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College of Arts and Science

At Vanderbilt University, we are truly grateful to the following individuals, foundations and corporations who supported the College of Arts and Science between July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Gifts of $2,500 or more during the 2020 fiscal year are recognized through the College Cabinet. All gifts, regardless of size or designation, help advance the mission of Vanderbilt.

Oak Leaf Society Capstone — 20 or more years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Ambassador — 10 to 19 years of consecutive giving
Oak Leaf Society Founder — 2 to 9 years of consecutive giving

Alphabetical listing for FY19 donors. To view this list by giving level, please click here.


Primary Donor with Last Name Starting with A

Dr. Maria Elizabeth Aaron, AS 1991 MD 1995
Tara Aaron, AS 1997
Mr. Paul N. Aas, AS 1974
Mrs. Eve Vaupel Abdo, AS 1982 and Mr. Curtis Abdo
Ms. Sahar Abdullah, PB 2019
John R. Abel, AS 1973 and Jane Fowlkes Abel, AS 1973
Dr. Robert R. Abeln, AS 1970
Mr. Sloan Lowry Abernathy, PB 2009 and Mrs. Dial Morrison Abernathy, AS 2010
Ms. Rachel Lauren Abeshouse, AS 2013
Mrs. Elizabeth Turner Ables, AS 1986
Ms. Marie-Louise Abram, AS 1985
Mr. Brian Scott Abrams, AS 2011
Mr. Gary Samuel Abrams, AS 1982
Mr. Jared Schuyler Abrams, AS 2005
Mrs. Kristen Leanderson Abrams, AS 2002 and Mr. Benjamin Stoner Abrams, AS 2002
Ms. Lisa Friedrichs Abramson, AS 2005
Ms. Brenda Abreu Molnar, AS 2017
Ms. Emily Abrishamkar, AS 2019
Mrs. Katherine King Ackerman, AS 1966 and Mr. F. Duane Ackerman
Mrs. Leslie Ramsey Acosta, AS 1987
Mr. Salvador V. Acosta, Jr., AS 1974
Mrs. Marisa Adams Adair, PB 2000 and Mr. William O'Mara Adair, AS 2000 OG 2006
Mr. David M. Adams and Mrs. Ernestine M. Adams
Mr. David Welborn Adams, AS 1988
Mrs. Jennifer Tindall Adams, PB 1991
Mrs. Katherine Bell Adams, AS 1978 and Mr. Ben C. Adams Jr., LW 1981
Dr. Mark C. Adams, AS 1979 MD 1983 and Mrs. Nell Emery Adams, NR 1981
Mr. Nathan Keith Adams, AS 2021
Mr. Robert Adams and Mrs. Jennifer Adams
Dr. Aaron Weldon Aday, AS 2005 and Ms. Courtney Elizabeth Wilkes, AS 2005
Mrs. Jennifer Babik Adderley
Mr. John Caleb Addison, EN 2001 and Mrs. Shannon Venable Addison, PB 2002
Mr. Lawrence A. AdeBanjo
Mr. Feyisayo Adegboye, AS 2019
Mr. C. Mark Aderman, AS 1968
Mr. Madani A. Adjali, EN 2004 and Mrs. Jennifer Gilbert Adjali, AS 2004 PB 2005
Chris Adkins
Mr. Ken E. Adkisson, AS 1973 and Mrs. Donna J. Adkisson, NR 1973
Mr. William C. Adkisson, AS 1971 and Mrs. Julie G. Adkisson, AS 1975
Ms. Erica Lyn Adler, AS 2013
Mr. Jeffrey S. Adler and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Adler
Mrs. John M. Agather, AS 1983
Mr. Arun Bhushan Agrawal, AS 1995
