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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with H

Ms. Megan Rose Haase, PB 2021
Mrs. Dorothy M. Haber, DU 1956
Ms. Rebecca Susan Haberacker, AS 2001
Ms. Elaine Hackerman
Mr. Arndt Peter Haddenbrock, OG 1999
Mrs. Laurie Towner Haddow, PB 1986
Lyle Haden
Mrs. Lisa M. Haffer, AS 1982
Ms. Erin Hafkenschiel Donnelly
Dr. Keith W. Hagan, MD 1969 and Mrs. Carole Cosby Hagan
Mrs. Nancy Casler Hagan, AS 1964
Mr. Kent D. Hageman and Mrs. Kent D. Hageman
Mr. Kameron Anderson Hagerla, AS 2021
Mrs. Libbey R. Hagewood, AS 1966
Ms. Carol Cook Hagood, GS 1971
Ms. Ranya Hahn, PB 1996
Ms. Elsabet Solomon Haile, AS 2018
Ms. Denise Hair
Ms. Judy Hairston
Ms. Elissa Hakemack, PB 2019
Mr. Richard H. Haldeman, PB 1959 and Dr. Janice Hamilton Haldeman, PB 1960
Mr. Dayton F. Hale Jr., AS 1972 and Mrs. Charlotte B. Hale
Mr. Lennis F. Hale, EN 1975
Mr. Anders Hall and Mrs. Joanna F. Hall
Dr. Ashley Goodnight Hall, EN 2004
E. Walton Hall
Mr. Fred Jones Hall, AS 1974 and Mrs. Karen C. Hall
Ms. Jessica White Hall, AS 1985
Mrs. K. Angela Hall, NR 1982
Mrs. Katherine S. Hall
Mr. Kirkland Hall, AS 1983
Mrs. Nancy Ann Hall
Mr. Randall Wesley Hall, AS 2003 and Mrs. Jessica W. Hall, AS 2003
Dr. Randon Trenere Hall, MD 2008
Dr. Rasheeda Kamil Hall, EN 2001 MD 2006 OG 2006
Ms. Sheila Hall
Mr. Steven David Hall, EN 1984
Ms. Terri Lynn Hall, NR 2000
Mr. William Hall and Mrs. Donna Hall
Mr. Craig A. Halliday and Mrs. Erika H. Halliday
Mrs. Grace Moore Halliday, AS 1998 and Mr. Allen Halliday
Ms. Viktoria Hallikaar, AS 2016
Ms. Ursula Alyse Halmon, EN 2002
Ms. Lisa Halprin Halprin Fleisher, OG 1989 and Mr. Arthur Eric Fleisher
Mr. G. Marc Hamburger, AS 1964
Dr. James Edward Hamby, PB 1990
Mrs. Cherie Y. Hamilton
Mr. David Barrow Hamilton Jr., AS 1991 PB 1992 and Mrs. Dana Butt Hamilton, AS 1993
Mr. James K. Hamilton, AS 1968 and Mrs. Sara W. Hamilton, AS 1970
Mr. John Gibson Hamilton, AS 1991 and Mrs. Cheri M. Hamilton
Mr. John Kent Hamilton, AS 1995
Prof. Joseph H. Hamilton Jr. and Mrs. Jannelle L. Hamilton
Mrs. Katherine Reed Hamilton, AS 1982 and Mr. Noel D. Hamilton
Miss Lela Rebecca Hamilton, PB 1975
Ms. Mary Beth Hammer, GS 1982
Mr. Ian C. Hammon, AS 1994
Mr. David Hammond and Mrs. Jennifer Hammond
Mr. James Lee Hammond, GS 1973 and Dr. Dianne K. Hammond, AS 1965
Ms. Lauren Hammond
Mrs. Margaret Morgan Hammond, AS 2007 and Mr. Michael Charles Hammond, EN 2007
Mrs. Lynne Stroud Hamner, EN 1978 and Mr. Jeffrey B. Hamner
Mr. David R. Hampton, EN 1985 and Mrs. Sara S. Mahood
Mr. Laurence M. Hamric, AS 1970 LW 1976
Mrs. Bonny D. Hamrick and Dr. Richard M. Hamrick, III
Mr. Jeffrey Ryan Hamrick, AS 1999
Ms. Margaret Joan Hamrick
Mr. Robert Hampton Hamrick, AS 1997
Mr. Dennis P. Han and Mrs. Amy Han
Ms. Karin Yang Han, AS 2019
Mr. Michael Kunhi Han, AS 1995
Dr. Douglas Lowe Hancher, AS 1981 and Dr. Erin C. Davlin
Ms. Mary Nobles Hancock, PB 2016
Mr. Michael L. Hancock, AS 1980
Mr. Albert M. Hand, Jr., AS 1973 and Mrs. Melanie A. Hand
Mr. David J. Hand, EN 1972
Ms. Laura Sofia Handal Assaf, EN 2021
Mr. David P. Handke Jr., EN 1971 and Mrs. Lynn B. Handke
