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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with L

Ms. Schuyler Lauren La Barge, AS 2021
Ms. Carol R. Labi
Ms. Hamida Suad Labi, AS 2009
Mr. Brian F. LaBovick and Mrs. Esther LaBovick
Dr. William M. LaCasse, GS 1972
Ms. Samantha Michelle Lacey, PB 2011
Ms. Sheila Marie Lachs, AS 1991
Mr. Jorge Vincent LaCourt, PB 2000
Miss Lucile Christine Lacy, PB 1970
Mr. Gerry Laderman and Mrs. Sharon Laderman
Saroya Lafond-Favieres
Mr. Eugene F. Lafranchise and Mrs. Joan A. Lafranchise
Mr. Matthew Morgan LaFrenz, AS 1997 and Mrs. Amy Butler LaFrenz, PB 1997 NR 1998
Mr. Greig Lagomarsino and Mrs. Sarajane Lagomarsino
Mr. Lee A. Lahourcade, AS 1979 and Mrs. Virginia Dunnam Lahourcade
Mr. Wilson Craig Laine, AS 2013
Ms. Madeline Marie Laird, BL 2015
Ms. Anum Shafiq Lalani, AS 2014
Mr. Huntson Lam and Ms. Sioxbhain T. Young
Mr. Clifford Ragsdale Lamar II, GS 2007
Mr. Johnathan Barton Lamb, PB 2016
Mr. Marshall Allen Lamb, AS 1991
Mr. Dominic Eugene Lambert, EN 2021
Ms. Marla Lamendola
Mr. Spencer Joseph LaMountain, AS 2020
Mr. Michael D. Lamson and Mrs. Margaret A. Lamson
Mr. Charles A. Lancaster, EN 1961 and Mrs. Nickie Sedivi Lancaster
Mr. Christopher Andrew Lancaster, EN 2020
Mr. Edward Knight Lancaster, AS 1981 and Mrs. Carrie Boone Lancaster
Mrs. Joyce K. Lancaster and Mr. John T. Lancaster
Mrs. Olivia J. Lancaster and Mr. Gary L. Lancaster
Angela Land-Dedrick
Ms. Elizabeth Ruth Landau, PB 2017
Mr. Mark S. Landau
Mr. Robert James Landers, EN 1988 and Mrs. Carolyn Kahn Landers, AS 1988
Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Landes, DV 2023
Mr. Howard C. Landis and Ms. Susanne K. Tezanos
Mr. Jeffrey S. Landis and Mrs. Janet H. Landis
Ms. Brooke Alexandra Landry, AS 2021
Mrs. Karen E. Landry and Mr. Michael J. Landry
Mr. Mark Landry and Mrs. Heather Landry
Ms. Lina Irene Landstroem, DV 2020
Dr. Kathryn Lee Lane, EN 2006
Mrs. Michelle Lynn Lane, PB 2001
Mr. Stephen C. Lane, EN 1978 EN 1991 and Mrs. Helen H. Lane, AS 1979
Mrs. Tangela C. Lane and Mr. Tory C. Lane
Mr. W. Robert Laney Jr., AS 1974 PB 1981
Dr. Douglas Keith Lange, PB 1989
Dr. Kyle Todd Langford, EN 2017 MD 2021 and Mrs. Shelby Sanford Langford, PB 2019
Mrs. Keely Drouet Langkowski, EN 1998
Ms. Emily S Langsam, AS 2021
Mrs. Anne Cook Langstaff, AS 1951
Mrs. Kimberlee Langway, AS 1991 and Mr. Chris Langway
Mr. J. Hicks Lanier, AS 1962 and Mrs. Jane Darden Lanier
Mr. John Reese Lanier
Mr. Whit Lanier, AS 1997 and Ms. Carrie Lanier
