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University Priorities

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with C

Mr. Sam J. Caballero and Mrs. Carol S. Caballero
Ms. Carleigh J. Cadieux, PB 2010
Mr. Marco J. Caggiano, AS 1993
Ms. Malisa Lenora Gurule Cagney, AS 2004
Mrs. Judy K. Cahn, AS 1965
Ms. Amanda Cain, AS 2002
Mr. Brooks Ryan Cain, PB 2016
Mr. James A. Cain, AS 1996
Mr. Joseph Thomas Cain III, EN 1984
Mr. Eric Jason Caisse, AS 1997
Mrs. Lisa Greene Caldwell, AS 1980 and Mr. Guy Wade Caldwell, EN 1981
Mr. Meredith Winston Caldwell, EN 1995 and Mrs. Margaret Patrick Caldwell
Mr. Roy C. Caldwell, AS 1951 GS 1952
Dr. Sarah Tillery Caldwell, AS 1975
Mr. Stephen A. Caldwell, DV 1971 and Mrs. Lindy G. Caldwell
Mr. Christopher Warren Calhoun, AS 1981 and Mrs. Wendy Jonas Calhoun
Mr. Clark Russell Calhoun, AS 2002 and Dr. Emily Whitmer de Golian, AS 2006
Mr. Thomas G. Calhoun, EN 1978
Mr. Eddie Fernandez Calienes, AS 2005 GS 2008 and Mrs. Kathleen Suzanne Calienes, GS 2010
Dr. Joel Travis Callahan, Jr., AS 1990 and Mrs. Natalie Callahan
Ms. Linda J. Callahan, GS 1978
Ms. Marguerite E. Callahan
Dr. James M. Callaway, MD 1956 and Mrs. Martha Van Callaway, AS 1956
Mr. Matt M. Callihan, AS 1977 and Mrs. Margaret Lynch Callihan, AS 1977 OG 2004
Dr. James R. Callison, MD 1958
Ms. Layci Michelle Calloway, AS 2007
Mr. Michael Dante Calloway, PB 2000
The Hon. Sheila Denise Calloway, AS 1991 LW 1994
Mr. Jeffrey Faber Calnan, AS 1980
Mr. Terry Calvani and Mrs. Sarah H. Calvani
Mr. Skip Calvert, IV, AS 2005
Mr. Michael J. Calzolano
Mr. Joel Dean Camann, EN 1996
Mrs. Ann Cameron and Mr. Doug Cameron
Mr. Robert H. Cameron and Mrs. Leigh E. Cameron
Mr. Charles H. Campbell, AS 1949 GS 1951 and Mrs. Lou P. Campbell
Dr. Desmond LeOtis Campbell, GS 2011 GS 2015
Mr. Edward Joseph Campbell, AS 2021
Miss Emily Katherine Campbell, AS 2018 OG 2019
Ms. Margaret Stuart Campbell, EN 1980
Mr. Robert Gordon Campbell Jr., EN 1990
Ms. Sarah Gill Campbell, AS 1994
Mr. Thomas J. Campbell Jr., EN 1963 and Mrs. Karla G. Campbell
Mr. William A. Campbell, LW 1965
Ms. Diane D Camper and Mr. Johnny W Camper
Ms. Jaclyn Farrah Campis, AS 2015
Mr. Luis Campos and Mrs. Corinna N. Campos
Mr. Michael Glynn Campos, AS 2015
Ms. Pam Canady
Mrs. Beverly M. Canale
Mr. James B. Canales
Mr. David Phillip Canas, AS 1989
Ms. Carolyn Grace Cancelmo, AS 2021
Mr. John R. Cannon and Mrs. Laura Cannon
Mr. Mark Gregory Cannon, GS 1997 and Mrs. Cristyn M. Cannon
Mr. Gustavo A. Cantillo and Ms. Maria Claudia Triana
Ms. Ali Nicole Cantor, AS 2016
Mrs. Rosemary D. Cantrell, AS 1950
Senya Cantu
Ms. Shakiya LaVonne Canty, DV 2016
Mr. Richard J. Capiola
Capital One Services, Inc
Mr. Robert A. Cappelletti, EN 1955
Mr. Ryan Joseph Capps, EN 2019
Mr. Frank M. Caprio, EN 1978 and Mrs. Lisa Caruso Caprio, NR 1979
VADM Kendall Lee Card, EN 1977 and Ms. Becky Broyles Card, PB 1978