Ms. Rachel Ann Hanebutt, GS 2024
Mr. Matthew Gerald Haney, AS 1983 and Mrs. Paula Haney
Mr. Jeff D. Hank and Mrs. Diane L. Hank
Mrs. Tracy Wiley Hanke, AS 1993 PB 1996 and Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey Robert Hanke, AS 1994 OG 2002
Mrs. Ann Fullinwider Hankins, EN 1981
Mr. Joseph B. Hanks, Sr., LW 1990 and Mrs. Lynn P. Hanks
Mrs. Margaret Lyon Hanks, AS 1977
Dr. Roma Stovall Hanks, PB 1973
Dr. Douglas E. Hanlin, AS 1976 and Mr. Kelvin Lynch
Mr. Timothy Carey Hanlin, AS 1979 and Dr. Maria Davis Hanlin, AS 1981
Dr. Reuben L. Hann, GS 1979
Mrs. Betty Hannan, NR 1963
Mrs. Colleen Frances Hannon, AS 1994
Ms. Lisa M. Hanover and Mr. Mark A. Kirsch
Ms. Rachel K. Hansbrough
Sean C Hansbrough
Mrs. Harriette S. Hansell and Mr. Robert M. Hansell
Ms. Brenna Alex Hansen, GS 2019
Mr. Conor Thomas Hansen, EN 2000 and Ms. Katherine Rye Jewell, AS 2001
Ms. Margaret Hansen
Ms. Margaret Hansen-Jain
Mr. Adam Roland Hanson, AS 1988
Mrs. Ann Miller Hanson, AS 1962
Ms. Elizabeth Hanson
Mr. Mark Hanson
Mr. Ronald M. Hanson, LW 1970
Ms. Shira Hao, EN 2021
Dr. Thomas S. Harbin Jr., AS 1966
Mrs. Grace H. Harbison, AS 1950 PB 1952
Mr. Christensen Niels Hardcastle, EN 1988
Mr. Richard W. Hardcastle
Mr. John Gregory Hardeman, LW 1977
Ms. Alaysha Lace Nicole Harden, AS 2021
Mr. David T. Harder and Mrs. Vanessa R. Harder
Mr. Geoffrey Mason Hardin, AS 1994
Meredith Margaret Harding, AS 2013 OG 2017 and Mr. Joshua B. Landis, PB 2014 LW 2019
Harold Huntley Hardison M.D., AS 1971
Mr. Charles R. Hardnett and Mrs. Felicia P. Hardnett
Ms. Meredith Susan Hardwick, PB 2021
Mr. Jacob Soule Hardy, EN 2021
Mr. Adam W. Hargrove, AS 1996
Mr. John Page Hargrove, AS 1984
Dr. William Walter Hargrove, Sr., GS 1960
Mrs. Sridevi Haridasa and Mr. Ram Haridasa
Mr. Peter T. Haring, AS 1968
Mr. Harry H. Harkins Jr., LW 1976
Mr. Stephen B. Harkness and Mrs. Suzan J. Harkness
The Rev. Janet Denise Harlow, DV 1989
Ms. Nina Davis Harmon, GS 2014
Ms. Allison Lyn Harms, AS 2005
Ms. Amy Elizabeth Harms, AS 2005
Mrs. Linda Collins Harp, AS 1968
Mr. Richard E. Harper Jr., EN 1964 GS 1966
Mrs. Dossier White Harps, PB 2006
Mrs. Brittany Windsor Harrell, AS 1995
Mr. Robert Brant Harrell, AS 2002 and Ms. Michele Steiner Harrell, PB 2005
Mr. Jack K. Harrington, AS 1991 OG 1995 and Mrs. Chandler Coker Harrington, PB 1995
Mr. John Kirtley Harrington, AS 2023 EN 2023
Mr. Larry K. Harrington, LW 1965 and Mrs. Hadley R. Harrington, PB 1965
Mr. Martin J. Harrington and Mrs. Julie Stagg Harrington
Mr. Roger Harriott and Mrs. Marisa Harriott
Ms. Alison Wille Harris, AS 1995
Ms. Ann Harris
Mr. Benjamin Harris and Mrs. Hilary Harris
Mrs. Bonnie Ball Harris, AS 1981 and Mr. Jon R. Harris Jr., AS 1980 LW 1984 OG 1984
Mr. Caleb Edwin Harris, AS 2016
Dr. Charles Edwin Harris Jr., AS 1960 GS 1964
Mrs. Connie Harris and Mr. Kevin Russell Harris
Ms. Courtney Harris
Ms. Dominique R. Harris, PB 2008
Ms. Dorcas S. Harris, AS 1963
Mr. E.D. Harris, PB 2006
Mr. Fred H. Harris and Mrs. Patricia B. Harris
Mr. George Gary Harris, PB 1959
Ms. Hillary Danielle Harris, AS 2013
Mr. James Tyra Harris, AS 1964
Mr. Jeffrey Harris, AS 1987
