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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with F

Mrs. Jennifer Wheeler Faber, AS 1990 and Mr. Daniel Jack Faber
Mr. Jonathan Fabricant and Mrs. Cami Fabricant
Ms. Elizabeth Louise Fader, AS 1985
Mrs. Betty M. Fagan, AS 1953
Mr. Craig A. Fagan and Mrs. Tanya M. Fagan
Ms. Amy Lynn Fair, PB 2000
Mr. Robert J. Fairbank, EN 1970
Mrs. Lee Fairbend and Mr. John D. Fairbend
Mr. Alex Faklis
Mrs. Sally P. Falck, AS 1976 and Mr. David P. Falck
Ms. Olufunmilola M Faleye, AS 2023
Mrs. Betty W. Falk, AS 1947
Ms. Allie Fan, EN 2014
Mr. Jiaye Fan, EN 2015
Ms. Yamisi Fanga-Mbourounda, AS 2002
Dr. Latanya Lasha Fanion, PB 2004
Mrs. Susan Braselton Fant, LW 1988
Mr. Eric Haley Farber-Eger, EN 2012 and Ms. Patricia Nancy Lebkuecher, AS 2014
Ms. Emma Fargo, AS 2021
Mr. Calvin A. Farley and Mrs. Christen M. Farley
Ms. Carolyn Elizabeth Farley, AS 1986
Mr. Conor Patrick Farley, AS 2010 and Mrs. Logan Jade Farley, AS 2010 GS 2011
Ms. Patricia A. Farley
The Rev. Dr. Bevington H. Farnsworth, DV 1959 DV 1980
Mrs. Laurie Fishburn Farr, AS 1985
Mr. Dan B. Farrar Jr., AS 1972 and Mrs. Bonnie B. Farrar
Dr. John L. Farringer III, AS 1969 and Mrs. Maribeth W. Farringer, AS 1970
Mr. William E. Farrior, AS 1971 and Dr. Donna Sanders Farrior, EN 1972
Dr. Omotayo O. Fasan and Mrs. Adenike O. Fasan
Ms. Hannah Marie Fasick, AS 2012
Dr. Cherie Aly Fathy, AS 2012 MD 2017
Dr. Jim B. Fatzinger, PB 2009
Mrs. Crystal M. Faucett, AS 1997
Mrs. Kendra Faucett, AS 2000
Ms. Gina Denise Faulkner, AS 1987
Mr. Matthew Geoffrey Faulkner, PB 2014
Heidi Basgall Favorite
Mrs. Virginia Shanks Fay, AS 2004
Katie Howell Fayard and John P. Fayard
Ms. Rachel Alison Fayne, AS 2015
Dr. Scott Fayne, AS 1979 and Mrs. Linda Hill Fayne
Ms. Sarah Catherine Feagles-Lesser, AS 2008 and Mr. Chris Lesser
Mr. Dean Fearing and Mrs. Wanda M. Gierhart
Mr. Douglas E. Featherstone, AS 1977
Dr. Patrick F. Feehan, EN 1972
Mr. Brendan Davis Feeley, PB 2013
Mr. Paul E. Feeney, AS 1995 and Chad A. Braun, M.D.
Ms. Andrea Kyoko Fehrman, EN 2021
Mr. Phillip Eric Feibish, EN 1986 and Mrs. Rhonda F. Feibish
Mr. Samuel Jacob Feifer, EN 2023
Mrs. Katrice Peterson Feild Esq., AS 2009 and Mr. Jonathan R. Feild, Esq.
