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At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the School of Engineering between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2019 fiscal year are recognized through the Fred J. Lewis Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with W

Mr. Edward Irving Wachtel, EN 1983
Mr. Michael Ronald Wachter, EN 2004
Mr. Brendon Sanders Wade, EN 2014
Dr. Travis Charles Wade, EN 2005 GS 2011 and Mrs. Ellin Herward Wade, AS 2005 NR 2007
Mr. Daniel J. Wagner and Mrs. Julie K. Wagner
Nancy Jean Partin Wahl, Ph.D., GS 1985 GS 1989 and Dr. Robert W. Wahl
Mr. Thomas Michael Wahl, EN 2008
Lemuel Russell Waitman, Ph.D., GS 1998 GS 2001
Ms. Mariah S. Wakefield, EN 2018
Mr. Andrew Justin Wald, EN 2005 and Mrs. Natalie Bennett Wald, PB 2006
Mr. T. W. Waldron Jr., EN 1956
Mr. Bruce Marshall Walk, EN 1978 and Mrs. Melissa M. Walk, AS 1979
Mr. Eric Jeremy Walk, EN 2011
Mr. H. David Walker, EN 1973 GS 1977 and Mrs. Anne Mary Walker
Mr. JonPaul Wallace, EN 1987
Mr. William Tyler Wallace and Mrs. Ruth N. Wallace
Mr. Andrew Whittelsey Wallin, EN 2015
Walsh Construction Company II, LLC
Glenn Walsh
Ms. Shari Mild Walter, EN 1990
Mr. Alejandro Walters
Mr. Thomas R. Walters, EN 1976
Rev. Clarence W. Walther, Jr., EN 1972
Ms. Delores Waltz
Mr. Baolin Wan and Mrs. Weijing Song
Mr. Andrew Wang, EN 2018
Dr. Feng Wang, GS 2002
Mr. Gang Wang and Ms. Wei Jin
Ms. Jiachen Wang, EN 2017
Mr. Jiachen Wang, EN 2019
Mr. Jingxiao Wang, EN 2015
Mr. Jun Wang and Mrs. Yanmei Wang
Ms. Maggie Mei Chi Wang, AS 2018 EN 2018
Mr. Yongrui Wang, EN 2018
Dr. Yu Wang, GS 2005
Mr. Yu Wang, GS 2008
Mr. Zidi Wang, AS 2017
Ms. Zilin Wang, EN 2019
Mr. Glen Eric Ward, EN 1981
Mr. Ross O. Ward Jr., EN 1966 and Mrs. Nancy E. Ward
Mr. Andrew Warner, EN 1998
Mrs. Cynthia Julien Warner, EN 1980
Dr. John M. Warren Jr., AS 1972
Mr. Kenner Scott Warren, EN 2007
Mr. Mark A. Warren and Mrs. Sharon L. Warren
Mr. Ramon L. Warren, EN 1965
Ms. Cynthia Warrick, AS 1970 and Mr. John Burr Folts
Mrs. Emily Mitchell Wasser, EN 1979 and Mr. Barry Wasser
Mr. Howard O. Watkins, III and Mrs. Carol R. Watkins
Mr. Lawrence Jordan Watkins, EN 1981
Mr. John B. Watson and Mrs. Linda R. Watson
Mr. Michael Watson, EN 1969
Mr. David Wazer and Ms. Alice N. Finn
Mr. Allen A. Weaver and Mrs. Jennifer S Weaver
Mr. Allen Edwards Weaver, EN 2013
Mr. Scott Matthew Weaver, EN 2003 and Mrs. Katie Thomas Weaver, PB 2003
Mrs. Anne Weber and Mr. Michael Weber
Mr. Frank F. Webster, EN 1969
Mr. Steven Lee Wedemeyer, EN 1981 and Mrs. Rhonda Wedemeyer
Mr. Morgan Davis Wedgworth III, EN 2011 OG 2016
Ms. Margaret E. Weeks, EN 1979
Ms. Jessica Jozwiak Wegner, EN 2009
Mr. Shu-Hwa Wei and Mrs. Angela Zhou