Mr. William S. Lanier
Mr. Nicholas Vincent Laning, EN 2022
Mr. William Blake Lankford, AS 2021
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Lansden, AS 2021 NR 2022
Mrs. Anne-Elise Lansdown, AS 2006 and Dr. Drew Anderson Lansdown, EN 2006
Mr. Wenjian Lao and Mrs. Ying Chu
Mr. Joseph Adrian Dizon Lapasaran, AS 2021
Mr. James M. Lapeyre, Jr. and Mrs. Sally Lapeyre
Mr. Eli Finn Lapkin, AS 2023 EN 2023
Mrs. Ruchima Mahasandana Lari, PB 1961
Mr. Anthony A. LaRiche Jr., AS 1974 and Mrs. Jackie Burns-LaRiche
Ms. Savannah Marie Larkin, PB 2021
Ms. Jessica Leigh LaRoche, AS 2001
Ms. Currie Emma Larrimer, AS 2021
Mr. Julian Niles Larry, AS 2014 LW 2017
Dr. Richard J. Larsen
Mrs. Celia King Larson, NR 1978
Ms. Sydney Alexandra Rigby Larson, AS 2007
Dr. Catherine Coolidge Lastavica
Dr. Cleve Latham, AS 1973 PB 1998 and The Rev. Betty Craft Latham, AS 1975
Mr. David Winslow Latham Jr., EN 1994 and Mrs. Dawn G. Latham, AS 1995
Dr. J. Thomas Latham Jr., MD 1974 and Mrs. Gina Latham
Mrs. Stephanie Reim Latham, PB 1998 and Mr. Steve Latham
Ms. Ruth Fuller Lature, PB 1967
Mrs. Louise Osborne Lauber, AS 1982 and Dr. Richard H. Lauber
Ms. Lisa Lauck, AS 1990 and Mr. Michael Black, AS 1990
Ms. Leigh-Ann Michelle Laughlin, PB 2011
Mrs. Virginia H. Laurent, AS 1964
Mr. Corry Dantelle Lavender, AS 2021
Mr. Matthew James Lavin, EN 2014 and Dr. Rebecca Bluett, AS 2012 GS 2017
Mr. Michael Lavin and Mrs. Evelyn T. Lavin
Mr. Andrew Burson Lawlor, EN 2016
Ms. Jasmine Amina Lawrence, AS 2016
Rev. Dr. Jefferson Lee Lawrence, EN 1983
Mr. John Sachs Lawrence, PB 2021
Mrs. Lindsay J. Lawrence
Ms. Sherry Lawrence
Dr. Andrew Latham Laws, PB 2012
Mr. David M. Lawson and Ms. Lori Hood Lawson
Ms. Heather P. Lawson, PB 1978
Janet Denise Lawson, M.D., AS 1977
Mr. Robert Stephen Layman, AS 1978 OG 2011 and Mrs. Barbara Taylor Layman
Mr. William J. Layng, Jr., AS 1971
Dr. Edward H. Lazar, AS 1963
Mr. Bryan M. Lazare, AS 1975
Mr. Samuel Lewis Lazarus, EN 2021
Ms. Claire Rene Lazerwitz, AS 2021
Mr. Scott Alexander Lazzaro, AS 1988
Dr. Tonya Le Blanc, AS 1994
Dr. Thomas Eugene Le Voyer, AS 1984 MD 1988 and Mrs. Kristin Reynolds Le Voyer, AS 1988
Ms. Kim Huu Nguyen Le, AS 1998
Ms. Lananh Le
Mrs. Melissa E. Lea
Mr. William Daniel Leader, Jr., AS 1974 LW 1981 and Mrs. Melanie Mitchum Leader
Ms. Cardella LaShay Leak, AS 2011
Mrs. Carole K. Learnard, NR 1962
Mrs. Judy Jinju Leasure, AS 2012
Ms. Christina L. Leath, PB 2002 LW 2005
Mr. John Garland Leatherwood, PB 1967 and Mrs. Linda Mae Leatherwood