Beq of Ann Scott Carell, PB 1957
CAPT Jeff Cares US Navy (ret), AS 1984
Ms. Jillian Rowin Carey, PB 2021
Mr. Tony Eugene Carey Jr., AS 2001
Mrs. Elizabeth Nancy Cargile, NR 1980
Mr. David G. Carley and Mrs. Margie D. Carley
Mr. Douglass Carlock
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Carlow, AS 2016
Ms. Caroline Marie Carlson, AS 2021
Mr. John David Carlson, AS 1992
Mr. William Carlson
Ms. Brooxie Carlton, PB 2004
Ms. Helen Valin Carmody, NR 1968
Mrs. Kathryn C. Carmody and Dr. Sean Robert Carmody, GS 2010
Meishawn Carney-Ryan, EN 1989 and Mr. Stephen P. Ryan
Dr. Robert H. Carnighan, MD 1967
A P Carota
Ms. Eileen A. Carpenter, AS 1969
Ms. Myria Emma Dawn Carpenter, PB 1997
Mr. Robert Carpenter, PB 2021
Mr. Benjamin Edward Carper, EN 2021
Mrs. Anne O. Carr
Ms. Ryan Ashley Carr, PB 2012
Dr. Evan Demetrios Carratt, AS 1986
Ms. Emily Skelton Carrere, AS 2007
Casey A. Carrigan
Mr. Todd Crew Carris, EN 2000
Mr. Anthony J. Carroll and Mrs. Amanda Carroll
Dr. Charles Carroll, IV and Mrs. Geraldine Carroll
Mrs. Christina Marie Carroll, AS 2011
Mr. James H. Carroll and Mrs. Terese A. Carroll
Mr. Philip Joseph Carroll and Mrs. Karen N. Carroll
Mrs. Darlene M. Carruthers, PB 1980 PB 1981 and Mr. Rodrick Nickson
Dr. Richard Courtney Carson, GS 2001
Ms. Amanda Renee Carson-Wong, AS 2006 and Mr. Elliot Wong, AS 2006
Ms. Anne Jackson Carter, OG 1982 and Dr. Richard A. Carter
Mr. James Able Carter Jr., AS 1979
Dr. Kenneth Nolon Carter, GS 1949 GS 1951
Dr. Kenneth Nolon Carter Jr., GS 1983 GS 1984
Mrs. Lea M. Carter
Mr. Matt James Carter, EN 2003 LW 2010 and Dr. Hillary Hager Carter, AS 2004 GS 2009
Ms. Melanie L Carter, OG 2018
Miriam Carter
Mrs. Morgan Carter
Ms. Nia Victoria Carter, AS 2021
Mr. Ronald L. Carter, AS 1968
Mr. Sam T. Carter Jr., AS 1974
Dr. P. Michael Caruso, AS 1972 GS 2016 and Mrs. Virginia Rubel Caruso, AS 1973
Mr. James D. Carvell Jr., EN 1961 and Mrs. Nell Rogers Carvell
Mr. Jacky Eldon Carver Jr., NR 2001 and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Carver
Dr. Jonathan Dale Casey, AS 2006 MD 2019
Mr. Neil J. Cashen and Mrs. Colleen Q. Cashen
Ms. Sheryll Denise Cashin, EN 1984
Ms. Annamarie Ferguson Casimes, EN 2010
Ms. Stacey Billingsley Cason, LW 1996
Ms. Irene Barrett Cassedy, AS 2006
Mr. J. Peter Cassidy III, AS 1996
Mr. John J. Cassidy and Mrs. Katherine A. Cassidy
Mr. Walter A. Casson Jr., EN 1956 and Mrs. Lauzanne S. Casson
Mr. Richard A. Castellanos
Dr. Milton Philip Caster, MD 1949 and Mrs. Carolyn T. Caster
Dr. Jessica L. Castilho and Mr. Celso T. Castilho
Ms. Julissa Marie Castillo, AS 2009
Mr. Rives Elliott Castleman, AS 1989
Dr. Blesila Alberto Castro, GS 1984
Ms. Ashley Catanzarite, AS 2020
Beq. of George H. Cate, Jr., AS 1949 LW 1951
Dr. John C. Cate, IV and Mrs. Ellen W. Cate
Ms. Ruth L. Cate
Ms. Coretta Lorraine Catlin, AS 2008
Mr. Robert W. Catlin, Sr.
