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2018-19 Donors  |  return to the main listing

Vanderbilt University, General

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the university's mission between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with A

A Chance Fund, Inc.
A-1 Home Improvements & Fencing
Miss Samantha Aaron, AS 2010
Ms. Fayo Abadula, AS 2019
Dr. William Parker Abblitt, EN 2010 and Mrs. Whitney Gaston Abblitt, PB 2011
Mr. Douglas A. Abbott and Mrs. Vanessa F. Abbott
Miss Emily Faye Abbott, AS 2003
Mr. Jose Nunez Abe
Ms. Dorian E. Abernathy
Ms. Aya Abou-Jaoude, PB 2019
Mr. Michael Laurence Abraham, PB 2013
Mr. Jared Schuyler Abrams, AS 2005
Mr. Joshua Cyril Abreo, EN 2019
Mrs. Ann Dillard Ackley, AS 1977 and Mr. Robert E. Ackley
Ms. Amber Geneva Oyiba Acquaye, AS 2020 PB 2020
Ms. Beegie Adair
Mr. Alton Wayne Adams, OG 1984 and Mrs. Jane E. Adams
Ms. Ashley Toccara Adams, AS 2008
Mr. Benjamin F. Adams Jr.
Mr. Billy Adams and Mrs. Tammara Adams
Mr. Brian C. Adams and Dr. Jessie Morris Adams, GS 2012
Mr. Daniel E. Adams and Mrs. Kristin S. Adams
Mr. Howell E. Adams Jr., EN 1953 and Mrs. Madeline Reynolds Adams, AS 1956
Mr. Jeff Guy Adams, AS 1984
Mrs. Katherine Bell Adams, AS 1978 and Mr. Ben C. Adams Jr., LW 1981
Mrs. Laura Anne Adams, AS 2013
Ms. Sharonda G Adams, AS 2021
Mr. Thomas E. Adams, EN 1958 and Mrs. Anita Bellmann Adams
Sheena A Adams-Avery
Dr. Aaron Weldon Aday, AS 2005 and Ms. Courtney Elizabeth Wilkes, AS 2005
Mr. Timothy N. Adcox and Mrs. Ginger L. Adcox
Mr. Charles Calvin Addington III, AS 1980
Ms. Leila O. Adell, AS 2009
Ms. Luul Abdinasir Aden, AS 2019
Mr. C. Mark Aderman, AS 1968
Mr. Newton Kermit Adkins, PB 2014
Ms. Judy Ann Adler, EN 1993
Mr. Lee Richard Adler, AS 1985
Adventure Science Center
Mr. Jeremiah Oluwatobi Afolabi, EN 2015
Ms. Chimsom Danielle Agbim, AS 2019
Mr. Jack E. Agee and Mrs. Lynn Smith Agee, AS 1958
Mrs. MaryAnn Agre, AS 1985
Dr. Anne Edmunds Aguirre, AS 1994 PB 1999
Mr. Michael Steven Ahillen, AS 2009
Mrs. Mallory Belt Ahl, PB 2003 and Mr. Stephen Jeffrey Ahl
Mrs. Melissa Lynne Ahler
Mr. Dennis R. Ahlgrim and Mrs. Shelley-Mae S. Bissessar
Mr. Yousuf Ahmad, AS 2012
Mr. Ammar Ahmed, AS 2019
Ms. Phoebe Ahn, AS 2019
Ms. So Eun Ahn, AS 2018
Ms. K. Porter Aichele, AS 1969 GS 1971
Mr. Leighton Aiken, AS 1977 and Mrs. Tina B. Aiken
Mr. Thomas James Aiman, EN 2018
Mr. Ehizele K. Airewele, PB 2018
Ms. Nora Ait Boucherbil, EN 2021
Mr. James David Ajello, AS 2005
Mr. Olalekan Ayoninuoluwa Akala, EN 2021
Ms. Carolyn Sarah Akers, AS 2020
Mr. T. Clark Akers, AS 1979 and Mrs. Elizabeth N. Akers, OG 1994
Mr. Bernard E. Akin, AS 1959
Mr. Adebayo Akinpelu and Mrs. Olawunmi Akinpelu
Mr. Toluwani Akinpelu, AS 2021
