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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with E

Ms. Cynda Leigh Eades, LW 1990
Mr. James Allen Early, AS 1978 and Ms. Polly Castor
Mr. John Harvey Early, AS 1982
Mr. Byrd Douglas Earthman, EN 1971
The Rev. Sanders R. East, DV 1959
Ms. Kathy Lynn Eastes, PB 2005
Mr. Woods E. Eastland, AS 1967 and Mrs. Lynn Wood Eastland
Amy Louane Eberle, PB 2009
Ms. Claire Barefield Eberle, AS 1968
Mr. Paul R. Ecelbarger and Mrs. Bess J. Ecelbarger
Mrs. Monica Ecklin Echemendia, PB 2006 and Dr. Nicholas Gerard Echemendia, AS 2006
Allen Echols
Ms. Ashley Echols, AS 2007
Mr. John D. Eck and Mrs. Catherine H. Eck
Amy Munninghoff Eckardt, EN 1993
Mr. Hodgson Guyot Eckel, AS 1992
Ms. Whitney M. Eckler, AS 1984
Mrs. Edith Lindsey Eckman, AS 1982
Dr. Dwight L. Eddins, GS 1967
Mr. William R. Eddins, AS 1973
Ms. Kay Moore Edelmann, NR 1983
Dr. Hoyt L. Edge, GS 1968 GS 1970 and Mrs. Charlene Edge
Mr. Myron Houston Edgeworth, AS 1985
Ms. Isabelle duPont Edmonds, PB 2017
Dr. Ruth Ross Edmonds, AS 1993 and Mr. Kevin Edmonds
Mr. Robert M. Edmunds and Mrs. Page D. Edmunds
Mrs. Kathryn Valiquette Edry, PB 1974
Mrs. Allison Withers Edwards, PB 1993 PB 1994
Dr. Katherine Claire Edwards, MD 1980 and Mr. Mark Douglas Heckendorn
Ms. Kelly Lynn Edwards, PB 2021
Ms. Madison Haley Edwards, PB 2021
Ms. Megan Edwards
Mr. Michael Hollis Edwards, AS 2013
Mrs. Sue Winters Edwards, AS 1955
Ms. Eseosa Lois Efionayi, EN 2019 EN 2024
Mrs. Charlotte R. Egan
Ms. Melody G Egge and Mr. Steven A Stachowiak
Ms. Erica Lynn Eggers, AS 2013
Mrs. Annika Sommers Eichenlaub, AS 1990
Mr. Paul H. Eichman and Mrs. Sally Grimmer Eichman
Ms. Michelle Eickelbeck, AS 1983
Mr. George F. Eidman and Mrs. Karen C. Eidman
Mr. Zachary Michael Eidman, EN 2021
Mr. Benjamin Max Eisemann, AS 2013 and Ms. Carolyn Edwards Fisher, PB 2015
Mr. Ethan Eisenberg, AS 2021
Mr. Chuck Eiss and Mrs. Lisa Eiss
Mr. Mason Foster Eiss, PB 2021
Patrick Eiting
Mr. Gregory W. Eknoyan and Mrs. Leah C. Eknoyan
Ms. B. Bramblett Elam, PB 1972
Mrs. Letitia D. Elam, AS 1964
Dr. Evelyn K. Eldred, PB 1960
Mr. Marshall P. Eldred Jr., AS 1960
Mrs. Katherine Cobb Eldridge, AS 1965
Col. William R. Eleazer, AS 1953
Mrs. Susan Smith Elfstrom, AS 1973
Ms. Hannah Miyake Elisofon, AS 2021
Ms. Veronica T. Elkallassi
Mrs. Caroline Hinds Elliott, PB 2014 and Mr. David Alan Elliott Jr., AS 2014
Ms. Pam Elliott
Mr. Andrew Zhang Sheng Ellis, EN 2021
Mr. Brian Ellis and Mrs. Jeanette Conrad-Ellis
Christopher Randall Ellis M.D. and Dr. Wendy Drew Ellis, MD 2006
Mr. Franklin Ellis
Laura Anne Ellis, AS 1980
Mrs. Lina Bowyer Ellis, AS 1987 PB 1990 and Mr. Joseph Stearns Ellis Jr., AS 1987
Mr. Niles Ellis, PB 2019
Ms. Paola Simone Nicole Ellis, AS 2020
Mr. Richard O. Ellis and Mrs. Michelle M. Ellis
Dr. Thomas James Ellis, MD 1992 and Dr. Diane D. Ellis
Mr. Barnaby Ellis-Perry
Mr. Andrew Glenn Elmore, AS 1985 and Mrs. Lynne Marie Wonacott Elmore, AS 1984
Rev. Dr. Harold Thomas Elmore, DV 1955