Mr. Henri Robert Cattier, AS 1990
Dr. Charles Albert Cavallo, AS 1995
Mr. Geoffrey B. Cavanagh
Dr. Pamela Blanks Cavanaugh, EN 1986 and Mr. Chris W. Cavanaugh, AS 1986
Mrs. Mary K. Cavarra and Mr. Joseph D. Cavarra
Mr. Wylie Darden Cavin III, AS 1979
Capt. Stephen D. Caviness, USNR (Ret), AS 1969
Ms. Stella Rena Thompson Cea, AS 2021
Mr. Oliver Cenedella, BL 2021
Mr. Vishesh L. Chachra, OG 2008 and Mrs. Marissa Lynn Chachra
Mr. Andres Felipe Chagui, AS 2002
Mrs. Jocelyn Deering Challas, AS 1996 and Mr. William H. Challas, AS 1996
Dr. Bryan Jamar Chamberlain, EN 2004
Mrs. Julie Hofmeister Chambers, AS 2005
Ms. Sheri Nicole Chambers, DV 2022
Mr. Zach Tyler Chambers, AS 1999
Mr. David Chambliss
Mr. Robert T. Champion, AS 1996
Ms. Mary Chandler and Mr. John Privett
Ms. Mia Sun Chang, PB 2010
Mr. Michael Ian Chanin
Mr. Mark Kenneth Chankij, AS 1996
Ms. Christina Ann Chao, AS 2011
Mr. Carter S. Chapman Jr., EN 1969
Dr. Mary L. Chapman, PB 1991
Mrs. Randi Greene Chapman, AS 1994
Mr. Stuart Ross Chapman, AS 2005 and Mrs. Patricia Anne Chapman, AS 2007
Mrs. Susan Chapman-Hughes, EN 1990 and Mr. Christopher Hughes
Ms. Sarah Katherine Chappell, AS 2021
Ms. Danielle Jean Chari, PB 2021
Mrs. Christina Michelle Charley, PB 1996 and Mr. Damien Rashid Charley, EN 1999
Mr. Charles Edward Charlton, BL 2003 PB 2004 and Mr. Fernando Jose Diggs, AS 2004
Mr. Timothy A. Charlton
Dr. David Maxwell Hunter Chascsa, AS 2006
Mr. James R. Chatham and Mrs. Martha M. Chatham
Dr. David Maurice Chatman, AS 1985 and Dr. Yolando McGriff-Chatman
Mr. Kausik Chaudhuri and Ms. Panchali Chandra
Ms. Chiedza Balbina Chauruka, EN 2018
Mr. David F. Chavenson and Mrs. Jeanine B. Chavenson
Ms. Valeria Chavez, AS 2021
Ms. Kisha Cheeks, EN 1995
Mrs. Carey E. Cheij, GS 1968 and Dr. Abraham P. Cheij
Mr. Matthew Charles Chellgren, AS 1996
Mr. Paul W. Chellgren
Christina Chen, AS 2010
Mr. David Yiding Chen, AS 2006
Mr. Haotian Chen, PB 2021
Ms. Huimin Chen, GS 2000
Mr. Jiangang Chen and Mrs. Ling Zhao
Dr. John Hanqing Chen, AS 2012 MD 2016 and Dr. Denise Fay Chen, MD 2016
Ms. Nixxi Chen, AS 2013
Ms. Qingxin Chen, EN 2021
Ms. Sherry Li Chen, AS 2015
Mr. Lucus Xu Cheng, AS 2020
Ms. Maryli Diana Cheng, AS 2013
Mr. Dhearaj Vignesh Chennupati, EN 2023
Mrs. Betsy Jonas Chernau
Mr. Charles W. Cherry, AS 1963 LW 1966 and Mrs. Ruth Brown Cherry, AS 1974
Mr. William B. Cherry Jr., AS 1972 and Dr. Terriann Hughes Cherry
Mr. Rohan Sai Cherukuri, PB 2021
Dr. Thomas M. Chesney, MD 1969 and Dr. Carolyn M. Chesney, AS 1965 MD 1968
Ms. Caroline Chester, AS 1968 and Mr. John McDonald
Mr. Charles S. Chester, AS 1950
Mrs. Jennifer M. Chester and Mr. William C. Chester
Mr. Channing Chi, AS 2021
Dr. Chetna Khosla Chianese, AS 2004
