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COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund

Research and innovation are creativity in action. While research is often a long voyage of discovery guided by deep scientific expertise, innovation is just as often a sudden leap forward that meets an immediate need in a new way.

At Vanderbilt, our researchers and innovators are inspired to resolve real-world problems for the public good. Take the Vanderbilt researchers who created VU319, a new potential Alzheimer’s treatment nearly 10 years in the making, or the Vanderbilt student innovator who founded PATH EX around a novel dialysis-like treatment for life-threatening sepsis. Through the Wond’ry, Vanderbilt’s Innovation Center, we connect researchers and innovators from across all disciplines to break barriers to creativity.

Support the COVID-19
Research and Innovation Fund

We are now hard at work finding solutions for many of the challenges our society faces amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund was created to seek your help in supporting faculty and students as they address urgent needs like:

  • formulating a vaccine and better testing supplies
  • keeping hospital staff and essential professionals healthy through the design of new protective devices
  • supporting individuals and families with expert guidance on everything from managing stress, educating children at home, eating healthy and managing screen time while social distancing
  • designing a virtual self-screening tool to help individuals assess their symptoms and seek appropriate healthcare
  • tracking the spread of COVID-19 and mitigating future outbreaks through geospatial research
  • developing ‘smart’ facemasks to better identify and track COVID-19 infections
  • modifying how we conduct our routine tasks to reduce transmission of the virus

You are invited to become an important partner in these crucial efforts. With a gift of any size to the COVID-19 Research and Innovation Fund, you increase our cumulative resources and inspire Vanderbilt University researchers and innovators to keep fighting COVID-19. You can strengthen our ability to restore wellbeing in our neighborhoods and create positive changes for society. We can conquer COVID-19 together. 

Support the COVID-19
Research and Innovation Fund