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At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the School of Engineering between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2019 fiscal year are recognized through the Fred J. Lewis Society. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with C

Mrs. Cynthia A. Cabello and Mr. James E. Cabello
Ms. Jacqueline Nicole Cabello, EN 2017
Mrs. Linda Dulin Cagley, EN 1981 and Mr. Mark S. Cagley
Mr. Henry B. Cain, EN 1964
Ms. Jennifer Cain, EN 2011
Ms. Tracy B. Calabrese
Mr. Joshua Caldwell and Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell
Mrs. Lisa Greene Caldwell, AS 1980 and Mr. Guy Wade Caldwell, EN 1981
Mr. Joel Dean Camann, EN 1996
Mr. Anthony Cameratta, EN 2004
Mrs. Jayne Cameron and Mr. Dennis C. Cameron
Mr. John L. Cameron, EN 1962
Dr. Janey Smith Camp, GS 2009 and Mr. Clinton R. Camp, EN 2009
Mr. Manuel S. Campano and Mrs. Lisa M. Campano
Ms. Nina A Campano, EN 2017
Mr. Gregory S. Campbell, EN 1968
Mr. H. Grady Campbell Jr., EN 1959
Mr. R. Fisher Campbell Jr., EN 1965
Mr. Richard Miller Campbell, EN 1984
Ms. Taylor Campbell, EN 2019
Mr. Garrett Alejandro Camps, EN 2019
Mrs. Kimberly Case Canady, AS 1981 and Dr. Michael Ray Canady, AS 1981
Mr. Robert W. Candler Jr., EN 1967
Mr. James Ross Cannon, AS 1976 GS 1982 and Mrs. Perkie Beck Cannon, AS 1979 PB 1981 GS 1982
Mr. R. Alan Cannon, Sr., EN 1967 and Mrs. Cheri B. Cannon
Mr. Lianyong Cao and Mrs. Wei Wang
Mrs. Frances M. Capps, EN 1985
Mrs. Pamela M. Capps and Mr. David H. Capps
Dr. Shannon Leigh Capps, EN 2007
Mr. Frank M. Caprio, EN 1978 and Mrs. Lisa Caruso Caprio, NR 1979
Ms. Dominique Annalise Carbone, EN 2019
VADM Kendall Lee Card, EN 1977 and Ms. Becky Broyles Card, PB 1978
Mr. Mark A. Carden, EN 1967
Mr. Joseph William Cardinal, GS 1980
Mrs. Lisa Ann Cardon, EN 2004
Mr. M. Timothy Carey, EN 1966 and Mrs. Bobbie R. Carey
Mr. Matthew J. Carinato
Mr. Peter Duff Carley, AS 2017
Mr. Joseph L. Carlini and Mrs. Christine M. Carlini
Mr. Walter Carlson and Mrs. Walter Carlson
Dr. Jeffrey C. Carlton, EN 1981 MD 1985 and Mrs. Lynne F. Carlton, EN 1982
Mr. David L. Carmichael, EN 1972
Ms Helen Valin Carmody, NR 1968
Mr. Robert Meadows Carpenter Jr., AS 2009 OG 2010 and Mrs. Ann Cowgill Carpenter, AS 2009
Mrs. Emily Gordy Carr, EN 1988 and Mr. Edward J. Carr, III
Mr. Julian S. Carr Jr., EN 1961
Ms. Karen K. Carr
Mr. James E. Carrico, EN 1963 and Mrs. Patricia Gould Carrico
Mr. Charles Randolph Carroll, AS 2009 OG 2010
Mr. Joseph Ward Carroll, AS 2010
Dr. Sean M. Carroll, EN 1985
Mr. James Kenning Carrow, EN 2013
Ms. Lydia Renee Carson, EN 1991