Ms. Julie Harris, PB 1997
Dr. LaToya JM Harris, AS 2002 and Dr. Dennis Hughes Harris, Jr., AS 2003
Ms. Olivia Harris, AS 2018
Dr. Pamela Maize Harris, PB 1979
Mr. Roy K. Harris Jr., EN 1953
Ms. Sarang Jeehae Harris, EN 2021
Mr. Stephen Harris and Mrs. Anna Harris
Mr. Steven Michael Harris, AS 2007 and Mrs. Sunni Rose Harris, EN 2007
Mr. Tiger Harris and Mrs. Heather Harris
Ms. Whitney Susan Harris, AS 2019
Brittany Lamar Harrison, AS 2000
Dr. Charles E. Harrison Jr., AS 1956 and Mrs. Charles E. Harrison Jr., AS 1956
Mrs. Ida G. Harrison, NR 1978 and Mr. Dennis Harrison, PB 1978
Mr. James J. Harrison and Mrs. Nohemi Harrison
Mr. Thomas Clint Harrison, EN 1993 and Mrs. Kimberly R. Harrison
Mr. Marcellus George Harsh, EN 1956
Mrs. Joan S. Harshman
Ms. Jessica Alin Hart, AS 2021
Mr. Joel Alan Hart, AS 2004 and Dr. Morgan Polikoff, GS 2010
Katherine C Hart
Dr. Louis Harold Hart III, M.D., AS 2010
Mr. Paul Robert Hart, EN 2017
Mrs. Susan L. Hart and Mr. Geoffrey R. Hart
Mr. John Peter Hartley, AS 2004 OG 2011 and Mrs. Kristen Hartley, OG 2011
Ms. Mor-Li Hartman
Mr. Tyler Thornton Hartsfield, AS 2013
Ms. Sharman Kay Hartson, DV 2002
Mr. Benjamin Barry Hartwell, AS 2008
Ms. Emily Joella Hartzler, AS 2021
Mr. Alphonso Will Harvey, PB 1999
Ms. Andrea J. Harvey, PB 2007
Mr. Fletcher D. Harvey III, AS 1959 GS 1961
Mr. Curtis D. Harward
Ms. Helane M. Harward
Mrs. Beatrice M. Harwood, AS 1950
The Rev. Eldon O. Harzman, DV 1972 and Mrs. Sharon Marie Harzman, PB 1971
Dr. David Kent Haseltine, AS 1996
Dr. John H. Hash
Mr. Macklenan F. Hasham, OG 1976 and Ms. Brenda F. Hasham-Hopson, AS 1973
Ms. Devon Hamilton Haskell, AS 2021
Mr. Peter H. Haslag, OG 2011
Mr. Robert Edward Hassall, PB 1961
Dr. Sahana Hassan Balasubramanya, GS 2015 GS 2018
Mr. Jeff Hassberger, AS 2008
Ms. Charlotte E. Hassen, PB 2010
Ms. Ange Belle Hassinger, GS 1973
Arthur W. Hatfield, CFA, OG 1994
Mrs. Carolyn Wiley Hatfield, PB 1961
Mr. Stephen Clayton Hatridge, EN 2015
Dr. Margaret Gipson Hauck, EN 2007
Mrs. Melissa C. Hauck, NR 1972 and Mr. W. Christie Hauck, AS 1970
Mrs. Kimberly Womack Haufrect, AS 1998 and Mr. Brian M. Haufrect
Mr. Charles Franklin Haugh IV, EN 2008
Ms. Beth Haun, AS 2002
Mr. David W. Haun, AS 1972
Ms. Elissa Gerfen Hauptman, AS 2009
Mr. Paul J. Hauptman and Mrs. Debra I. Hauptman
Mr. Preston Karl Hausser, AS 2021
Mr. Wayne W. Hausser and Mrs. Leslie A. Hausser
Ms. Anne S. Hawkins, AS 1973
Mrs. Elaine R. Hawkins
Ms. Eliza Grace Hawkins, AS 2021
Mrs. Elizabeth Robbins Hawkins, AS 1986 and Mr. William H. Hawkins, EN 1982
Mrs. Leah Thackston Hawkins, AS 1986 and Mr. Patrick Alan Hawkins
Ms. Olivia Noelle Hawkins, AS 2004 and Mr. Fiesky Nunez Hawkins
Mrs. Virginia Byrne Hawkins, AS 1958
Mr. William S. Hawkins
Dr. Elizabeth Kerr Hay, NR 1976
Mrs. Maria Mata Hayduk, EN 1987 OG 1991 and Mr. Scott D. Hayduk
Alicia Sheneen Haymer
Mr. David Aaron Haynes, AS 2015 and Ms. Madeleine Moorhead Haynes, PB 2016
Dr. J. Brevard Haynes Jr., AS 1968 MD 1972 and Mrs. Jane V. Haynes, AS 1968
Mrs. Lindsay Rothrock Haynie, PB 2011
Linda Hays
Mr. Richard Gimer Hays, AS 2018
Ms. Ruth Hazelton
