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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

Peabody College

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Peabody College between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Roundtable Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with G

Dr. Robert Alton Gable, PB 1976 PB 1977
Mr. Robert S. Gabruk and Mrs. Karen L. Gabruk
Mr. Michael Edward Gabrys, PB 2007 PB 2009 and Ms. Emily Anne House, PB 2009
Mrs. Kay Heeren Gaines, PB 1968
Mrs. Amalia S. Galindo and Mr. Miguel I. Galindo
Mr. Fernando Gallegos
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Galvez, PB 1988
Mr. James J. Galvin and Mrs. Kathryn A. Galvin
Dr. Gloria Ruth Gammell, PB 2006
Mrs. Jeannie Gammons
Ms. Christina Helen Ganon, PB 2007
Mrs. Brenda Sealy Gardner, PB 1975 PB 1978 and The Rev. James Wilson Gardner, DV 1986
Mr. David H. Gardner and Mrs. Margaret Gardner
Mrs. Woodruff S. Gardner, PB 1989
Mr. Sidney B. Garland II, EN 1972 and Mrs. Anne McAlpine Garland, PB 1972
Mr. Trevor Brooke Garlock, PB 2005
Mrs. Harriett Newson Garrett, PB 1964 and Mr. Robert C. Garrett
Ms. Melinda Ricks Garrett, PB 1979
Ms. Rachel Pharr Garrett, PB 2017
Mr. Joseph Christopher Garrison, AS 1995 OG 2003 and Mrs. Melody Anne Garrison, PB 1999
Mrs. Nancy E. Gary and Mr. Rex R. Gary
Ms. Caroline Reagan Gaston, PB 2015
Ms. Harriett Leviticus Gaston, PB 1987
Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn.
Lt.Col Alan Gaugert, PB 1981
Ms. Alison Gauld
Dr. Diane Teresa Gavarkavich, PB 2009 PB 2020
Ms. Jeanne Marie Gavigan
Dr. William M. Gavigan
Mrs. Julie Ann Johns Gaynor, PB 1975
Dr. Gail Elizabeth Gazdag, GS 1994 and Mr. Jerry Plummer
Mr. C. Robert Gee, EN 1965 and Mrs. Connie Barnett Gee, PB 1965 PB 1978
Mr. Jay M. Geller and Ms. Cindy M. Johnson
Mr. Warren N. Geller and Mrs. Kristin E. Geller
Ms. Anita Jean Genetti Roy, PB 2004
Mr. Daniel Irwin George, EN 2005 OG 2014 and Mrs. Laura Bermudez George, PB 2005
Dr. Philip C. George, AS 1971 PB 1981
Mr. John S. Gersch and Mrs. Nicole V. Gersch
Ms. Melinda J. Gertz
Beq. of Margaret N. Gessler, AS 1938 GS 1945
Dr. Bobby L. Gibbons II, EN 2006 and Mrs. Anne Childress Gibbons, PB 2006 PB 2007
Mrs. Barbara Yerkes Gibson, PB 1966 and Mr. James R. Gibson
Mr. Grzegorz Gilarowski, PB 2003
Dr. Jennifer Kay Gilbert, PB 2006 GS 2010 and Mr. Michael Gilbert
Mr. James Thomas Gildea, AS 2006 and Mrs. Sara Viggiano Gildea, PB 2007
Mr. Mike Gilfillan and Mrs. Christine Chambers Gilfillan
Ms. Shelly Gilles, PB 1990
Ms. Terry Goodman Gillespie, PB 1962
Mrs. Rachel Deutsch Gingold, PB 1999
Ms. Stefania Caterina Girardi, PB 2016
Ms. Nancy Jane Glaser, PB 1972
Dr. Douglas Richard Glasnapp, PB 1967 PB 1970 and Mrs. Mary L. Glasnapp
Mrs. Melanie M. Glazer, PB 1964
Mrs. Linda E. Halbrooks Glisson, PB 1998 and Mr. Todd D. Glisson
Mrs. Anne Walker Godfrey, PB 1991
Mrs. Marion Ross Godfrey, PB 1969
Stan Mark Godoff, Esq. and Mrs. Leslie Cohen Godoff
Mr. Tyler Bradford Godoff, PB 2010
Mrs. Kelly Kurtz Goetz, PB 1970
Dr. James H. Goetzinger, PB 1969 PB 1972 and Mrs. Patricia R. Goetzinger