Dr. Anne Edmunds Aguirre, AS 1994 PB 1999
Mr. Preston Harrison Ahearn, AS 1985
Miss Catherine Ann Ahern, AS 1972
Mr. Patrick Christopher Ahern, AS 2015
Mr. Matthew John Ahlers and Mrs. Gayle Martin Ahlers
Mr. William Ahlum, AS 2017
Mr. Yousuf Ahmad, AS 2012
Ms. Caroline Ahn, AS 2017
Ms. So Eun Ahn, AS 2018
Mrs. Deborah Metcalfe Aiken, AS 1982 and Mr. George Aiken
Dr. Scott Forrest Aikin, GS 2003 GS 2006 and Ms. Susan Foxman
Mr. Michael C. Ainbinder, AS 1979
Mr. Michael L. Ainslie, AS 1965 and Mrs. Suzanne Ainslie
Mr. William Christopher Akers, AS 1998
Mr. Bernard E. Akin, AS 1959
Ms. Rebecca C. Akin, AS 1971
Mr. Adebayo Akinpelu and Mrs. Olawunmi Akinpelu
Mr. Matthew John Albano, AS 2015
Mrs. Tina L. Albano and Mr. Kevin Albano
Mr. John Edward Albert, AS 1968
Mrs. Dianne P. Albrecht, AS 1971 and Dr. Roger Lewis Albrecht
Mr. David R. Albright, AS 1963 and Mrs. Judy B. Albright
Mrs. Erica Ann Albrittain, AS 2006
Ms. Joye Michelle Key Alcott, GS 1992 and Mr. James B. Alcott
Mr. Jeffrey S. Alder and Mrs. Sally Alder
Ms. Adrienne Grace Alderman, PB 2018
Mr. Thomas A. Alderson, AS 1978 and Mrs. Caroline R. Alderson, AS 1980
Mr. Jonathan David Aldrich, AS 2013
Dr. Tiara Deanna Aldridge, AS 2010 MD 2014
Mr. Marc Andrew Aleksinas, AS 2006
Mr. Michael Aleksinas and Mrs. Robin Aleksinas
Dr. Brenda L. Alexander, AS 1970
Mr. Derek Anthony Alexander, AS 2016
Ms. Helen Alexander and Mr. Stuart Huston
Ms. Riley Mae Alexander, AS 2022
Dr. Susan E. Alexander, AS 1988
Mrs. Anne H. R. Alferink, AS 1976
Dr. William L. Alford, AS 1948 and Mrs. William L. Alford, AS 1948
Mr. Yawar Abbas Ali, AS 2017
Mr. Bruce G. Allbright, AS 1951 and Mrs. Kylene D. Allbright
Mrs. Alison H. Allen, AS 1978
Ms. Arnetta Elaine Allen, AS 2009
Mr. Christopher Lee Allen, AS 2000 and Mrs. Heather Allen
Mr. Claude Erik Allen, AS 2015
Dr. Diane Mary Allen, AS 1991 and Mr. George Charles Hughes IV
Mr. Edward Lefebvre Allen, AS 1984
Mrs. Elizabeth Lamar Allen, AS 1980 and Mr. Thomas N. Allen
Mrs. Elizabeth Sauereisen Allen, AS 1983 and Mr. Greg Scott Allen, AS 1984
Mrs. Fran F. Allen, AS 1968
Ms. Jamie Lynn Rose Allen, AS 2002 and Mr. Jeffrey Lee Allen, AS 2002
Ms. Madeline Claire Allen, AS 2019
Mrs. Nancy Hunt Allen, AS 1961
Mr. Samuel E. Allen, AS 1958
Mrs. Sara A. Allen, AS 1969
Ms. Tracy Marie Allen, AS 1985
Ms. Katie Jo Alley, AS 2018
Mrs. Cheryl Allion
Mr. Bruce James Allison, EN 1979 and Dr. Roberta Lynn Allison, AS 1980
Mr. Jonathan M. Allison and Dr. Anna R. Bosch
Mr. John B. Allyn, AS 1969 LW 1972 and Mrs. Cary DeWitt Allyn, AS 1975
Mr. Antonio J. Almeida Jr., AS 1978 and Mrs. Margaret Taylor Almeida, PB 1979
Dr. Clopper Almon Jr., AS 1956
Mr. James Thomas Almon, AS 2002
Mrs. Jeri L. Alper and Mr. Eric M. Alper
Alphawood Foundation
C Frances Alpren