Mrs. Mary Ella Meek Hazelwood, AS 1981 and Mr. Anthony Hazelwood
Ms. Tina Shihui He, AS 2013
Mr. Philip Frazier Head, AS 2001 and Mrs. Irene Jackson Head, PB 2002 PB 2003
Ms. Erica Elizabeth Headlee, EN 2008
Mr. Jared Patrick Heady, AS 2004 and Perla Alvarez
Mr. Austin Timothy Healy, EN 2008
Mr. Brian H. Healy and Ms. Sally J. Buckwalter
Mr. Denis John Healy, III, PB 1995
Mr. Christopher Heaney, AS 1990
Dr. Ernest William Heard Jr., PB 1971 PB 1981 and Mrs. Swan Choo Heard, PB 1972
Ms. Yvonne Renae Heard, AS 2004
Mr. Joseph C. Hearne, AS 1961
Dr. Ashley Kernachan Heaton, AS 2003
Ms. Victoria Rose Hebert, AS 2021
Mr. Henry Hecht, AS 1969 and Ms. Sally Wasserman
Ms. Ann Marie Heckmann, AS 1983
Mr. Steven M. Hedberg
Ms. Lara Elees Heep, AS 1992
Mrs. Ashley LaRoche Heeren, AS 1993 and Mr. Jeffrey C. Heeren
Mrs. Kimberly Heffner, AS 2003
Mr. Martin Hays Heflin, AS 1980 and Mrs. Eileen Ahern Heflin, AS 1981
Mrs. Marty K. Heflin, NR 1963 and Mr. Ronald Wayne Heflin
Mrs. Jaime Lynn Hegarty, AS 1998 and Mr. Neale Whalen Hegarty, AS 1998
Dr. Timothy William Hegeman, AS 2007 and Mrs. Whitney Snow Hegeman, PB 2007
Ms. Caroline Faith Hegemann, AS 2021
Ms. Kristen Michelle Heggie, PB 2006
Ms. Clare Heiberger
Mr. William B. Heilman, AS 1969
Mr. Martin Ralph Heilstedt, EN 1976 and Mrs. Nancy Faith Ballert Heilstedt
Miss Mary Louise Heiman, AS 1979
Mrs. Siri Elin Heinrichs, PB 1995 and Mr. Bruce Heinrichs
Mr. Mark Jurgen Heise, AS 1985
Dr. Arnold M. Heiser
Dr. Evan Robert Heiser, PB 2018
Mrs. Byrd S. Helguera, PB 1966
Mrs. Annamarie Geppert Hellebusch, NR 1988 NR 1990 and Mr. Matthew Stroud Hellebusch, AS 1987
Mr. Jarl R. Hellemalm-Ashfield, GS 1981
Richard M. Heller, M.D. and Mrs. Toni W. Heller, DV 2005
Mr. Winder McG. Heller, AS 1969 and Mrs. Mary E. Carr
Ms. Robin D. Helliwell, DV 2008
Ms. Sara Jean Hellman, AS 2006
Dr. Cara-Lynn E. Helm, EN 2000
Dr. Arielle Rebecca Helmick, AS 2003
Dr. Sharon Jean Hels, GS 1982 GS 1987
Mr. David Wade Helstrom, AS 2003
Ms. Ashley Reagan Hemenway, AS 2021
Dr. Graham Stuart Hemingway, EN 1999 GS 2007 GS 2011 and Dr. Celeste O. Hemingway, AS 2002 MD 2006 MD 2013
Mrs. Lori B. Hemmer, AS 2006 and Mr. Caleb S. Hemmer
Dr. Richard C. Hemond and Dr. Elizabeth L. Reuman
Ms. Paula R. Hemphill
Mr. John B. Henard Jr., EN 1962
Dr. Heath Shyler Henbest, EN 1998 and Mrs. Alyson Johnston Henbest
Mr. Arthur I. Henderson and Mrs. Angeline Emery Henderson
Mr. Connor William Henderson, AS 2016
Dr. Haywood H. Henderson Jr., EN 1971 and Mrs. Haywood H. Henderson Jr., AS 1971
Mrs. Sarah Crawford Henderson, PB 2003
Dr. Stuart Douglas Henderson, AS 1985
Mr. T. Gerald Henderson, AS 1971
Dr. David W. Hendon, AS 1969
CMDR Gordon E. Hendrich, AS 1976
W. &. F. Hendrix Foundation
Mrs. Nancy P. Henegar, AS 1964
Mr. Fred J. Henley Jr., LW 1989
Mr. Thomas Joseph Hennessy, EN 1979
Ms. Gail R. Henrie, AS 1964
Ms. Vanessa Renee Henry, EN 2000
Serena Henson
M. Kristi Henzel, M.D. PhD, EN 1995 and Mr. Eric M. Fox
Mr. Jin Young Heo, AS 2021
Mr. Douglas C. Heppe, AS 1972
Ms. Rhonda Herman
Mr. John E. Hermann, AS 1952
Ms. Brittney Hernandez, PB 2010 PB 2011
Mr. David Hernandez, Jr., EN 2003
