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At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported Vanderbilt athletics between July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with A

Miss Emily Faye Abbott, AS 2003
Mr. Henry J. Abbott, AS 1972
Dr. Robert R. Abeln, AS 1970
Mr. Dale Michael Abernathy, GS 1991
Mr. George L. Abernathy, AS 1973
Accident Fund Insurance
Mr. Dave Adair
Mrs. Marisa Adams Adair, PB 2000 and Mr. William O'Mara Adair, AS 2000 OG 2006
Mr. Thomas J. Adam
Mrs. Rhonda Dawn Adams and Mr. William M. Adams
Ms. Anne E. Adams
Dr. Carl E. Adams Jr., EN 1965 GS 1966 and Mrs. G. Nan Adams
Mr. David M. Adams and Mrs. Ernestine M. Adams
Mr. Dillard G. Adams, EN 1955 GS 1970 and Mrs. Susan Cole Adams
Mr. Gregory C. Adams and Mrs. Jeannine D. Adams
Mr. Howell E. Adams Jr., EN 1953 and Mrs. Madeline Reynolds Adams, AS 1956
Mr. Michael Christopher Adams, AS 1995
Mr. Michael T. Adams
Mr. Ryan Adams
Mr. Thomas E. Adams, EN 1958 and Mrs. Anita Bellmann Adams
Mr. Roger L. Adamson
Mr. Kenneth M. Adcock
Mr. Joseph Adeeb III, AS 1976 and Mrs. Brenda Reese Adeeb, PB 1975
Mr. James D. Aderhold Jr., AS 1961 and Mrs. Glyna Aderhold
Mr. Derek O'Neal Adesso, AS 2004
Mr. Jimmy Adkins
Mrs. Kim G. Adkins and Mr. Greg Adkins
Mr. Newton Kermit Adkins, PB 2014
Administration-Monroe Carell Jr CH
Dr. Sean Jason Adwar, PB 2007
Mr. Rafael Agalar
Debra Kay Agbunag
Mr. Clayton H. Agee
Myra Elizabeth Agee
Mr. James Aho
Mr. William P. Aiken Jr., LW 1975
Dr. Billy W. Akin, AS 1970 and Mrs. Sheila P. Akin
Mr. Patrick Thomas Akos, PB 1993 and Mrs. Sloane Akos
Mrs. Kelly O'Connor Aland, PB 1985 and Mr. Robert Bennett Aland, AS 1984 OG 1986
Mr. Gregory Joseph Alberico, PB 1990 PB 1991
Ms. Debora Alberts
Mr. David R. Albright, AS 1963 and Mrs. Judy B. Albright
Wes Albright
Mr. Mark Joseph Albus, AS 1995 and Mrs. Sarah McDonald Albus, AS 1995
Mr. Eric Kennedy Alderman, AS 2014
Mr. Lee F. Aldridge Jr.
Mr. Wayne Aldridge
Alexander Metals Inc.
Mr. Gerald Mark Alexander, LW 1989
Ms. Lori L. Alexander
Mrs. Mary Frances Alexander, PB 1966 and Mr. Francis Ernest Alexander, PB 1975
Mr. Patrick L. Alexander, AS 1977 LW 1980 and Mrs. Mary Jo Alexander, AS 1977
Mr. Stuart B. Alexander
Dr. William C. Alford Jr., AS 1952 MD 1955
Mr. David P. Allard and Mrs. Gloria Jean Allard
Audrey Allen
Mr. Carey Michael Allen
Mrs. Cherry Falls Allen, PB 1941
Douglas P Allen
Mrs. Elizabeth Sauereisen Allen, AS 1983 and Mr. Greg Scott Allen, AS 1984
Mrs. Fran F. Allen, AS 1968
Mr. Greg Allen
Dr. Joseph H. Allen Jr.
Mrs. Juliette Dobbs Allen and Mr. Dale Allen
Mr. Julius W. Allen Jr., EN 1962
Mr. Kent Andrew Allen, EN 1997 and Mrs. Katherine Shaw Allen, AS 1998
Mr. Lawson C. Allen, AS 1992 and Mrs. Mary Lauren Barfield Allen, PB 1992
Dr. Michael L. Allen, AS 1968
Ms. Sandra Allen
Mr. Wesley W. Allen, EN 1977 and Ms. Teresa Corlew
Mr. E. Roberts Alley, EN 1960 GS 1973
Mr. E. Roberts Alley, Jr., EN 1989 and Mrs. Fronda Throckmorton Alley, AS 1989
Mr. Roy F. Alley, AS 1966 PB 1972 and Mrs. Mary Prue Polk Alley, PB 1970
Aaron Allison
Mr. John B. Allyn, AS 1969 LW 1972 and Mrs. Cary DeWitt Allyn, AS 1975
Mr. Matthew Donald Almeida, AS 2013
Mr. John Spencer Alsentzer Jr., EN 1983 and Dr. Laurel Vaden Alsentzer, NR 1983
Mr. Adam Lawrence Altus, AS 2013
Mr. Bill Altvater and Mrs. Gina Altvater
Mr. Macdonald Rhodes Amaker, PB 2010 OG 2017
Mr. Rizwan Mackertich Amanullah, EN 2003
Darren Vaughan Ambrose
Mr. Emmanuel Ajong Amingwa, EN 2014
Mr. Thomas N. Amonett, AS 1965 LW 1968
Dr. Robert Stanton Amonette
Mr. John L. Anderson
Angela Anderson
Audrey Jane Anderson and Mr. Richard M. Rosenthal
Ms. Betty Anderson
Mrs. Betty Barber Anderson, AS 1979 and Mr. Frederick Stuart Anderson, AS 1978
Mr. Bryant Daniel Anderson, AS 2008
Mr. Charlie R. Anderson, Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Anderson
Ms. Claire Anderson, AS 2017
Ms. Deborah J. Anderson
Dr. Edwin B. Anderson Jr., MD 1973 and Mrs. Beverly L. Anderson, GS 1970
Mrs. Elizabeth Bowman Anderson, PB 1990
Mr. Erik J. Anderson
Mr. James D. Anderson, AS 1974 LW 1977 and Mrs. Lauren W. Anderson
Mr. James Phillip Anderson
Mr. James Phillip Anderson
Jill Shareen Anderson, M.D., AS 1994
Mrs. Katherine M. Anderson, AS 2003 and Mr. Christian M. Anderson
Prof. Kathryn H. Anderson
Mrs. Marsha Patterson Anderson, AS 1984 and Mr. John Edward Anderson, Sr.
