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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

Peabody College

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Peabody College between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Roundtable Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with C

Dr. Robert William Cain, MD 1986
Mrs. Tamara Cain and Mr. Marty Cain
Mr. Alfred A. Caiola and Mrs. Jaime M. Harlock-Caiola
Mr. Daniel V. Calano, Jr. and Ms. Kate Thompson
Dr. Cesare Caldarelli Jr., PB 1984 and Mrs. Myra Caldarelli
Mr. William Joseph Caldwell, PB 1976
Dr. Desmond LeOtis Campbell, GS 2011 GS 2015
Ms. Georgia Hobbins Campbell, PB 1979 and Mr. W. Stanley Campbell
Dr. Jessie G. Campbell, PB 1998
Dr. Joy M. Campbell, Ph.D., GS 1982
Ms. Maria Jose Campitelli, PB 1983
Mr. Christopher A. Candelaria and Ms. Lisa Higson
Ms. Deanna Maria Candeloro, PB 2017
Mr. John R. Cannon and Mrs. Laura Cannon
Dr. Stephen Bernard Cannon, PB 1977
Mrs. Barbara R. Cantrell, PB 1961 PB 1967 and Mr. Luther E. Cantrell Jr.
Mrs. Maymee Miller Cantrell, PB 1946
Mr. Yudong Cao, AS 2015 PB 2017
Mr. Glenn C. Capps Jr., AS 1989 and Ms. Alexandra Sargent Capps
Mr. Charles Edward Cardona and Mrs. Nina Couch Cardona
Dr. Thomas J. Carlile and Mrs. Glenda Carlile
Mr. James R. Carlton
Miss Janella Ann Carpenter, PB 1963
Dr. Charles M. Carr, MD 1965 and Mrs. Ruth Latimer Carr, PB 1961
Mrs. Diana C. Carr
Mr. Chantry Carroll
Mr. Charles Brian Carroll and Mrs. Dawne M. Carroll
Mr. Harvey H. Carrow and Mrs. Sheri-lyn Carrow
Mrs. Darlene M. Carruthers, PB 1980 PB 1981 and Mr. Rodrick Nickson
Mr. Gary Ray Carson, PB 1992
Ms. Gemma Carson
Dr. Erik William Carter, PB 1998 GS 2004
Mrs. Jennifer E. Carter and Mr. Philip E. Carter
Ms. Kelli Denise Carter, PB 1999
Mrs. Lee Perry Casey, PB 1999
Mr. Neil J. Cashen and Mrs. Colleen Q. Cashen
Dr. Dian Lee Kirschling Castle, PB 1988
Ms. Judith Hogan Castleberry, PB 1982
Ms. Emma Lloyd Catlett, PB 2015
Mr. Andrew Dean Catt, PB 2008
Mr. Grant Thomas Caudill, PB 2014 and Mrs. Grace Lyman Caudill, PB 2014
Ms. Katherine Hearn Cavenaugh, PB 2015
Mr. Eric P. Chabot and Mrs. Barbra M. Chabot
Mrs. Eileen Meyer Chalfie, PB 1963 PB 1964 and Mr. James J. Chalfie
Mrs. Ann Alsop Chambers, PB 1956 PB 1967 and Dr. Gurney E. Chambers, PB 1963 PB 1967
Mr. David Chambliss
Dr. Patricia Ann Chamings, PB 1978
Mr. William Won-Jae Chang, PB 2019
Ms. Margaret Barbara Chanin
Mr. John A. Charles and Mrs. Linda L. Charles
Dr. Reva Lou Mason Chatman, PB 1992
Mr. David Chen and Mrs. Mary Susan Chen
Jian Chun Chen, M.D. and Mrs. Lu Chen
Ms. Kate Chen
Ms. Mary Chen
Mr. Tao Chen and Mrs. Wenya Zhao
Mr. Wynn Weiqi Chen, PB 1990
Mr. William Walker Cherry IV, PB 1972
Mr. Prashant V. Cherukuri and Mrs. Lavanya S. Cherukuri
Wichai Chinratanalab, M.D. and Sallaya Chinratanalab, M.D.
Dr. Brian David Christens, GS 2004 GS 2008
Mrs. Emily M. Christensen, PB 1991 PB 1992 and Dr. Christian Paul Christensen, MD 1992
Ms. Danner Sallie Christian, PB 2011
Ms. Junyi Chu, PB 2015
Mr. Justin Jiwoo Chung, PB 2023
Mr. Scott M. Church, PB 2012 LW 2015 and Ms. Anna Drew Derrick, LW 2015 OG 2015
Ms. Lennon Dodson Cianciulli, PB 2015 and Mr. Travis Cianciulli
Mrs. Paige Orr Clancy, PB 1997 and Mr. Christopher J. Clancy
Mrs. Alee Burrow Clark, PB 1966
Dr. C. Robert Clark, PB 1983
Dr. Merrie Clark, AS 1973 PB 1978 PB 2008
Miss Julie Clauer, PB 1996
Mr. Timothy Charles Clavin, PB 2014
Mr. Kenneth M. Clayton III, PB 1997 and Mrs. Amy Erbesfield Clayton, PB 1998