Mr. Antonio O'neil Akins, EN 1997
Mr. Neil T. Akridge
Mr. Mohamed Al-Hendy, AS 2013
Mr. Bandar Al-Saif, AS 2015
Mrs. Brenda Alber
Mr. Jonathan Isaac Albert, AS 1984
Mrs. Mary Jane Albert, NR 1944
Mrs. Dianne P. Albrecht, AS 1971 and Dr. Roger Lewis Albrecht
Mr. Anson B. Albree, EN 1961
Ms. Adrienne Grace Alderman, PB 2018
Mr. Eric Kennedy Alderman, AS 2014
Dr. Tiara Deanna Aldridge, AS 2010 MD 2014
Mr. Ghassan Alduraibi, EN 2019
Mr. Sergey P. Alekseychick, OG 2005
Ms. Aimee Jaqueline Alexander, BL 2019
Ms. Ashli Alexander, AS 2020
Dr. James E. Alexander Jr., AS 1967 MD 1974 and Elizabeth U. Alexander, PhD, AS 1969 GS 1971
Mr. John D. Alexander, Jr. and Mrs. Claire L. Alexander
Dr. Kathleen Ann Alexander, PB 1989
Mrs. Lisa Alexander and Mr. Bruce Alexander
Mr. Patrick L. Alexander, AS 1977 LW 1980 and Mrs. Mary Jo Alexander, AS 1977
Mr. Urey W. Alexander Jr., AS 1967 and Mrs. Urey W. Alexander Jr., AS 1967
Mr. Joshua Alfaro, AS 2019
Mr. Zain Haider Ali, EN 2018
Ms. Joanne Aliber
Ms. Lucie Alig
Ms. Cassidy Frances Alla, AS 2019
Ms. Louisa Grace Allan, EN 2019
Mr. Bruce G. Allbright, AS 1951 and Mrs. Kylene D. Allbright
Howard Allen Trust
Mr. Barkari Allen
Dr. Carl Edward Allen, AS 1982 and Dr. Trina R. Wiggins
Mr. Chance Chancellor Allen, AS 1963 and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Allen
Rev. Courtney Elizabeth Allen, AS 2005
Mr. Danny C. Allen, PB 1964
Mr. David Judson Allen, PB 1993
Mrs. Elizabeth Sauereisen Allen, AS 1983 and Mr. Greg Scott Allen, AS 1984
Ms. Genesis Allen, AS 2019
Mr. Owen Allen
Mr. Robert Chancellor Allen, NR 2012
Ms. Sandra Allen
Ms. Sheree H. Allen, NR 2003
Mr. Corbin Michael Allender, AS 2018
Mr. Brayden Aller, EN 2019
Mrs. Keana D. Allert, EN 1996
Mr. E. Roberts Alley, EN 1960 GS 1973
Mr. Bruce James Allison, EN 1979 and Dr. Roberta Lynn Allison, AS 1980
Mrs. Chandra Allison
Dr. Ronald Alessio Allison
Ms. Susan Pritchett Allison
Mr. Vernon M. Allison Jr., AS 1964
Mr. John B. Allyn, AS 1969 LW 1972 and Mrs. Cary DeWitt Allyn, AS 1975
Mrs. Kylie H. Alm, AS 2010 and Mr. Alexander Mansfield Alm, EN 2010
Mr. Antonio J. Almeida Jr., AS 1978 and Mrs. Margaret Taylor Almeida, PB 1979
Mr. Taylor Jonathon Almeter, EN 2016
Mr. Clay Alspaugh, AS 2014
Mrs. Deborah Ellen Altenburg, EN 1996
Mr. Austin Michael Altman, PB 2013
Ms. Leslie Marie Alvarado, AS 2002
Ms. Natalia Romanillos Alvarez, AS 2014
Ms. Megan Alvstad
Ms. Suzanne Marie Amaducci- Adams, AS 1990
Mr. Justin Saint Clair Amaker, AS 2010
Mr. Jonathan Ryan Amaro-Barron, AS 2018
Mr. Eduardo J. Amaya and Ms. Jane E. DeCaire
Amazon Smile
Mr. Albert E. Ambrose Jr. and Mrs. Frances Hill Ambrose
Ms. Caitlyn Marie Ambrose, EN 2014
Mrs. Christina C. Ambrose, PB 2011
Ms. Mary R. Amburgey
American Cancer Society Inc.