Mrs. Sarah York Leclerc, NR 1981
Mrs. Tara Eastland Leclerc, AS 1997
Dr. E. Patrick Leddin and Ms. Jamie P. Leddin
Mrs. Michelle Alderson Leder, EN 2000 and Mr. Geoffrey Gustav Leder, AS 2000
Mr. Garrett Anthony LeDonne, AS 2013
Mr. Andrew Lee
Ms. Angelica Yee-May Lee, AS 2003
Mr. Angelo Christopher Lee, PB 2005 PB 2009
Mrs. Brandy Scott Lee, EN 2008 and Mr. Kenneth Lee
Mrs. Candice Storey Lee, PB 2000 PB 2002 PB 2012 and Mr. Sean D. Lee
Ms. Caroline Elizabeth Lee, PB 2021
Mr. David Byungmin Lee, EN 1996
Ms. Elizabeth In Lee, EN 2018
Dr. Evon Batey Lee, AS 1976 GS 1978 GS 1980
Mr. Jaesuk Lee and Mrs. Mikyoung Lee
Dr. Jeh-Mann Lee, GS 1970 GS 1980
Mr. Joong H. Lee and Mrs. Jung H. Lee
Ms. K. Janelle Lee, AS 1973
Mr. Kenneth V. Lee and Mrs. Young H. Lee
Ms. Labriah Denae Lee, PB 2005
Mr. Leong Lee and Ms. Amy Pui Yin Loh
Ms. Na Young Lee, OG 2005
Mr. Randall Scott Lee, EN 1987 and Mrs. Monika Koeppe Lee
Ms. Regina Lee, AS 2015
Dr. Sally Hughes Lee, NR 1971 NR 1972
Ms. Sandra Lee
Ms. Sandra Lee
Mr. Soo Hyung Lee, AS 2021
Mr. Sungje Lee and Mrs. Heeja C. Lee
Mr. Teo Lee, EN 2021
Mr. William Gentry Lee Jr., AS 1994 and Mrs. Amy Hughes Lee, AS 1995
Ms. Young Lee
Ms. Yun Shiuan Lee, AS 2021
Ms. Alessandra Blair Leemputte, AS 2011
Ms. Melanie Bialko Leeth, AS 1987 and Mr. David Christopher Leeth
Ms. Genevieve Lefebvre, AS 2021
Mr. Lawrence Paul Lefebvre, AS 1985 and Mrs. Donna Lefebvre
Dr. Lewis B. Lefkowitz Jr. and Mrs. Judith Hudson Lefkowitz
Mrs. Roxanna Lefort, AS 2001
Dr. Walter A. Leginski, GS 1969 GS 1971
Mr. Samora Lionel Legros, AS 2007
Mr. Andrew Barrett Lehman, AS 1999 and Mrs. Anne Ozag Lehman
Mrs. Michelle Leib, GS 1999
Mr. Michael S. Leibowitz and Mrs. Rana Leibowitz Leibowitz
Miss Katy Lee Leinweber, PB 2017
Ms. Jacqueline Gail Leitzes, AS 1997
Mr. Abhay D. Lele, AS 1998
Dr. Julia Koehler Leman, GS 2012
Mrs. Whitney Wright Lemons, AS 1998 and Mr. Brent Lemons
Mrs. Lynn Guttman Lent
Beq. of William Luke Lentz
Mrs. Beth N. Leonard, AS 1980
Mr. Carl H. Leonard, AS 1970 and Ms. Glynne B. Leonard, AS 1970
Dr. Charles Edward Leonard II, AS 1982 MD 1986
Ms. Jessica Lynn LePera, PB 2011
Mr. Ray O. Lerer, AS 1973
Mr. Jim Lesch and Mrs. Dorothy Lesch
Maj. Brandy Bewley Leslie, EN 2000
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Letner, AS 1996
Ms. Stephanie Leung
Mr. Thomas A. Levensailor, AS 1976
Mrs. Jessica Sutherland Levenson, AS 1997 and Mr. Ryan J. Levenson, AS 1997
Dr. Ralph G. Leverett, PB 1969 GS 1974 PB 1983