Mr. Ricardo S. Chiavenato and Mrs. Cristiane Chiavenato
Mrs. Harold W. Childress, AS 1960
Ms. Sidney Gause Childress, AS 1980
Ms. Chloe Holt Chiles, AS 2021
Mrs. Kathryn Webb Chilivis, AS 2001
Mr. Paul Harrison Chill, EN 1995 and Mrs. Kristen Marie Chill
Mrs. Sandy Chisholm, PB 1999
Mr. Nevin P. Chitkara and Mrs. Kristine K. Chitkara
Dr. Dale D. Chitwood, DV 1968 and Dr. Janet S Chitwood, PB 1966 PB 1978
Dr. Young-Jin Cho, GS 2006 and Dr. Nah-Young Shin, GS 2004
Ms. Jihyeon Grace Choi, AS 2021
Mr. Ki-whan Choi and Ms. Jeong Ja Kim
Ms. Youngnam Choi, PB 2005
Mr. Aristipo P. Chompre and Mrs. Linda J. Chompre
Ms. Rebecca Alissa Noella Chong, AS 2016
Mr. Douglas Begg Chope, EN 1986 OG 1988 and Mrs. Teresa Ford Chope, AS 1987
Mrs. Linda H. Chow and Mr. Mark S. Kaplan
Mr. Arman Rashid Chowdhury, EN 2016
Mrs. Morsheda J. Chowdhury and Mr. Ahnaf Chowdhurry
Ms. Kiersten Alexis Chresfield, PB 2014
Dr. Laura Black Chretien, AS 2008
Ms. Katie Chrisman, AS 2016
Ms. Ashley Marie Christensen, AS 2007
Mrs. Emily M. Christensen, PB 1991 PB 1992 and Dr. Christian Paul Christensen, MD 1992
Ms. Katherine Shields Christensen, EN 2022
Mrs. Margaret A. Christian, AS 1973
Mr. Douglas L. Christiansen and Mrs. Amy Page Christiansen
Mr. William G. Christie and Mrs. Kelly M. Christie
Christmas Village
Mr. Barton Trace Christmas, PB 2021
Ms. Sara Kim Chu, AS 2014
Mr. Steve Benny Chu, AS 1998
Mr. Ivan Chukhryaev, AS 2021
Ms. Lyndsay S. Church, AS 2008
Andre' L. Churchwell, M.D., EN 1975 and Mrs. Doreatha Henderson Churchwell
Mr. John Alexander Churchwell, AS 2021
Mr. Anthony J. Cichoke and Mrs. Pamela A. Cichoke
Mrs. Samantha Margaret Cicotello, AS 1999 and Mr. Thomas M. Cicotello
Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
Mr. Ronald Prence Cima, LW 1979 and Mrs. Rita Bolger Cima
Ms. Cheryl Larissa Cioffari, AS 2004
Mrs. Shari F. Citak and Dr. Kenneth A. Citak
Ms. Ann H. Claesges, AS 1956 PB 1960
Mr. Mackenzie Michael Clair, EN 2017
Mr. Daniel Clancey and Mrs. Daniel Clancy
Mrs. Paige Orr Clancy, PB 1997 and Mr. Christopher J. Clancy
Mr. Lee Tyson Clanton, AS 1991 and Mrs. Julie M. Clanton
Mr. Russell Glen Clanton, EN 1983
Ms. Debbie Clapper
Ms. Amanda Rose Clark, PB 2020
Mr. Benjamin Clark and Mrs. Tamara L. Clark
Mr. Bradley Reiss Clark, AS 2017
Mr. Charles Edward Clark Jr., AS 1987 and Dr. Agenia Walker Clark, PB 2020
Mr. Christopher Warren Clark, EN 2007 and Mrs. Maggie Clark, AS 2008
The Hon. Cornelia A. Clark, AS 1971 LW 1979
Mr. Dan J. Clark and Mrs. Mary Sue Clark
Mr. Donald E. Clark, EN 1974
Mrs. George M. Clark Jr., AS 1955
Mrs. Georgene E. Clark and Mr. Norman Clark
Ms. Julie Anstine Clark, AS 2006
Miss Kimberlin Vernita Clark, AS 1987
