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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

Peabody College

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Peabody College between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Roundtable Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with W

Dr. Hans F. E. Wachtmeister, PB 1986 and Mrs. Anne Marie Wachtmeister
Mr. Thomas P. Waddle and Mrs. Florence S. Waddle
Ms. Sarah Waddy-Brooks, PB 1991 and Mr. Philip Todd Brooks, PB 1993
Mrs. Jennifer Goodloe Wade, PB 1999 and Mr. John P. Wade
Dr. Roland Simeon Waguespack III, PB 1996
Ms. Beverly S. Wahl, PB 1963
Ms. Marissa Charlee Wainwright, PB 2012 and Mr. Zach Wainwright
Ms. Margaret Claire Waites, PB 2015
Ms. Meredith Grace Waites, PB 2019
Dr. Linda Allmon Walden, PB 1989
Mrs. Brooke Heidecorn Waldman, PB 2011
Mrs. Jeannette Gall Waldrop, PB 1970
Dr. Lynn S. Walker, PB 1978 PB 1981
Dr. Robert Kirk Walker Jr., PB 1976 PB 1979 and Mrs. Patricia Palmore Walker, PB 1979
The Wallace Foundation
Mrs. Dale Brasfield Waller, AS 1991 PB 1993 and Mr. James Gregory Waller, AS 1992
Ms. Pauline L. Waller
Mr. Samuel Hiden Walter, PB 2010
Dr. Whitney Beth Walters-Sachs, PB 2020
Walton Family Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Judith Morrow Walton, PB 1964 PB 1965
Miss Mary Randolph Walton, PB 1974
Ms. Jessica Marie Wamsley, PB 2009 MD 2010
Mrs. Melinda M Wang and Dr. Jy-an Wang
Dr. Michael Patrick Ward, PB 1967 PB 1971
Ms. Patricia Warner Ward, PB 1967
Mr. Dan Herman Warmbrod, PB 1954
Elizabeth Salisbury Warren, LW 1997 and Kevin Yutaka Warren, GS 1999
Miss Victoria P Warren, PB 2020
Mr. Douglas R. Warshauer and Mrs. Susan Warshauer
Mr. Stephen L. Wasby
Ms. Emily Miller Washburn, PB 1999
Washtenaw Intermediate School District
Mrs. Gina Godfrey Wasson, PB 1989 and Mr. John Martin Wasson
Dr. Barry K. Waters and Dr. Susan W. Waters
Mr. Earl Dean Waters, PB 1959
Mr. David R. Watson and Mr. Jeffrey G. Corvin
Mr. Duane G. Watson
The Rev. Gayle Turner Watson, PB 1987 DV 1993 and Dr. David Lowes Watson
Mrs. Jennie C. Watson, PB 1999
Miss JoAnna Watson, PB 1996
Mrs. Kathryn Elizabeth Watts, PB 2003 and Mr. Blake W. Watts
Ms. Shirley Marie Watts, PB 1957 PB 1961 PB 1967
Wayne State University
Dr. Tina Martin Weatherford, PB 1981
Mr. John Monroe Weatherly, PB 1971 PB 1977
Dr. Dorothy T. Weathersby, PB 1966 PB 1967 and Dr. Robert W. Weathersby II, PB 1966 PB 1967
Mrs. Jeanne Moore Weaver, PB 1948
Mrs. Kay Isbell Weaver, PB 1980 and Dr. Terry Lee Weaver, PB 1984
Mrs. Kalen P Webb and Mr. Michael R Webb
Miss Brooks Leigh Weber, PB 2016