Mr. Clay Alspaugh, AS 2014
Mrs. Dianne B Alspaugh
Dr. James J. Alstrum, GS 1973 GS 1977
Mr. Matthew Michael Altenau, AS 1999 and Mrs. Christina Wilson Altenau, AS 2001
Ms. Caroline Beth Altshuler, AS 2013
Ms. Leslie Marie Alvarado, AS 2002
Ms. Sarah Lynn Alvarez, AS 2008
Mr. Justin Saint Clair Amaker, AS 2010
Ms. Madhumitha Ambalavanan, AS 2004 and Mr. Arul Selvaraj
Mrs. Ann L. Amboian and Mr. John P. Amboian
Ms. Kyasha Ambroise
Paul S. Ambrose, M.D., MD 1970 and Mrs. Kathleen H. Ambrose, AS 1969
American Chemical Society
American Cncl of Learned Societies
American Heart Association
Ms. Shab Aminmadani, AS 1998 OG 2005 and Mr. Santiago de Ledesma
Mr. Thomas N. Amonett, AS 1965 LW 1968
Mrs. Asia Marie Amos, AS 2013 PB 2017
Mr. David Ryan Amouyal, AS 2009 and Mrs. Kara Brooke Amouyal, AS 2009
Mr. Timothy Edward Amsbary, AS 1989
Ms. Esther Amune
Mr. Vijay Anand and Mrs. Ammu A. Anand
Miss Carina Cornella Anderson, AS 2019
Mrs. Catherine McDonnell Anderson, AS 1984 and Mr. Daniel Patrick Anderson
Mr. Charlie R. Anderson, Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer L. Anderson
Mrs. Connie Porter Anderson
Mr. David Charles Anderson, AS 1991
Mrs. Erica Michelle Anderson, AS 2003 and Dr. Christopher Burch Anderson, AS 2004
Jill Shareen Anderson, M.D., AS 1994
Mrs. John F. Anderson Jr., AS 1959
Prof. Kathryn H. Anderson
Mrs. Marsha Patterson Anderson, AS 1984 and Mr. John Edward Anderson, Sr.
Mrs. Mary Hoge Anderson, AS 1982
Ms. Megan Lane Anderson, AS 2014
Mr. Paul H. Anderson Jr., AS 1970
Dr. Proctor R. Anderson MD, AS 1968
Mr. Roy H. Anderson and Mrs. Kristen B. Anderson
Mr. Scott Scott Anderson, AS 1978
Dr. Wesley L. S. Anderson, AS 2013
Mr. Glenn Allen Andreas III, AS 1992 and Mrs. Jennifer Thau Andreas, AS 1993
Mrs. Brita M. Andrews and Mr. Charles P. Andrews
Ms. Carol Coles Andrews, AS 1985
Mrs. Carroll Wommack Andrews, AS 1982
Mrs. Kristen Marie Andrews, AS 1997
Dr. Lynn A. Andrews, AS 1969 GS 1978
Mr. Nelson A.C. Andrews, III, AS 1989 OG 1995 and Mrs. Trisha L. Andrews
Ms. Robin Elizabeth Andrews, AS 1977 PB 1992
Mr. J. George Anetakis, AS 1995
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Angel, AS 2015
Ms. Jackie W. Angel and Mr. Steven E. Angel
Dr. Stephen Ward Angell, GS 1987 GS 1988 and The Rev. Sandra Ward-Angell, DV 1985
Mr. Nicholas Michael Angello, AS 2007
Mr. Gregory Owen Anglum, AS 1992 OG 1993
Mr. Gregory P. Angstadt and Mrs. Robin F. Angstadt
Mr. Adebayo Anifowoshe, DV 2014 and Mrs. Olubunmi O. Anifowoshe
Mr. Kevin Donald John Ankerholz, AS 2014
Dr. Ramble Osbert Ankumah and Dr. Adaku Tawia Ankumah
Mr. Robert H. Ansell and Mrs. Nicola L. Ansell
Mr. Robert B. Ansley Jr., AS 1962 and Ms. Claire S. Ansley, AS 1962
Dr. Nancy Bargo Anthony, AS 1972 and Mr. Robert H. Anthony