Mrs. Lilla Lane Clark, AS 2005 and Mr. Patrick Cannon Clark
Mrs. Martha Fitts Clark, AS 1961
Ms. Theodosia D. Clark and Mr. Donald Edward Dawson
Ms. Jade Mickel Clarke, EN 2020
Mr. Renauld Gillman Clarke, AS 2005 LW 2009
Mrs. Rosalyn Rast Clarke, NR 1982
Mr. Walter Haldeman Clarke III, AS 1989 and Dr. Deborah Yarber Clarke, PB 1998
Mr. Turi Jarohn Clausell, AS 2013
Mr. Mark A. Clauss and Mrs. Sarah B. Clauss
Mrs. Casey Oakes Claypool, AS 2000
Mr. Hasan Adolphus Clayton, AS 2014 PB 2017
Dr. Alma Rita Clayton-Pedersen, PB 1983 GS 1992
Ms. Tara L. Cleare, AS 1998 LW 2001
Mr. Brian C. Clearman, GS 1977
Mr. Peter S. Cleaves, GS 1969 and Mrs. Dorothy B. Cleaves
Mr. Samuel Carter Clements, LW 2004
Mrs. Barbara Hansen Cleveland, AS 1963
Mr. Dennis Cleveland and Mrs. Ruth M. Cleveland
Mr. William T. Clifford, AS 1975 and Mrs. Brenda Clifford
Ms. Patricia Faye Climer, GS 1973
Mr. Clay Allan Cline, PB 2012 and Mrs. Britney H Cline
Mrs. Linda Blair Cline, PB 1972 and Mr. William C. Cline
Mr. Joshua D. Clinton and Mrs. Sarah E. Clinton
Mr. Michael Anthony Clinton, OG 2007
Mr. Walter G. Clinton and Mrs. Cynthia J. Clinton
Mr. Jacob Roger Clott, AS 2021
Dr. John T. Cobb, MD 1978 and Mrs. Shelby W. Cobb
Mr. James Cobbinah
Mr. Laird C. S. Coby, PB 2002 and Mrs. Brooke Coby, PB 2003
Mrs. Sharon Weed Cocco, EN 1991 and Mr. Rocco A. Cocco, Jr.
Mr. Christopher L. Cochran
Mr. Peter J. Cochran and Mrs. Hope F. Cochran
Dr. Thomas B. Cochran, EN 1962 GS 1965 GS 1967
Miss Catherine Winter Cocke, AS 2013
Dr. Charles C. Coddington, EN 1969 and Mrs. Becki B. Coddington
Rev. Alice G. Coder, AS 1974 and Mr. Gary W. Coder
Mr. Jon Michael Coen, AS 1999
Mrs. Linda Coenen, LW 2001
Ms. Emma Cofer, AS 2009
Mr. Danny Ray Coffman Jr., AS 1954 LW 1960 and Mrs. Blanche Gray Coffman
Ms. Jana Banahan Cogburn, AS 1975 and Mr. Brian Cogburn
Ms. Suzanne Cohan
Dr. Alan G. Cohen and Mrs. Teri W. Cohen, GS 1997
Mr. Andrew Jared Cohen, PB 2013
Ms. Annie Rose Cohen, AS 2021
Ms. Emily Rachel Cohen, PB 2016
Mr. Ethan Jake Cohen, AS 2021
Mr. Samuel Jay Cohen, AS 1958
Mr. Stephen Bruce Cohen, LW 1964
Dr. Stuart M. Cohen, AS 1978
Mr. Clifford Scott Cohn, AS 2011
Ms. Jackie Megan Cohn, PB 2011
Mr. Richard Harris Cohn, Jr., PB 2001 and Mrs. Brooke Hardman Cohn, AS 2003
Ms. Jill Anne Coish, AS 2008
LTC Donna Clements Coker
Mrs. Amy M. Colbert, AS 1993
Mrs. Taylor Renee Colby, AS 2014
Mrs. Kristin Carlson Coldwell, PB 1992
A. Nicole Newsome Cole, M.D., AS 2000
Ms. Christy Leigh Cole, LW 1991
Mr. George Franklin Cole III, EN 1957 and Mrs. Mary Louise Ledbetter Cole
Mr. Jeffrey Charles Cole, EN 1990 and Mrs. Sandra Lee Cole, EN 1988
Mr. Morgan Carroll Cole, AS 1992
Mr. Roland Babatunde Cole, AS 2012
Ms. Sarah Micah Cole, AS 2021