Dr. Hans-Peter Weber and Ms. Cheryl ONeil-Weber
Ms. Lisa K. Weber
Mr. Robert S. Webster and Mrs. Diana E. Webster
Miss Tara Marie Webster, PB 2019 NR 2020
Dr. Allison Dee Webster-Giddings, PB 2019
Dr. Jeniece Edwina Weddington, PB 1988
Ms. Jenna Lynn Wedgworth, PB 2013
Ms. Angie Weeks
Mrs. Karen H. Weeks
Dr. Joseph H. Wehby, PB 1987 GS 1990 and Mrs. Kimberly G. Wehby
Mr. Chi Hsing Wei and Ms. Tsungi Huang
Mrs. Marianne Dineen Weidner, PB 1972 and Mr. Eric Joseph Weidner, PB 1977
Mrs. Rita M. Weighill, PB 2001 and Mr. Michale A. Weighill
Miss E. Emilie Weiner, PB 2015
Miss Mara Lancey Weiner, PB 2016
Mrs. Kirsten Artmann Weiss, PB 1970
Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Weiss, AS 2011 GS 2012 and Mr. Casey Michael Howards, PB 2012
Mrs. Melissa Leigh Welch, PB 1985
Dr. Melvin Welch, PB 1980
Dr. Larry Wall Wells, PB 1969 PB 1978
Ms. Nora Rose Wengerski, PB 2007 PB 2008
Mrs. Jeanne Jayne Werner, AS 1952
Mrs. Emily Dyess Wessel, PB 2006 and Mr. David MacClellan Wessel, PB 2006
Mr. Hershell D. West and Mrs. Romona L. West
Mr. Kristopher Y. West and Mrs. Stephanie A. West
Mrs. Linda Hardcastle West, PB 1975
Dr. Tommie A. West, PB 1951
Dr. Philip Todd Westbrook, PB 1997
Mrs. Hillary Head Westcott, PB 2006
Dr. David Westerfield, IV and Mrs. Karla D. Westerfield
Western Carolina University
Ms. Anne Marie Westfall, PB 1989
Ms. Carol Westlake, PB 1979 PB 1984
Ms. Leigh Wey, PB 2000
Dr. Jennifer Weyburn, PB 2012
Mrs. Ruth Wharton, PB 1974
Mrs. Susan Caverly Whitcraft, PB 1975
Mrs. Dudley Brown White, AS 1953
Ms. Katie Anne Murray, PB 2013
Mrs. Kristin Ford Rothermel White, PB 1993
Dr. Linda Rice White, PB 1985
Dr. Rodney M. White, PB 1989
Mrs. Nancy L. Whitehurst, PB 1974
Mr. George Amis Whitener, PB 1959 and Mrs. Joan A. Whitener
Mrs. Nancy Prickett Whitley, PB 1959
Dr. Jay P. Whitlow, PB 1976
Mr. Thomas C. Whitsitt, EN 1962 and Mrs. Pauline Bruer Whitsitt, PB 1965
Dr. Kenneth Whitted, PB 1985
Mr. Augustine Whyte, PB 2019
Dr. Jeffrey Ryan Wienke, AS 1995 and Mrs. Susan Greene Wienke, PB 1997
Mrs. Meredith Moore Wiersma, PB 2001
Mrs. Marie Holman Wiggins, PB 1966
Ms. Margaret Louise Wilburn, PB 2003
Mr. Jacob Alexander Wilentz, AS 2021
Mrs. Leonora Davis Wilgus, PB 1995
Mr. Derek Christian Wilham, PB 1995 and Ms. Ashaki T. Wilham, AS 1995
Ms. Caroline Hope Wilkerson, PB 2021
Mr. William G. Wilkinson, PB 1978
Mr. Andrew Carter Wilkison, PB 2015 and Ms. Devin Bird, EN 2016
Mrs. LaQuita G. Williams
Mr. Marvin Dale Williams Jr., PB 1963
Mr. Robert Davis Williams, AS 2005 and Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson Williams, PB 2005