Ms. Ellen Whitley Herndon, AS 2004
Ms. Donna Herrin-Griffith, NR 1991
Mrs. Jane Myers Herring, DV 2011 and Mr. Stanley L. Herring
Ms. Victoria Mescolin Herring, AS 2019
Mrs. Michele Herrmann and Mr. Stephen R. Herrmann
Ms. Kiara Marie Herro, EN 2024
Mrs. Eloise M. Hersh, PB 1970
Mr. Mark E. Hershberger and Ms. Terri Detloff Hershberger, GS 2015
Mr. John Hervey and Ms. Pamela Sekula Hervey
Mr. Robert E. Herzfeld, EN 1966 and Mrs. Linda S. Herzfeld, NR 1966
Mr. Ari Michael Herzog, PB 2021
Ms. Therese M. Herzog
Mr. Connor James Heslin, AS 2020
Mrs. Penny Zesch Hess, AS 1983 and Mr. William Jacob Hess III, AS 1982
Mr. H. Scott Hestevold, AS 1974
Mrs. Hayley Moira Hetherington, AS 2013
Mr. Stephen M. Heuser, EN 1972 and Mrs. Paula L. Heuser
Ms. Stephanie Lynn Hewgley, NR 1991
Mrs. Amanda Hewitt, PB 2008
Dr. Kimberly Kappler Hewitt, AS 1996 PB 1997 and Mr. Greg C. Hewitt
Mr. Lyons J. Heyman, AS 1948
Mrs. Alice Pettigrew Heywood, AS 1997 and Mr. Robert Anthony Heywood, EN 1999
Mr. Cole Jonathan Hickerson, AS 2022
Mr. Daniel John Hickey, AS 2015
Mr. George L. Hickman III, AS 1966
Ms. Lindsey Ellen Hickman, PB 2001
Maj. Gen. William Busby Hickman, AS 1983 OG 1992 and Mrs. Mayme B. Hickman, NR 1994
Mr. Alan T. Hicks, AS 1966 and Mrs. Maren J. Hicks, AS 1966
Mr. Andrew Hicks, AS 2000
Ms. Anne Elizabeth Hicks, AS 2021
Dr. Carolyn F. Hicks, AS 1969
Mr. D. Randall Hicks, EN 1983
Mr. James B. Hicks, AS 1967
Ms. Laurae Danielle Hicks, AS 2011
Ms. Lodita Hicks
Hon. Ross H. Hicks, AS 1968 and Mrs. Nancy S. Hicks
Dr. Gerald B. Hickson and Mrs. Rebekah S. Hickson
Mr. Charles S. Higgins Jr., EN 1971 GS 1978 and Dr. Leslie J. Higgins, NR 1972 NR 1975
Ms. Erin Rochelle Higgins, AS 2014
Ms. Frances N Higgins and Mr. Thomas V Jacobs
Mr. Thomas E. Higgins, AS 1974 and Mrs. Loretta M. Higgins
Mr. Timothy Patrick Higgins, EN 1984 and Mrs. Susan K. Higgins, EN 1984
Mrs. Jennifer Welch Hightower, AS 1987 and Mr. Scott Hightower
Mrs. Amanda Halley Hill, AS 1990
Ms. Barbara L. Hill, AS 1977
Ms. Barbara R. Hill
Ms. Gailene Hill, EN 1994
Mr. George C. Hill
Ms. Haley Nicole Hill, PB 2021
Mr. John (Thad) Bunn Hill III, AS 1990
Mrs. Lana Alisa Riggs Hill, PB 2005
Ms. Laura Gordon Hill, PB 2021
Dr. Nathaniel Henderson Hill, AS 1994
Miss Nicole Suzanne Hill, AS 2014
Ms. Olivia R Hill
Ms. Sarah Hill, AS 2010
Dr. Seldon Davidson Hill, PB 2007
Ms. Shantell Hinton Hill, EN 2006 DV 2016 and Mr. Jeremy Hill
Mr. Theodore Marc Hill, AS 2021
Ms. Vianda Hale Hill, AS 1970
Mr. William J. Hill, OG 1990
Mrs. Yoshana Benika Hill, LW 2011
Mr. Domingo Jose Hiller, OG 2021
Mrs. Virginia C. Hillhouse, AS 1961
Mr. John F Hills and Mrs. Winifred D. Hills
Ms. Emitom Hillsman, PB 2016
Mr. James Richard Hillsman, AS 1979 and Mrs. Teresa T. Hillsman
Dr. Melissa A. Hilmes, AS 1996 MD 2000 and Dr. Jeffrey E. Martus
Mr. Jason M. Hilton and Mrs. Sarah A. Hilton
Mrs. Lee Stokes Hilton, AS 1969 and Mr. James R. Hilton
Ms. Kira Louise Hinchey, AS 2021
Ms. Cierra Monique Hinckson, AS 2023
Mr. Nigel T. Hinckson and Mrs. Shanna M. Hinckson
Mr. Kenneth A. Hindman and Mrs. Anne Rawlings Hindman
Ms. Marie Hindman
Mr. Christopher Michael Hines, AS 2002