Mr. Peter S. Carson, EN 1969 and Mrs. Barbara D. Carson
Mr. Bradford Eugene Carter, GS 1981
Capt. Clarence Earl Carter, EN 1980 and Mrs. Lea M. Carter
Mr. Jason Kirk Carter, Jr., EN 2019
Mr. John A. Carter Jr., EN 1968 GS 1970 and Mrs. Val C. Carter, AS 1970
Mr. Mark Howard Carter, EN 1998 and Mrs. Samantha Day Carter, EN 2002
Mr. Matt James Carter, EN 2003 LW 2010 and Dr. Hillary Hager Carter, AS 2004 GS 2009
Mr. Grant McClure Cartwright, EN 2008
Mr. William Alexander Caruthers, EN 2009 and Mrs. Lindsey Caruthers
Mr. James D. Carvell Jr., EN 1961 and Mrs. Nell Rogers Carvell
Ms. Sheryll Denise Cashin, EN 1984
Ms. Annamarie Ferguson Casimes, EN 2010
Mrs. Dianne Casolaro and Mr. Thomas E. Casolaro
Mr. Carl C. Cassell, EN 1970
Mr. Robert E. Cassell Jr., EN 1964
Mr. Quentin C. Cassen, EN 1963 and Mrs. Janet Faughn Cassen
Mr. Andrew G. Cassidy and Mrs. Susan B. Cassidy
Ms. Sasha Doust Cassidy, EN 2012
Mr. Joseph George Cassiere, EN 2014
Mr. Walter A. Casson Jr., EN 1956 and Mrs. Lauzanne S. Casson
Mr. Cassius Cassuis
Mr. Richard A. Castellanos
Mr. Michael Cary Castellon, EN 1983
Mr. Bruce Catanzarite and Mrs. Shiela Catanzarite
Mr. Harrison Martin Cates, EN 2019
Mrs. Leslie Nagode Causey, AS 1994
Mr. Craig Michael Cavanaugh, EN 1993 and Mrs. Leslie Ale Cavanaugh
Dr. Jorge Enrique Caviedes, GS 1982 GS 1984
Mr. Philippe Cayanni, EN 1999
Mr. Jacob Thomas Chadwell, EN 2017
Dr. Bryan Jamar Chamberlain, EN 2004
Dr. Jeffrey Ward Chamberlain, EN 2007
Mr. Jason Russell Chambers, EN 2000 OG 2001 and Mrs. Nancy Chambers
Dr. Carroll W. Chambliss, EN 1961 and Mrs. Dolores Marie Chambliss
Mrs. Chrysanthie Chamis Triller, EN 1991
Mr. James L. Chandler Jr., AS 1979 and Ms. Ellen Haddock Chandler, NR 1984 PB 1989
Mr. Venkatraman Chandrakeerthi and Mrs. Veena Chandrakeerthi
Ms. Catherine E. Chang and Mr. Clyde W. Crochet
Mr. Edward E. Chang, EN 1985
Mr. Yun Sok Chang and Ms. Soyoung Nam
Mrs. Deborah L. Charlesworth, EN 1983
Mr. Hugh F. Charlton III, EN 1964 GS 1966
Mr. William Andrew Charron, EN 1990 and Mrs. Alice Morgan Johnson Charron
Ms. Alyson Raquel Chason, EN 2019
Dr. Dilip Kumar Chaudhuri, GS 1969 and Dr. Kanika Chaudhuri
Mrs. Allison Checchi, EN 1999
Ms. Huimin Chen, GS 2000
Ms. Jie Chen, GS 2005 GS 2013
Mr. Jonathan Chen, EN 2007
Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Cheney, EN 1982
Dr. C. Jason Cherry, EN 1992 and Mrs. Rebecca Lynn Cherry
Mr. Jason Adair Cherry, EN 2003 and Mrs. Jennifer Cherry
Mrs. Justine T. Chesney, AS 1993 and Mr. Chadwick J. Chesney, EN 1994
Chevron Products Company
Mr. Kumar Gaurav Chhokra, GS 2004
Dr. David S. Chi and Mrs. Sue-Yue Chi