Mr. Foster William Coleman, AS 2018
Mr. Justen Nathaniel Coleman, AS 2008
Ms. Martha A. Coleman, AS 1972
Dr. Stephen L. Coleman, AS 1969
Ms. Erica Marie Coletti, AS 1995
Mrs. Marian Lewis Coley, AS 1968
Dr. Susan Colilla
Ms. Jenna Meredith Collazzo, AS 2021
Ms. Sara Anne Colleran, PB 1998
CPT Christopher Charles Colletta, AS 2013
Dr. Joseph A. Colletta and Dr. Kathy Schilling Colletta
Mrs. Conra Lette Gandy Collier, AS 1968 GS 1971 and Dr. James R. Collier
Dr. Amanda Crawford Collins, AS 1990
Ms. Carmen Collins, AS 2002
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Clayton Collins, PB 1990 and Dr. Molly Fuller Collins, PB 1992
Dr. Jerry C. Collins, EN 1962 and Mrs. Sandra L. Collins
Mr. John D. Collins and Mrs. Rita K. Collins
Mrs. Liz Stegbauer Collins, AS 1980
Michelle Collins
Ms. Lesley Barbie Colon, PB 2009
Ms. Jennifer Carol Colquitt, AS 2005
Mr. Colin Barchat Colt, AS 2013
Dr. K. Michelle Combs, AS 1983
Ms. Taylor Nicole Combs, EN 2018
Mr. Peter Thomas Comerford, EN 1994
Dr. David Paul Comperry, AS 1969 and Mrs. Nancy N. Comperry
Mr. Jere L. Compton and Mrs. Patty J. Compton
Mr. Fred M. Condon and Ms. Carlene J. Gatting
Dr. Alicia A. Cone, AS 1989
Mrs. Deanna Lyn Conklin-Danao, AS 1995
Ms. Deborah Lynn Conley, PB 1999
CDR Matt Conliffe, EN 1995
Mrs. Bonnie Sue E. Conn
Mrs. Emily Eddins Conn, AS 1992 and Mr. William Lance Conn
Ms. Jamie Suzanne Conn, AS 2015
Mr. Matthew Byron Conn, EN 2020
Mr. Douglas Duff Connah Jr., AS 1956
Mr. Terrence John Connelly Jr., AS 1996
Mr. Thomas Bryan Conner III, AS 1988
Dr. Thomas Michael Connolly, GS 1983
Ms. Meghan Connor
Mr. William Ryan Connor, AS 2018
Mr. Joseph Conlin Connors Jr., AS 1996
Mr. Brennan Owen Conroy, EN 2004
Ms. Rachel Ann Conry, PB 2014 LW 2017
Mr. Joseph P. Conway Jr., AS 1975
Mr. Patrick Conway and Mrs. Roberta J. Conway
Ms. Angela Cook
Mr. Charles W. Cook Jr. and Mrs. Mary Hawkins Cook
Mr. H. Terry Cook Jr., AS 1962 and Mrs. Griffitha Cook, AS 1965
Ms. Jayne Estelle Cook, AS 2021
Ms. Nicole Shaub Cook, AS 2001
Mrs. Patricia Elston Cook, AS 1983 GS 1990 and Mr. Charles Eugene Cook Jr., AS 1994
Mr. Patrick Lindsey Cook, AS 2007
Mrs. Sandra Allen Cook, AS 1966
Mrs. Sayako Matsuzaki Cook, PB 2004
Ms. Sheanah Monique Cook, AS 2007
Mrs. Sheri Summerford Cook, AS 1989 and Mr. J. Houston Cook
Mr. William Gilbert Cook Jr., AS 1960
Ms. Youndy C. Cook, AS 1992
Mr. Lot H. Cooke, AS 1974
Mr. Gerald L. Cooksey and Mrs. Perla B. Cooksey
Mr. Kevin Michael Cooney, EN 1996
Mr. Louis Whatley Coons, AS 1979
Col. Carl Cooper, USMC, RET., PB 1953
Dr. James P. Cooper Jr., GS 1987 and Mrs. Laurie Cooper
Mrs. Judith Johnson Cooper, GS 1985
Mr. Justin Randolph Cooper, EN 1999 and Mrs. LaQuanda Walters Cooper