American Society for Microbiology
Mrs. Beverly D. Ammarell, EN 1972
Ms. Rachel Thamizh Anand, AS 2018
Capt. Tommy K. Anaston Jr., AS 1952
Mr. James E. Anderholm, EN 1976 and Mrs. Lynn D. Anderholm, AS 1974 GS 1978
Mr. Alfred Jerry Anderson, GS 1971
Mrs. Annette Nicole Anderson, AS 1999
Mr. Carl Braden Anderson, EN 1986
Mr. Curtis A. Anderson and Mrs. Crystal J. Anderson
Mr. Forrest Anderson, Jr.
Mr. James M. Anderson, LW 1966 and Ms. Marjorie C. Anderson, AS 1965
Mr. Matt Anderson and Mrs. Lindsey R. Anderson
Mr. Paul Bradley Anderson, AS 1990 and Mrs. Jennifer B. Anderson
Mr. Paul H. Anderson Jr., AS 1970
Mr. Robert William Anderson, OG 2000
Ms. Rosalyn H. Anderson
Ms. Sarah Whitney Anderson
Mr. Tremayne Dion Anderson, EN 1995 and Ms. Valera Anderson
Mr. Tyler Grant Anderson, EN 2019
Mrs. Tamera Yvette Anderson, EN 1998
Ms. Sherita Patrice Anderson-Thompson, AS 2000
Mr. Teran Von Reiker Andes, OG 1997
Mr. Glenn Allen Andreas III, AS 1992 and Mrs. Jennifer Thau Andreas, AS 1993
Mr. Blake Alexander Andreou, PB 2019
Mr. Nicholas Andrew, AS 2021 EN 2021
Ms. Andrea Jakim Andrews, AS 2004
Ms. Ellen Andrews
Ms. Ellen Marie Andrews, AS 2017
Ms. Judith A. Andrews, AS 1977
Ms. Rochelle Shavonne Andrews, OG 1997
Mr. Sam I Andrews, AS 2017
Mrs. Sarah Williams Andrews, BL 2006 and Mr. Joe Andrews, AS 2006
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Andrus and Mr. Mark C. Andrus
Mr. Garth Richard Andrus, PB 1988
Mr. Thomas Andrew Andruss, AS 1992
Mr. Justin David Andujar, AS 2019
Mr. Joseph J. Aneskievich, AS 1978
Mr. J. George Anetakis, AS 1995
Mr. Andrew Harris Angowitz, AS 2013
Ms. Chelsea Victoria Ankenbrandt, AS 2019
Annexstad Family Foundation
Ms. Julie Marie Anstine, AS 2006
Mr. Stuart Antell
Mr. David T. Antoine and Mrs. Carolyn J. Antoine
Mr. Jason Asare Antwi, AS 2018
Mr. Leonard Eugene Apenahier, GS 1984
Ms. Janet Chouvalit Apibunyopas, EN 1998
Mr. Victor B. Apple and Mrs. Diana K. Apple
Apropos Day Spa
Ms. Ronnie Apter and Mr. Mark N. Herman
Ms. Tanya A. Arbogast, DV 1992
Ms. Susie Coleman Archer
Dr. Rex E. Arendall II, AS 1973 MD 1977 and Mrs. Carol B. Arendall
Ms. Tessa Beret Arendt, AS 2019
Ms. Vasiliki Christina Argeroplos, AS 2021
Dr. David Brent Argo, EN 1986 and Mrs. Deanna E. Argo
Ms. Lily D Argyle, AS 2020
Ms. Farah Arif, AS 2019
Mr. Richard Blake Arledge, EN 2017
Mr. John Norman Arminio, AS 2004
Ms. Mary Armintrout, AS 2018