Dr. Sara Elizabeth Williams, GS 2004 GS 2007
Dr. Sheneka Marie Williams, PB 2007
Ms. Teresa G. Williams and Mr. Dwight K. Deans
Dr. W. Virginia Lambert Williams, PB 1989
Dr. William Wes Williams Jr., PB 1978 and Ms. Sara I. Doornbos
Mrs. Cheryl Williams-Fisher, PB 1979
Mr. Donald Beason Williamson, PB 1952
Dr. Carol Oakley Willis, PB 1992
Mrs. Claire Losavio Willis, PB 2006
Diane J. Willis, Ph.D., PB 1965
Mr. Justin William Willis, PB 2006 PB 2007
Mrs. Lauri A. Willner and Mr. Kenneth M. Willner
Ms. Alison Rousseau Wilson, PB 2010 and Mr. Eric T Wilson, OG 2014
Ms. Cathy Davis Wilson, PB 1973
Mrs. Etta Grissim Wilson, PB 1974 and Mr. Amos L. Wilson
Dr. Jeffrey W. Wilson and Mrs. Sandra L. Wilson
Mr. Jonathan L. Wilson and Mrs. Deborah C. Wilson
Mrs. Martha Ottensmeyer Wilson, NR 1986 OG 1990 and Dr. Peter Strautins Wilson, MD 1989
Mr. William Michael Wilson, EN 1988 and Mrs. Cady Campbell Wilson, PB 1991
Dr. Marion Elizabeth Winfrey, PB 1989
Ms. Annick Winokur, PB 1996 and Mr. Peter Gilbert
Mrs. Helen Masler Winokur, PB 1972
Ms. Allison Rose Wisialowski, PB 2015
Mrs. Molly Martin Witherington, PB 2001 and Mr. Hunter Wetter Witherington, AS 2002
Beq of Charles W. Witherspoon, Jr., AS 1950 PB 1951
Mrs. Jo Ann Strode Witt, PB 1962 PB 1979
Mr. Trent Wohlschlaeger and Mrs. Lisa Wohlschlaeger
Dr. James Albert Wold, PB 1979
Mrs. Katherine MacIntyre Wold, PB 2007
Mrs. Sarah N. Wolf, PB 2010 and Mr. Matthew Alan Wolf
Miss Charlotte Ann Wolfe, PB 1958
Taj S. Wolff
Mrs. Carole Frank Wong, PB 2000 and Mr. Elgin Wai-Men Wong
Mrs. Clara Creighton Wood, PB 1963
Dr. David Shiel Wood, PB 1999
Ms. Jacqueline F. Wood, PB 2009 and Mr. Justin G. Wood
Mr. Zachariah Taylor Wood, EN 2011 and Mrs. Grace Anne Francis Wood, PB 2011 PB 2012
Ms. Cicely Ann Woodard, PB 2003
Mr. Tom Woodard Jr. and Mrs. Veronica C. Woodard
Mr. Thomas J. Woodbury and Mrs. Marcia A. Woodbury
Dr. Barbara W. Woodlee, PB 1992
Dr. James I. Woodrow, PB 1977 PB 1985
Ms. Katherine McKercher Woods, PB 2011
Ms. Hannah Wynne Woodward, PB 2014 PB 2015
Mrs. Rachel T. Wormald, PB 1993 and Mr. Kenneth M. Wormald
Mrs. Brooke Elizabeth Wozniak, PB 1988
Mrs. Doris Brittany Wranovix, PB 2008 PB 2009 and Mr. Timothy Robert Wranovix, EN 2008
Mr. Richard K. Wray, LW 1974 and Mrs. Carol S. Wray, PB 1974
Mrs. Deborah Foote Wright, PB 1977 and Dr. James H. Wright
Ms. Lynn Albritton Wright, PB 1981
Mr. Matthew Sydney Wright, PB 2014
Mr. Hao Wu and Ms. Li Chen
Mr. Joe B. Wyatt and Mrs. Faye H. Wyatt
Ms. Michelle F. Wyatt, PB 2000
Dr. Sue Katherine Wyatt, PB 1975 PB 1987
Mr. Eric L. Wyse