Mrs. Krista Thornton Cooper, AS 2000 LW 2004
Mrs. Tori Cooper, PB 2011
Dr. William O. Cooper, MD 1991 MD 1997 and Mrs. Amy M. Cooper
Mr. William Richard Cooper Jr., EN 1969 and Mrs. Gayle Petrone Cooper, PB 1969
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Copenhaver, EN 2008
Mr. Roger David Coplan, AS 1958 LW 1960
Dr. Claudia R. Coplein
Dr. Bethany MeKenzie Copperidge, AS 2009
Mr. Andrew Michael Coppola, EN 2014
Mr. Daniel W. Coradazzi
Mrs. Donna Marie Corbin, NR 1980
Ms. Suzanne Doreen Cordery Esq., AS 1979
Mr. Hideo Core and Mrs. Sherri Core
Ms. Sydney Ann Corey, AS 2021
Mrs. Ashley Holmes Corley, PB 2008 and Capt. Scott Michael Corley, PB 2008
Mrs. Carla Maurin Corley, AS 1994
Ms. Molly Elizabeth Corn, AS 2015 NR 2020
Mr. David Cornea, AS 2023
Mr. Paul Cornea and Mrs. Ana M. Cornea
Dr. Earl Wayne Cornell, GS 1994
Dr. John Craig Cornett, AS 1978
Ms. Mary Brenna Corr
Mr. Dickon Charles Ernest Corrado, EN 1992
Mrs. Temi Dogon Correll, AS 1989 and Mr. Sean Patrick Correll, EN 1989
Mrs. Virjinia Cortez, EN 1999
Mr. Frank Corum, EN 1966
Mr. Randall Robert Cosby, EN 1986 and Mrs. Lyn Drennen Cosby, EN 1986
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Costa, AS 2005
Mr. Michael Peter Costa, AS 2023
Ms. Claire Victoria Costantino, AS 2011
Ms. Brooke Costanza
Mr. Benjamin Lane Cotton, PB 2022
Dr. Elizabeth Cottrill, AS 2005
Mr. Andrew Lanier Couch, EN 2015
Mrs. Marli Maloney Couch, AS 1992
Mrs. Catherine W. Couey, AS 1974
Mr. Frank Mueller Coughlin, AS 1982 and Mrs. Susan W. Coughlin
Mr. Randall Lee Courduff, AS 1976
Mr. Peter L'Hommedieu Courtney, AS 1988
Ms. Jane Kathryn Cousins, PB 2007 PB 2008 and Mr. Robert Long Cousins, AS 2008 OG 2016
Mr. Robert B. Cousins Jr., AS 1967
Mrs. Kara Covert, PB 2002
Mr. Roy J. Covert
Mr. David Tucker Coviello, AS 1995 and Mrs. Lisa Quillman Coviello, PB 1998
Mr. John Foster Covington, AS 1983
Ms. Megan Elizabeth Covington, EN 2014
Mrs. Paula Anne Covington, PB 1971 GS 1994
Ms. Deborah A Cowan and Mr. Daniel B Cowan
Paulette Allen Cowan and Mr. Gary B. Cowan
Dr. Richard Howard Cowan, AS 1968
Mrs. Suzelle R. Cosby Coward, NR 1987
Mr. Andrew Douglas Cox, EN 1993 and Mrs. Katherine Anne Cox, AS 1993
Ms. Catherine Gay Cox, EN 1995
Mr. Daniel T. Cox, GS 1971 and Mrs. Mary Beth Kirby Cox
Ms. Linda L. Cox, AS 1981
Ms. Margaret Livingston Cox, PB 2020
Dr. Susan Huffstetler Cox, AS 1996 and The Rev. Kenneth Wade Cox
Ms. Janis Louise Coye, Ph.D., NR 1963
Mrs. Elizabeth Garner Coyle, PB 2011
Mr. Robin Carroll Cozby, EN 1986
Mrs. Ronee Power Cozza, PB 2010
Mr. Donald K. Craft, EN 1967
Mr. Stephen B. Craft and Mrs. Geryl M. Craft
Ms. Kristin King Crafts, AS 2002
Ms. Brooke Craig, AS 1995
Mrs. Jan Margaret Craig, PB 2009
CDR Martin L. Craig USNR/Ret., EN 1985
