
Mr. Jack W. Pruitt and Mrs. Lara K. Pruitt
Ms. Jasmine Jenise Pruitt, AS 2011
Mr. Robert K. Pruitt, AS 1973 and Mrs. Jeannine B. Pruitt, AS 1973
Ms. Kathleen Prutos
Ms. Kristen Dionne Pryor, AS 2002 PB 2006
Mrs. Lynne W. Pryor
Mr. Spencer Ethan Pugach, PB 2023
Mr. Erik Raymond Puknys, EN 1989 GS 1991 and Mrs. Colleen Marie Kavanagh, AS 1989
Ms. Angela Michaelle Puleo, AS 2011
Mrs. Helen O. Pullen and Mr. Milton W. Pullen
Mr. Jesse Chen Pullen, AS 2020
Ms. Megan Lena Pullen, AS 2018
Mr. Warren Pullen, AS 1991
Dr. David Pulman and Mrs. Clare R. Pulman
Ms. Lesley Gale Pulous, AS 2012 NR 2014
CPT Jared Andrew Purcell, AS 2002
Mr. William Paxson Purcell III, LW 1979 and Ms. Deborah L. Miller
Mr. Timothy R. Purdy
Mr. Jim D. Purvis Jr., EN 1968 and Mrs. Anne B. Purvis, EN 1968
Dr. Rajesh Putcha and Dr. Suma Putcha
Miss Susan R. Puterbaugh, NR 1967
Mr. Roderic D. Putnam and Mrs. Sheena L. Putnam
Mr. Stephen S. Putney, EN 1969 and Mrs. Linda W. Putney