Ms. Merle J. Anderson
Miss Reagan Iris Anderson, PB 2017 PB 2018
Mr. Richard Paul Anderson, AS 1985 and Mrs. Michelle Anderson
Mr. Robert G. Anderson, EN 1965 and Mrs. Cherry Lee Anderson
Ms. Rosalyn H. Anderson
Sara B Anderson
Mr. Steven Alan Anderson, AS 1982 and Mrs. Carol Ann D. Anderson
Ms. Andrea Jakim Andrews, AS 2004
Mrs. Pamela Simmons Andrews and Mr. David A Andrews
Mr. Randy Andrews
Mr. William C. Andrews
Mr. J. George Anetakis, AS 1995
Ms. Rachel Lynn Angel
Mr. David Bradshaw Angell
Michael A Anglea
Mr. Kevin David Anglin, AS 1993
Mr. Gregory Owen Anglum, AS 1992 OG 1993
Christian Anthony
Mr. Mark Edward Anthony, OG 1990 and Mrs. April Kaye Anthony
Ms. Emily Katherine Apple, AS 2017
Mr. Victor B. Apple and Mrs. Diana K. Apple
Kelly Appleton
Dr. Pablo Arango, AS 1993 MD 1997
Mr. Sebastian Arango, AS 2000 and Mrs. Claudia Arango
Mr. William Archie and Mrs. Beth Archie
Mr. Michael Aresco
Mr. John Arganian
Ms. Frances Argyle
Mr. Kenan H. Arkan, AS 2004 OG 2006
Mr. James C. Armistead Jr., AS 1969 and Mrs. Mary U. Armistead
Mr. James C. Armistead, III, AS 2000 and Mrs. Courtney S. Armistead
Mr. Jack William Armstrong, AS 2012
Dr. Tyler Jay Armstrong, AS 2009 MD 2013
Mr. Anthony W. Arnold, EN 1985 and Mrs. Anita C. Arnold
Mr. Chuck Arnold
Mr. John D. Arnold
Ms. Joy L. Arnold, OG 1988
Dr. Ryan Michael Arnold, AS 2001 and Mrs. Tara Arnold
Mr. Mark David Arons, AS 1980
Mr. George Reed Arrants Jr., AS 1984 and Mrs. Kimberly Lynn Arrants, AS 1985
Mr. Richard C. Arrington
Leslie Arthur and Mr. W. Michael Arthur
Mrs. Madelyn T. Arthur and Mr. Thomas T. Arthur
Ascend Federal Credit Union
Mr. Wade Alan Ash, PB 2013
Dr. Nathan Edward Ashby, AS 1998 and Mrs. Misty M. Ashby
Mr. Robert D. Asher, AS 1970 and Dr. Susan Alison Lewis Asher, PB 1991
Dr. Bart E. Ashley
Mr. Steven C. Asper and Mrs. Michelle Asper
Mr. Mark Michael Astarita, AS 2016
Ms. Joan Atkeison
Mr. J. Hunter Atkins, AS 1971 and Mrs. Leigh Z. Atkins, AS 1972
James B. Atkinson, III, M.D., AS 1973 GS 1981 MD 1981 and Mrs. Deborah T. Atkinson, PB 1974
Mrs. Robyn Atkinson, AS 1996
Atlanta Braves
Mrs. Charlotte C. Atwood, AS 1968 and Mr. Charles W. Atwood
Ms. Suzanne R. Atwood
Mr. Elijah John Aude, EN 2018
Mrs. Judith M. Auer, AS 1964 and Prof. James E. Auer
Mr. John Austin
Mr. Richard D. Austin, AS 1974
Mr. Jared Bradley Averbuch, OG 2008 and Mrs. Mackenzie Averbuch
Mr. Owen Louis Averbuch, PB 2019
Stacy Avery
Mr. Mario Avila, OG 2012
Joseph A. Awad, M.D., AS 1980 and Ms. Jane Elizabeth Gilliam
Mrs. Debra G. Axley, NR 1979 and Dr. John H. Axley
Mrs. Lisa Blackburn Ayerst, AS 1981 and Mr. Robert Irvin Ayerst Jr., EN 1981
Mrs. Dana Wilcox Ayres, AS 1996 and Mr. Bradley Warren Ayres