Mr. Hugh Gates Hines Jr., AS 1959 and Mrs. Marjorie H. Hines, AS 1963
Mr. Louis C. Hines, AS 1957
Mrs. Rebecca Stiles Hinkle, AS 1978 and Mr. Eric Hinkle
Ms. Cathy Hinko, LW 1979
Dr. Jack A. Hinson, GS 1972 and Mrs. Joanne K. Hinson, GS 1971
Mrs. Mauri Ann Hinterlong, AS 2003 and Mr. Matthew Tyler Hinterlong, EN 2004
Mrs. Jessica Lynne Stansbury Hinz, EN 1999
Mrs. Etta Raye Gross Hirsch, PB 1965
Mrs. Margaret M. Hirsch and Mr. David A. Hirsch
Dr. Jason Matthew Hirshburg, EN 2004
Mr. Jonathan Thomas Hiskey and Mrs. Lynn Hiskey
Dr. James E. Hix Jr., AS 1963 GS 1968
Ms. Rita Virginia Hoard, AS 1992
Mrs. Heather Tannen Hobson, PB 1995
Mrs. Mary E. Hock, AS 1990
Ms. Amanda Paige Hodak, PB 2021
Ms. LaRayne Young Hodge, PB 1971
Mr. Demetrius Hodges and Mrs. Tonya Y. Hodges
Mrs. Judith Hodges
Mr. Kendell B. Hodges and Mrs. Lenore Hodges
Mr. Theodore Roy Hodges, EN 2024
Mrs. Emily Entrekin Hoehn, EN 2017 and Mr. William Hyde Hoehn, AS 2017
Mr. Einar B. Hoff Jr., EN 1953
Dr. Rainer Hoff, GS 1984
Mr. William H. Hoff, AS 1976 and Mrs. Peggy L. Hoff, NR 1975
Mr. Byron Nash Hoffberg, AS 2005 and Mrs. Alison Hoffberg
Mr. Paul Martin Hoffmann, PB 2001 and Mr. Peter James Martino, AS 2001 GS 2001
Dr. Martin Otto Hofmann, GS 1984 GS 1988
Mr. James C. Hofstetter, AS 1971 LW 1974 and Mrs. Cindy Hofstetter
Ms. Laurel Alyse Hogan, PB 2018
Mr. Wyatt L. Hogan and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Hogan
Mr. Edward R. Hoge, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Lee Hoge
Margaret Mary Hogoboom, AS 2004
Mrs. Laura Ann Hogue, PB 2015 and Mr. Daniel Patrick Hogue, AS 2015
Mr. Richard E. Holbein, Jr., AS 1965 and Dr. M. E. Blair Holbein, GS 1981
Mr. James Louis Holbrook Jr., AS 1981
Mr. Morton J. Holbrook III, AS 1964
Mr. Walter Hale Holden, AS 1999 and Mrs. Lauren Martin Holden, PB 1999
Ms. Kimyatta Ebonik Holder, AS 2005 LW 2008
Dr. Lawrence E. Holder, AS 1964
Ms. Patricia H. Holdridge
Miss Julie Lynn Holekamp, AS 1975
Mrs. Kylen Hopkins Holland, PB 2005
Mr. Matthew Joseph Hollander, AS 2004 PB 2006
Ms. Rebecca Kate Hollenberg, AS 2021
Mr. Joseph H. Holliday III, AS 1969
Mr. Michael Hollifield
Ms. Alexis Nicole Hollingsworth, AS 2021
Ms. Suzann Hollingsworth
Mr. Sterling A. Hollis, Jr., EN 1980
Mrs. Tiffany Patrice Hollis, EN 2009
Dr. William A. Hollis, AS 1975 and Mrs. Alicia Thomas Hollis, AS 1975
Mr. Spergeon Holly, III and Ms. Tracie DeJarnette-Holly
Ms. Ashley Parker Holmes, PB 2013 NR 2018
Mrs. Kathleen W. Holmes, NR 1972
Mr. Ryan Fauvre Holmes, PB 2002
Mr. Stephen W. Holmes and Ms. Mary R. Holmes
Mr. Steven Landis Holmes, AS 1990 and Mrs. Ann Whitman Holmes, AS 1990 GS 1995
Mr. David A. Holt, AS 1963
Dr. Wilfred E. Holton, AS 1964
Dr. Gregory W. Holtzman and Dr. Isabel Fernandez-Holtzman
Capt. Phil Holwager, AS 1955
Ms. Katherine Ann Holway, AS 2021
Mr. Andrew Justin Woo Hom, AS 2024
Mr. Curtis D. Hom and Mrs. Vivian Hom
Dr. Charles Mark Homra, AS 1980 and Mrs. Lori Ann Homra
Dr. Theodore Homyk Jr., GS 1974
Mr. William S. Hong and Mrs. Jihong Pang
Mr. Daniel Honore and Mrs. Michele Honore
Mr. Harmon C. Hood and Ms. Amanda Smith Hood