Mr. Gregg Steven Levin, LW 1987 and Mrs. Jennie Lynn Scudder-Levin, LW 1989
Mr. Paul Levin and Ms. Dana Levin
Mr. David Levine
Ms. Gabrielle Alyse Levine, AS 2010 and Mr. Aaron Paul Plante
Dr. Mitchell Robert Levine, AS 1980 and Mrs. Susan B. Levine, AS 1980 OG 1981
Ms. Monica Celeste Levine, EN 2016
Mr. Norman M. Levine and Mrs. Mitzi S. Levine
Mr. Scott Levine and Mrs. Jennifer Levine
Mr. Brian Scott Levy, AS 1989
Dr. Carl A. Levy, MD 1972
Mr. Robert M. Levy, AS 1972 and Mrs. Diane v. S. Levy
Ms. Natalie Chantal Levy-Sousan, AS 2010 and Mariano Sana
Ms. Sabrina Lewellen, LW 2002
Mr. Barry Lydell Lewis, AS 1990 and Mrs. Luana Gumbs Lewis, AS 1990
Mrs. Ernest L. Lewis, AS 1961 and Rev. Dr. Ernest L. Lewis
Mr. Fletcher Edmonds Lewis II, EN 2010 EN 2016 and Dr. Janelle Lee Lewis, GS 2014 GS 2018
Mr. Huntley Craig Lewis, EN 2012
Dr. James N. Lewis Jr., AS 1966
Mrs. Katherine M. Lewis, EN 2005 and Mr. Patrick Michael Lewis, AS 2005
Mr. Kirby Matthew Lewis, GS 2015
Ms. Karla Leybold
Mr. Trent Leyda and Mrs. Rachel O. Leyda
Dr. Bian Li, GS 2018
Mrs. Christine Paohua Li, PB 2011 and Mr. Tuo Fu Li, EN 2011
Mrs. Dongbei R. Li, GS 1997 and Mr. Jingxiang Richard Xie, OG 1999
Ms. Helen Yiran Li, AS 2013
Mr. Tong Li, GS 1996 and Ms. Xin Xiao, GS 1996 GS 1998
Mr. Yulin Liang and Mrs. Chunrong Zhang
Mr. Chien Hao Liao and Ms. Dong Qing Wei
Ms. Heather A. Libbey, LW 1987 and Mr. David Lee
Mr. Samuel Louis Libowsky, AS 2012
Mr. Austan S. Librach, EN 1969
Mrs. Jennifer L. Lichty, AS 1994
Mr. Robert C. Liddon Jr., AS 1972 and Mrs. Susan D. Liddon, GS 1978
Mrs. Deborah Goodman Lieb, AS 1987
Mr. Ethan Liebermann
Mr. Matt Lieberson, AS 2016
Mr. James Dean Liebman, AS 1974
Ms. Caressa Shannon Liggins, AS 2003
Dr. Natalie Chambliss Light, AS 1986 and Mr. Jeffrey A. Light
Rev. Jessie Anne Light-Wells, PB 2013
Mrs. Kamie Lightburn, AS 1994 and Mr. Richard C. Lightburn
Miss Joan W. Lightfoot, AS 1961
Mr. Gene Cardwell Ligon and Ms. Nancy Ellen Ligon
Mr. Erik S. Lillie, AS 1989 and Mr. Barry C. Heard, AS 1998
Dr. Ellen DeJulio Lilly, PB 1993
Mr. Earl D. Lillydahl and Mrs. Rita Lillydahl
Ms. Christine Swee Ling Lim, PB 2018
Mrs. Young Sook Lim, PB 1966
Ms. Eryn T Lin, AS 2021
Ms. Kya E Lin, AS 2023 PB 2023
Mr. Louis H. Lindeman Jr., LW 1970
Mr. Adam Daniel Lindenmuth, AS 2015
Mr. John Stanley Lindgren, AS 1985 and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lindgren
Mr. Kevin Stuart Lindsay, EN 1990 and Mrs. Lesa C. Lindsay
The Rev. Russell E. Lindsay, DV 1959 and Mrs. Marilyn A. Lindsay
Jennifer Lindsey, M.D.
