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At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the School of Engineering between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2019 fiscal year are recognized through the Fred J. Lewis Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with T

Mrs. Melissa Kaye Tacconi, EN 1994 and Mr. Diego Tacconi
Mr. Mike Michael Taimi, EN 1968 GS 1972
Mr. Trevor Kenneth Tait, EN 2010 and Mrs. Victoria Elizabeth Tait
Mrs. Victoria E. Tait, PB 2009 PB 2011
Mr. George Marion Talley, EN 1957
Ms. Lauren Nicole Tamarkin, EN 2011 EN 2012
Mr. Jason Tan, EN 2004 GS 2004 and Dr. Amy Gant Tan, GS 2011 GS 2015
Mr. Wenze Tan, AS 2022 EN 2022
Mr. Kevin Michael Tangney, EN 1998
Mr. Lemuel A. Tanksley, EN 1950 and Mrs. Lemuel A. Tanksley
Mrs. Ruth Kellman Tanner, GS 1977 and Dr. Robert D. Tanner
Mr. Suebtrakul Tanrudee, EN 1994
Mrs. Denise Tanzman and Mr. Mitchell A. Tanzman
Dr. Thomas S. Tarpy Jr., GS 1969 and Mrs. Martha H. Tarpy
Mr. Charles H. Tarrant
Mrs. Cynthia M. Tate, EN 1975 GS 1977 and Mr. John R. Tate, LW 1976
Mr. G. Edward Tate, EN 1950 GS 1951 and Mrs. Margaret M. Tate, AS 1950
Mr. Brett Dylan Taylor, EN 2013
Mr. Kendric Taylor, EN 1996
Mr. Lucas S. Taylor and Mrs. Nancy L. Taylor
Mr. Marcus Cornelius Taylor, EN 1998
Mr. Moses Taylor Jr., EN 1969 and Mrs. Floy Christina Taylor
Mr. Richard S. Taylor and Mrs. Patricia A. Taylor
Mr. Shawn Evan Taylor, EN 2005
Mrs. Susan E. Taylor and Mr. Charles P. Taylor Jr.
Mr. Timothy Keith Taylor, EN 1983
Mrs. Malinda Suzanne Teague, AS 1999 and Mr. Michael S. Teague, EN 1999
Mr. Frederick W. Tegarden, EN 1960
Mr. Dustin Grey Temple, EN 2010
Mr. John Lillard Templeton III, EN 1977 and Mrs. Emme Norvell Templeton
Mr. Daniel Martin Tepper, EN 2014
Mrs. Jean Maron Terry, EN 2004 and Mr. William Wesley Terry, AS 2004
Mr. Jeffrey Richardson Terry, EN 1997
Mr. William H. Terry, EN 1947
Mr. Richard Bailey Teruya, EN 2010
Mr. James Vincent Testa III, EN 1985
Mrs. Meredith Tomlin Thacker, EN 1997 and Mr. David James Thacker
Mrs. Gwyn Bruhl Thanos, EN 1974 and Dr. Theologos E. Thanos
Mrs. Lynnie Goldman Thieme, AS 1992 and Capt. Aaron Michael Thieme, USN, EN 1992
Mr. Edward Wade Thoenes, EN 2007
Mr. Winfield S. Thom
Dr. Brian Christopher Thomas, EN 1995
Mr. Colin G. W. Thomas, EN 2014
Mr. Corey Eugene Thomas, EN 1998 and Dr. LaQuanya Phillips Thomas
Mr. Howard Thomas and Mrs. Cheryl Thomas
Mr. James A. Thomas, EN 1967
Mr. James L. Thomas, EN 1977 and Mrs. Karen F. Thomas, AS 1977
Mr. Kenneth W. Thomas Jr., EN 1970 and Mrs. Susan Upshaw Thomas, AS 1970