Mrs. Catherine Blessing Clear, PB 2009 PB 2011 and Mr. James William Clear, EN 2010
Mrs. Deborah Lampert Cloaninger, PB 1993 PB 2002
Ms. Kira Anne Coan, PB 2023
Ms. Emma Cobb
Mrs. Marsha Faye West Cobb, PB 1979
Mrs. Nancy Williams Coffman, PB 1978
Ms. Jana Banahan Cogburn, AS 1975 and Mr. Brian Cogburn
Mrs. Amy L. Cohen and Mr. Sidney P. Levinson
Dr. Barry Daniel Cohen, PB 1975 PB 1977
Mrs. Melissa Suzanne Cohen, PB 2012 PB 2013 and Mr. Calvin Watson Cohen, LW 2016
Ms. Jackie Megan Cohn, PB 2011
Mr. Lewis Cohn and Mrs. Patricia A. Cohn
Mr. Charles E. Cole
Mrs. Clarice Smith Cole, PB 1977
Ms. Sarah Micah Cole, AS 2021
Dr. Daniel Joseph Coletti, GS 1992 GS 1997
Mrs. Mary Dodson Coley, PB 1978 PB 1986 and Mr. William H. Coley
Mr. Grover Collins and Mrs. Peggy Collins, PB 1962
Dr. Irma H. Collins, PB 1958
Lt. Col. Jeffrey Clayton Collins, PB 1990 and Dr. Molly Fuller Collins, PB 1992
Miss Opal Collins, PB 1956
Columbia University
Mrs. Margaret B. Combs-Wales, PB 1975
Community Fdn of Greater Memphis
Mrs. Amanda Frances Compton, PB 2006 and Mr. Jay Compton
Mr. Alexander Concepcion and Mrs. Paola Concepcion
Dr. Patrina Y. Conley-Brown, PB 1997
Mrs. Patricia Anderson Connally, PB 1996
Ms. Alexandra Grace Conner, PB 2020
Mr. Bernard B. Connors and Mrs. Yvonne A. Connors
Mrs. Virginia I. Smith Conover, PB 1967 PB 1968
Dr. Thomas P. Cooke, PB 1975
Col. Carl Cooper, USMC, RET., PB 1953
Mrs. Charla Walston Cooper, PB 1994
Ms. Kara Elizabeth Cooper, AS 2013
Dr. Lorri Elizabeth Cooper, PB 1983
Mrs. Julie Eifler Corbett, PB 1995
Mrs. Myra Hoge Corbitt, PB 1976
Mrs. Tammy Graff Cordova, PB 1991
Mr. Michael Corley and Mrs. Lori Corley
Dr. Laura Wood Corman, PB 1986
Mr. William Andrew Cornaghie, PB 2013 PB 2015
Ms. Sandra Gray Cornelius, PB 1991
Dr. Helen Loftin Cornell, PB 1956
Mrs. Amanda Weisiger Cornelson, PB 2012
Ann Cornwall
Dr. J.C. Cortese, PB 1974 PB 1977
Mrs. Mary Faith Costello, PB 2008
Dr. Nathalie Cote', GS 1992 GS 1998
Mr. Richard J. Cotter and Mrs. Alicia Cotter
Ms. Jane Kathryn Cousins, PB 2007 PB 2008 and Mr. Robert Long Cousins, AS 2008 OG 2016
Mr. Joel Bell Covington IV, AS 1992 PB 1998 and Mrs. Angela C. Covington
Mrs. Carolyn R. Cowgill, PB 1965
Mr. Bob Cox and Mrs. Jean Cox
Mr. William P. Cox, Jr. and Mrs. Caroline D. Cox
Mrs. Barbara A. Coyle, PB 1974 and Mr. John R. Coyle
Ms. Hana Maryn Crandall, PB 2017
Ms. Lily Elyse Crandall, PB 2020
Dr. Claude Wesley Crase, PB 1986
Dr. Xiu Chen Cravens, GS 2008 and Mr. Christopher D. Cravens
Ms. Candace Lee Cravey, PB 2019
Mrs. Caroline Taylor Crawford, PB 1990
Mrs. Mary Riesenfeld Crawford, PB 1973
Dr. Susan Beth Crawley, PB 1974 PB 1977
Ms. Maryphyllis Sarah Crean, PB 2013 NR 2015
Melinda Creasman, PB 2001 LW 2004
Mrs. Catherine LaSala Crecion, PB 2000
Ms. Cecilia Jane Crego, PB 2018
Dr. Charleen Creson, AS 1958 PB 1985 PB 1992
Mrs. Merry Whitford Cresswell, PB 1959
Mrs. Haley File Cripps, PB 2011
Mrs. Joyce Phillips Cross, PB 1952
Mr. James Crouch and Mrs. Marie Dennig Crouch
Dr. William G. Crump, PB 1962
Mrs. Patsy Lucas Crutchfield, PB 1961 and Mr. Jerry Crutchfield
Mr. David Wayne Culley, PB 1978 and Mrs. Carolyn Culley
Dr. Alan Ross Cullum, PB 1965 PB 1970
Ms. Margaret B. Culp, PB 1986 and Mr. Paul T. Rohling
Mr. James Andrew Culver and Mrs. Nancy Neese Culver
Mr. Robert Henry Cummings, Jr. and Mrs. Beth Cummings
Mr. Benjamin Atterbury Cunningham, PB 1999 and Mrs. Maribeth Cunningham
Ms. Megan Sue Cunningham, PB 2012
Mr. Evan Daniel Curran, PB 2013
Mr. Brent H. Curtis, EN 1985 and Mrs. Julia Potter Curtis, PB 1986