Mrs. Ann B. Craighead
Mr. J. Andrew Crane, AS 1984 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Crane, PB 1984
Mr. Morris L. Cranor, EN 1965 and Mrs. Connie E. Cranor
Ms. Cynthia L. Creamer
Mr. Larry I. Cree and Mrs. Barbara Cree
Mrs. Carol Claughton Crenshaw, AS 1981
Mr. Reggie LeVorn Crenshaw, OG 2016
Ms. Barbara L. Cresswell, AS 1968
Ms. Brenda C. Crews, AS 1971
Mr. Davis Wesley Crews, EN 2021
Mr. Samuel Eldridge Crewse, AS 1986 and Mrs. Jane Allison Crewse, PB 1992 PB 1994
Mr. Kenneth R. Criblez and Mrs. Mary Jane Criblez
Ms. Vicki L. Crider, AS 1984
Mrs. Lynn A. Crimmins, NR 1979
Mrs. Susan Bretscher Crisler, AS 1984 and Mr. Jon Brandt Crisler
Mr. Ryan McGrady Cristal, PB 2013 and Mrs. Natasha Sanchez Cristal
Mr. Paul Critchley and Ms. Loretta M. Critchley
Mr. Roy Barton Crockett, PB 2008
Mrs. Erin Elizabeth Croke, PB 2001 and Mr. John M. Croke, AS 2001
Mr. Joe Gray Cromeans
Mr. Colton Jay Cronin, AS 2021
Mrs. Emily Keeble Crook, AS 1967
Mr. Patrick Napier Crookenden, AS 2023
Mr. Tim J. Crookham, EN 2002
Mrs. Ann S. Crosby, AS 1975 and Mr. Samuel N. Crosby
Mr. Charles Crosby
Dr. David Cross, AS 1978 MD 1982 and Mrs. Kathryn D. Leslie Cross, NR 1982
Dr. Thea Williams Cross M.D., AS 1995
Mr. James Crouch and Mrs. Marie Dennig Crouch
Mrs. Anne-Marie Crowe, EN 2013 and Mr. David James Crowe, AS 2014
Ms. Amanda Tayler Crown, AS 2015
Mr. Robert L. Crowson, Jr. and Mrs. Janet W. Crowson
Ms. Portlyn Cruise
Ms. Kirra M. Cruise-Streat
Ms. Caroline Isabel Crumley, AS 2014
Mrs. Susan Newcomb Crumpler, EN 1981 and Mr. James J. Crumpler, Jr.
Mr. Ronald E. Crutcher, EN 1967 and Mrs. Eleanor Joyce Crutcher, PB 1970
Dr. Robert D. Crutchfield, GS 1976 GS 1980
Ms. Rose E. Cruzan
Mr. Jeff Cui, EN 2021
Mr. David Wayne Culley, PB 1978 and Mrs. Carolyn Culley
Mr. Gary P. Culpepper and Mrs. Tammy L. Culpepper
Ms. Tiffany Culver
Dr. Robert C. Culverhouse, AS 1983
Mrs. Gayle B. Cummings, AS 1963
Mr. Edgar Cunillera and Mrs. Ann R. Cunillera
Mr. John Curci and Mrs. Peggy Curci
Dr. George T. Curlin, MD 1965
Mr. David B. Curran, Jr.
Mr. Gregory Stockton Curran, AS 1985 and Mrs. Emily Mosby Curran, AS 1985
Dr. Wood E. Currens, AS 1964
Beq of Ms. Helener K. Currier, AS 1943
Kimberly Arnold Currier, RN, ACNP, NR 2001 and Matthew D Currier
Ms. Jule Layne Curry, AS 2021
Mrs. Saundra B. Curry, OG 1992 and Mr. Sidney T. Curry
Mr. Brent H. Curtis, EN 1985 and Mrs. Julia Potter Curtis, PB 1986
Ms. Kirstin Renee Curtis, NR 2002
Mr. Samuel Joseph Curtis, AS 2024
Dr. Karen Heard Cushing, AS 1982
Mr. Kevin R. Custis
Mr. Jeffrey A. Cuthbert and Mrs. Sheila M. Cuthbert
Ms. Cathy Gordon Cutler, NR 1980
Ms. Gwyneth Cutler
Mrs. Sara Bennett Cyr, AS 1994
Mr. John Czarnecki