Mr. Robert L. Thomas Jr., EN 1950 and Mrs. Bobbie K. Thomas
Mrs. Tricia Annette-Doak Thomas, EN 1995 and Mr. Brian Jennings Thomas, EN 1995
Mr. Zach V. Thomas, Jr., AS 2004
Mr. Charles Young Thomason IV, EN 2000 GS 2001
Dr. Walter Neill Thomasson, EN 1962
Mr. Christopher Michael Thompson, EN 2019
Mr. David Benson Thompson, EN 2005
Mr. DeWitt C. Thompson IV, EN 1968 and Mrs. Jacqueline G. Thompson, AS 1968
Mr. Gary C. Thompson, EN 1965
Mr. George Clinton Thompson Jr., AS 2009
Mrs. Jeanne Harvey Thompson, EN 1988
Dr. Jeremy Michael Thompson, EN 2012
Mr. Robert N. Thompson and Mrs. Ashley Edwards Thompson
Mr. Tommy A. Thompson, EN 1967
Mr. Russell J. Thorne, EN 1954
Mr. John Michael Thornton, EN 1995
Ms. Judy Frear Thorpe, GS 2000
Mr. John Edward Thurmond, EN 1986
Mr. John Wenpu Tian, EN 2015
Mrs. Xue Tian and Mr. Peng Lin
Mr. Greer C. Tidwell, EN 1961 GS 1964
Dr. John Edward Tidwell Jr., EN 1962 and Mrs. Janet Malone Tidwell, PB 1962
Mrs. Madison Elaine Tilton, EN 2012
Mr. Jay C. Timberlake and Mrs. Mary E. Timberlake
Mrs. Eugenia R. Timmer, EN 1965
Mr. Andrew Baker Tindel, EN 2007
Mr. John Hampton Tippins, EN 1982
TLC Engineering for Architecture
TMPartners, PLLC
Mr. Joel G. Todd and Mrs. Elaine T. Todd
Ms. Jordan Zook Todd, EN 2016
Mr. Joseph Todd, III and Mrs. Sandra L. Todd
Ms. Madeline Johanna Tolish, EN 2015
Mr. James L. Tolley, EN 1970
Jason Toporoff, EN 2019
Mr. David Lee Towles, EN 1978 and Mrs. Joan L. Towles, AS 1978
Mrs. Kristen McNair Traber, EN 2014
Mr. George O. Trabue Jr., EN 1955 and Mrs. Mary O. Trabue
Mr. Gregory N. Tragitt, EN 1978 and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Tragitt
Mr. Robert James Tramel, EN 1979
Dr. Adam Randolph Travis, EN 2004
Mr. Russell B. Trenary, EN 1970 and Mrs. Ann Butler Trenary
Mrs. Sarah Hodges Trepte, EN 2011
Ms. Cathleen Margaret Trespasz, EN 2016
Ms. Gina M. Trimarco and Mr. Brian D. Piper
Prof. Lori A. Troxel, GS 1990 GS 1994
Dr. Theodore Owen Truitt, EN 1991
Mr. Anthony Trzeciak and Mrs. Mary Josephine Trzeciak
Mrs. Polly Tsai and Mr. David Tsai
Mrs. Katherine Hughes Tuck, PB 1999 PB 2001 and Mr. Andrew Jacob Tuck, EN 2000
Mr. Paul Turczynski, EN 1990
Mr. James E. Turner and Mrs. Dawn Mercer Turner
Mr. John Hutchinson Turner, EN 1962
Mr. Gregory M. Tuttle and Mrs. Michelle D. Tuttle
Ms. Patricia Marie Twilley, EN 2016
Mr. Byron Prescott Tyler, EN 2011 OG 2012 and Ms. Kimberly Michele Tracy, AS 2014
Dr. Elizabeth C. Tyler-Kabara, MD 1994 GS 1997 and Dr. Joseph Francis Kabara, GS 1997
Mr. Willie Louis Tyus, GS 1992