Mr. Forrest Allen Goff, PB 1951 and Mrs. Jean W. Goff, PB 1949
Mr. Neil Goklani, PB 1997
Mr. Connor Allen Golant, PB 2019
Mrs. Barbara Miller Goldberg, PB 1967
Mrs. Lauren Knier Golden, PB 2003
Mr. Michael A. Goldstein and Mrs. Janice L. Goldstein
Mr. Michael Louis Goldstone, LW 1990 and Mrs. Carroll Kempner Goldstone, PB 1991
Mr. William Allen Gomes, PB 1972 PB 1974 and Mrs. Sandra K. Gomes
Mrs. Aleida G. Gomez and Mr. Miguel Gomez, Jr.
Mr. Joe Gomez and Dr. Julia Gomez
Mr. Richard Norman Gomolka and Mrs. Ruth Gomolka
Mr. Gordon K. Gonzales and Mrs. Carole M. Gonzales
Mr. Robert Goodfriend and Mrs. Julie Goodfriend
Mrs. Carey Seabrook Goodman, PB 1986
Dr. Zachary D. Goodman, AS 1968 GS 1974 MD 1975 and Mrs. Jamesen Linton Goodman, PB 1969 PB 1973
Dr. William H. Goodson Jr., AS 1957 MD 1960 and Mrs. Emily Elise Goodson, PB 1958
Mrs. Carrie Betscher Goodyear, PB 1995 and Mr. James O. Goodyear
Dr. Ann L. Gordon, PB 1978 PB 1986
Ms. Corey Elizabeth Gordon, PB 2008
Mr. James Hugh Gordon, AS 1962 and Mrs. Norma Kafer Gordon
Dr. John L. Gordon Jr., GS 1965 GS 1972 and Mrs. Susan Cooper Gordon, PB 1966
Mrs. Lynn Edelman Gordon, PB 2007 and Mr. Graham Charles Gordon, PB 2007
Mr. J. Warren Gorrell, Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Rice Gorrell
Ms. Leslie Ann Gorzkowski, PB 2014
Mr. Thomas W. Gorzkowski and Ms. Lisa A. Gorzkowski
Mrs. Barbara Padgett Goss, PB 1969
Dr. Craig G. Gothelf and Mrs. Victoria L. Gothelf
Mrs. Lauren Gottlieb, PB 1997 and Mr. Robert Michael Gottlieb, AS 1997
Dr. Antonio M. Gotto Jr., AS 1957 MD 1965 and Mrs. Anita Safford Gotto, PB 1959
Ms. Kerry Grass Grace, PB 1979
Mrs. Krista Grace
Mrs. Bridget Gramme and Mr. Jeff Gamme
William T. Grant Foundation
Mr. Alexander Thomas Grant, PB 2019
Mrs. Elizabeth Clark Grant, PB 1988
Mr. Ryan Leigh Grant, PB 2001 and Mrs. Katie Grant
Mrs. Elaine Monson Gravatte, PB 1991
Miss Betty Carolyn Graves, PB 1961
Mrs. Joan Gray, PB 1965
Dr. Velon H. Gray, PB 1982
Mrs. Misty Johnson Grayer, AS 2006 LW 2009 and Mr. Daryl E. Grayer Jr., PB 2007
Ms. Jennifer D Greene and Mr. Carter A Greene
Dr. Paula K. Greene, PB 1992 PB 1995
Mrs. Sarah Sinex Greene, PB 1992 and Dr. Arin K. Greene
Mrs. Sue McClain Greenfield, PB 1961 PB 1967
Mr. Peter J. Gregg and Mrs. Laura A. Gregg
Mr. John Geary Gregory, PB 1994 and Dr. Kate Welsh Pyron Gregory, MD 1996
Ms. Kim A Gregory, PB 1990
Mr. W. David Greif, AS 1976 PB 1980
Mr. Millard Delmar Grell, PB 1961
Mrs. Caroline H. Gretsch, PB 1997
Mrs. Catherine Ann McNamara Grier, PB 1991 and Mr. Thomas Andrew Grier
Mrs. Wheeler Simmons Griffith, PB 2001
Mr. David Alexander Grimes, PB 2002 and Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Grimes
Mr. James Matthew Grimes, PB 2010 PB 2012
Mrs. Patricia Keil Grimm, PB 1961
Mr. Harry L. Gross, Jr., OG 1986 and Mrs. Laura E. Gross
Mr. Emanuel Justin Gunn, PB 2007 PB 2009 and Dr. Jaclyn Gunn
Mr. Huandong Guo and Ms. Huilan Cheng
Mrs. Jenny Gustafson, DV 2005 PB 2007 and Mr. Cole E. Gustafson
Dr. Nina Jahn Gustin and Mr. Ray Gustin
Dr. Daniel James Gutchewsky, PB 2011
Dean Chris Guthrie and Prof. Tracey E. George