Mr. John L. Feininger Jr., EN 1984 and Mrs. Elleanore L. Feininger, AS 1985
Mr. Jeremy Feinstone
Ms. Nicole M. Feliciano, AS 1992 and Mr. David Nadel
Mrs. Alice Felix, PB 2006 and Mr. H. Thomas Felix, III
Mrs. Megan Holmes Fellinger, AS 1995 and Mr. Robert A. Fellinger
Mrs. Pamela Neal Fellows, AS 1979
Ms. Judith Orman Felts, PB 1966
Mr. Andrew Paul Felty, PB 2021
Ms. Kelley Walton Fenelon, AS 1979
Mr. Jesse Jiaxi Feng, EN 2021
Mr. Yalun Feng, AS 2018
Mr. William B. Fennell
Elias Ferdoussi
Mrs. Cynthia Couch Ferguson, AS 1988 and Mr. John Langdon Ferguson
Ms. Dawn Newell Ferguson, AS 2004
Ms. Hayes Ferguson, AS 1984
Mr. Hill Ferguson IV, AS 1994 OG 2000 and Mrs. Genevieve Frazer Ferguson
Ms. Jonnisa Marie Ferguson, AS 2008 PB 2014
Ms. Pamela Ferguson, PB 2001 PB 2003
Mr. William H. Ferguson, AS 1970
Mr. Diego Fernandez Barbara, AS 2011 and Mrs. Mallory Moore Fernandez, AS 2011 NR 2013
Mr. Eduardo Javier Fernandez, EN 2003
Mr. Raymond R. Fernandez and Mrs. Mary Jo Fernandez
Mr. Robert I. Fernandez, AS 1978
Ms. Minoli Grace Fernando, AS 2024
Mr. Anthony Paul Ferranti, EN 1999
Mr. Jerome Ferrara and Mrs. Francie E. Ferrara
Mrs. Andrea Moss Ferrard, AS 1989
Mr. Eric N. Ferreira and Mrs. Flaviane P. Ferreira
Mr. Jackson Ferrell, OG 2019
Mrs. Tiffany Callaway Ferrell, EN 1995
Mrs. Rebecca Turner Ferrigni, EN 1993 PB 1995 and Mr. Tycho Raffaele Ferrigni, EN 1995
Dr. William Myron Ferrin III, MD 1986
Ms. Karen Thomas Fesmire, AS 1980 and Dr. William M. Fesmire, AS 1980
Mr. Michael D. Fess and Mrs. Layne J. Fess
Mr. Steven L. Feye and Mrs. Corinne J. Meyer
Mr. John D. Feyrer and Mrs. Diane M. Feyrer
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Adam Connor Field, OG 2020
Robert Bunten Field, Jr., Esq. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Field
Mr. Randy Scot Fields, PB 1992 and Ms. Elizabeth Anne Bouis
Ms. Sharda Chere Fields, PB 2012
Mr. Michael A. Figueroa and Mrs. Claudia P. Figueroa
Ms. Jessica Aceste Fillis, PB 2003
Mr. Thomas B. Finan, Jr. and Dr. Mary K. Finan
Mrs. Nataki Finch Richards, LW 1997
Dr. Janet Mitchell Finch, PB 1985
Mr. Les M. Finch, AS 1958
Mr. William C. Finch Jr., GS 1966
Mr. Frederick G. Findlen and Mrs. Jayne S. Findlen
Dr. Mark D. Fine, AS 1969
Ms. Julia Lee Finfrock, EN 2021
Mr. Raymond Finkleman, AS 1974
Dr. John Miller Finley, AS 1976
Mr. Christopher M. Finn and Mrs. Michelle B. Finn
Mr. Curtis Harold Finn Jr., OG 1996 and Mrs. Alice M. Finn
Mr. Douglas Luke Pa'ipa'iku Finnegan, PB 2021
Dr. Lara Ham Finnila, AS 1992
Ms. Sabeen Firozali, AS 2003 and Mr. Amyn Andharia
Ms. Carissa Mary Fischer, AS 2017
Mrs. Donna M. Fischer and Mr. Joseph M. Fischer
Dr. Robert Louis Fischer, PB 1989 GS 1994
