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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with O

Mrs. Carroll McCullough O'Brien, AS 1974
Mr. Matthew Christopher O'Brien, AS 2001
Ms. Tiffany Lynn O'Brien, EN 2000
Ms. Erin Kathleen O'Connell, PB 2005
Ms. Frances Anne O'Connor, GS 1969
Mr. Michael Whitley O'Connor, PB 2014
Mrs. Connie R. O'Daniels and Mr. Roger W. O'Daniels
Mrs. Jessica O'Donnell, PB 2000 and Mr. Gerald William Reeder II, PB 2000
Mrs. Julie Tarver O'Donnell, PB 1970
Ms. Jung Yun O'Donnell, AS 1997
Mr. Sean Edward O'Donnell, PB 2018
Mr. Jack Michael O'Halloran, EN 2021
Ms. Bobbie O'Kelley
Sir Colin Micsha O'Malley, PB 1999
Mr. Michael S O'Malley and Mrs. Marianne O'Malley
Ms. Lee Ann O'Neal, BL 2002
Ms. Melissa Ann O'Neill, AS 2012
Mr. Steven Matthew O'Neill, EN 2015
Dr. Laurie M. O'Reilly, GS 1984
Ms. Gracie Dawn O'Rorke, AS 2023 PB 2023
Mrs. Roberta Osborne O'Shea, AS 1985 and Mr. Brendan Joseph O'Shea
Dr. Steven Frank O'Sheal, AS 1977 MD 1981 and Mrs. Cathy McDowell O'Sheal, NR 1978
Dr. Molly Patricia O'Toole, AS 1981 and Kevin Bishop
Mrs. Alyssa Cherif Oakley, EN 2007 and Mr. Zack Nicholas Oakley, EN 2008
Dr. Luke Oakley, EN 2006
Mr. William E. Oakley III, EN 1967
Mrs. Miranda Sue Oaks, AS 2001
Mr. Andrew Bryan Oberhausen, BL 2003 and Mrs. Stephanie T. Oberhausen, BL 2004
Mrs. Lauren Schmitzer Obersteadt, AS 1998
Mrs. Anne Raveret Obsitnik, AS 1989 and Mr. James Thomas Obsitnik
Mr. Dongchul Ock and Mrs. Soungeun Ock
Dr. Christian F. Ockenhouse and Ms. Rita A. Ballesteros
Mr. Thomas E. Oden III, AS 1957 GS 1958
Mr. Wesley Syfrett Odom, AS 1988
Mrs. Sheila M. Oeder, PB 1997 and Mr. Brian R. Oeder
Mr. Charles H. Offenburger, AS 1969 and Mrs. Carla K. Offenburger
Mr. Charles Lee Ofner, AS 2004 and Sarah Watson Ofner, AS 2004
Ms. April Oglesby
Mr. David Vance Oglesby, EN 1999 GS 2000
Mr. James T. Oglesby, LW 1967
Mr. Aaron Abebe Ogunro, AS 2015 LW 2019
Ms. Jacqueline Oh, AS 2021
Henry Ewelike Okafor, M.D. and Mrs. Queen Henry-Okafor
Ms. Noriko Okamoto
Ms. Sydney Marie Okland, AS 2021
Ms. Emem Paul Okpokowuruk, AS 2021
Mr. Paul E. Okpokowuruk and Mrs. Helen E. Okpokowuruk
Mr. Alexander Paul Okuliar, LW 1999
Mrs. Jean Ward Oldfield, AS 1951
Ms. Courtney Nicole Oldham, AS 1999
Mrs. Tera Nicole Olds, AS 2000
Mrs. Leigh Tuggle Olivar, AS 1982 and Mr. Harry A. Olivar, Jr.
