Peabody College

Dear alumni and friends,

The possibilities at Peabody College of education and human development are truly limitless. As we welcome a new academic year, I am eager to see our learning community in full swing—poised to have even greater impact in the coming year. We remain grateful to our community of support for propelling these possibilities, and I invite you to make a gift today to strengthen our school. 

In just the past few months, one of our students who lost her sight as a young child completed the Boston Marathon. Two alumni reached lifelong dreams as they were appointed college presidents. While these feats are indeed remarkable, they underscore the notion that Peabody students, faculty and alumni continue to make the impossible possible. Ours is a community of innovators and achievers!

Your support advances the discoveries made by our faculty that change education for the better. Laurie Cutting, Patricia and Rodes Hart Chair, is pioneering new approaches to educational neuroscience to inform the relationship between brain development and learning. Dale Farran and Mark Lipsey grabbed the attention of the national media for their contributions to a landmark study on the value of pre-kindergarten programs. From special education to teacher performance to college affordability, our faculty lead the national conversation as they create and share knowledge.

The generosity of alumni and donors continues to make a Peabody education possible for many of our students. For third-year student Bridgette Brown, a scholarship allowed her to choose Peabody over her in-state option and pursue her passion for secondary education. For doctoral student Andrew Wingfield, financial support enables him to deepen expertise in research methodology and education policy as a campus leader in global affairs.   

To ensure our students and faculty continue to explore new possibilities, please make a gift to Peabody College today. 

I know you share in my pride for Peabody and our people. Thank you for creating more possibilities for our students and faculty and the many lives they touch.

Best regards, 

Camilla P. Benbow
Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development