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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with N

Mr. Dominic Naas, OG 2021
Mrs. Lucille C. Nabors, AS 1957 PB 1967
Mrs. Ruth H. Nagareda
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Naik, AS 2003
Mr. Shalin Janak Naik, AS 2021
Mr. James Aaron Nail Jr., OG 1995
Dr. Balachandran Nair
Mr. Sudheesh Nair and Mrs. Usha K. Ramaswamy
Ms. Catherine Denise Nally
Ms. Dawool Nam, AS 2021
Mr. David Aaron Namm, AS 2011 PB 2013 and Ms. Annalise Masae Miyashiro, PB 2011
Mr. Naresh Nandakumar, EN 2017
Ms. Gabrielle Alyse Napper, AS 2021
Mr. Ronald Napper and Mrs. Kisha Napper
Mr. William Henry Naquin, EN 2021
Ms. Nalini Narayan and Mr. Michael Vavrik
Ms. Nisha Ayesha Naseer, AS 2021
Ms. Barbara M. Nash
Mr. Harold B. Nash Jr., AS 1972
Mrs. Lydia Chisun Nash, AS 2004 and Mr. Christopher Brandon Nash, EN 2005 GS 2006
Mr. Stephen T. Nash and Mrs. Donna C. Nash
Ms. Ayesha Yasmin Nasmyth, PB 2005 PB 2006
Mrs. Jodi A. Nass and Mr. Herbert E. Nass
Mr. Senthil K. Natarajan and Ms. Sharmila Chackravarthy
Ms. Abhi Nathan, AS 2021
National Assoc of Colleges and Employers
Ms. Emily Meriwether Natoli, AS 2013
Mr. Christopher James Nay, PB 2001 and Mrs. Katrina T. Nay, AS 2001
Mr. Anthony Mark Ndikum, AS 2015
Mr. Vindi Clement Ndulute, GS 2005
Ms. Jillian B. Neal
Mr. Kenyon C. Neal, AS 1966
Mrs. Nancy Citron Neal, AS 1994 and Mr. Kevin M. Neal
Ms. Shelli Latrice Neal, AS 1992
Mr. Jonathan Avery Neal-Thompson, AS 2016
Mr. James Phillip Near, PB 2021
Mrs. Nancy Ann Near
Mrs. Margaret Laidlaw Nebens, AS 1985
Ms. Liesl S. Nederhood and Mr. Dave J. Nederhood
Ms. Carey Needham
Ms. Carli Danielle Needle, AS 2021
Mr. Sam Crockett Neel, AS 2008
Mr. Paul Neely and Mrs. Jami V. Neely
Mr. William R. Neely
Mr. Toivo Hillar Nei, PB 1981
Mr. Thomas Neiger and Mrs. Tina Neiger
Dr. Richard H. Neill, AS 1968 and Mrs. Barbara Neill, AS 1968
Ms. Clanitra Nejdl
Mrs. Elizabeth Ashley Nelms, PB 1997 and Dr. Taras Michael Semchyshyn, MD 1998
Dr. Allison Berger Nelson, PB 2000
Mr. David R. Nelson, Jr., EN 1997 and Mrs. Chrisian Stevens Nelson
Ms. Gina Marie Nelson, AS 2001
Mr. James S. Nelson, AS 1959
Mrs. Kelli Dawn Nelson and Mr. Mark Allan Nelson
Dr. Nyoka Lytle Nelson, AS 2002
Mr. Steven L. Nelson, AS 1975 and Mrs. Edana Nelson
Ms. Monique L. Nelson-Nwachuku, PB 1996
Mr. Alex F. Nesmith
Mr. Kale Alan Ness, AS 1999
Mr. Robert T. Neu and Mrs. Francine M. Neu
Mr. Jonathon Nevett and Ms. Karen Post
Mr. Paul C. Nevitt and Mrs. Nicole M. Nevitt
Ms. Kristin Lea Nevius, PB 2004
New Cumberland Olde Towne Foundation
Ms. Nancy New, PB 1986
Mr. Frank C. Newbell Jr., EN 1965 and Mrs. Jean C. Newbell
Mr. Todd Bruce Newell, AS 1990 and Mrs. Maria Raquel Newell
Mr. Kyle Matthew Newhouse, EN 2014
Mrs. Connie Meyer Newman, GS 1975
Ms. Lagra Lawreen Newman, AS 2005
Mrs. Mary M. Newman, AS 1956
Mr. Samuel M. Newman, AS 2011
Mr. Scott Newman and Mrs. Leslie F. Newman
Dr. Sharlene Denise Newman, EN 1993
Mrs. Yeon S. Newsom
Dr. Richard Brantley Newsome, AS 1985
Mr. Robert Adam Newton, LW 2000 and Mrs. Eafat Cohen Newton, OG 2001
Dr. St. Elmo Newton, III, AS 1956
Dr. Zachary James Newton, EN 2002
Mr. Paul C. Ney Jr., LW 1984 OG 1984
Mr. Michael Thomas Neylon, AS 2014
Ms. Katrina Ngo, GS 2022