Emanuelle Oliveira Monte
Ms. Angela Kay Oliver, AS 2007
Ms. Ashley Rhae Oliver, AS 2010
Ms. Briana Valeria Oliver, BL 2012
Ms. Cassandra Oliver, AS 2016 MD 2018 GS 2023 and Mr. John Ignacio Schember, AS 2016
Mrs. Charlane Jenean Oliver, PB 2005 and Mr. Leshuan D. Oliver
Ms. Jazlyn Sinclair Oliver, PB 2019
Mrs. Lynn Renee Oliver, PB 1969 PB 1970 and Mr. John Leslie Oliver Jr., PB 1969
Hon. Mary Margaret Oliver, AS 1969
Ms. Ann Julia Olsen, OG 1973 GS 1977
Dr. Jon B. Olson, MD 1971 and Mrs. Dianne Olson, AS 1968
Ms. Wendy Jane Olson, AS 1991 and Mr. Michael P. Kelly
Frank Oman
Mr. Jose Ignacio Onate, PB 2013 PB 2014
Ms. Mary Ellen Operchal, AS 1975
Mrs. Melanie R. Oppat, PB 1985
Mr. Jacob Oresky and Ms. Maxine S. Oresky
Mr. Rob Orgel and Mrs. Elizabeth Orgel
Mrs. Jennifer Schnetzer Orlow, EN 1993 and Mr. Shepard Russell Orlow, LW 1994
Mr. John Fraser Orman Jr., AS 1966
Mr. Nicholas Keith Ormsby, EN 2021
Ms. Theresa Orndorff
Ms. Mar?a Elena Kristin Ornelas, AS 2005 PB 2008
Miss Alice R. Orr, AS 1963
Mr. Philip Nathan Orr, DV 1977 and Mrs. Carolyn Orr
Mr. Robert B. Orrand, AS 1974 and Mrs. Elaine Ball Orrand
Dr. Joan K. Orrell-Valente, PB 1988 GS 1992 GS 2002
Mr. Charles W. Orth, AS 1966
Mr. Richard J. Osadzinski and Mrs. Christine Osadzinski
Dr. Carroll Osburn, DV 1970
Mr. Ethan Clair Oseas, GS 2024
Mr. Christopher John Osman, EN 2013 and Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Wade-Vuturo, AS 2013
Mr. Scott A. Osman and Mrs. Alyson R. Osman
Mr. Harris Oswalt, Jr., EN 2006 and Mrs. Hunter Jean Gilpin Oswalt, AS 2007
Dr. Flem B. Otey III, DV 1979
Mrs. Carrie Ann Ott, PB 2000 and Mr. Matthew R. Ott
Mrs. Lisa Koch Ott, AS 1992
Mrs. Lisa Otten and Mr. Richard R. Otten
Mrs. Amanda Lea Oudt, EN 2002 and Mr. Randal Oudt
Mr. Lucius T. Outlaw Jr. and Mrs. Freida H. Outlaw
Ms. Hayley Outslay
Mrs. Randi Pinckes Outwater, AS 1990
Mrs. Cara Stern Ovadia, PB 2006 and Mr. Eitan Ovadia
Mrs. Willson Overend, PB 1995 OG 2001 and Mr. David Overend
Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Overstreet, AS 1995
Ms. Margaret Ann Ovitt, NR 1962
Mrs. Ann S. Owen, AS 1970
Mrs. Cam Nguyen Owen, AS 2012
Mr. Eric Owen, EN 1988
Mr. George R. Owen, EN 1964 and Mrs. Kay W. Owen
Mrs. Jennifer Dunlap Owen, GS 1996 and Mr. John Ryan Owen
Ms. Patricia D. Owen, LW 1974
Mr. Sterling W. Owen III, AS 1963
Mr. Tanner Trace Owen, AS 2015
David A. Owens, Ph.D. and Ms. Jennifer L. Bostwick
Ms. Felicia Owens
Mr. John C. Owens, AS 1981
Mr. Joshua Ryan Owens, AS 2008
Ms. Karen Carter Owens, LW 1983 and Mr. Steve Alan Owens, LW 1981
Mrs. Michele Kaludis Owens, AS 1987 OG 1991
Rev. Dr. Pamela Jean Owens, AS 1969 DV 1973 and Rev. Mr. Richard John Ream
Mr. Bernard E. Ownby and Mrs. Ashley P. Ownby
Ms. Judy A. Oxford, LW 1987 and Mr. Grant W. Benedict
Dr. Omobolanle Olajumoke Oyefule, MD 2015