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2020-21 Donors  |  return to the main listing

School of Engineering

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the School of Engineering between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2021 fiscal year are recognized through the Fred J. Lewis Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY21 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with J

Mr. Blake Patrick Jackson, EN 1998
Mr. Carl Hughes Jackson, EN 1980
Dr. Matthew Wesley Jackson, EN 2006
Mr. Benjamin Moses Jacobi, EN 2015
Mr. W. Haynie Jacobs, EN 1957 and Mrs. W. Haynie Jacobs, NR 1957
Mr. Stephen Jacobson, EN 2013 and Mrs. Madeline Jacobson
Mr. Stephen E. Jacobson, EN 1967
Mr. William A. James Jr., EN 1972
Mr. Joel S. Janco, EN 1971 GS 1973
Mr. Jason August Janning, EN 1995
Mr. Andreas H. Janssen and Mrs. Stephanie A. Janssen
Mr. Adam Wesley Jarrell, GS 2017 GS 2022
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Jarrell, EN 2002
Mrs. Lynn Caldwell Jarrett, GS 1983 and Mr. Paul Thomas Jarrett, GS 1983
Dr. John Jay Jasper, M.D., EN 1985
Mr. Jonathan Hunt Jenkins, EN 2005 and Mrs. Christina Jenkins, EN 2005
Dr. Lindsay Michelle Jenkins, GS 2011 GS 2014
Ms. Caitlin Elizabeth Jensen, EN 2013
Ms. Hannah Grace Jensen, EN 2020
Mrs. Cindy Jernigan, EN 1977
Dr. Aiping Jiang, GS 1991
Mr. Dong Jiang, GS 2000
Mr. Jianping Jiang, GS 1988
Dr. Keyuan Jiang, GS 1989
Mr. Yuxi Jiang, GS 2021
Mrs. Kristen Fjeldstad Johns, EN 1995 and Mr. Andrew F. Johns, III
Mr. Andra Johnson and Mrs. Vivian R. Johnson
Mr. Andrew P. Johnson and Mrs. Alexandra D. Johnson
Capt. Andy Johnson, EN 1980 GS 2006
Mr. David R. Johnson Jr., EN 1962
Mr. Derek Edward Johnson, EN 1999 and Ms. Carolyn Grace Hutchinson, AS 1998
Ms. Frandale Lynette Johnson, EN 1996
Mr. Harry Johnson and Mrs. Peggy Johnson
Dr. James (Jim) Arthur Johnson, EN 1963 GS 1972 and Mrs. Karen Wallace Johnson
Mr. James Leo Johnson Jr., EN 1984 and Mrs. Leslie G. Johnson
Mr. John Willard Johnson, EN 1968 and Mrs. John Willard Johnson, AS 1967
Mr. Matthew Conrad Johnson, EN 2018
Mr. Michael R. Johnson, EN 1969 and Mrs. Camille T. Johnson, AS 1968
Mr. Preston Todd Johnson, EN 1985
Dr. Robert Wayne Johnson, EN 1979 GS 1982 and Mrs. Alesia Gray Johnson
Ms. Rose M. Johnson, EN 2006
Mr. Shelton Johnson Jr., EN 1961
Mr. Wayne H. Johnson and Mrs. Lee Ann B. Johnson
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Johnston, AS 1946
Mr. Stephen Jay Johnston, EN 1976 and Mrs. Julia W. Johnston, EN 1981
Mr. Brady Clinton Johnstone, EN 2003
Mr. Ralph Jolly, Jr., EN 1985
Dr. Cameron C Jones, EN 2007
Mr. Clyde Wayne Jones Jr., EN 1984
Mrs. Jasmine LaCoy Jones, EN 2006
LTC, Rtd. John Thomas Jones Jr., EN 1973
Mr. Maricus D. Jones, EN 2010
Mr. Paul Breckinridge Jones, Sr., EN 1981
Mrs. Rebecca Henson Jones, EN 1987
Mr. Benjamin T. Jordan, Jr.
Dr. Jacob L. Jordan, EN 2003 and Mrs. Terri Jordan
Mr. John A. Jordan Sr., EN 1971
Mr. John R. Jordan, Jr., EN 1984
Mr. William G. Jordan, EN 1969 and Mrs. Anita N. Jordan
Mr. Jonah Jordening, EN 2020
Mr. John Jay Jorgensen, EN 2004
Dr. Kevin Joseph, MD 2001
Mr. Rodrigue Joseph and Mrs. Christene Joseph
Mrs. Emily Clark Joyce, EN 1996 and Mr. Paul Gerard Joyce, OG 2006
Mrs. Rebecca Robins Jucksch, EN 1987
Mr. Andrew David Jurik, EN 2007 and Mrs. Shari Jurik