School of Engineering

Dear alumni and friends,

Thank you for your ongoing engagement with Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. I am grateful for our dedicated community of alumni and friends. Please know that every member of our student body and faculty has benefitted from your generosity. Contributions to the school—large and small—fuel our success. You help build and expand top research facilities that further our discovery.

In the past year, we’ve seen transformational changes at the school. In August, years’ worth of planning and hard work culminated in the opening of our new Engineering and Science Building. The technology-forward structure fosters the creativity that is inherent to all great engineers, scientists and innovators. The architectural centerpiece of the building is the Ed and Sue Clark Grand Stair which spirals through four stories. The Clarks are loyal supporters of the school and are one of the many reasons our reputation as a world-class engineering school grows every year.

Two of our mechanical engineering juniors were recently named as prestigious Goldwater Scholars. The fact that they both work in the same lab—that of Assistant Professor Karl Zelik—is a testament to the life-changing work involving prosthetics and exoskeletons that he is overseeing there as well as his mentorship of his students. Both students plan to pursue doctoral degrees and continue research that will improve mobility. The list of faculty awards is lengthy and impressive, and includes distinguished national recognition from the National Academy of Inventors, the National Science Foundation and MIT Technology Review among others.

The diversity found at the School of Engineering is both notable and important to our mission. Women account for over 30 percent of our entire student population, and underrepresented minority students account for 14 percent. Different backgrounds, beliefs and interests are celebrated. However, there is one unifying factor for the majority of our students—the need for financial aid. More than 60 percent of our scholars receive some form of assistance, and that’s why your gifts are so very important.

I hope that you’ll make your gift to the School of Engineering today. You’ll help provide financial support for deserving students, give us the means to recruit and retain top faculty, and ensure that our facilities remain on technology’s forefront.

Of course, I am always interested in hearing from you and how your School of Engineering experiences continue to pay dividends in your life. On behalf of our entire community, thank you for your dedication to the School of Engineering’s future.

Best regards, 

Dean Philippe M. Fauchet
Anonymous Dean’s Chair in Engineering