Ms. Amenah Camaree Anthony-Hunter, AS 2019
Mr. Steven P. Antonello and Mrs. Bridgette L. Antonello
Mr. Ashvin Sunny Antony, AS 2019
Mr. Jason Asare Antwi, AS 2018
Mr. Andrew M. Apodaca and Dr. Elizabeth J. Zechmeister
Mr. Marc A. Appel and Mrs. Elaine Appel
Mr. Robert W. Appleton, AS 1966
Mr. Sebastian Arango, AS 2000 and Mrs. Claudia Arango
Mr. Vikraman R. Aravamudhan, AS 2018
Ms. Leila Arefnezhad, AS 2019
Mr. Feleke Arega and Ms. Tiantian Shen
Dr. C. Richard Arendale Jr., AS 1969 and Mrs. Mary Jane Arendale
Mr. Soterios T. Argeroplos and Mrs. Demetra Argeroplos
Dr. David Brent Argo, EN 1986 and Mrs. Deanna E. Argo
Mr. David Richard Richard Armington Moore, IV IV, AS 2014
Mrs. Nancy Johnson Armour, AS 1962
Ms. Victoria E. Armour
Mr. Matthew Holbrook Armsby, AS 2004
Mrs. Kimberly Gries Armstrong, AS 1991
Dr. Tyler Jay Armstrong, AS 2009 MD 2013
Dr. Thomas B. Arnau, AS 1976
Mr. Ryan Christopher Arney, AS 1996 and Mrs. Marisa Hudson-Arney, AS 1996
Mr. John Douglas Arnold, AS 1995 and Mrs. Laura Arnold
Mr. William Arnold, AS 1973
Mr. Daniel H. Aronson, AS 1979 and Mrs. Joanne F. Aronson, EN 1983
Dr. Charles R. Arp Jr., AS 1966
Mr. Dennis Ryan Arroyo, AS 2017
Mr. Greg Arsenis and Mrs. Marouso Arsenis
Mr. James D. Arterberry, AS 2010
Mr. Thomas Clifton Arterberry, AS 2006
Mr. Blair Spence Arterbury, AS 2002
Dr. Justin Arunthamakun, AS 2011
Mr. Natthew Arunthamakun, AS 2013
Mr. Michael Philip Arwood, AS 2012 and Mrs. Margaret Bowers Arwood, AS 2013
Ms. Kathryn Moyers Ashley, AS 2003
Mrs. Nancy L. Ashley, GS 1971
Mr. Charles Earl Askew, AS 1962
Mr. Stephen C. Aspden, AS 1968
Ms. Mariam Shahla Assadian, AS 2009
Mrs. Lyda Larkins Astrove, AS 1980
Mr. J. Hunter Atkins, AS 1971 and Mrs. Leigh Z. Atkins, AS 1972
James B. Atkinson, III, M.D., AS 1973 GS 1981 MD 1981 and Mrs. Deborah T. Atkinson, PB 1974
Dr. Joseph S. Atkinson, MD 1968 and Mrs. Melissa Atkinson, AS 1967 PB 1968
Dr. Martha B. Atkinson, AS 1965
Mrs. Robyn Atkinson, AS 1996
ATLAS Neuroengineering
Mr. Robert B. Auernheimer and Mrs. Kimberly M. Auernheimer
Mr. Mark James Augenstern, AS 2012
Mr. Michael L. Aurbach
Mr. Brett Austin, AS 2004
Mrs. Jennifer E. Autian, AS 1992 and Mr. John Zaker Autian
Ms. Kerry Avakian, AS 2006 PB 2013
Mr. Omero Mario Avaldi, AS 2016
Avantor Foundation
Dr. C. Kirk Avent, AS 1961
Dr. Anthony James Avino, AS 1987
Mrs. Caroline Rittenberry Avisar, AS 1994
Mr. Brian Breslin Axelroth, AS 2002 LW 2006 OG 2006 and Mrs. Tara Lerner Axelroth, PB 2007 PB 2009
Mr. John C. Axley, AS 2010
Mrs. Elizabeth Sanner Ayala, AS 1999
Mr. Abimbola Ayangbesan, AS 2012
Dr. John C. Ayers and Mrs. Mary Louise Ayers
Mr. Stephen Vaughan Ayers, EN 1968 and Mrs. Sandy Mitchell Ayers, AS 1968
Ms. Kathleen A. Ayersman
Mrs. Dana Wilcox Ayres, AS 1996 and Mr. Bradley Warren Ayres