Mrs. Laura McMillan Armistead, PB 1992 and Mr. Wade Owen Armistead, AS 1993
Mrs. Nancy Johnson Armour, AS 1962
Mr. Brian Joseph Armstrong, AS 2019
Mrs. Joseph B. Armstrong and Mr. Joseph B. Armstrong
Mr. Thomas Whit Armstrong Jr., AS 1999 and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller Armstrong, AS 2000
Mr. Frederick Liles Arnold, AS 1980 and Mrs. Susan Y. Arnold
Mr. Gregory P. Arnold
Ms. Madison Arnold, AS 2021
Mrs. Nancy Trapp Arnold, AS 1969
Mr. Paul Arnold and Mrs. Marcia A. Arnold
Mr. William Arnold, AS 1973
Mr. David T. Aronberg and Mrs. Elisa J. Aronberg
Mrs. Juliane Aronow and Mr. Steven L Aronow
Mr. Mark David Arons, AS 1980
Mr. Jake Aronskind, AS 2019
Mr. Richard C. Arrington
Ms. Carlissa Gabrielle Arrow, EN 2021
Arsenal Capital Mgmt
Mr. Gary J. Arsenault and Mrs. Bethany A. Arsenault
Mr. John D. Arterberry, LW 1973 and Mrs. Lisa Wagner Arterberry, AS 1973
Ms. Amna Asad, AS 2018
Mr. Owuraku Asare, EN 2021
Ms. Janice Mae Ascano
Caroline J. Ascher, AS 1955
Mr. Frank J. Asen and Mrs. Kathryn L. Asen
Mrs. Erin O'Neil Ashby, AS 2002
Mr. James Lincoln Ashby, EN 1996 and Mrs. Katherine Marie Ashby, PB 1997
Mr. Harold E. Ashworth, EN 1957
Ms. Melanie Anne Askew, PB 2010 PB 2011 PB 2021
Mrs. Rebecca W. Atack and Mr. Jeremy Atack
Ms. Brenna Atkins, AS 2019
Mr. George W.P. Atkins Jr., AS 1960 and Mrs. Martha Dance Atkins, AS 1960
Mr. J. Hunter Atkins, AS 1971 and Mrs. Leigh Z. Atkins, AS 1972
Dr. Martha B. Atkinson, AS 1965
Ms. Susan Dulany Atkinson, AS 1984
Mr. David Attias and Mrs. Gaby Attias
Nancy Thorne Atwater, M.Ed., AS 1971
Mr. Kenneth J. Aude and Mrs. Jolene Aude
Ms. Emily Megan Auernheimer, AS 2019
Miss Ashley Elizabeth Augustine, AS 2018
Ms. Kelsey Auman, AS 2018
Mr. Michael L. Aurbach
Dr. Angelina Gladys Ausban, MD 1993
Mr. Aron Auspitz
Ms. Stephanie Austin, EN 2017
Mrs. Nona J. Austin-King, BL 1991 and Mr. Byron Cleve King, EN 1994
Ms. Bethany Avery, PB 2008
Ms. Michele Emily Avila, NR 1983
Mrs. Jane P. Avinger and Mr. Robert Livingston Avinger III, PB 1999
Mrs. Caroline Rittenberry Avisar, AS 1994
Ms. Rosanne Awbrey, PB 1983
Mark H. Awh, M.D. and Mrs. Evadne M. Awh
Mr. Brian Breslin Axelroth, AS 2002 LW 2006 OG 2006 and Mrs. Tara Lerner Axelroth, PB 2007 PB 2009
Mr. Baha Aydin, AS 2019
Mr. Howard Doc Ayers, PB 1956
Mr. Joseph Ayers
Mrs. Lisa Blackburn Ayerst, AS 1981 and Mr. Robert Irvin Ayerst Jr., EN 1981
Ms. Elizabeth Eleanore Ayoub, PB 2016
Ms. Ekene Azuka, AS 2021 PB 2021