Mr. H. Hays Lindsley, AS 1980 and Mrs. Allyson S Lindsley
Mr. Mack S. Linebaugh Jr., AS 1960 and Mrs. Katherine H. Linebaugh
Mrs. Cassandra Davis Lineberry, OG 1989 and Dr. Timothy Wyatt Lineberry, MD 1991
Mr. Casey Johnston Ling, AS 2014
Dr. Hillary H. Ling, PB 1965
Mrs. Caroline Nugent Link, AS 2004 and Mr. Jarrett N. Link, EN 2009
Mr. Donald L. Linn Jr., AS 1975
Ms. Leslee Johnson Linn, AS 1976
Charles Linski
Ms. Jamie J. Linski
Mrs. Laurianne Linton
Mrs. Devin Donovan Lintzenich, PB 2007 and Mr. Jeffrey Michael Lintzenich, EN 2007
Dr. Trudy Lionel, GS 1979 GS 1980 and Dr. Stephen K. Gerard, GS 1979 MD 1982
Mr. Yuri Lipnesh and Ms. Victoria Mints
Mr. Michael John Lippert, EN 1986
Mr. Joseph Lipscomb Jr., AS 1970 and Ms. Carolyn E. Lipscomb, AS 1970
Ms. Diane L. Liptack, LW 1976 OG 1976
Dr. William F. Lisenby, PB 1956 GS 1962
Mrs. Penelope T. Lisk
Dr. Edward E. Litkenhous Jr., EN 1957 MD 1961 and Mrs. Caffey S. Litkenhous
Ms. Sarah Litt, AS 2010 and Mr. Alexander Zachary Litt, AS 2010
Mrs. Sharon H. Little, NR 1986 NR 1988
Mr. Angus Chisholm Littlejohn III, AS 2007
Mr. Jeffrey Ross Littman, AS 2016
Ms. Margaret Rachel Littman, AS 1990
Ms. Cindy Liu and Dr. Hua Tang
Mr. Jeffrey Liu, PB 2021
Mr. Jiageng Liu, EN 2021
Mr. Jianxiang Liu and Mrs. Joy Liu
Mr. Jimmy Liu and Ms. Songying Liu
Dr. Keke Liu, GS 2010
Mr. Peter Shuaizheng Liu, AS 2016
Dr. Janice Melinda Livengood, GS 1987 GS 1991
Mrs. Sara Okin Livengood, PB 2009
Ms. Alexandra Pilar Livingstone, AS 2020
Mrs. Katie Wilburn Lizarraga, PB 2000 and Dr. William Anthony Lizarraga, AS 2000
Mr. Jonathan D. Lloyd and Mrs. Vicki Lloyd
Mr. Eric Lo, EN 2021
Ms. Maria Camila Loaiza Bonilla, AS 2021
Ms. Lauren Carrie Lobrano, PB 1999
Mr. Carl Lochard and Ms. Patricia Marthone
Miss Judith Anne Locke, PB 1973
Ms. Branta Lockett, AS 2013
Mr. Samuel C. Lockett
Mr. David John Loffredo, AS 1989 and Dr. Megan M. Loffredo, AS 1991 MD 1995
Mr. Vic Lokenauth, AS 2007
Mr. Christopher Owen Lomeli, EN 2021
Mr. Noah Jonathan Lomnitz, AS 2021
Dorigen C. Lonergan
Dr. Jennifer E. Long, AS 1987 and Mr. Vladimir G. Karamyshev
Mr. Jimmy B. Long, EN 1953
Dr. John William Long, PB 1974 PB 1995
Mrs. Kathryn Hodges Long, AS 1979
Mrs. Laura Jane Long, AS 2012
Dr. Susan Long
Ms. Yihuang Long
Dr. Larry Simpsom Longerbeam, PB 1975
Mr. Alexander Tietjen Longstreth, AS 2011 PB 2014 and Mrs. Ruth Angharad Longstreth, AS 2011
Mrs. Carol J. Loomis
Dr. Jacqueline Looney, PB 1984
Ms. Jacqueline Lopardo, PB 1996
Mr. Alexander Joseph Lopez, AS 2010
Mr. Jay W. Lorch, AS 1952
Dr. Joan McCarty Lord, AS 1967
Mr. Robert G. Lord, AS 1970
CAPT Adrian D. Lorentson, AS 1975 and Mrs. Katherine M. Lorentson