Mr. Roger D. Fish, AS 1965 and Dr. Lydia L. Cox, PB 1980
Dr. Carl Everett Fisher, EN 1981 GS 1985
Mrs. Jennifer L. Fisher and Mr. Charles R. Fisher
Mr. Mark Jeffrey Fisher, OG 1985 and Mrs. Laurel B. Fisher
Mr. Michael L. Fisher, AS 1999 and Mrs. Heather Post Fisher, AS 2000
Mr. Robert Hugh Fisher, III, PB 2021
Dr. Robert Randall Fisher, AS 1982
Ms. Roberta Fisher
Mr. Samuel Leonard Fisher, AS 2015
Mrs. Stacey S. Fisher and Mr. David L. Fisher
Ms. Sydel Courtney Fisher, BL 2017
Mr. Charles D. Fishman, AS 2013
Ms. Karen Sue Fishman RN, NR 1968
Mr. Alan Thomas Fister, AS 1980 LW 1983
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest A. Fite
Mr. Dick H. Fitzgerald, AS 1968 and Mrs. Margaret H. Fitzgerald
Mr. James Curtis FitzGerald, AS 2000 and Mrs. Jennifer Allridge FitzGerald, AS 2001
Ms. Alice Rogers Fitzgibbon, AS 1970
Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon III, AS 1968 GS 1972
Mr. William Edward Fitzgibbon IV, AS 1990 and Ms. Dawn Victoria S. Fitzgibbon, OG 2000
Dr. Noah Jack Fitzpatrick IV, EN 1991
Mr. Sean Thomas Fitzpatrick, EN 2011 and Ms. Mary Anne Morgan, PB 2012
Mrs. Rebecca A. Fitzpatrick-Yancey, AS 1991
Dr. James E. Fitzwater Jr., AS 1965 and Ms. Lynn S. Fitzwater, AS 1966
Mr. Patrick West Flaherty, PB 1994 and Mrs. Tania Flaherty
Ms. Diane M. Flanagan, EN 1984
Mrs. Natasha Flanagan, EN 1998
Dr. James Lynn Flatt, PB 1961
Mr. Daniel M. Fleetwood and Mrs. Betsy E. Fleetwood
Ms. Caroline Marie Fleischhauer, AS 2018
Mr. Adam E. Fleishman and Mrs. Wendy K. Fleishman
Mr. Evan Lowell Fleisig, PB 2021
Mr. Frederick G. Fleming, AS 1972 and Mrs. Denise M. Fleming, AS 1973
Mr. James M. Fleming, AS 1961
Mr. Joseph R. Fleming, AS 1976 and Mrs. Debra Fleming
Mr. Marc Anthony Fleming, Jr., EN 2018
Mr. John Rein Fleps, EN 2006
Mr. John J. Fletcher and Mrs. Barbara B. Fletcher
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Fletcher, PB 2016
Mr. Michael W. Fletcher, AS 1974 and Mrs. Stephanie S. Fletcher, AS 1976
Mr. Matthew Connor Flink, AS 2021
Mrs. Katherine Flood
Mr. Kirk Todd Florence, AS 1987
Ms. Patricia D. Albert Floyd, GS 1971
Mrs. Mary Blythe Flury, PB 1995
Mr. Bill R. Flynn and Mrs. Katherine N. Flynn
Ms. Emilie Marie Flynn, AS 2008
Ms. Fatumata Fofana, PB 2021
Ms. Claire Marie Fogarty, PB 2018
Dr. Hector B. Foisy, PB 1971
Ms. Deborah A. Foley, GS 1994
Mr. Joseph M. Foley, AS 1976
Ms. Wynter JoVon Foley, AS 2012
Mrs. Mary Catherine Folk, GS 1985 and Mr. James J. Folk
Ms. Elizabeth Jodie Folkmann, EN 1999
Mrs. Christian Hudson Follansbee, AS 1975
Dr. Pink Lowe Folmar Jr., AS 1967 and Mrs. Miriam R. Folmar
Mrs. Lucy Currie Folsom, PB 2003
Ms. Corinne Elizabeth Fombelle, BL 2019
