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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

School of Engineering

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the School of Engineering between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Fred J. Lewis Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with L

Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Lackey, EN 1998 and Mr. Gil Lackey
Mr. Gerry Laderman and Mrs. Sharon Laderman
Mr. David G. Laighton, EN 1967 and Mrs. Margaret Horne Laighton
Mr. Stephen P. Lainhart, EN 1974 GS 1976 and Mrs. Andrea Lainhart, AS 1977
Dr. Kathryn Bowdoin Lalor, EN 2009
Dr. Melinda Marsh Lalor, GS 1993 and Mr. William A. Lalor
Mr. Dominic Eugene Lambert, EN 2021
Mr. William Darby Lambert, IV, EN 2003 OG 2008
Mr. Frank Harrison Lamons Jr., AS 1977 and Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons
Mr. Harrison Frank Lamons III, EN 2008 and Mrs. Helen Richards Lamons, AS 2008
Mr. Ke Lan, GS 2017
Mr. George Graham Lancaster III, EN 1989
Mrs. Olivia J. Lancaster and Mr. Gary L. Lancaster
Mr. John D. Lander, GS 1973 and Mrs. Carolyn H. Lander
Mr. Robert James Landers, EN 1988 and Mrs. Carolyn Kahn Landers, AS 1988
Mr. Matthew Connor Landolphi, EN 2014
Dr. Kathryn Lee Lane, EN 2006
Mr. Stephen C. Lane, EN 1978 EN 1991 and Mrs. Helen H. Lane, AS 1979
Mr. Robert Scott Langdon, EN 1989
Mr. Ian Charles Lange, EN 1986
Mr. Bryan K Langford and Mrs. Janice D Langford
Mr. George Lantz and Mrs. Deborah J. S. Lantz
Mr. Wenjian Lao and Mrs. Ying Chu
Mr. Kyle M. Lapkewych, EN 2006
Mr. Andrew S. Lapkin and Mrs. Paula G. Lapkin
Prof. Joseph S. Lappin and Mrs. Mary Jane Lappin
Mrs. Mary Henderson Larimer, EN 1959
Mrs. Michele Louise Larkin, EN 1987 and Mr. Patrick K. Larkin
Mr. David B. Law, EN 1973
Mr. Philip John Lawlor, EN 1985
Mr. Bradley Charles Lawrence, PB 2009 and Mrs. Megan Lynn Lawrence
Dr. Michael Vintson Lawrence, EN 2002
Mr. Richard I. Lawrence, EN 1973 and Ms. Laura A. Leach
Mr. David M. Lawson and Ms. Lori Hood Lawson
Mrs. Kimberly Lawton Koon, EN 2000
Ms. Margaret Edith Layne, EN 1980
Layton Construction Company LLC
Dr. John Willis Lea, IV, EN 1973 MD 1977 and Mrs. Ellen Bradford Lea, AS 1973 LW 1976
Mr. John David Learned, AS 2021
Mr. Timothy Gil LeCroix, EN 1998
Mrs. Brandy Scott Lee, EN 2008 and Mr. Kenneth Lee
Mr. David Byungmin Lee, EN 1996
Ms. Kitty F. Lee
Mr. Leong Lee and Ms. Amy Pui Yin Loh
Mr. Robert Erich Lee, EN 2005 EN 2007
Mr. Robert P. Lee and Mrs. Debi W. Lee
Mrs. Samantha Lee, AS 2012 and Mr. Brion Jensen Lee, EN 2012
Mr. Ted L. Lee, EN 1960 and Mrs. Ted L. Lee
Mr. Gerald A. Lehmacher and Mrs. Eunice K. Lehmacher
Mrs. Erin Eileen Leigh, PB 1997 and Mr. Curtis Metcalf Leigh, EN 1997
Ms. Alessandra Marie Leon, EN 2013
Mr. Jeffrey Allen Leonard, EN 2010
Mr. Daniel J. Lesinski and Mrs. Samantha S. Lesinski
Mrs. Elizabeth Riis Leslie, EN 1979
Mr. Samuel Chen Leu, EN 2006