Dr. Rob Reid Hood and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hood
Mrs. Susan Moore Hoogland, AS 1982 and Mr. Keith Alexander Hoogland, AS 1982
Mrs. Madeleine Farrow Hook, AS 2008
Mr. George Draycott Hooke III, EN 1986 and Mrs. Nancy L. Hooke
Mrs. Glenda J. Hooker and Mr. Jim Hooker
Dr. Jonathon Hooks
Mr. Starling G. Hooks Jr., EN 2002
Mr. Zye Antene Hooks, AS 2012
Dr. William Blake Hooper, EN 2007 EN 2008 MD 2012 and Ms. Stacy Clark Hooper, AS 2009
Ms. Kaitlyn Ann Hoover, AS 2018
Mr. Raymond Glen Hoover, EN 1984 and Mrs. Lisa O. Hoover
Ms. M. Holliday Hopkins, AS 1981
Ms. Taylor Hopkins, AS 2021
Ms. Tracy W. Hopkins, EN 1980
Mr. Matthew Alexander Hopwood and Mrs. Maria Harrison Hopwood
Mr. Douglas Rodney Horde, PB 1956
Ms. Eliza Laura Horn, AS 2011 and Mr. Thomas William Shattuck, EN 2011
Mr. Francis M. Horn, AS 1954
Mr. Joseph Michael Horn, AS 2008
Mrs. Joan Z. Hornberger and Mr. George M. Hornberger
Mr. David T. Horne
Mr. Donis Horne and Ms. Melissa A. Purvis
Mrs. Jennifer Horne, PB 2005 PB 2006 and Mr. Hilton Horne
Mrs. Margaret Iverson Horne, AS 2001 and Mr. Jonathan Lane Horne, AS 2001
Mr. Ron Horne and Mrs. Paula Horne
Mr. Eric Hornick and Ms. Diane Zanfardino-Hornick
Jason Brett Horowitz, AS 2010
Mrs. Marion M. Horsley, AS 1968
Mrs. Amy Taylor Horst, AS 1995
Ms. Laverne Frances Horton, LW 2005
Ms. Stacy Holly Horton, AS 2021
Ms. Tonya Christina Horton, AS 1995 OG 1998
Dr. Adnan Abdullah Hossain DDS, AS 2003
Dr. Sumaiya Amena Hossain, AS 2009
Mr. John J. A. Hossenlopp II, LW 1967 and Mrs. Pat Hossenlopp
Mr. Bryce Roy Hostetler, AS 2015
Ms. Susan L. Hotaling
Mr. Samuel Price Hotchkiss, AS 2021
Dr. Meghan Murphy Houghton, EN 2010 and Dr. Chase Chapman Houghton, EN 2010
Mrs. Laurel Lee House, AS 1997
Mrs. Cynthia D. Housten, AS 2001 and Mr. Alexander James Housten
Ms. Laurie Houston, AS 1991
Ms. Valerie Houston, EN 1992
Dr. Christopher Lee Hovis, AS 1997
Ms. Bethany Nicole Howard, AS 2018
Mrs. Christine Chinnery Howard, AS 1984 and Mr. Joe S. Howard
Mr. Douglas Jay Howard, OG 1985 and Ms. Linda Edell Howard
Mr. Forrest Dalton Howard, AS 2015
Mr. James Turley Howard, DV 1987
Mr. Jason Todd Howard, AS 1999 and Ms. Rizzia Froes-Howard
Ms. Joi Lafaye Howard, AS 2009
Dr. Robert Sawyer Howard, PB 2001
Mr. Ben Burke Howell
Mr. Daniel Elliott Howell, AS 2010
Ms. Deborah McWhorter Howell, AS 1979
Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Howell, PB 1988
Ms. Lindsay Howell
Dr. Robert S. Howell Jr., AS 1973
Dr. Arthur F. Howington, GS 1970 GS 1982
Mrs. Susan L. Howington, NR 1971
Ms. Christen Means Howlett, AS 2018
Mrs. Yvonne Billingsley Howze, DV 1991
Dr. Yvonne Simmons Howze, PB 1990
Ms. Caroline Willow Hoyt, PB 2021
Mr. Quping Hu, GS 2000
Ms. Christina Huang, EN 2020
Mrs. Jie Su Huang, OG 2016 and Mr. Zheng Huang, OG 2017
Mr. Zaolin Huang and Ms. Qin Li
Ms. Janie Leigh Hubbard, AS 2021
Mrs. Marsha C. Hubbuch
Ms. LeAnne Huber
Mr. Herbert L. Hubner and Mrs. Leta L. Hubner
Mr. Benjamin Cockrill Huddleston, AS 1989 and Mrs. Susana Pae Huddleston, EN 2001
Mrs. Lysle Waggoner Huddleston, AS 1985
Mrs. Sara Paris Huddleston, AS 2000 PB 2001 and Mr. Thomas Byrne Huddleston, Jr.