Mrs. Erin Dinkel Fontaine, EN 1997
Mr. John Charles Fontaine, EN 2011 and Mrs. Anna Elaine Fontaine, EN 2011
Ms. Lauren A. Fontana, PB 1994
Mr. Douglas Lawrence Foote, EN 1991
Mr. Scott David Foote, AS 2009 and Ms. Morgan Kassi Hamner, AS 2008
Ms. Leigh Ramsey Forbush, AS 2009
Ms. Chivon Nicole Ford, AS 2013
Mr. David Ford
Mr. Jonathan William Ford, AS 2021
Mr. Nathan Anthony Ford, AS 2007 and Mrs. Althea Daniella Ford, PB 2007
Mr. Randall D. Ford, PB 1977 PB 1978 and Ms. Melanie Baker Ford, PB 1977
Mrs. Veronica Vicente Ford
Mr. William L. Ford III, AS 1953 and Mrs. William L. Ford III, AS 1957
Ms. Nichole Forde, PB 2014
Dr. Carolyn LeFay Forlines, PB 1955 PB 1981
Mr. Keith Brian Forman, AS 1981
Mrs. Jacquelyn R. Forrest, AS 1949
Mr. Jonathan I. Forrest, AS 1991 and Mrs. Debbie Banks Forrest
Mr. Phillip Tate Forrester, AS 2002 and Mrs. Kirk Reed Forrester, PB 2002
Ms. Allison R. Forte, AS 1977
Ms. Angelica Fortney, AS 2010
Mr. Charles M. Foster, AS 1978
Mr. Charles McClellan Foster, AS 1993 and Ms. Cynthia Ewell Foster, AS 1995
Mr. Leroy Edward Foster, PB 2000
Mr. Paul Foster and Ms. Tracy Foster
Mr. Robert Lee Foster Jr., EN 1979
Mrs. Sherrie Marshall Foster, AS 1989
Dr. Tikenya S. Foster-Singletary, GS 1998 GS 2004
Mr. David Fotouhi, AS 2007
Professor David Samuel Fott, AS 1983 and Mrs. Stacey Stonum Fott
Mrs. Betty L. Fouce
Ms. Courtney Ann Foulk, PB 2017 NR 2018
Mrs. Candace Cecile Fountain, PB 2004
Mr. Alan P. Fournier and Mrs. Jennifer L. Fournier
Mr. William Alan Fournier, AS 2023 PB 2023
Mr. Matthew William Foust, PB 2008 and Mrs. Julie Willig Foust, AS 2008
Mr. James E. Fowler
Mr. Jon Evans Fowler, AS 1992 and Mrs. Mity fowler
Mr. Philip Marshall Fowler, EN 1988 and Mrs. Lynne B. Fowler, AS 1991
Dr. T. Kenneth Fowler, EN 1953 GS 1955
Dr. Wiley L. Fowler, AS 1994
Ms. Beth S. Fox
Mr. Frank Fox and Mrs. Paula Fox
Mr. Larry Fox, AS 1980
Parham R. Fox, M.D., FACR, AS 1968 and Mrs. Patricia Perry Fox
Mr. Robert L. Fox Jr., AS 1966
Mr. Tim J. Fox, EN 1988
Fractal Hardware, LLC
Mrs. Kelly Elizabeth Eichman Frailey, AS 2009 and Lt. Patrick Houston Frailey, AS 2010
Mr. Bryan H. Frain and Mrs. Amy Frain
Mr. G. Haney Frakes, EN 1971
Ms. Anyssa Francis, AS 2021
Ms. Cedoni Francis, AS 2020
Ms. Janicia Elizabeth Francis, PB 2002
Mr. Douglas Charles Franck, AS 1988 and Ms. Lara Sanders Franck, AS 1992
Mr. Maxim Y. Frangulov and Mrs. Melinda A. Frangulova
Mr. Bruce L. Frankenberg, AS 1977 and Ms. Kari Severson Frankenberg, AS 1977
Mr. Mark R. Frankland and Mrs. Karen T. Frankland
Mr. Denson Nauls Franklin III, LW 1988
Mr. Eddie Doyle Franklin, Jr., AS 2015 OG 2017
Mr. James C. Franklin and Mrs. Nan Ping Franklin
Ms. Kathy A. Franklin