Mr. Chris A. Lorenzen Jr., AS 1972
Mr. Emilio Loret de Mola, AS 2020
Mr. Yair Lotan and Mrs. Sandra Lotan
Jeff Loudon
Ms. Julie G. Louthain
Mrs. Jada Carlson Loutit, AS 1997
Ms. Sarah Marcelline Lovatt, AS 2008
Mrs. Alicia Tarr Love, AS 1990 and Mr. William Edwin Love, EN 1990
Ms. Alexandria Mercedes Lovelace, AS 2011
Ms. Beth Rogers Loveless, AS 1979 LW 1982 and Mr. Keith Loveless, AS 1979 LW 1983
Dr. Gordon R. Loveless Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Kathleen Becker Loveless, NR 1974
Ms. Tara L Lovely
Mr. Nicholas Henry Lovinger, AS 2015
CDR Al Lovvorn, USN (Ret), AS 1978
Jane K. Lowe Charitable Fdn
Ms. Caroline Ruth Lowenfeld, AS 2021
Ms. Margaret Ruth Lowenthal, EN 2018
Mr. Frank Coleman Lowery Jr., AS 1955 and Mrs. Margaret S. Lowery
Mr. Donald L. Loy, EN 1960 and Mrs. Anne C. Loy, NR 1960
Mr. Owen Sunyuan Lu, AS 2019
Mr. Joseph Taylor Luba, AS 2018
Mr. Mulindwa Katte Lubega, AS 2023
Mr. Alan E. Lubel, AS 1971
Dr. Christina Blair Lubold, NR 1985
Mrs. Elizabeth Creech B. Lucas, GS 1957
Mr. Gary A. Lucas, GS 1974
Mr. Joseph K. Lucas and Mrs. Maxine C. Lucas
Dr. William R. Lucas, GS 1950 GS 1952
Mr. Carl D. Lucchino and Mrs. Sharon T. Lucchino
Mr. Keegan Tyson Luchsinger, PB 2021
Mr. Brian Luckerman
Ms. Beatriz Lucki, AS 1981
Ms. Margaret Y. Lucy
Mr. Robert Stuart Ludlum, AS 1997
Mr. Doug Luehmann and Mrs. Kim Luehmann
Mr. Henry Peter Luessen, AS 2012
Mr. Kenneth Edward Luippold, EN 1985
Mrs. Pat Lummus, AS 1985 and Mr. William F. Lummus, Jr.
Mr. John Raymond Lunn, EN 1992
Mrs. Jane N. Lupton, AS 1953
Mr. George A. Luscombe II
Mrs. Deborah I. Luskey and Dr. Barry D. Luskey
Dr. George A. Luther, MD 1959 and Mrs. Dorothy Gould Luther
Dr. Thomas L. Luthy and Mrs. Peggy Puschel Luthy
Ms. Doris Lutz
Mr. James Macadam Lutz, PB 2019
John M Lutz
Ms. Victoria Isabella Tran Lutz, AS 2021
Ms. Moriah Kathleen Lutz-Tveite, AS 2011
Ms. Edith M. Lycke, AS 1969
Ms. Mackenzie Carole Lyles, PB 2015
Mrs. Frances Holley Lynch, PB 1974 and Mr. John Randolph Lynch, PB 1975
Mr. Joshua Clifton Lynch, AS 2023 PB 2023
Ms. Megan C Lynch, AS 2015
Mr. Robert Patrick Lynch, PB 1998
Ms. Sarah Ellen Lynch, AS 2013 and Mr. Nicholas Charles Hall, PB 2013
Mr. John Morris Lynn, EN 1980
Mrs. Ann Carter Lyons, AS 1980
Mr. Christopher Hamp Lyons, LW 2010
Mrs. Heather Schonrock Lyons, AS 1995
Mr. Jacob Austin Lyons, AS 2016
Mrs. Josefina R. Lyons and Mr. Gregory Lyons
Dr. Lance Jacob Lyons, AS 2012
Mr. Michael T. Lyons and Mrs. Valerie L. Lyons
Mr. Samuel Isaac Lyons, AS 2017
Mrs. McNeill Lystad and Mr. James H. Lystad
Mrs. Whitney B. Lytle, PB 1991 and Mr. Michael Gayron Lytle, AS 1992