Ms. Amanda Kay Nguyen, LW 2014
Mr. Anh Quang Nguyen, AS 2024
Ms. Hang Thu Nguyen, OG 2014
Mr. Khoa Van Nguyen and Ms. Sandy Tran
Mr. Levy Hoang Nguyen, AS 2010
Mrs. Pamela P. Nguyen and Mr. Sa Nguyen
Mr. Adam Joseph Nicholas, EN 2012 and Ms. Mary Lamar Nicholas, AS 2012
Mr. Beville Anderson Nicholas, EN 2009
Mr. John H. Nichols III, AS 1976 and Mrs. Jane Trotter Nichols, AS 1978
Mary Nichols, PB 1986
Mr. Timothy Howland Nichols, LW 1996 and Mrs. Anne Nichols
Mr. David Nicholson and Ms. Dothlyn Dean-Nicholson
Mrs. Natalie Greer Nicholson, PB 2000 and Mr. Jonathan Isaac Nicholson, PB 2002
Mr. Christopher Meltravis Nickson, PB 2008
Dr. Anna Charise Nicotera, GS 2014
Mr. Peter Nielsen and Mrs. Dian Nielsen
Dr. Kenneth John Niermann, MD 2002 MD 2010
Mrs. Martha Whitworth Nierste, PB 1965
Mr. Vijay Nimma and Mrs. Vijaya Nimma
Walter B. Nimocks, Ph.D., GS 1965 and Mrs. Susan Lee Nimocks, AS 1958
Dr. Donald Read Nims, PB 1984
Ms. Barbara Ward Ninemire, AS 2013
Mr. John B. Nixon, AS 1956
Mrs. Mary J. Nixon, AS 1957
Mr. Walter W. Nixon III, AS 1968
Ms. Juntarti Njotoprawiro and Mr. Johanes Lessiohadi
Mr. Bradley Noble
Mr. Charles Edward Noble, PB 1966 and Mrs. Janet McGinnis Noble, PB 1967
Mrs. Liesl Macdaniel Noble, AS 1988
Dr. Rosevelt Lavalle Noble, Jr., PB 1997 GS 2003 and Dr. Kristen Nicole Noble, AS 2003
Mr. Lee F. Noel, AS 1969 and Mrs. Emily J. Noel, AS 1970
Mr. Jack Murphy Nolan, AS 2021
Mrs. Lisa Marie Allen Nolan, EN 2007
Ms. Nancy Griswold Nolan, PB 1986 PB 1993
Mr. Patrick J. Nolan III, AS 1973 and Mrs. Elizabeth Love Nolan, AS 1973
Mr. Christopher William Nold, AS 2011
Ms. Stephanie Lauren Nolen, EN 2021
Mr. D. Craig Nordlund, LW 1974 and Mrs. Sally Baum Nordlund, NR 1974
Mr. Byron Douglas Norfleet III, AS 2014 OG 2015 and Mrs. Julia Renee Roseman Norfleet, AS 2014
Ms. Jasmin Alyia Norford, AS 2021
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Norkus, PB 1999
Mr. Caldwell Vann Norred, III, EN 1955
Ms. Dina Norris, AS 1977 and Mr. Steven Young
Mr. James C. Norris III, EN 1966 and Mrs. Betty L. Norris
Mrs. Jane K. Norris, PB 1970 GS 1975
Dr. Margaret S. Norris
Ms. Rebecca M. Norris, AS 1978
Mr. Donald C. North III, AS 1969 and Mrs. Mary Murrill North, AS 1969
Mrs. Betty T. Northen
Ms. Lori Norton, EN 1998
Miss Susan A. Norton, AS 1972
Mr. William Boehms Norton, OG 1999
Dr. Sara Melissa Norvell
Dr. James Edward Norwood Sr., PB 1991
Dr. Thomas E. Norwood III, AS 1965 and Mrs. Charlotte Richardson Norwood, NR 1966
Dr. Victoria F. Norwood, AS 1981
Mr. Alvin A. Notowich, EN 1964
Mr. Robert Stephen Notzon, EN 1985
Mrs. Nell Thelin Novak, AS 1992 PB 1995 and Mr. Matthew Novak
Mr. Myles Patrick Nowak, EN 2023
Mr. Kenneth R. Nowakowski and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Nowakowski
Robert Gerard Nowitzke
Mrs. Lauren Noyes
Mr. Harold Williamson Nuckols, AS 1994 and Mrs. Kimberly Ann Nuckols, AS 1995
Ms. Katie Nicole Nunes, PB 2018
Ms. Sabrina Nunez
Mr. Walter S. Nunnelly III, AS 1966 and Mrs. Sarah C. Nunnelly
Mr. William H. Nunnelly and Mrs. Rosann Nunnelly
Mrs. Erin Nusbaum Rehm, AS 2007
Mrs. Deborah Humphrey Nustad, EN 1988 and Mr. Timothy Alan Nustad
Mr. John N. Nwaezeapu and Mrs. Denise O. Nwaezeapu
Mr. Erskine Ngugi Nyoike, EN 2022
Mr. Chukwukpee Nzegwu, AS 2017