Mr. Eric Samuel Chiang, EN 2018
Mr. John Samuel Childs, GS 1980 and Mrs. Alice Derryberry Childs
Mr. JoonYeon Cho and Ms. SooJung Lee
Chong Choi
Mr. Yoon Seok Choi, EN 2018
Mr. Douglas Begg Chope, EN 1986 OG 1988 and Mrs. Teresa Ford Chope, AS 1987
Mr. Douglas Ford Chope, EN 2022
Mr. Manvinder Singh Chopra, GS 1985 and Mrs. Meenu Chopra
Mr. Ashok Choudhury and Mrs. Kimberly Anne Choudhury
Mrs. Linda H. Chow and Mr. Mark S. Kaplan
Mr. Clay Thompson Christain, EN 2012
Mrs. Mary Beth Christain, PB 1976
Mr. Oakley Christian III, EN 1990 and Mrs. Angela Zoe Christian
Mr. G. H. Christianson II, AS 1970
Dr. Peter Tice Chu, EN 1990 and Mrs. Catharine Chu
Robert Chun O.D., EN 2006
Mr. Namsu Chung and Mrs. Kyoungok Chang
Andre' L. Churchwell, M.D., EN 1975 and Mrs. Doreatha Henderson Churchwell
Mr. Eric Harlan Citron, EN 2013
Mr. Mackenzie Michael Clair, EN 2017
Mr. Peter Ried Claise, EN 2003
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Mr. Donald E. Clark, EN 1974
Mr. G. Edmond Clark, EN 1976 and Mrs. Sue McCown Clark, AS 1977
Mr. Kevin M. Clark
Mr. Thomas L. Clark, EN 1964 and Mrs. Linda F. Wade Clark
Mr. Thomas A. Clarkson III, EN 1959 GS 1970
Ms. Abigail Hana Claussen, EN 2015
Mr. William Robert Clay, EN 1954 and Mrs. Judith Clay
Dr. Frederick Paul Clayton III, EN 1998 GS 2002
Mrs. Karen C. Clenney, EN 1968
Mr. Jonathan Andrew Clinton, EN 2015
Ms. Amy Marie Clunan, EN 1991 LW 1994 and Mr. Alan Stovall
Ms. Bridget Keegan Coakley, EN 2014
Mr. Pablo Coballasi, EN 1995
Ms. Emma Cobb
Mr. John B. Coben, EN 1972 and Mrs. Amelia K. Coben
Mrs. Sharon Weed Cocco, EN 1991 and Mr. Rocco A. Cocco, Jr.
Mr. Frank Graham Coddington, EN 1997 and Mrs. Angela Coddington
Mr. Walter E. Coe Jr., EN 1973
Ms. Kendall Stewart Coffman, EN 2017
Mr. Anthony Richard Coghlan, EN 1993 and Ms. Theresa A. Cook
Mr. Richard Philip Cohagan, EN 1978 and Mrs. Amelia Anne Cohagan
Mrs. Erika Irene Cohn, AS 2004 and Mr. Daniel Scott Cohn, EN 2004
Mr. George Franklin Cole III, EN 1957 and Mrs. Mary Louise Ledbetter Cole
Mr. Jeffrey Charles Cole, EN 1990 and Mrs. Sandra Lee Cole, EN 1988
Mr. Benjamin Thomas Coleman, EN 2014
Mr. Mark Lee Coleman, EN 2010
Mr. Joseph Louis Colla, GS 1970
Mr. William C. Colley Jr., EN 1955
Mr. Alan M. Collins and Mrs. Patricia G. Collins
Mr. Gregory S. Collins, EN 1976 and Mrs. Jean Popp Collins, EN 1976
Mr. Robert K. Collins IV, EN 1991 and Mrs. Mary McDonald Collins, EN 1991
Mrs. Nancy Colt and Mr. Michael Colt
Mrs. Brittany Hafen Compas, AS 2006 and Dr. Colin Brown Compas, EN 2007
Con Edison Clean Energy Bus
Mrs. Sarah Concannon, AS 1995
Mr. Joseph O. Conn, EN 1971