Dr. Xing Wei, GS 2012 and Dr. Liyun Guo, GS 2012
Ms. Yulan Wei and Mr. Wu Pei
Mr. Alvin Howard Weinberg, EN 1978
Ms. Quinn Rebekah Weinberg, EN 2017
Ms. Cortnee Rose Weinrich, EN 2016
Mr. Daniel Scott Weinstein, EN 2009
Mr. Robert W Weinstein, AS 2017
Mr. Louis M. Weisberg, EN 1981
Ms. Abigail R Weiss, EN 2020
Mr. Gary S. Weiss and Mrs. Lisa A. Weiss
Prof. Sharon M. Weiss and Mr. Nathanael J. Smith
Mrs. Theresa K. Weitendorf and Mr. Frederick C. Weitendorf
Mr. George C. Welborn Jr., EN 1974 and Mrs. Janice Robison Welborn
Ms. Cara Gonzalez Welker, EN 2014
Mr. Francis Marion Wells Jr., EN 1991
Mrs. Hilary Claire Wells, EN 2004
Rev. James W. Wells, Jr., EN 1972 and Mrs. Elizabeth Howley Wells, NR 1972
Mr. Bradford Alexander Welsh, EN 2003
Mr. Xiao Jun Weng, EN 2011
Susan R. Wente, Ph.D. and Christopher F. J. Hardy, Ph.D.
Mr. Erik Morgan Werner, EN 2012
Mr. Bronson Clay Wessinger, EN 2017 MD 2021
Mr. David C. West, EN 1962
Mr. John W. Westbrooks Jr., EN 1999 GS 2005 and Mrs. Sharon M. Westbrooks
Mr. Lin C. Wetterau Jr., EN 1953 and Mrs. Mary M. Wetterau
Mr. Thomas Hardy Whalen Jr., AS 1969
Mr. Jason Mark Whaylen, EN 2007
Mr. John F. Whealy, EN 1954
Mr. John Thomas Wheatley, EN 1985 and Mrs. Andrea E. Wheatley
Mr. Mark Douglass Wheeler, EN 1983 and Mrs. Sandra S. Wheeler
Mr. Darron G. White and Mrs. Stacy D. White
Mrs. Derya Aun White, EN 1993
Mrs. Elizabeth Studdard White, AS 2006 and Mr. Richard Winfield White III, EN 2007
Mr. Jeffery T. White and Mrs. Roberta L. White
Mr. Julian Arleigh White, EN 2013
Mr. Thomas Arthur White, EN 1999 and Mrs. Cameron Crigler White
Dr. James Howell Whitehurst, EN 1980
The Whiting -Turner Contracting Company
Mr. Gregory Paul Whitney, EN 1999 and Mrs. Karyn Elizabeth Whitney, PB 1999
Dr. Heather Hunt Whitney
Mr. Robert K. Whitsit, EN 1966
Dr. Jerry L. Whitten and Dr. Adela C. Whitten
Mr. Mark B. Wiener and Ms. Suzanne J. Zorn
Mr. Kelly D. Wiesbrock and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Wiesbrock
Mr. Michael Ryan Wiggins, EN 2008 and Mrs. Katy Wiggins
Mrs. Janet Zuckerman Wile, EN 1980 and Mr. Richard L. Wile
Mr. Daniel Benjamin Wilf, EN 2017
Mr. James A. Wilgus, EN 1964 GS 1967
Dr. Jennifer Warner Wilhelm, AS 1995 and Mr. David Karl Wilhelm, EN 1996
Ms. Kirstin D. Wilhelmsen
Dr. Christopher Andrew Wilhoit, EN 1989 and Mrs. Katrina A. Wilhoit
Mrs. Natalie Gray Wilkerson, EN 1995
Mr. Taylor H. Wilkerson, EN 1992 and Mrs. Colleen Closkey Wilkerson, EN 1995
Dr. Tracy Lynn Wilkerson, EN 1996
Ms. Alison Jo Williams, EN 2016
Dr. Allison Nelson Williams, AS 2009
Ms. Carly Williams, EN 2007
Mr. Charles Wesley Williams III, EN 1997
Mr. David F. Williams, EN 1960
Mr. H. Newton Williams, EN 1968