Miss Mary Lucy Franklin, AS 1962
Mr. Max Russell Franklin, EN 2007 and Mrs. Janie Franklin
Mr. Ronald E. Franklin, AS 1966
Dr. Shannon Brooke Franklin, PB 2004 PB 2010 GS 2016
Ms. Susan Penelope Lish Franklin, PB 1968
Ms. Tiffany Franklin, AS 1996
Ms. La-Toya Krystal Franklyn, AS 2007
Mr. Damien Joseph Franolich, AS 2000
Ms. Elizabeth Marie Franolich, AS 2000
Mrs. Annie McFadden Fraser, PB 2008
Mr. Sameer David Fraser, AS 2015
Ms. Jessica Frazer
Mr. Gregory Frazier
Mrs. Rhonda F. Frazier
Mr. Tyler O'Neil Frazier, PB 2012
Dr. Lindsay Prophet Frederick, AS 2004
Lt Col John Stephen Fredland, LW 2000
Ms. Cindy Fredrick
Mr. J. Brantley Free and Mrs. Allison M. Free
Dr. Jonathan M. Freedman, PB 1985
Ms. Brenda Susan Freeman, AS 1980
Mr. Frederick Bryce Freeman, AS 1994
Mrs. Lynne Ayers Freeman, AS 1975
Mrs. Mazo Ford Freeman
Mr. J. J. Freitag
Mr. Robert Evan Freitag, AS 2021
Meredith Ray French, AS 2000
Lt. Timothy A. French, EN 1967
Dr. Traci Lynne French, MD 1998
VADM William Douglas French, EN 1979 and Mrs. Monika French
Mrs. Susanne Herndon Frensley, AS 1990 PB 1994 and Mr. Jeffery Scott Frensley, LW 1995
Mr. Michael Dossin Frenzel, AS 2004 and Mrs. Paige Edwards Frenzel, PB 2005
Mr. William Robertson Frew II, AS 2010
Mr. Christopher R. Freymuller and Ms. Madolin K. Witte
Mr. Chester J. Friday and Mrs. Linda V. Friday
Mr. Steve G. Fridrich, AS 1979 and Mrs. Phyllis S. Fridrich
Mr. Kyle Fried, AS 2001
Ms. Tomisu Friedkin
Mrs. Julie Feibel Friedlander, EN 1979 and Mr. Randal Harris Friedlander, EN 1980
Mrs. Henriette H. Friedman, AS 1942
Mr. Jeffrey Brent Friedman, EN 1993
Mrs. Laura W. Friedman and Mr. Jeffrey A. Friedman
Mrs. Michele Conlon Friedman, AS 1994
Mr. Raymond A. Friedman and Ms. JenJen Lin
Mr. Louis D. Friedmann and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Friedmann
Mrs. Lauren Thomas Fries, PB 2006 PB 2007
Dr. Robert A. Frist, AS 1963 and Mrs. Carol Knox Frist, AS 1966
Mr. Michael D. Frohman, AS 1986
Mr. Patrick Bridge Frost, AS 1982
Mr. Philip Scott Frost, EN 1979 and Mrs. Stephanie Frost
Mr. Christopher Ryan Fruci, AS 2013
Mrs. Nancy N. Fruetel and Mr. David B. Fruetel
Dr. Carrie Elizabeth Fry, PB 2011 PB 2013
Ms. Erin Fry
Mr. Laurence D. Fry, AS 1981
Ms. Mary Louise Fanton Fry, LW 1983
Dr. Stephen M. Fry, PB 2011
Mr. Darrell E. Frye, AS 1998
Mr. Richard Frymire and Ms. Michelle Frymire
Zheng Fu, EN 2004 GS 2007
Dr. Hector R. Fuentes, GS 1980 GS 1982
Ms. Leah Nicole Fuentes, AS 2007
Ms. Sarah Jessica Fuller, AS 2021
Ms. Liz Fullerton
Mrs. Sara Clissold Fumagalli, AS 1990 and Mr. John D. Fumagalli
Ms. Sarah Furbish
Dr. Larry A. Fury, Jr., GS 1964
Mr. Clarke B. Futch, AS 1989 and Mrs. Julie Caryn Weil Futch