Ms. Catherine A. Connett, EN 1974
Ms. Susan Connolly
Mr. Richard J. Connor, EN 1961
Mr. Brennan Owen Conroy, EN 2004
Mr. Thomas Patrick Convery, EN 2002 GS 2002
Ms. Angela Cook
Mr. David Woodward Cook Jr., GS 1956
Dr. George Edward Cook, EN 1960 GS 1965
Joan Cook
Mr. Stephen George Cook, EN 1988
Mr. Gerald L. Cooksey and Mrs. Perla B. Cooksey
Ms. Dylan Alexandra Cooney, EN 2009
Dr. Julia E. Allred Coonrod, EN 1987
Mr. Cecil M. Cooper, EN 1984
Dr. Christopher Lee Cooper, AS 1996
Mr. Justin Randolph Cooper, EN 1999 and Mrs. LaQuanda Walters Cooper
Mr. Michael A. Cooper, EN 1970 GS 1971
Mr. Michael V. Cooper and Mrs. Susan G. Cooper
Dr. Brenda G. Cooperstone and Mr. Alan R. Klag
Mr. Daniel Ilan Copeland, EN 2016
Dr. Paul M. Copeland and Dr. Maura P. Copeland
Mr. James P. Cordner, EN 1974
Mr. Harry L. Cornish Jr., GS 1964
Mr. Dickon Charles Ernest Corrado, EN 1992
Mr. Adam B. Corsi, EN 1994 and Ms. Nanci Sherlock Corsi, AS 1996
Mr. Frank Corum, EN 1966
Mr. Randall Robert Cosby, EN 1986 and Mrs. Lyn Drennen Cosby, EN 1986
Mr. Charles F. Couch, EN 1960
Covalus, LLC
Mr. Henry James Cowie, PB 2012
Dr. Adam Grant Cox, EN 1996 GS 1999 GS 2003
Ms. Catherine Gay Cox, EN 1995
Charles L. Cox, III, M.D., EN 1998 MD 2010 and Dr. Joy Duong Cox, AS 1998 MD 2002
Ms. Nancy Parker Cox, AS 1971
Ms. Natalie Amanda Cox, EN 2005 LW 2008
Ms. Kathleen Leigh Coyle, EN 2014
Mr. Richard Scott Cozby, EN 1983
Mrs. Ann B. Craighead
Mr. Daniel Thomas Crane, EN 1979
Mr. Morris L. Cranor, EN 1965 and Mrs. Connie E. Cranor
Mr. Bryce Wickham Crawford, EN 2016
Mr. Robert Campbell Crawford, III, EN 2019
Mr. William F. Crawford, EN 1987
Ms. Anne-Marie Louise Crochet, EN 2013 and Mr. David James Crowe, AS 2014
Mr. Ronald W. Crockett Jr., EN 1972 and Mrs. Lois Crockett
Mr. Andrew Elliott Cross, EN 2008 and Mrs. Kara Cross
Dr. David Scott Cross, EN 1983
Ms. Dena Stratton Cross, EN 1983
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Cross, EN 1977 GS 1979 and Dr. Jack Peter Salerno, GS 1978
Mr. W. Thomas Cross, EN 1972 and Mrs. Katharine B. Cross, AS 1972
Mr. William Caldwell Crosswy, EN 1977 and Mrs. Susan Nordin Crosswy, EN 1979
Mrs. Colleen Patricia Crowley, EN 1999
Mrs. Susan Newcomb Crumpler, EN 1981 and Mr. James J. Crumpler, Jr.
Mr. Jerald L. Cuffman, EN 1969 and Mrs. Judy V. Cuffman
Mrs. Mary Folline Cullen and Mr. Thomas W. Cullen
Mrs. Becky Olive Cummings, EN 1976
Mr. Joseph E. Cummings
Dr. Peter T. Cummings and Dr. Clare M. McCabe
Mr. Dale M. Cunningham, EN 1963
Mr. Brent H. Curtis, EN 1985 and Mrs. Julia Potter Curtis, PB 1986
Mr. Robert G. Cutlip, GS 1973
Dr. Eric Walter Czander, EN 1987