Mr. Jack E. Williams, EN 1948 and Mrs. Margaret Williams
Mr. Jack Phillip Williams Jr., EN 1986
Mr. Jason Edward Williams, EN 1997 and Mrs. Megan Williams
Jeffrey Lawrence Williams, M.D., EN 1992
Mr. John R. Williams, EN 1960 and Mrs. Kay Williams, NR 1960
Mr. Jordan Greylin Williams, EN 2019
Ms. Katherine R. Williams
Mr. Kyle Williams, EN 1996 and Mrs. Sonya Luray Williams
Ms. Mara D. Williams
Ms. Meredith M. Williams and Mr. Michael Jungman
Mr. N. Thomas Williams, EN 1955
Mr. Richard Lee Williams, AS 2013
Ms. Trellis Denise Williams, EN 2008
Mr. Tyler Mathew Williams, EN 1998
Mr. John Alexander Williamson Jr., EN 1971
Dr. John W. Williamson
Ms. Kendra May Williamson, EN 2013
Mrs. Mary McKenzie Williamson, AS 1972
Mr. Michael Howard Williamson, EN 1989
Mr. Caleb K. Willis, EN 1996
Ms Kim J. Willis, EN 1978
Mr. Austin Dirk Geert Wilms, EN 2019
Mrs. Claire Reid Wilson, EN 2008
Miss Eileen A. Wilson, AS 1974
Mr. George N. Wilson Sr., EN 1949
Mr. J. Lawrence Wilson, EN 1958 and Mrs. Barbara Burroughs Wilson, AS 1958
Mr. Lawrence Alexander Wilson III, EN 2014
Mr. Littell E. Wilson, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn W. Wilson
Ms. Tracey L. Wilson
Mr. Willard Wilson II, EN 1960 and Mrs. Carol Wilson
Mr. William Don Wilson, EN 1977
Mr. William Michael Wilson, EN 1988 and Mrs. Cady Campbell Wilson, PB 1991
Mr. William T. Wilson, EN 1976
Mr. David E. Winer, EN 1956
Mr. Steven C. Wingard, EN 1985 OG 2009
Mr. Jay J. Winshall
Mr. Gilbert Frederick Winter, EN 2001 and Mrs. Marilyn Finley Winter, AS 2001
Mr. Joseph M. Witalec and Mrs. Allison M. Witalec
Thomas J Withrow
Dr. Andrew Robert Witt, EN 1991 GS 1992 GS 1995
Mr. Edwin W. Witte and Ms. Lucy A. Levandoski
Mr. Michael Lee Witten, EN 1981
Mr. Tracy A. Witzenburg, EN 1970
Mr. George Jacob Wolf, EN 2014
Mr. Robert Sample Wolff, EN 2012
Ms. Jennie Elizabeth Wolfgang, EN 2010
Mr. Frederick Smith Wolfson and Mrs. Kathryn Rhoades Wolfson
Mr. Kam C. Wong and Mrs. Yu-Wen Huang
Mr. Tin H. Wong and Ms. Shwu H. Yang
Mr. William Raymond Wong, EN 1997
Mr. Christopher Sze-wah Woo, EN 1993 GS 1995
Mr. E. Blake Wood, EN 1967 and Mrs. Alice S. Wood, AS 1968
Mr. Frederick P. Wood, EN 1973
Mr. Stockton B. Wood and Mrs. Patricia Wood
Mr. Zachariah Taylor Wood, EN 2011 and Mrs. Grace Anne Francis Wood, PB 2011 PB 2012
Mrs. Lori L. Woodruff and Mr. John A. Woodruff
Mrs. Mary Beth Workman, EN 1985
Mr. Austin Rhodes Wortley, AS 2017
Mrs. Doris Brittany Wranovix, PB 2008 PB 2009 and Mr. Timothy Robert Wranovix, EN 2008
Mr. Jeffrey Raymond Wright, EN 1994
Mr. Wilton Wright, EN 1959 and Mrs. Shelby Wright, AS 1961
Mr. Liliu Wu and Ms. Lihong Jiang
Ms. Pamela Wu, EN 2015
Mr. Michael Lawrence Wurz, EN 2008
Ryszard Wycisk