Mrs. Lee David Elmore, AS 1978 and Mr. Phillip S. Elmore
Mrs. Wylly Sinclair Elmore, AS 2001
Dr. Monicia Elrod-Erickson, AS 1991 and Mr. Matthew Elrod-Erickson
Mr. Alan Elsas, AS 1962 and Mrs. Katharine Ellis Elsas
Mr. William A. Elsen, AS 1966
Mr. Craig A. Elson and Mrs. Lisa B. Elson
Ms. Mary L. Elson, AS 1974 and Mr. James S. Mahan, AS 1973
Mr. Michael Wayne Elwood, EN 1988 and Mrs. Cornelia Pelzer Elwood, AS 1990
Mr. George Peter Embiricos, PB 2012
Dr. Frederick B. Emerson Jr., MD 1970 and Mrs. Nancy F. Emerson
Dr. Gerald Andrews Emison, EN 1968
Mr. Jake Robinson Emrich, EN 2021
Mr. Reinhold Emrich
Mr. Wade A Emrich, EN 2023
Ms. Sara Ann Engber, AS 1991
Ms. Bernadette D. Engelstad and Mr. Robert J. Engelstad
Mr. Doug L. Engle and Mrs. Mary E. Engle
Mr. Roy T. Englert, AS 1943
Andrew Enkeboll, EN 2010
Mr. Leslie B. Enoch II, AS 1964 and Mrs. Ann Parsley Enoch
Dr. Deborah M. Enright, PB 2005 PB 2008
Mrs. Victoria E. Entwistle and Mr. Donald S. Entwistle
Ms. Kacy Eoff
Dr. Cozette Maria W. Epps-Buckney, PB 1992
Ms. Ann Ann Ercelawn
Mrs. Barbara Putman Erdman, AS 1958
Mrs. Anne Erickson
Dr. Kristi Ellen Erickson, AS 2000
Dr. Robert C. Erickson II, MD 1972 and Mrs. Martha Erickson
Dr. Stephen W. Erickson, AS 1974
Mr. Steven Ertel
Mr. Brad Eskind, OG 1995 and Mrs. Marcella H. Eskind
Mr. Jerry Wayne Esmond, EN 1978
Mr. Daniel Raul Espinosa, AS 2008
Mr. Claudio Henry Esposito, AS 2005 and Ms. Hannah Elizabeth Kelly, PB 2008
Dr. Emily Elizabeth Esposito, AS 2014
Ms. Karen E. Esposito
Mrs. Alice M. Essary, AS 1987 and Mr. Bryan Essary
Mr. Rodney A. Essig and Mrs. Shary Cohen-Essig
Elizabeth C Essin
The Rev. Pamela Jean Estes, PB 1983
Mr. Phil Estes and Mrs. Nancy Estes
Mr. Ryan Felipe Estevez, AS 1995
Mrs. Hope Estopinal and Mr. Earl J. Estopinal
Mrs. Meredith Shuey Etherington, PB 2000 and Mr. Simon Etherington
Dr. Erin Nicole Etzel, AS 2009
Mrs. Tiffany Turner Etzel, EN 1995
Ms. Clay Clayton Eure, AS 2013
Mr. Bruce R. Evans, EN 1981 and Mrs. Bridgitt Bertram Evans
Mr. Carter McKenna Evans, OG 2008
Dr. Jack P. Evans, AS 1956 MD 1959
Mr. John W. Evans Jr., AS 1964
Mrs. Nancy J. Evans
Ms. Taylor Ann Evans, AS 2014
Dr. Thomas S. Evans, MD 1976 and Mrs. Charlotte M. Evans
Mr. Wallace Evans III, AS 1974 and Mrs. Dorothy G. Evans, PB 1974
Ms. Emily Janell Everest, AS 2006
Mrs. Marcia E. Everett and Mr. Ronald M. Everett
Mrs. Shannon Wolff Everly, AS 1987
Mrs. Kathleen K. Evers, AS 1981 and Mr. Frank Bernard Evers, III
Mr. David Gene Everson, EN 1993 and Mrs. Christine Everson
Mrs. Dorothy Ruth Parks Evins, DV 1967 PB 1970 GS 1974
Mr. Malcolm W. Ewell and Mrs. Daisy W. Ewell
Miss Jenny Lowry Ewig, AS 2002
Mrs. Debra H. Ewin, AS 1978
Ms. Kelleesa Ann Ewing, AS 1987
Mr. Kyle Austin Ewing, LW 2015 OG 2015
Mrs. Mary Sue Ewing, AS 1960
Mr. Christopher C. Ey, EN 1988
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Eyerman, AS 1976
Dr. Unyime E. Eyoh
Mr. David Alexander Ezana, AS 2021
Dr. Roy C. Ezell, AS 1954 and Mrs. Marian F. Ezell
Miss Carolyn A. Ezzell, AS 1975