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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

Peabody College

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Peabody College between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Roundtable Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Giving level listing for FY21 donors. To view this list alphabetically, please click here.


$100,000 and above

Mr. Phil Estes and Mrs. Nancy Estes
Mr. David A. Friedland and Mrs. Julie L. Friedland
The Frist Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn.
Dr. Antonio M. Gotto Jr., AS 1957 MD 1965 and Mrs. Anita Safford Gotto, PB 1959
William T. Grant Foundation
Mr. H. Rodes Hart, AS 1954 and Mrs. Patricia Ingram Hart, AS 1957
Beq of Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, PB 1951 PB 1952 PB 1961
Heising-Simons Foundation
Beq. of Mr. Robert W. Johns, AS 1957 GS 1958
Dr. Nai-Chiu Joseph Lai and Mrs. Helen Lee Lai
Ms. Patricia Castles Meadows, PB 1969
National Academy of Education
Ms. Shaiza Rizavi, PB 1991 and Mr. Jonathan Wyatt Friedland
Dr. Melinda E. Shelton, AS 1992 and Mr. Peter J. Shelton
The Spencer Foundation
Ms. Melissa Anne Tannen, PB 1999 and Mr. Scott Jeffrey Tannen, PB 1999
Mrs. Shelley B. Taub and Mr. Ira S. Taub
Mr. Steven Taub and Mrs. Benay Taub
John Templeton Foundation
The Southport School
The Wallace Foundation
Dr. Tommie A. West, PB 1951