Mrs. Maureen Leverett
Mr. Christopher D. Leville and Mrs. Shonalie Leville
Mr. Paul Levin and Ms. Dana Levin
Mr. Norman M. Levine and Mrs. Mitzi S. Levine
Dr. Alan B. Levy and Dr. Tamara Schaeper-Levy
Marc Saul Levy, M.D., EN 1986
Mr. Salomon Levy
Mr. Bradley K. Lew and Dr. Christine K. Won
Mr. David Aaron Lewin, AS 2012
Mr. Craig A Lewis and Ms. Kelley J Lewis
Mr. Glenn L. Lewis and Mrs. Phyllis A. Lewis
Mr. Henry E. Lewis
Mr. Huntley Craig Lewis, EN 2012
Mrs. Judy D. Lewis and Mr. Kevin L. Lewis
Dr. Richard Griggs Lewis II, EN 1988 and Ms. Karyn Berg Lewis
Mr. Ronald Anthony Lewis II, EN 1993
Mr. Joseph A. Lezon and Mrs. Karin A. Lezon
Mr. Kurt Joseph Lezon, EN 2018
Mrs. Christine Paohua Li, PB 2011 and Mr. Tuo Fu Li, EN 2011
Mr. Kuozheng Li and Mrs. Yue Xu
Mr. Tong Li, GS 1996 and Ms. Xin Xiao, GS 1996 GS 1998
Mr. Yadong Li and Mrs. Lei W. Li
Mr. Siyuan Liang and Ms. Jie Huang
Dr. Wenjun Liao, GS 2018
Dr. Cristian Libanati and Mrs. Laura W. Libanati
Mrs. Katherine Lucke Limbaugh, EN 1984
Mr. David Allen Limp, EN 1988 and Mrs. Danielle Limp
Stanley D Lindsey & Assoc Ltd
Mrs. Caroline Nugent Link, AS 2004 and Mr. Jarrett N. Link, EN 2009
Mr. William F. Linke, EN 1972
Dr. Caroline G. Linn, EN 1991
Dr. Joseph L. Linn, EN 1974 GS 1980 and Dr. Cathy Jo Thompson Linn, EN 1974 GS 1978 GS 1980
Ms. Jamie J. Linski
Mrs. Devin Donovan Lintzenich, PB 2007 and Mr. Jeffrey Michael Lintzenich, EN 2007
Mr. Phillip J. Lioi and Ms. Jane A. Cassidy
Mr. Thomas Liptack and Ms. Barbara Loomis
Mr. Paul D. Litchy, EN 2007
Mrs. Joan D. Litt and Mr. Eugene C. Litt
Mr. James H. Littlejohn, EN 1976 and Mrs. Lisa Ann Lucas Littlejohn, PB 1977 PB 1978
Mrs. Julia M. Littlejohn
Dr. Jian Liu, GS 2011
Mrs. Nancy Guo Liu and Mr. Changzheng Liu
Ms. Yan Liu and Mr. Xu Bai
Mrs. Mary R. Livesay, EN 1974
Mr. Joseph Michael Liyana, EN 2010
Mr. Carl Lochard and Ms. Patricia Marthone
Dr. Trevan Michael Locke, EN 2012
Ms. Amy Schneider Lockwood, EN 2002
Mr. Ross A. Loevy, EN 1983
Mr. Devin Ray Loftis, EN 1994 and Mrs. Tina M. Loftis, EN 1996
Mrs. Callie Healy Lohse, PB 2011 and Mr. Ryan Richard Lohse, EN 2011
Mr. Keith A. Loiseau
Mrs. Rebecca B. Long, EN 1980
Mr. Alan Patrick Loprete, EN 2003
Mr. Frank Edmund Lorge, EN 1972 LW 1980 GS 1982
Mr. Vincent Lotano and Mrs. Ramya Lotano
Ms. Emily Lowe
Mr. James Edgar Lowe, EN 1966 GS 1969
Mr. Stephen Robbins Lowe, EN 1992 and Mrs. Cathy Lowe
Miss Mackenzie Lucas, EN 2016
Mr. John Martin Ludwig, EN 1979
Ms. Eileen H. Lueder
Annette Marie Luetzow, M.D., EN 1981
Mr. Donald K. Lugge and Mrs. Kim K. Lugge
Mr. John Raymond Lunn, EN 1992
Mr. Frank Ho Luo, EN 2018
Mr. Edward M. Lusky, EN 1974 OG 1983 and Mrs. Karen F. Lusky, NR 1977
Dr. Richard Charles Lussky, EN 1978
Mr. Stephen Michael Lyle, EN 1979 and Mrs. Pamela M. Lyle
Mr. Byron C. Lynch Jr., EN 1956 and Mrs. Marjory L. Lynch, AS 1957
Mr. Grady Lynch, EN 2017
Mr. Robert Linfield Lynch, EN 1989 and Mrs. Ellen J. Lynch