Mr. Gautam Prakash Huded, AS 2004
Mr. Michael W. Hudgins and Mrs. Mona A. Hudgins
Mrs. Dawn Hudson, NR 1980
Ms. Tamika Sheree Hudson, NR 2012
Mrs. Patricia R. Huerta and Mr. Fernando Huerta
Ms. Jeannette R. Huey, AS 1982 PB 1984
Mr. Robert Gregory Huffine, PB 2000
Dr. Brooke Ainsley Huffsmith, AS 2008
Dr. Bert Huggins and Mrs. Jahi C. Huggins
Kito K. Huggins, Esq., PB 1996 LW 1999
Ms. Karen L. Hughart, NR 1988
Mrs. Courtney D. Hughes, AS 1998
Kellie Denise Hughes, M.D., AS 2003
Mrs. Kelly S. Hughes, BL 1999 and Mr. Michael Scott Hughes, EN 1999
Ms. Lois A. Hughes, AS 1969
Ms. Kyonzte Hughes-Toombs, AS 2001 LW 2004
Mr. Benjamin Hong Huh, EN 2005
Ms. Elizabeth Kuree Huh, AS 2021
Mrs. Rachel Ryerson Huk, AS 1998
Dr. David W. Hull, AS 1977
Mr. Richard Monroe Hull Jr., AS 1992 and Mrs. Kelly Straub Hull
Mr. Matthew Hullfish and Mrs. Angelus V. Hullfish
Mr. J. Randolph Humble, AS 1966 and Mrs. Sue Mckenzie Humble
Mr. Brian C. Humphrey, AS 1994 and Mrs. Tucker E. Humphrey, AS 1994
Ms. Saron Atnafu Hunegnaw, AS 2021
Mr. Dwight Robert Hunsicker, EN 1980
Mr. Aaron Hunt, AS 2021
LCDR David Cagle Hunt, EN 1997 and Ms. Alison Hopkins Leithner, AS 2004
Mr. Eugene Hunt
Rev. Dr. Judy Hunt, AS 1969
Mrs. Linda Kinnard Hunt, AS 1964
Mr. Lucas Seth Hunt, AS 2010
Mr. Ryan C Hunt, AS 2018
Mrs. Suzanne Coventry Hunt, PB 1995
Ms. Brittany Hunter, OG 2020
Ms. Deanna Jordan Hunter, PB 2023
Mr. Douglas T. Hunter and Mrs. Angela Hunter
Mr. Gregory Hunter and Dr. Wendy Hunter
Dr. James B. Hunter, AS 1958
Mrs. Kristi Wyble Hunter, AS 1990 and Mr. Richard Kent Hunter
Ms. Margaret Adams Hunter, LW 1981
Mrs. Michele Parker Hunter, AS 1986 and Mr. James H. Hunter IV
Mr. Steven T. Huntley and Mrs. Sarah C. Huntley
Mr. Justin Emmett Huntress, EN 2015
Dr. Edwin G. Hurley, AS 1977 and Mrs. Gayle D. Hurley, AS 1978
Mr. Jim R. Hurley, AS 1971
Mr. David P. Hurlock, EN 1972 and Mrs. Christie Bledsoe Hurlock
Ms. Cassidy Ashton Hurwitz, PB 2015
Mr. Iftak Hussain
Ms. Nannette F. Hutchens, AS 1979
Ms. Sydney Hutchings, EN 2019
Dr. Warren S. Hutchings, AS 1986 and Mrs. Tami Hutchings
Mr. Geoffery O'Neil Hutchinson, AS 2010
Mrs. Tracey Cochran Hutchinson, PB 1989
Ms. Kristin Lorraine Hutchison, EN 1998
Mrs. Sarah Anne Hutchison, NR 1984 and Mr. Norton Douglas Hutchison
Ms. Susan Louise Hutchison-Johnston, AS 1983
Mr. Ludwik Tobias Huth, AS 2021
Mr. Skyler Bradley Hutto, AS 2013
Dr. Gina G. Hutton
Mr. John W. Hutton, EN 1969 and Mrs. Darlene J. Hutton, NR 1969
Ms. Mary R. Hutton
Mr. Shih-Jen Hwong and Ms. Karen Tiegel
Mr. Wayne S. Hyatt, AS 1965 LW 1968
Mr. David J. Hyman, AS 1974
Mr. Elliott Hyman, AS 2011
Mr. Jeremy Hynd, AS 2004
Mrs. Laurie Durbrow Hyndman, AS 1974
Mr. Peter Lawrence Hyndman, EN 1981 and Mrs. Mary H. Hyndman, NR 1983